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If you’re looking for Home Cleaning Services in Butte then you’re at the right place, because we’ve listed some of the best Home Cleaning Services in Butte. Checkout the list below, and do leave us a comment your thoughts on the service/business listed here.

Best Home Cleaning Services in Butte

Top2Bottom Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Top2Bottom Cleaning

Specialties: We offer reliable quality cleaning services for your commercial and residential building. We specialize in move-out/turnover cleanings, deep cleanings, and much more. We offer tailored cleaning plans for your budget. We offer competitive pricing which means we will under bid or charge less than the other verifiable licensed and insured companies. We keep you in control of the cost and work with your budget. Give us a call today to book your cleaning. We have a fast response time and we provide excellent customer service.

Star Rating 4
Chico, US, CA, 95926
Contact No. (530) 624-3278
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sat: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sun: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Top2Bottom Cleaning Honest Reviews

Another great cleaning job was done by TOP2BOTTOM Cleaning!!
I am so very impressed with this company!! They send before and after pictures of the cleaning which is awesome for me since I live out of town and have rentals.
I would not hire anybody else!

Rating: 5
– Olivia S.

It took one hour to clean kitchen top only. (even did not touch bottom).
It took one hour to clean 2 bathroom vanities and one toilet.

Rating: 1
– Lucy L.

I used Top2Bottom for our move out clean and could not be happier. They went above and beyond. They responded in a very timely manner and answered all my questions. Their payment system is easy and efficient. I highly recommend Top2Bottom!
Rating: 5
– Carly L.

Hired 4 cleaners for 4 hours and paid 2 additional hours so a total of 6 hours and paid nearly $1,000 only to come back to my home to find webs and dust in very obvious spots. Apparently they only clean what's on your priority list even though we paid for the extra time so they could finish everything up.. they still missed a lot of areas. Not to mention some of the shady people that they have working their. One in particular was wandering on the street as I approached and was dressed as he if he was looking to dig through my trash can. I'm glad my house was empty, otherwise I wouldn't have trusted them "cleaning". I definitely do not recommend and I will not be using them again. It seems as if they hire random people from temp agencies with no proper training on how to deep clean. This was definitely NOT TOP 2 BOTTOM cleaning. Spoke to the owner of manager.. not sure. All they did was give me their 5% new customer discount… wow, thanks. NOT!
Rating: 1
– Vanessa G.

My mom needed urgent help cleaning her house after someone moved out and left it an absolute mess right before the holidays. She's in her 70s and couldn't do it on her own and I don't live in the area. I reached out to 4 companies and they're all booked for the holidays. What to do? Enter Top2Bottom! They squeezed my mom into their schedule and sent two people out the next day who transformed the kitchen and bathrooms and even gave my mom a pep talk and hugs on the way out. We're so grateful for their great work and warm-hearted spirit. I can't recommend them enough!
Rating: 5
– Alissa S.

I called a needed a pretty quick turn around for a pretty intense cleaning job (deep cleaning a neglected fridge). They were nice, polite, prompt, and their team dealt very professionally with some crazy issues that came up while they were there. Since then, I've recommended them to friends and my friends have all been super impressed. Very reasonable rates, great communication, great job.
Rating: 5
– Cyndi S.

I absolutely have the correct business. Here is my receipt to prove it. This was a consensus with 2 other people. & we all agreed, the job was inadequate. Have a wonderful weekend
Rating: 1
– Stuart P.

We hired Top2Bottom for a move out cleaning. Katie was flexible with the time/day, communicated well, and did an outstanding job. We weren't there when she finished so she sent pictures. The results were better than any cleaning company I have ever hired. Highly recommend.
Rating: 5
– Shaunna I.

Top2Bottom did an amazing job cleaning my rental home and getting it ready for the next tenant. They are friendly, trustworthy, reasonably priced AND did a fabulous job!! I highly recommend Top2Bottom for your home cleaning needs.
Rating: 5
– Kathie R.

I contacted Top2Bottom to help with the cleanup from the North Complex wildfire. They were great! The team of cleaners practice COVID-19 protocols and were very thorough. They helped me clean up the soot, dirt, smoke and ash debris left from those fires. I highly recommend them.
Rating: 5
– Jaki W.

We had Top2Bottom clean our new house which was less than adequate when we moved in! We hired two cleaners for 4 hours and they cleaned all of the windows, blinds, and two bathrooms in that time period. We were impressed with the attention to detail and quality of work that was done! They communicated with us when had questions and made sure we were satisfied with the job! Will hire again in the future.
Rating: 4
– Sara V.

Our new home was well-loved by the prior owners, their little kids, their pets and it showed. Stickiness, dust, and grime were everywhere and before we moved in we wanted the house detailed from top to bottom. I called Top2Bottom Cleaning because we needed a fresh start just like our home. Because our escrow closed a day later than expected, I had to call and reschedule (fingers crossed). Voila… they graciously accommodated my scheduling change. Sweet relief! The crew arrived as promised and after going over my priority list they got right to work. Six hours and four crew members later, our new home was clean. The baseboards, window tracks, door and window casings, trim, inside kitchen and bathroom drawers and cupboards, closet rods and shelves, ceiling fans, lights, appliances… everything. My husband and I are thrilled with the care they demonstrated and the job they completed. I'm very pleased with their level of communication and the cleaning job they did. By the way, this is a family-owned and run cleaning company and their commitment to doing a top-notch job is apparent. They all have skin-in-the-game. I will absolutely hire them again.
Rating: 5
– Christine W.

Top2Bottom was great! I had really bad mildew on my bathroom walls and no other company would clean it. They did a fantastic job. Even my picky husband was impressed. They go above and beyond to get the job done!
Rating: 5
– Gurjit S.

These guys are great. It was the last day of the month and I needed someone to save me with some final houseeaning. Thank you so much for saving me. I'm done now, bye-bye July 2019 hello August. Hello sSunrise peace out
Rating: 5
– Hardcoreboycott I.

I needed a move out apt cleaned well to get my full deposit back. I was pleased with the results and more pleased with the owner's professional communication with me. Both the husband and wife i had spoken to several times and they where a pleasure to do business with. Very nice people. Great customer service. The five stars is really for them. Thank you
Rating: 5
– Leslie L.

Great experience from Top 2 Bottom. From the initial contact through the actual cleaning. We just completed a remodel project and we needed a deep cleaning . The crew showed up ready to go. Were friendly. Seemed sincere about doing a geat job, and they did. Will use them again
Rating: 5
– Karl W.

Sparkles Are Maid

Home Cleaning Services Sparkles Are Maid

Specialties: Sparkles are Maid is a premier cleaning company in Chico, CA. To book a cleaning, simply visit our website, enter your home information, and receive an instant price. Maids then come to clean your home at the scheduled time. Our maids are vetted by our staff, so you can trust that your home will be in good hands. Getting your home cleaned has never been this easy. Established in 2019. Finding cleaners to do a cleaning job is always a tricky process. We started Sparkles Are Maid to offer a premiere cleaning service in Chico, CA. If you're tired of waiting on quotes, not being able to make an easy payment via card, unsure if you can trust your maid, having trouble getting in contact, or hourly rates, then Sparkles Are Maid is the cleaning company for you!

Star Rating 4.5
Chico, US, CA, 95973
Contact No. (833) 945-1999
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Sparkles Are Maid Honest Reviews

I use Sparkles Are Maid at several of my properties that I manage and have always been extremely satisfied with their services. Not only do they make the booking process so easy, they are always on time to the job and are very dependable. Their staff is very warm and friendly and truly a pleasure to work with. They really put a sparkle in your home!
Rating: 5
– Elle A.

Sparkles Are Maid "Cleaning" Services
Beware, beware, beware.

In June 2021, we contracted them for deep cleaning for: two small bathrooms, the smallish kitchen, and for an extra charge, we added three ceiling fans and five sets of mini-blinds.

The services were to be done on 7/9/21, the day before a multi-state move.

In spite of receiving numerous email notices as our cleaning date approached, the cleaning team (who were subcontracted, though we were never told this ahead of time) arrived half an hour late. The woman cleaner began with a series of excuses for why she and her male assistant were late, and immediately told us we were free to leave and that they'd handle everything while we were gone.

We had other packing and cleaning to do, so we stayed.

Two hours and fifteen minutes after they'd arrived, the cleaners said they were finished and ready to settle out.

I was shocked to see little evidence that the place had been cleaned. The guest bathroom mirror was still smudged, the area behind the master toilet was absolutely filthy, as was the shower stall, shower rim — everywhere there was filth.

When they cleaned the ceiling fan in the master bedroom, they wiped all the dust off the fan blades and onto the carpet below and left it there. None of the blinds had been cleaned – the dust and dirt and stains were easily wiped off with a plain wet towel.

The fridge was filthy along the bottom, both inside and outside, and the gaskets were caked with dirt and debris. The stove and oven looked as though they'd barely been touched – the knobs for the range hadn't been removed or even wiped off. The dishwasher door down and inside was still filthy.

So . . . I asked the female cleaning assistant why the things we'd hired them to clean were still dirty, and she made excuses, became argumentative, belligerent, and openly hostile. We were told:

* They couldn't clean any better than they had because we were bad housekeepers.
* The bathroom couldn't be cleaned any better because they didn't have the right tools for it.
* The reason they didn't touch the dishwasher was because (this is her direct quote) "dishwashers are really hard to clean."

I took a damp paper towel, using no special tools or even soap, and wiped down the dishwasher right in front of her, and it came clean immediately.

Ironically, this team left our place dirtier than it was when they got there – for example, when the man mopped the front bathroom, something on his boots created a muddy substance which he then tracked through the rest of the house. But since we hadn't contracted them to do the living area, he didn't feel the need to wipe the boot prints up, and they dried so hard onto the floor, we had to literally get on our hands and knees and scrub it off.

Sparkles Are Maid "claims" their work is guaranteed, so we asked the woman to finish the job we were paying for. Instead, she stood there and told us that she'd owned her own cleaning business for X number of years, and that we had unrealistic expectations for how much cleaning could reasonably be accomplished in the time allotted and for the amount we were paying (nearly $500 dollars).

She retreated to her car and called the Sparkles Are Maid office and told them she "wasn't comfortable going back inside."

Truthfully, we didn't feel comfortable letting that team back into our home, but a guaranteed job means another team should have been sent out.
That didn't happen. The company decided to handle it by not charging us. Which is fair, but it's also not what we needed – we needed the deep-cleaning service we'd contracted for because we had an inspection with our landlord that afternoon.

As a result of their lack of service, we spent our last twelve hours before a cross-country drive, and with so many other things still needing to be done, doing the deep clean they didn't. Two of our neighbors offered to help, and they managed to get the master bathroom, plus the stove, sink, oven, and fridge sparkling clean, all in about an hour and a half – so all that noise about how hard it was, or how bad a condition it was in before the Sparkles Are Maid team arrived was just another excuse. I would give them a Zero Star rating if that were an option.

PLEASE NOTE: The photos attached to this review were all taken AFTER the team declared themselves finished with what was supposed to be a move-out ready job.
Rating: 1
– E.e. C.

Sparkles Are Maid provided easy to book services and cleaners who got the job done! The cleaners were friendly and did their job efficiently. The toilets and glass shower door were the highlights to see sparkle after the cleaning!
Rating: 5
– Gabrielle F.

We hired Sparkles Are Maid for monthly maintenance. The team is professional, dependable, prompt, thorough and ease of use on their website was great too! Would definitely use again and recommend.
Rating: 5
– Tanya Q.

Last week I was in dire need of a cleaning service, with little time my friends recommend sparkles are maid, I was skeptical at first because it was a new company with little feed back. After I called them Wyatt made me feel secured, and he was able to help me in sushi short notice, they are very professional and have good prices

Now for the cleaning part of the review, I wish I took some before and after pictures, but his team came in and made my apartment clean, got in every crack and did it a a timely fashion, thanks for getting my safety deposit back, and helping me in such short notice, I will definitely call them next time!
Rating: 5
– Omar R.

My roommates and I were moving out so I hired Sparkles are Maid, actually super last minute and I had to reschedule on top of it. Wyatt was understanding, easy to work with, and flexible – I really appreciated that. The website is easy and straight forward too. I am going to continue to use this cleaning service at my new home! I highly recommend.
Rating: 5
– Sierra H.

My daughter first used Sparkles Are Maid and I really liked Codi and Rachelle they were friendly and professional. She has a big house and not the easiest house to clean as the house has three levels. They did a great job. I requested them to clean my house and had a great experience as well. I would definitely recommend.
There pricing is a bit confusing so good to get clarification. Wyatt was helpful in that situation.

Rating: 5
– Susan M.

House Cleaning with a Niche

Home Cleaning Services House Cleaning with a Niche

Specialties: All of our accounts are subject to a minimum fee of $175.00 if under 2 hours

Star Rating 4.5
Chico, US, CA, 95928
Contact No. (925) 395-8788
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

House Cleaning with a Niche Honest Reviews

William and team were incredible! We are about to list our home and needed a deep cleaning service. William was fast to respond to our quote request and was able to come by that day to review the job, and scheduled us for a cleaning the following business day.

Their job was flawless. Our house looks brand new! Their team of 4 did an absolutely incredible job and were extremely professional. I only wish we had known about them before we decided to relocate, I would've hired them for recurring cleaning services!
Rating: 5
– Sydney C.

I live out of town. My sister lives at our family home in Chico. Cleaning is difficult for her due to a back issue. William and his team are amazing!!! They are professional and reliable. The house looks immaculate after their service.
Rating: 5
– Michelle C.

We finally bit the bullet to hire a cleaning company to keep up with the mess of three little boys and a constantly shedding dog. We called William and he was ready to help us right away. Not only did he meet our scheduling needs, but he went above and beyond by cleaning again the day before Thanksgiving. It was a huge relief as we were hosting about thirty people this year.

My wife, who has a much more refined definition of "clean" than I do, was thrilled with their initial deep clean when she got home from work. We are now set up on regular weekly maintenance cleanings and look forward to enjoying our clean house every week.
Rating: 5
– Jim O.

You know a business has "over performed" when you can't wait to write a VERY positive Yelp review. Such is the case with House Cleaning with a Niche. Their Niche is that their cleaning services are "Top Notch"! I have had them clean my commercial building twice and both times I was super pleased with the results. They are prompt, friendly, profession and do a GREAT job. Hire them for your cleaning needs great or small, you won't be sorry. I wouldn't think of hiring another company for my cleaning needs. Thank you, William and crew. I'm very happy I found this company.
Rating: 5
– Mark G.

I heard this company to clean my house for putting it on the market and for cleaning windows and blinds. A deep clean is absolutely necessary for this and I thought hiring a crew people be better than hiring a single person. I was quoted for a difference of $200 ( minimum and maximum amount) when William did the quote walk-through with me. It was for a for a day's work of the his whole team. I didn't realize that William was not going to be here cleaning the entire time and supervising his staff. They got to my house about 30 minutes late and then when they got here William almost immediately left for a couple of hours he said he would be back in a couple of hours that's was his direct words Having just had a very bad experience with yard work people doing the same thing to me I felt a little uneasy but I didn't know what to say to him. Also I have a dog and I needed to put him in the office for the day instead of outside in the heat and I thought it was strange that two girls worked on the smallest room in the entire house together for over an hour and a half (it's a tiny room). I thought it would have been better if they had split apart and work separately and gotten further along in the house than they did. I had them work on the office first because I was going to put my dog in there. I thought I would be able to stay home while they were here so I can at least somewhat supervised but they were very loud and quite intrusive to staying home. It was very hot outside yesterday so I couldn't very well go into my yard and just be out there. I had an appointment I needed to go to anyway so I was gone for most of the day while they were here. When I got home William was back over here and gave me the walkthrough and told me that it would be the maximum amount that they were going to charge me. At first everything looked okay but in looking back over the house today they neglected quite a bit. My bedroom was not even touched in my light bulbs and fixtures in my dining and kitchen were not even cleaned. It's a good thing I didn't have them do closets or my refrigerator or stove because I don't even think they would have finished in a day's time. They knew what they were getting into based on Williams previous walkthrough with me and I just don't think that they were fast enough to do the job you want. I think they would have been better off splitting the crew up and working in separate areas. I really do think they're wonderful aspect of this company is at windows and blind cleaning and I would hire them again for that and that's why I give them this review. I don't think they're very good at the complex detail cleaning I needed I would hire them probably based on basic house cleaning and window cleaning but otherwise I think they're pretty expensive. Blinds and window cleaning service was excellent and probably would have cost me $150 instead of the $640 and I'm still having to do some work because the house really could have used another hour or two of work. I'm disappointed because I was told that they would finish the job for the 640 no matter how long it took them and my bedroom and light fixtures were completely neglected there's some areas that definitely still could use some cleanup and I texted them and heard nothing from them after them being pretty communicative so I don't think I will ever hear from them again which is fine but here is my review. I want to know I would like to say that you should hire them for Windows and detail cleaning of blinds. The guy that does that is excellent.
Rating: 3
– Deseray T.

Helping Hands Cleaning services

Home Cleaning Services Helping Hands Cleaning services

Specialties: Specialize in industrial commercial and residential cleaning top to bottom white glove cleaning and NOW janitorial
Free estimates

(530) 354-9630 Established in 2013. Helping Hands is established because, I feel like I was put on this world to help each individual or helping others overtime I picked up clients cleaning and organizing for them and then became in love with the fact that helping people is marriages in Lifestyles be less complicated and more free to not have to clean on their time off I became a house cleaner so I hope and Helping Hands and in my heart and soul I was put on this Earth to help other people

Star Rating 4
Chico, US, CA, 95969
Contact No. (530) 354-9630
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Helping Hands Cleaning services Honest Reviews

Wow! What a treat it was to come home after their first visit. I called Felicia for help with a deep cleaning, after the fire. Her team surpassed my expectations and they left my home sparking clean from end to end.
All this, with no running water!
I enjoyed the service so much that I have scheduled regular cleanings and have been raving about Helping Hands to friends and clients.

Rating: 5
– Jolene M.

Felicia and Sofia cleaned my home today. Nice girls and worked really hard. Planning on having them clean every other week.
My calls were answered the same day and Felicia who is the owner answered all my questions and was very curious. I have 5 dogs and they were nice to them as well. Check them out when looking for someone to clean your home. You can get a quote the same day you call.

Rating: 5
– Sandi C.

Not happy at all. I had to send at least 8 emails just to get a cleaning scheduled. I wanted the carpets shampooed but that didn't happen because they had a "malfunction".
Based upon the email responses/spelling/grammar I received from this company I would bet these are very young girls that have a lot to learn. Very unprofessional.
They got top dollar from me for a 600' empty unit that was already cleaned but the new tenant wanted the unit "pristine". $220.00!!!
I hired them based on the reviews but I think they were from family members.

Rating: 2
– Olivia S.

Worst service ever!
I have a small 1400sq/ft rental house that needed cleaning prior to re-renting. The interior had been freshly painted and the floors refinished so it didn't seem to be a huge job. I was quoted between $280 – $325 for a "move out" service.
While the crew was there cleaning I'd asked about hard water stains on the bathroom fixtures and dust still on the towel racks. They said hard water couldn't be removed and they'd get to the dust.
Once finished, all I received from the owner was a "payment?" text. Not a "are you happy with the service? Did we do a good job?". No concern for the quality of their work. She charged me $315, at the upper end of her original quote.
Once I took a deeper look around the house I was left baffled and wondering what exactly they'd done for three hours. Cabinets and fixtures still had significant dust, clearly not having been touched at all. Most alarming was the fridge clearly had not even been opened by the crew, let along cleaned.
Stay away from Helping Hands! If I could give zero stars I would.

Rating: 1
– Eric B.

Felecia and her team are rock stars in my book! They cleaned my 2 bd home day I moved out. They were so thorough and hardworking and pleasant. I got my entire security deposit back thanks to these ladies. Use them, you won't be sorry. Can't say enough good things! Quality, professional and reliable.
Rating: 5
– Dawn B.

My wife and I can't say enough great things about Helping Hands. Every time we need an extra deep clean on our house they do a Great Job. My wife & I just had a baby and needed our home cleaned while we we're in the hospital. One call to Felicia and her team was all set up. katya and Amber cleaned our place from top to bottom so when Mama & new Baby come home from the hospital our home will be all cleaned and ready to go. Thank you Helping Hands!!
Rating: 5
– Ben J.

I am very happy with the work the girls from Helping Hands did! After the Camp Fire, our insurance wanted us to get a deep cleaning- all walls, floors, windows, surfaces. Our house is a pretty big house and has A LOT of surfaces! They were very professional, on time, and did everything I needed them to do. And at a good price. They even did cleaning having nothing to do with smoke smell- like perfectly cleaning the mildew stained ceiling of my shower I could never reach! I will hire them again when I need another deep cleaning!
Rating: 5
– Chris H.

The girls from helping hands did a great job on my house and bath room. They showed up on time, were very professional and were super friendly with the dog. Will hire again!
Rating: 5
– Eric Y.

Debs Detailed Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Debs Detailed Cleaning

Chico, US, CA, 95926
Contact No. (530) 570-3561
Working Hours
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

Hygeia Professional Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Hygeia Professional Cleaning Services

Star Rating 4.5
Chico, US, CA, 95973
Contact No. (530) 519-6975
Working Hours
  • Mon: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tue: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thu: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Hygeia Professional Cleaning Services Honest Reviews

This small business is absolutely amazing!! Alicia and the other girls went above and beyond to make sure that my house was spotless. When she came and gave me a free quote they starting pre soaking the really dirty things so that when it came time to clean everything it came out super shiny! They made my nasty shower sparkle and even used a scraper on the grout!

As busy as this company is they managed to fit me in, even though I only called them the night before. They text and call and always keep things super professional.

I also can't say enough about the people themselves. Alicia is such a down to earth, hard working woman. The girls themselves are so personable and passionate, and really make you feel at home in your own home. If you want to support local Chico businesses this is the perfect company because Alicia built it from the ground up and goes over and beyond to ensure excellent customer satisfaction.

I could go on and on about this company and how amazing they are, but see for yourself and give Alicia a call!
Rating: 5
– Drew F.

Quick service. Nice team. Very professional and excellent customer service.
They turned my gross bathrooms into shiny display centers for my open house. I highly recommend!

Rating: 5
– Nanette C.

Started strong with twice monthly house cleaning visits, but there were lots of communication breakdowns and lapses in quality as time went on. When I let Alicia know that her employee forgot to mop our floors, she sent her back to make it right (much appreciated), but at the next cleaning, she raised our prices. She says it wasn't related to that event, but the timing was poor. We easily found a new company, and I let Alicia know we would no longer be using her. Alicia said she'd mail our key back to us but never did after two months of asking and waiting. We ended up having to just change our locks. I really wanted to like Hygeia but I can no longer recommend them.
Rating: 1
– K M.

Small local company, but amazing work and best rates in town.
Friendly and professional, they have been taking care of my house for years.

Rating: 5
– Robin D.

I have used Alicia and her team for over 2.5 years. I love the quality, the professional attitude, and their flexibility. I would recommend them to anyone, whether for a one-time cleanout or for regularly scheduled cleaning. They're great and I appreciate their dedication to being thorough.
Rating: 5
– Jen T.

They are very professional and Alicia is wonderful. We thought we might need their services last minute, and they were willing to jump in and do it, even after hours. Thank Alicia for your professionalism and willing to go the extra mile. They have a new number 530-519-6975.
Rating: 5
– Chrissie S.

I would definitely recommend this company. My roommates and I used them to clean our house during our move out process. They had excellent communication with us and our landlord, making sure everything was cleaned to perfection so we would not get charged from our landlord. They do an awesome job for a very reasonable price. I would use this company again!
Rating: 5
– Jordan S.

Thanks for your reply, but my attempts were weeks ago. There are times when time is of the essence – busy season or not – and this, for me, was one of those. You didn't respond to your phone number – which is, apparently incorrectly listed – nor to your online site's message function, and I needed help at that time. I start chemo tomorrow and really needed help getting my house ready before I'm really sick & unable to do these tasks for myself. Too bad you weren't available, or have your contact information or site more accessible. Thanks again.
Rating: 1
– Eileen B.

This company is simply impressive! Alicia is incredibly helpful, passionate and has the best cleaning methods I have ever seen. Thank you so much and I HIGHLY recommend this company. No short cuts and honest.
Rating: 5
– Jenni D.

Each time Alicia and her team have come to my house, I have been super impressed with their work. I have to admit that I am fairly picky. In fact, when I told my mother that I was going to have a service come in and clean, she commented that she doubted they would live up to my standards. And I also worried about that. But, both mom and I were so wrong! Alicia came to see my home and provide me with a price and I was shocked! It is super affordable. I've had them clean my home while I have been away at work each time. It is wonderful to come home to a clean home. I wish I had found them sooner!
Rating: 5
– Melissa N.

Lemme make this easy for you: stop reading and call Alicia.

Cleaning: You don't even know how much you need her until she shows you the house after it's finished. I actually had tears in my eyes when I came home to a wonderful-smelling, sparkling clean home. I felt awkward walking on my own floors because they were so clean I felt like I would mess them up! Every tile was spotless, every sink was flawless, and she even got the window tracks and inside of the microwave. They managed to get spots off my carpet and were kind enough to clean up every one of my nearly-one-year old's snack messes EVERYWHERE. They made the beds, picked up toys, and didn't miss the floors under the rugs or mats. I literally cannot think of a single missed object. Every photo frame, of which there are MANY in my home, were dusted to perfection. The Pergo floors were cleaned so they are reflective as glass, which I'm not sure they've ever did when they were new! The work Hygeia does is outstanding. My own mother is a housekeeper and even she would be proud.

Crew: I had three girls come to my home at a time that was totally convenient for me. Without missing a beat they got right to work even before I could greet them all (heck yes for efficiency and awesomeness!) All the girls were super friendly, clean, and smiling. I felt like a guest in my own home while they were here and when I left to run some errands I felt totally comfortable knowing that I'd have nothing to worry about when I got back. Alicia is the business owner/manager but she works at the sites with her girls and does all the dirty work, too. She's a mother and has super cool personality so she totally gets it when the messy-shame hits. She didn't leave me feeling judged or gross at all and for that (and her awesome cleaning), I love her.

Value: I am surprised by how much work these girls can accomplish for the rate Hygeia charges. Price per week varies by home size, cleanliness, etc. and it depends how frequently you want the team to visit. I found my 4-bedroom home, complete with a furry dog, almost-toddler, and full grown toddler (husband) ran me a totally fair price. It only took them two hours to clean the entire house from top to bottom. I would pay it 100x again to have my home look the way it does now and not ever would I think twice. I can't honestly say I've ever looked forward to a repeat service as much as Hygeia's cleaning of my home. I hired the girls to come back weekly for a month and I know I'm getting a great deal for my money!

The Only Drawback: They're busy. I was referred to Hygeia by a friend and I did have to call twice to get an answer. But! Any good customer knows that a busy business is a GOOD sign. Read the reviews. If the ONLY bad reviews this company has are because of a missed phone call, take it as a sign that these ladies are highly sought after and busy as can be. Personally, I think that's a pretty damn good problem to have, if you ask me. And once you're scheduled, you'll feel like a celebrity because you know you have the best of the best.

Thank you, Alicia and the Hygeia girls! I'm so excited to see you back next week. You guys did an AMAZING job! 😀
Rating: 5
– Miranda B.

Alicia (owner of Hygeia) runs a tight ship and my house looks and smells lovely when they have finished cleaning. If ever any small thing gets missed, Alicia makes sure it is handled promptly. I completely trust the crew when they are in my home and I am not. I interviewed many companies and Alicia impressed me with her attention to detail and care for my home.
Rating: 5
– Nichole N.

let me first tell you about how i run things. Im a doer, i do almost everything myself, from fixing my own cars, bikes, motorcycles to smartphones etc. when i was involved in an accident and couldn't do much moving around and heavy lifting, these guys came up first. I never watched the video of the family and as im writing this im smiling because it was cute and genuine.

Im the owner of chico computer phone repair and i know how a good business is ran. These guys have their stuff together! Mind you i keep a pretty tight ship, so it was detailing that needed to be done and man did they detail! the place was better than when i moved in and all thanks to your hard work ethic and drive. Thanks a ton for everything and ill be calling you in 6 months to clean my new place 🙂
Rating: 5
– Stanley C.

What a 'gem' I found in Alicia and her staff!
I was looking for someone to come into my home for those times when I'm out traveling and to help my husband out. For me, I always leave with my home clean and I like to return to it clean.
The 1st Cleaning I wanted to be home, so I could show her staff a few things I like and/ or maybe things I don't like. It was perfect, I was in my guest room packing while they went to town on my home. They were able to come in & ask me specific questions throughout. I was beyond happy with the end result.
I have to say, 'I'm a pretty neat person in general.'
But Alicia's staff were 'on it.' Detail oriented, professional, friendly. My stove never looked so clean, and kitchen sinks whiter. Most impressed with the young man who cleaned my formal dining room glass shelfs, and he replaced everything exactly the way I had it! (He said, he took a photo of them 1st!) I wanted to hug him.
Thank you, Thank you- it was Divine returning home to a beautifully cleaned house.
I'll be calling you again!

Rating: 5
– Lori M.

Alicia and her colleague are fabulous. Alicia R always returns my calls promptly. Not only do they clean at incredible rates, they decluttered and organized my home. They are friendly and efficient. This service shows up on time and if you are home, you won't feel uncomfortable or in their way. I also trust them to clean when no one is home. I recommend Hygeia to everyone.
Rating: 5
– Ajani B.

Alicia is amazing! The company I work for recently switched to using Hygia and it is always spotless in here which is to say a lot because we get a lot of foot traffic and humans are disgusting. Since I started here I have been cleaning my work space myself and I don't always have time to do a deep clean, I really only get my immediate area and things that cause illness when covered in germs (door knobs, computer mouse and keyboard.) I came into work this morning to a clean, fresh dust free office and it is amazing! Thank you Alicia!
Rating: 5
– D D.

Alicia and her crew are amazing. I am so pleased with their work. I left the house today with a huge mess. My dog sheds a lot, but Alicia and her crew got it all. Not only was the pug hair gone, my stove was spotless, microwave looked new, bathrooms clean, and floors sparkling. There's nothing better than coming home to a clean house! Looking forward to many future cleanings!
Rating: 5
– Allison L.

After a friendly phone call and a free quote, Vosburg Cleaning left my house looking like new! I received my entire cleaning deposit back after 4 years and my landlord will be recommending future business! Thanks Alicia and crew!

Rating: 5
– Andrew R.

I would recommend these cleaning professionals to everyone. As a chico state student moving out of my house my Roommates and I were looking for an affordable and flexible service. Hygeia provided both and much, much more. We got a quote from a couple different services and Hygeia was the most affordable. They are very good at communicating with their customers and are always looking for ways to accommodate you the best. As for the cleaning services, it was beyond what we expected. They went above and beyond cleaning our house until it was spotless! If you are looking for a cleaning service in the Chico area I would 100% recommend Hygeia!!! 🙂
Rating: 5
– Lauren R.

Alicia is wonderful and truly dedicated to her business as well as the homes and offices they keep sparkling. I've had people come and clean my home before and am familiar with the standard cleaning service "clean." Looks clean when you walk in but, upon further review, not so clean. With Hygeia I never feel like only the visible dirt has been wiped away. They mean business and have, on occasion, even cleaned things that should have required industrial cleaners or products. The cleaners they use don't linger- your house just smells fresh and looks and feels clean. I would (and do) recommend Alicia and Hygeia to friends and my own family.
Rating: 5
– Mark P.

Swish Maids

Home Cleaning Services Swish Maids

Specialties: We specialize in deep cleans, move-in/move-outs, and upkeep for residential home and apartments. We offer products that are safe for family and pets. Customize your cleaning using our flat-rate based pricing by bedrooms and bath then select the services that you want and book online for convenience, or call us for peace of mind. No upsells, hidden pricing, or random quotes. Discounts for recurring cleanings up to 20% off. Swish Maids: trusted, affordable, and convenient home cleaning services. We make booking easy. 100% guaranteed. Established in 2015. We started out looking for a new way to approach the delivery of household services. A way to create a streamlined process driven by an online framework that focused on delivering great customer service and then transferring this to the actual application of the household services. With this in mind, Swish Maids was born.

Star Rating 4
Chico, US, CA, 95928
Contact No. (530) 715-0087
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Swish Maids Honest Reviews

Swish Maids were really detailed in their cleaning. The staffs were friendly and easy going which fit well with my personality. Customer service was good in that they were accomodating, understanding, and ensured good quality cleaning and satisfaction. I booked them last minute and they were on time.
One thing to know, your home may be dirtier than you think which happened to me. They pointed out the benefits of their deep cleaning versus what I booked for regular cleaning and based on their recommendation, I was very happy.

Rating: 5
– Vicki V.

Worst ever. Keep looking. Poor communication, contacted cleaners and sub-par work done by the non-contracted employees. They charge you individually for services that are typically included in a move-out clean. I ended up having to pay my landlord for a re-clean.
Rating: 1
– Kelly M.

I had a "at the last moment" cleaning that needed to be done at my mothers house. Living out in the orchards and my moms age its hard for her to keep up with the dust. The two cleaners were diligent in there work getting built up water stains off the inside of the toilet bowls (made them look brand new) and got all the nooks and crannys.
I am thankful for there hard work. Totally worth the cost.

Rating: 5
– Margaret B.

Thank you so much Swish Maids! I was in dire straights about my stained shower. I can't believe how amazing the deep clean made my shower sparkle! The process to schedule a cleaning was extremely easy and fast. I loved how I didn't need to interview a new cleaning person, I was 100% able to rely on their service and process. The staff was very professional and I was able to leave them in my house with my dog even as I went off to work. It was heavenly coming home to a sparkling kitchen!
Rating: 5
– Wendy P.

Swish Maids is a fantastic cleaning service in the Chico area. I had to shop around for a while to find the right company and often found myself waiting for a return phone call or an e-mail that never seemed to come. Their online presence is spectacular, making it really easy to describe your house and cleaning needs, choose a day/time range that works for you and get all necessary information about your home to them. They contacted me back almost immediately, confirmed some more information about my home and my cleaning needs, and I had two cleaners at my house a few days later.

I would recommend this company immediately just for their customer service approach, but once the cleaners arrive, prepare for a transformation. I let the cleanliness of my home go for a while so I figured a full deep-clean of my home would be a long and expensive chore, and may take a few visits. The cleaners were fantastic. The two I had were super friendly, very detailed in their work, and fast. I wish I had before and after photos to show their work, you often don't know how dirty your home is until you see it completely cleaned. I could hardly believe it, honestly still can't really. If you're looking for the best cleaners in town for your home, I couldn't imagine anybody better.
Rating: 5
– Dan K.

This review is for a cleaning which took place on Saturday May 7th. I saw an ad for Mother's day on Facebook and contacted Swish Maids immediately. I wanted to surprise my wife with a home cleaning since she's been busy helping our daughter with wedding plans. I requested for the team to arrive at 4:30pm and they arrived sharp! After letting the ladies in, I took off, picked up my wife from work and headed out for dinner. Now, I asked for a text message to let me know if they needed more time so 3 hours in and some drinks later I receive a message saying the home was ready. I couldn't believe it! Now our home isn't a mess but it's not tiny either.

We get home late, so I let my wife head in first pretending I left something in the car. I get a loud, "OH MY GOD!" seconds later. So I come rushing in thinking something is missing or worse, broken. To my disbelief, the pillows on the couch are neatly arranged, the coffee table is wiped cleaned and the magazines fanned out, and what my wife spotted first, clean baseboards for the first time since we moved in! My wife turns to me and says what only wives do in a situation like this, "What did you do?" I turn to her with a grin that only husbands do when they know they've won and give a little wink. Now I wish I could say I took credit but the work these ladies did were worth every penny. I've already scheduled my cleaning for next month plus I've got even better plans for the next surprise. Thank you Swish Maids! Happy wife, happy life.
Rating: 5
– Jeremy L.

These folks were great. Arrived on time and did exactly what they said they would do. I especially like the way you can book online.
Rating: 5
– Chrsitine D.

If I could give negative stars, I would. Do not waste your money on them. Booked online for a deep cleaning on an empty house. The day they were scheduled to come out I had to call after a half hour past the time they were supposed to start. They said the girl was running behind, but was on the way. After another half hour I called again and they said she was having transportation troubles and would need to reschedule. So I did. A couple days later they also didnt show up again and I was told they got double booked and would come the next day. I would have canceled all together, but had already put a deposit down and all other services were booked weeks out. They finally showed up a day or so later, husband and wife, and spent a few hours in our home. We were extremely dissatisfied with their quality of work. They removed cobwebs from wood beams which left dust particles all over the furniture and they didnt bother to clean up and left floors unmopped. Hire at your own risk…
Rating: 1
– Lauren J.

I have had several monthly cleanings from Swish Maids now, and been very satisfied. I appreciate having the same two cleaners each time, which means they get to know the house, and what areas need extra attention. They have been on time, polite, do a thorough job, ask about anything they may have missed last time, and are receptive to any feedback. I also love the online scheduling and payment system, which makes it easy to request what is needed, make changes if necessary, and payment is seamless. Highly recommended!!
Rating: 5
– Chris P.

Our house was in desperate need of deep cleaning. I appreciate that they took the time to clean and arrange a bookshelf we had upstairs. Unfortunately, our bathrooms were put off until they very end, and had to come back the next day. They were not thoroughly cleaned. For $289, we were hoping the most for well cleaned bathrooms. Overall, a pretty good experience.
Rating: 3
– Adrienne J.

I am so glad I chose Swish to help me with my son's college house yearly cleaning. They did a deep clean in a professional and productive manner and were so easy to communicate with! The pace was fast! Margret busted her @$$! I plan on having them clean once a quarter now. The price was a good value!
Rating: 5
– Lisa R.

Not cheap, but this team was a pair of pros! I had forgotten that my house ever looked that good. All that mineral gook in the bathroom from Chico's ultra-hard water? Gone! The toilet is so clean I would eat pudding out of it. The cleaners even taught me a few tricks to keep the old place cleaner. Thank you, Swish Maids!
Rating: 5
– Jason W.

First off, the actual cleaning happened in February of 2016, I am just still so upset about it that I'm coming back to review on yelp.

The only reason I'm giving this 2 stars is because the owner was quick to respond and take action. I had a strict deadline last summer in which we moved, needed the townhouse to be cleaned, and the new tenants to take over. I felt the $300+ charge was a bit expensive for the cleaning I wanted but I figured if they were great quality and quick, it'd be worth the money. Oh how wrong I was. I stayed for the first hour, explaining to them the big things that needed to be done and what didn't need to be done. I cleaned my own cabinets out because I felt their prices were expensive for a simple wipe down. After I finished my things, I left to go finish last minute errands. I got a text 2 hours later saying that they were finished. Surprised, I just thanked them, figuring maybe because they're very experienced, that they were fast. Oh how wrong I was. I swung by the apartment around 3-4 pm to do a final check because we were handing keys over to the people taking over our lease at 6. Seriously disappointing was all I could say. Baseboards were not wiped down, the oven wasn't fully cleaned even though I had paid extra for it, light switches weren't wiped, and so many other things. For over $300, I expected that place to be spotless and instead, I was having to figure out what to do last minute before I had to leave for work as well as before the new tenants arrived. I called, emailed, and texted the owner and he finally responded back to me. He sent one of the maids back, to which she was in utter denial about their cleaning job. She actually tried to argue with me and I went back through and showed her ALL of the things they had missed AND had to teach her how to properly clean an oven because she had informed her boss that had she done anything else, she would have ruined the oven. I paid for this company because I was short on time, working full time, and going to school part time WHILE pregnant. SUCH a disappointment. Between my husband, my grandma, and the maid we were finally able to get the place into an acceptable rental condition right before the new tenants arrived.

The owner did refund me half of my cleaning total but it it still was such a crap cleaning job that wasn't even worth half of the cleaning total. I wish I could remember the maid's names because they were terrible. The owner, Michael was great and offered the best solution he could, given our time constraints. He genuinely listened to my frustrations and it was by HIS suggestion to refund me half of my total on top of having one of the maids come back out to help clean. If I could remember the names of the maids and could guarantee they'd never step foot in my place, I'd consider giving them another try, just because of Michael.
Rating: 2
– Margaret R.

I had a confirmation email from swish. I live in Chico proper so I have no idea what the owner is talking about. You cancelled on me last minute 3 months ago too, after I had reserved many days in advance. You cancelled last minute, totally screwing me over before company came. Yet you have the gall to charge people that cancel THEIR appointments? How about being fair here, and paying customers $70 after you dont show. After all, it's only fair. Right?
Rating: 1
– Erin C.

I don't know how this business has good reviews. Perhaps something has changed recently. I chose them based on their yelp reviews and was so disappointed. Their communication is horrible- basically non-existent and they charged me over $300 while another company charged me $150 and did a much better job and cleaned things swish maids completely skipped (like the oven)
Rating: 1
– Sarah C.

Efficient and accommodating. I have been a long term customer of Swish maids and have always been satisfied with their service.
Rating: 5
– Muj A.

Excellent job. We don't have regular service, but we occasionally do a one time cleaning on areas that I don't want to do; toilets, bathtub, oven…things that stain or build up grease. They were efficient, detailed, and I was very happy with the work. They also came out the very next day, so that was great! I received a 20% discount, and to be honest, I don't think I would have hired them without it. Even with the good work, they are about 20% higher than I'd be comfortable paying, so the price I paid after the 20% was fair and reasonable.
Rating: 5
– Sparky R.

Great experience for a rental moveout clean. The ladies did a great job with hard water spots… the worst and the hardest to remove! I am very happy with them from start to finish. They also worked with our budget so we could keep it within our parameters. Thank you for making a stressful move a little less stressful!
Rating: 5
– Dawn D.

Each step of the way exceeded our expectations! From the same day response from the office staff, accommodating our schedule and unusual needs, to the impeccable and thorough cleaning!! Our service was well worth what we spent – which in this day and age – I'm pleased to say we definitely got our money's worth. Dena was fabulous! Let's put it this way, we didn't know the cabinets weren't off white! I'd hire them again absolutely. I'm glad I read the previous yelp's, they were true!
Rating: 5
– K. M.


Home Cleaning Services Multipotentialites4U

Specialties: We specialize in weekly, biweekly or monthly sanitation..
We specialize in deep, thorough cleaning.
We specialize in team management.
We specialize in reducing the toxic chemicals in your home environment.
We specialize in cleaning only with the latest non toxic products that are safe for our pets, family and business.
We help with unnecessary frustrations.
We specialize with organization.
We specialize in helping you prioritize with home essentials.
We can help improve your nutrition.
We specialize in improving the eco system.
We specialize in increasing biodiversity.
We specialize in gentrification of the entire world.
We help with overall wellness. Your well-being is our priority.. Established in 2021. I started in LA county, on Valentine’s Day I would sell chocolate cover strawberry’s on the corner of Florence and Vermont. When it wasn’t a holiday I hosted naughty toys adult parties..

In 2014 when I moved to Northern California I would take orders for Chile rellenos, 3 Leches cakes, and Mole(pueblano). After the orders slowed down, I open my tshirt business using the popular tshirt brand PROCLUBS and would customize prints for customers in the Orland flea market. All while having a full time job working with children in the spectrum and seniors and adults with disabilities.

After getting my degrees in 12/19 I decided to let go of my tshirts and buy property so that I can grow my own food forest, share it, and one day open a Montessori day care that has a one of a kind garden to feed the children.

In February 2021 my mother passed away andI dropped out of chico state and moved back temporarily to LA county to go be with my retired father, that’s when my cleaning business was born.

Orland, US, CA, 95963
Contact No. (530) 988-6195
Working Hours
  • Mon: 4:00 PM – 12:00 AM (Next day)
  • Tue: 4:00 PM – 12:00 AM (Next day)
  • Wed: 4:00 PM – 12:00 AM (Next day)
  • Thu: 4:00 PM – 12:00 AM (Next day)
  • Fri: Closed
  • Sat: 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Sun: 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Website Click here to visit

Dora's Green Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Dora's Green Cleaning

Specialties: We will clean your Home or Office with ONLY Green Products! Locally Owned Anderson Green Cleaning Company! Specialize in one time deep cleanings! Established in 2014. I (Dora) recently opened up my cleaning business. I have had 10 years of cleaning experience. I do mostly green cleaning, with no chemicals. I am trying to help the environment as well as people clean their homes with no chemicals. I enjoy cleaning, and take pride in my work!

Star Rating 5
Anderson, US, CA, 96007
Contact No. (530) 276-3202
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Dora's Green Cleaning Honest Reviews

The best. Dora has helped me from time to time over the last 6 years and is always so professional and reasonable. The job is thorough, and I appreciate that she uses less toxic cleaners. As she says, "Elbow grease works the best."
Rating: 5
– Janet L.

Dora & her crew are great! I had her come a couple weeks ago and do a deep clean and then had her come again today. I am over the moon impressed by how quick and efficient they are. Thank you so much ladies!!!
Rating: 5
– Samantha R.

Dora is great! She's a very hard worker, she came out on a Saturday as well.
It was last minute so she couldn't get her other workers since it was a very big job.
With that said, she took 51/2 hours to clean our bathroom and kitchen. Also, our toilet had a ring on it.
With that said, once I told her about it she was totally wanting to come and fix it. I was just wanting a company to come and clean everything that had more people to clean my very big house!
I still do recommend her, she works hard and does a good job.

Rating: 4
– Elizabeth Y.

I was coming home from being out of town, and my husband wanted to give the house a good deep clean for when I arrived. He called Dora's Green Cleaning, and our house looked amazing! Good prices, too. I just wish I could have been there to meet Dora, to thank her personally!
Rating: 5
– Katt J.

Every other home cleaning service either ignored me or never called me back. So I called Dora's green cleaning and Dora did and estimate that very day and came out bright and early the next morning and did a fantastic job cleaning my whole house. I couldn't have been more happy with the way everything turned out. I've never seen my appliances and bathrooms shine like brand new in along time. Thank you again Dora!!!
Rating: 5
– Jeremy L.

Dora's Green Cleaning is the best! She cleans my house better than any other house cleaner I've ever had! She does an awesome thorough job!! I highly recommend Dora!!
Rating: 5
– Ashley S.

On short notice Dora cleaned my house and did an exceptional job. I was in a bind and needed a rental cleaned and Dora came through. Would definitely recommend and I will use her again.
Rating: 5
– James B.

Velazquez Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Velazquez Cleaning Services

Specialties: Move in / out cleaning
One time deep cleaning
Residential cleaning
Weekely by weekely
Monthly cleaning Established in 2008. Our cleaning services cover a wide range of tasks to free up your time so you can concentrate on important things in your Life, Family, Friends ,Career and Hobbies

Star Rating 4.5
2084 Knights Ferry Dr, Plumas Lake, US, CA, 95961
Contact No. (530) 923-0433
Working Hours
  • Mon: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Velazquez Cleaning Services Honest Reviews

We have used Velazquez Cleaning Services to
clean our house for the last few years. Imelda and her crew do an awesome job everytime they come. They are very detailed, consistent, and they always leave the house smelling so good when they are done. We found Imelda on Yelp and are so grateful to them for taking such good care of our home. We love them and would recommend them to everybody.

Rating: 5
– Nasiha S.

I needed a deep cleaning for my bathrooms and kitchen. Everything was perfect. They came and gave a free estimate so I know what my pricing would be. They were efficient and professional. They went above and beyond my expectations.
Rating: 5
– S. J.

Imelda and her team are the best! When we first moved to the area we had a hard time finding a cleaning service but soon found Imelda and we've been going to her ever since. She is a consummate professional, provides thorough work, and is dependable, communicates well and reasonably priced. Her team is friendly and efficient as well which is great as we have small children in the home. She makes it possible for us to have more time with our children which means the world to us. I would highly recommend Imelda for all your cleaning needs.
Rating: 5
– Susan H.

Velazquez Cleaning Service has been cleaning my house for a year and a half. My neighbor referred (who has been using her services for many years) to me. She did a one time deep clean ( moving furniture, cabinet detailing, wall wiping, fixture cleaning and window cleaning) since then she comes every other week and maintains my house. She brings her own cleaning products, dusting "rags", mops, vacuum and garbage bags! Plus she has a team of 2 others who work for her and my house (4 bedroom, 3 bath, living room, family room, dining room, breakfast nook and kitchen) get done in a little over an hour. She is prompt and always willing to work around your schedule. I was so impressed the first time she cleaned my house I referred to my mom, who also uses Imelda!
Rating: 5
– Sara C.

I needed a full clean on an empty house to be put on the market. I called several companies and was told they do not come to Olivehurst. I finally found Imelda (Velazquez Cleaning Services) through yelp as I live out of the area. Imelda came and gave me a quote and then we were able to schedule the cleaning. She arrived with her cleaning crew and did a fantastic job. If I lived closer I would hire her full time to do all my cleaning. I was happy with the job well done. The kitchen and bathrooms were spotless. I would call them again for any future cleaning needs.
Rating: 5
– Russ H.

We had Imalda and her crew come do a move in cleaning for us after we just bought our house. The house was pretty clean, but we wanted to make sure. On the surface, it looked like Velasquez Cleaning did a good job, so we even tipped. However, over the next few days we started seeing what had been missed – fans not dusted, light fixtures not cleaned, missed cabinets on wipe down, carpet not edged, etc. This might seem minor, but again, we paid for a deep move in clean, and it was unfortunate that we didn't get what we expected. I would definitely recommend being there and ensuring everything was cleaned (check everything) prior to them leaving.

Edit: we originally had it as 3 stars, but even after the original review, we continued to find more things that hadn't been cleaned. Window seals not completely done, so after opening and closing, black stuff fell down. Blinds, towards the top, we're not dusted and sticky. Not all the baseboards were wiped down, etc. Because of this, updating the review to 1 star. I would not recommend this service.
Rating: 1
– Cori V.

I only wish I hadn't waited so long to have my house cleaned.
They did an absolutely wonderful job.
I cannot recommend them enough.

Rating: 5
– Jo F.

I used Velazquez for move out cleaning a few years ago, but some time later when I needed bi-weekly cleaning done I went with another company. What a mistake that was! While they did take the extra effort to organize, I found out they were also doing things like placing rugs and trash cans on my made bed. Disgusting and unacceptable. The other issue I had was with scheduling. The other cleaners could never make it on the agreed upon day or time and was constantly shifting the schedule.

I, of course, reached out to Velazquez Cleaning again to see if they were available to do my bi-weekly cleanings. The team was always on time, never changed the schedule abruptly, and they were great about keeping in contact if a schedule change did occur. My only complaint would be that they would occasionally put things back in the wrong place. Not a big deal unless you're a stickler for something like that.

I used Velazquez Cleaning a final time for my move-out cleaning and the house smelled and looked incredible! Very happy with their services and would definitely recommend them!
Rating: 5
– Kym P.

They come in as a team and knock out all the cleaning so quickly and oh wow it is amazing!! We highly recommend Velazquez Cleaning for all your cleaning needs!
Rating: 5
– Katherine M.

If I could give ten stars for these ladies I would! They have come in twice for the "deep cleaning" service and they get every nook and cranny of your home.

We are about to sell our house and they for it ready for sale.

Epic team!
Rating: 5
– Jeremy B.

I received a quote to clean my house. Once Imelda and her 2 workers arrived, they started on the house cleaning. when I asked about cleaning the windows as discussed in the original walk through, she said that is extra. The simple items I wanted clean were an up-charge. I was then told if I want all the extras, it would be a deep clean and cost $300. Pretty much all they were doing was a dusting and wiping down counters. This is not cleaning, this is a scam. By the time they left and were paid in full, I found several area just missed. Floor corners, tables not wiped down, etc etc. I pretty much wasted my money and have hired someone else to clean my house correctly. I should not have to baby-sit house cleaners to make sure they do a thorough job.
Rating: 1
– Kevin T.

Last minute move out cleaning. I contacted this cleaning service via Facebook and they came out the next day and did a move out clean on my rental. Very professional, great attention to detail. No streaks, no dusty back corners of bottom cupboards, window tracks were actually clean…. these details are often overlooked or done but not done well. Imelda and her crew did a great job and I would defiately use them again. My landlord was so impressed, he actually asked for regular cleaning at his house!
Rating: 5
– Kelsi D.

Had a deep cleaning done and a crew came in and spent hours cleaning from ceiling fans to baseboards (top to bottom)! Can't wait to start my bi-weekly service! Velazquez Cleaning Service is GREAT!!
Rating: 5
– Kathy C.

Ever since my last housecleaning gal retired over a year ago, for the life of me, I could not find another such service provider in my area. By sheer chance, I found Imelda Velazquez, owner of Velazquez Cleaning Services. Our first "date" was April 24, 2019. Wow. Not only did she and her assistant deep clean our downstairs, but she did so in about 3 hours! Most cleaning services took about 6 hours. But Imelda employs up to two additional helpers and this cuts the time down considerably. Which we loved.

Imelda was efficient and well, wonderful. I can't wait for our next appointment. Like other reviews, I'd give more stars if I could.
Rating: 5
– Nan W.

This review is largely based on the lack of response after multiples attempts at trying to schedule a cleaning of my home.

My landlord had Imelda's team do a deep cleaning of our new place before we moved in. They did a good job despite arriving more than 2 hours late. They also neglected to dust the ceiling fans which they were supposed to go. Our fault for not checking before they left that all was done to satisfaction.

Because they did a good job I wanted to schedule them to come back. First, every time I have called — no one answers. I have called 5 or 6 times — answering machine every time. I left 2 voicemails as I did not want to be that customer that just leaves a ton of messages. I did not get a call back.

I try to reach out through Yelp and I did get a response from Imelda. I replied to her message to confirm that yes, I did want to schedule her. No response. I sent her another message to confirm, no response.

I have now been trying to schedule a cleaning for over a week and have got no call back or confirmation.

Really disappointing that I was going to be a repeat customer and they can't even be bothered to give me a call back.

I would not recommend them to anyone.
Rating: 2
– Anastasia L.

Fantastic from start to finish. Sent a message through Yelp and got an immediate response. Even better, they were out the SAME DAY to take a quick look at the house and give an estimate (which was more than fair).

Same day estimate followed by NEXT DAY cleaning. A crew came with all their own supplies and equipment and got right to work. Bathrooms looks great, floor to ceiling dusted, mopped and cleaned…even a few random t-shirts that I hadn't picked up were folded and set aside.

I could not be happier and I 100% will be using them again.
Rating: 5
– Kurt L.

After trying to get a quote from another cleaning company and them being so unreliable and backing out twice, i called Velazquez cleaning Services. 3 days later she came to give a quote and 2 weeks later i had them out for a Spring Deep Clean. Being 9 months pregnant, i just couldnt keep up. 3 ladies came and did my house in a couple hours. They did a great job and were very thorough. The cleaning supplies used were tough to get the job done but didnt leave my house stinking all day. I had them back a few weeks later to do a normal maintainence clean and was impressed again. They are very affordable and worth every penny. I will have them back.
Rating: 5
– Trudy W.

Imelda and her team did a great job cleaning. She was able to squeeze me in on a weekend because of a family visit emergency. Price was very fair.
Rating: 5
– Deng P.

They did a great job cleaning the house that I was renting. They clean everything and they have their own cleaning supplies. The only I have gave four star was because they were late so I had to message them just to find put if they're still coming to my house. Otherwise, they took their time cleaning. Not rush at all.
I do reccomend their service.

Rating: 4
– Happie M.

We had them do a moveout clean and it exceeded our expectations. We plan on using them for our new house as well. Their attention to detail was great and I would definitely recommend them.
Rating: 5
– Alicia D.

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