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If you’re looking for Home Cleaning Services in San Jose then you’re at the right place, because we’ve listed some of the best Home Cleaning Services in San Jose. Checkout the list below, and do leave us a comment your thoughts on the service/business listed here.

Best Home Cleaning Services in San Jose

Tip Top House Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Tip Top House Cleaning Services

Specialties: Want to see your house in Tip Top Shape? Our team offers a more in depth cleaning in addition to the standard dusting and vacuuming, from the ceiling to the floor to every single nook and cranny, covering every part of your house. Licensed & Insured Established in 2018. Established in 2018

After much time working in the home cleaning industry, we decided to open our own cleaning business. We are very thorough and trustworthy people that you can count on. If you are looking for a positive turnaround in your home, we are committed to provide a top notch cleaning service; that's why we named our business Tip Top, because it means quality! Our mission is to tackle just about every job that comes our way on every project we encounter.

Star Rating 5
2350 Lucretia Ave, San Jose, US, CA, 95122
Contact No. (408) 806-0826
Working Hours
  • Mon: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Tip Top House Cleaning Services Honest Reviews

Rodrigo and his crew do an excellent job! 10/10!

We have been using him for almost two years now, they have been reliable, efficient, flexible and respectful. I honestly can't say enough nice things about them, we have gotten to know them and I really can't imagine using anyone else.

Even if we do a really good job keeping up the (we work from home, Lawyer and tech bro), it's amazing how much cleaner the house is and how fresh it feels, like checking into a five star hotel at the start of a vacation!

I literally have nothing to complain about and can not even think of a criticism for them.

You will not be disappointed if you have them clean your home, I guarantee you.
Rating: 5
– Joshua N.

Tip Top House Cleaning Services did an excellent job cleaning our home! We had used Task Rabbit a few times over the years to clean our two bathrooms and kitchen and they always were clean, but not usually more than we'd do ourselves. With Tip Top, we were really impressed with every little corner getting cleaned!

We arranged for a deep/initial cleaning which is charged hourly ($129/hr) for a team of 3 cleaners. After that, they offer recurring services for a flat rate.

The communication was great setting up our cleaning and I appreciated knowing what to expect. On the day of our service, the team worked efficiently and cleaned every surface, light fixture, baseboard, set of blinds, and appliance in our home. We kept walking around afterwards saying things like, "Oh wow, they even cleaned every part of the exercise bike!"

We have already arranged our next appointment!
Rating: 5
– Maureen W.

We hired them for a move in cleaning.

Rodrigo sent his team and they did a fabulous job cleaning every nook and cranny of the house. We even required him to use Lysol spray for wiping down everything and he happily obliged. They cleaned the outside and inside of our house windows and got rid of the spider webs in our fences.

They were very tip top in their job. One must hire them for quality service.
Rating: 5
– Rahul D.

I am very pleased and happy with Rodrigo and his team, Carmen and Lolo. They were communicative, responsive, friendly and explained how they worked in an honest and clear way to me. They ended up taking all the time scheduled but they went above and beyond to clean and dust every nook and cranny. Even the vents and every window panel has been cleaned and all our cat furniture thoroughly vacuumed. My house feels like we just moved in.
Rating: 5
– Maria O.

I would say these cleaners are a rip off. I asked them to clean our apartment in November 2020, and at that time they charge $110/hour for deep clean for 2 cleaners. I said yes, because I was determined to have our place cleaned. They told me that the cleaning would take 3-5 hours for a first-time deep cleaning.

They arrived 20 minutes late. It was Veronica and a very old, slow-moving lady. Veronica started to clean the bathroom while the other cleaned the bedroom. It took them 2.5 hours with our upstairs and they purposely work so slow, because it was Veronica who did all the cleaning; the other was simply someone to show that "2 people" are cleaning, but the other one isn't really helpful. They did not clean all the exhaust fan upstairs, and left one still super dusty (I found this after they left). Our bedroom was not really dirty, and I did stay upstairs to supervise them but only for the first 30 minutes, but the rest I had to go down for a meeting. Veronica was on the phone all the time, esp when I check up on them, which I think contributes to the slow cleaning.

I had to rush them to tell them it's their time to clean downstairs, and by that time, they said they have to leave at 1pm (in 30 minutes) for another appointment at another house. They also forgot to bring cleaning extensions to clean hard to reach areas, when in prior communications with Rodrigo I asked him for a ladder because I want top of our loft windows and light fixtures cleaned. Because they did not have the extensions, our light fixtures and windows were left dirty.

They cleaned half of our living room and downstairs bathroom for 30minutes! If they can do that fast, why would they stay upstairs in one bathroom for 2 hours?! They were such in a rush to leave that they left the kitchen all dirty, with all the dust from the living room exhaust. They downstairs toilet bowl was all yellow, and I had to clean up after them because they left in such a hurry. All this for $350+ tip! They offered to come back to finish the job, but never did. Such a disappointment.
Rating: 2
– Cindy O.

Update 10/27/2021
We have clarified that pushbroom was not taken by them and two cloth mops were from previous tenant. Also, they came over again to clean tile grout in kitchen without no charge. The revisit was scheduled very quickly and the grout cleaned promptly. They are professional team and their teamwork is worthy for 5 stars. Thumb up!!

Rating: 5
– Andy C.

3 cleaners came to my home and did an initial house cleaning. It didn't take them very long since I keep things pretty tidy on my own, but they did all kinds of cleaning that I cannot do like cleaning light fixtures on the tall ceiling, the bathroom vent (I saw him take it apart, clean it, and replace the vent), and scrubbed my little toaster oven that had a lot of stuff on its walls that don't come off with a simple wash. The best was the mopping because I have personal reasons that make mopping a 1-2 hour job for me.

They were all very friendly and worked quickly. I would love to hire them on a quarterly basis and maybe some appointments here and there to give my place a nice cleaning after I have company stay over.
Rating: 5
– Karen D.

I had Rodrigo and team do an initial deep clean on our 1 story SFH, ~900sqft. Overall, very pleased.

Price: comparable to other services, they charge an hourly rate for the initial clean, flat rate for recurring cleanings after that. It was estimated that the first clean would take between 2 and 4 hours, ended up taking the full 4 hours.

Process: they were very responsive. Showed up a few minutes before our appointment time, and were ready to go exactly when they said they would be. Proactive and communicative about scheduling. They all wore masks without me having to ask.

Product: very impressed with the cleaning job. We bought the house a year ago, and they got it cleaner than it ever has been, including when the previous owners had it cleaned before we took possession. I was particularly impressed with how clean they got the shower. Our water has a VERY high mineral content, and somehow they got the shower door looking like the glass that it is, instead of the opaque, "smoky" glass that it always has been!
Rating: 5
– Mark E.

Rodrigo and his crew are amazing! From start to finish, every aspect of working with them has been fantastic. They show up exactly when they say they're coming, they clearly communicate expectations about how long a job will take, and then they make your home sparkling clean! They have also been very respectful with our cats.

The price is beyond fair for such an amazing quality of service. We have never met house cleaners who do such good work.
Rating: 5
– Sasha J.

Rodrigo and his team have been providing regular cleaning services for me for over a year. They are professional, flexible, and always provide too-notch service. On top of that, they bring great energy while they are working and are fun to talk to. I would recommend them to anyone who's looking for cleaning services.
Rating: 5
– Shuangshuang Z.

Roy, Norma and their team are the absolute best. They have been with us through one move and the addition of two kids, keeping up with the demands of cleaning our household. They remain my secret weapon to a sparkling home!
Rating: 5
– Zandri K.

Roy, Norma and team are fantastic! They are very thorough and ensure everything is cleaned properly. They're also reasonably priced and very flexible if I need to make a schedule change. We're always satisfied with their services!
Rating: 5
– Kathy W.

They never responded, still waiting. I even called the phone number on their web site
Rating: 1
– Dave M.

Rodrigo and his team were prompt, thorough, and extremely pleasant to work with. I would hire again if/when needed.
Rating: 5
– Mollie H.

This is a family owned business, they are friendly, responsive, fast but thorough and reliable. Excellent!
Rating: 5
– John R.

I will definitely recommend tip top cleaning to anyone who needs a cleaning service.
I have tip top to do my home regular cleaning since last November, Rodrigo not only provide very reasonable price for the service but also provide really quality work every time! All I can say is they are really professional, pretty much clean everything you can see and things sometimes I will ignore like the corners, gaps and other hidden area.
I paid flat rate for each visit after the first deep cleaning, but Rodrigo really care about the quality of his work instead of finishing things earlier as he is paid the same anyway , he never concerns about how much time he need to get the work done. Further more, Rodrigo is really considerable for his customer, my schedule is kind of uncertain during the holidays and got changed for twice, but he has no problem at all and try to find the best time to accommodate!
Overall all I can think of their service are the good stuff and will definitely continue using them!

Rating: 5
– Wei Z.

Fantastic! We have a baby and two dogs and it would have taken us FOREVER to do what Rodrigo and team did in an afternoon. They were so friendly, efficient, and truly deep cleaned our home. Prior to booking, I reached out to other cleaning companies to get quotes but it was hard to know what was actually included. I really like that Tip Top includes it all. Highly recommend!
Rating: 5
– Whitney O.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I swear, the interaction with this company takes the cake for blatant disrespect. We contacted them to come clean our home, they told us they had an 11:30AM slot available for today & WE CONFIRMED. We have the text messages to prove this. They, however, disappeared mid-conversation afterward when we were giving them details about our house size, etc. Already unprofessional, but we gave them the benefit of the doubt. We never heard anything else from them, which was concerning, but we AGAIN gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited until day-of (today) to reach out. We called & called, texted even, and it was hours before we ever got a response. The response we finally got? Our time slot that we confirmed was now given away to someone else. How unprofessional can you be? They apparently offered my husband 10% off, but people have lives and we agreed on that time slot for a reason. I called & called once again to try and speak to someone, only to get an answering machine every time. I finally left a message recapping the situation and letting them know they should probably get their —- together. IT GETS BETTER. A man calls me back and proceeds to try and argue with me about how I told them to get their —- together in the voicemail lol. YES. I SAID WHAT I SAID, and I'll say it again-get your —- together. And the next time you try to call a CUSTOMER back with the sole purpose of picking a fight because you don't like their much-deserved feedback for you, maybe get out of the customer service industry. Try the circus instead.
EDIT: After reading some of these other reviews, it seems this Rodrigo man is the problem. He has a short fuse, a big mouth, and a lot of nerve to speak to people the way he does–people who are looking to support his business, no less. Pathetic little reactions, clearly.
EDIT #2: LOL, for the love of god. Would you look at the lunacy that is his response here? Get a grip & learn how to run a business with respect to your clientele. Gross.

Rating: 1
– Stephanie M.

I received a quote very quickly from Tip Top cleaning, as well as same day cleaning. Rodrigo was very accommodating with the time and his prices are very competitive.

Rodrigo and his wife cleaned both my bathrooms and deep cleaned the kitchen. The kitchen was in dire need of a good scrub down, as it hasn't had a deep clean in about 5 years. They did an amazing job on cleaning everything and worked extremely hard to make sure all the spots I wanted was scrubbed down. Even after the final check, they made sure I had everything meet my expectations. They cleaned off a good couple of years of grease on the stove, as well as corrosion on my shower doors. I would definitely hire them again for a deep cleaning in the future.
Rating: 5
– Brittany B.

Wow, I walked into a brand new house, it was like the feeling you get when you first walk into a nice hotel room, everything fresh, clean and all in order!

I called on Thursday and was able to get an appointment the follow Sat.

I had my fridge and oven scrubbed, literally every inch of this house was cleaned, the bathrooms were sparkling!!

I will definitely be using their services again, I highly, HIGHLY recommend them for your next home cleaning.
Rating: 5
– Amelia U.


Home Cleaning Services InstaMaids

Specialties: Book trusted and experienced home cleaners online in just 60 seconds! Join the thousands of satisfied customers today with a high quality cleaning that's backed by a 100% guarantee. We offer flexible scheduling, easy and secure online payments, and superior customer service. Welcome to Maid Service Made Simple! Established in 2011. InstaMaids was started when we realized it was difficult to get our own house cleaned. We had to call around for quotes, and not really know if the cleaners were going to do a good job or not. So we changed all of that, you get flat rate pricing based on the number of rooms, green cleaning, easy online booking, 100% guaranteed! It doesn't get any better. Welcome to Maid Service Made Simple.

Star Rating 4
San Jose, US, CA, 95113
Contact No. (800) 552-5997
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

InstaMaids Honest Reviews

Super nice people! The place is left in absolutely spotless and sparkling clean condition.
They took care of many places that we haven't even thought of cleaning before
I would definitely rehire!

Rating: 5
– Ramani R.

The cleaners arrived on time and got to work right away. No one lived in our new house for a long time, so it had to be cleaned very carefully, since a lot of dust and dirt had accumulated everywhere. I communicated all my cleaning requests to customer service and discussed everything before cleaning day. However, it is likely that these instructions were not passed on to the team. I tried to give instructions to the team, but these women did not always understand me, as they spoke very poor English. As a result, some of the previously discussed options were not provided or were performed poorly. They didn't clean the floor, they didn't clean the garage at all. They had to be reminded about washing the washer, dryer and dishwasher. Dust was not removed from the fireplace, from the walls and from baseboards.
At the same time, the cleaning of the carpets was done quite well.
And one more, company should teach their employees not to throw trash in the recycling container!!! Oh my God!! I had to transfer it from one container to another with my own hands.

Rating: 3
– Evgenia K.

I'm a pretty average guy I think, and between my girlfriend and I being full time it can be difficult sometimes to keep everything as clean as we would like. I was really apprehensive on choosing a cleaning service, but now that I hired InstaMaids I can say it was the right choice for us. They have many teams I think, so the ratings are gonna be skewed because of certain teams in certain areas.

We had team Alejandra in Fremont, and the service was excellent. Our house is spotless, they were pretty quick, and they really busted ass to get things clean. I'll be hiring their team in the future 1000%.

Also, their website checkout was a bit intimidating, so I just called them directly.
Rating: 5
– Jesse D.

They were professional and did an outstanding job. Very thorough. The bathrooms were impressive. The kitchen appliances were spotless. Will definitely recommend them to my family members. Thank you so much.
Rating: 5
– Carol S.

I found myself in an overwhelming and unmanageable situation that was affecting the well-being of my family. I contacted Instamaids, remembering a positive experience I had had with them back in the summer of 2019.

I got in touch with the coordinators and they were very helpful, understanding and professional. They sent me two of their best.

They both were amazing. I never once felt judged by either for the situation I presented them with. There was nothing but kindness, compassion, efficiency, and results. They also worked straight through – 5 hours without stopping – no break, just work.

I am extremely grateful to Instamaids, and highly recommend them for all cleaning and organizing services. I feel that I got more than my money's worth, and will definitely be using them again in the future.
Rating: 5
– Anna H.

I have been using Instamaids for a few months now. They are diligent and professional, and I am impressed with their service. Mark, the manager, is receptive to comments and makes sure every need is addressed.

They send reminders by both email and text, and their web site allows you to add areas to be cleaned (such as the fridge) or change the date or time of the service.

I will continue to use them and recommend them.
Rating: 5
– Norman M.

We appreciate the excellent, professional and detailed cleaning by the team at InstraMaids and would highly recommend the service.
Rating: 5
– Connie W.

Well, this company can clean well…if they actually show up.

I recently hired them to clean my home. Punctuality and professionalism are what's lacking here. The arrival window, which they provided, was between 8-9am. By the time 9am rolled around, they hadn't arrived. At that point I still gave them an extra hour on top of their arrival window, and still nothing…no emails, no texts, no calls, nothing at all.

At 10am I contacted them, and only then did they even realize that not only were they late, but had forgotten me altogether! Then they said that the cleaners will arrive at 1pm (five hours after the start of the original arrival window).

Once 1pm rolled around….still nothing. I texted again several times, and then they finally arrived at 1:40pm in the afternoon…five hours and forty minutes late for a cleaning that only lasted forty five minutes.

Once they actually arrive, they do a good job of cleaning. The hardest part is just getting them there.
Rating: 3
– Savi C.

Punctual and very thorough! 2 cleaners showed up and boom house was spotless. Very impressed with the level of service. Great choice! Thanks guys keep up the good work!
Rating: 5
– Matthew S.

I've always been very satisfied with my cleanings with Instamaids. We've used them about 4 times and have had a different team every time, but they are always good- sometimes great (shout out to Veronica and her team who came most recently)! Each team asks for a quick tour of my home and any special requests or information before they get started and ask me to take a look around before leaving to make sure I'm happy with the results. Booking is easy online, and there was only one time when they weren't able to come within a week. I've never had any problems with them not showing up or being late. Planning to have them come again soon before we have family visiting!
Rating: 4
– Anne L.

I hired Instamaids to clean a newly remodeled home before move-in. The team was supposed to arrive between 9 and 10am, they didn't show up during that time. I called at 10:10 to ask about the situation, and was promised a callback, but never got that. The team ended up arriving around 10:45, and the carpet cleaning guy didn't show up till after noon, and there was never any communication about their arrival time or their being late.

The entire job is over-priced, I paid over $800 for the cleaning. As I said it's a newly remodeled home, there's no furniture, the flooring is brand new, the toilets are new, bathroom countertops are new. So there really isn't much stuff to clean. The main challenge is the kitchen where I didn't replace the cabinets and there's grease on the cabinets that I had hoped some professional cleaning could help with, maybe some effective cleaning products or cleaning methods. But all I got was a simple wipe with a wag, and that didn't make any difference to the grease.

The carpet seems well cleaned. But it remains wet for a long time – it's still damp 2 days after the cleaning, not sure if that's normal, but I'm definitely concerned about mold and mildew.

The window/French door cleaning includes only the interior, they still look pretty dirty after the cleaning.

Overall, Instamaids might be a decent choice if you are too lazy to clean and want somebody to do it for you. But if you are looking for help with hard to clean spots, then you are out of luck. And it's way overpriced for the quality and quantity of its work.
Rating: 2
– Zhihong X.

They have multiple teams but most of them are super efficient and great cleaners! Happy customer for 3+ years 🙂
Rating: 5
– Shrinivas D.

I didn't know my stove could look so shiny! I can practically see my reflection in it.

I scheduled a deep cleaning and carpet cleaning after my messy tenant moved out of the downstairs bedroom. It was easy to find a slot online, and they called to confirm the day before.

For the price, they did a lot of work. They cleaned my downstairs bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen. At first, the cleaners weren't aware that the kitchen and living room were included in the price I paid. I called the phone number, and Mark was able to clear that up for me.

The cleaners also wore masks the whole time! Thanks for being COVID compliant.

The carpet cleaning is a separate service, and I really liked my carpet guy (didn't get his name.) He was super friendly and helpful. He got all the stains out of my carpet.

I docked one star for the following:
1. The cleaners did not show up in the selected time window. I called at around 12:05 to check, and Mark verified that they were running about 30 mins behind. Since I'm working from home and often in meetings, a courtesy call would've been appreciated.

2. My entryway hallway wasn't cleaned. I didn't notice until after they left, but I assume it would fall under "common areas." Some clarity on the website or communication with the cleaners would help.

Either way, I'm happy with how the service came out to be, and I would book with them again. I regret that I didn't get more of the add ons (patio cleaning, oven cleaning etc)
Rating: 4
– Sara Lynn H.

I had regular move-out cleaning of 2 rooms + 1 bathroom and then a carpet cleaning booked with Instamaids and the cleaners + carpet cleaners showed up on time within their windows and worked extremely quickly and efficiently to get the job done. The rooms and bathroom were spotless afterwards!
Rating: 5
– Jimmy Z.

We have worked with instamaids since 2019 and despite some some hiccups in the beginning we are very pleased with our current cleaning team. Amy is great to work with along with her 3-person cleaning crew. The ladies do a very thorough job! Despite lockdown/pandemic we continue to have cleaning done and all safety protocols have been abided by.

Mark is great to work with, he is very responsive and addresses any issues or concerns. I have recommended instamaids to various people which all have been happy with the service.

Word of advice is to communicate your needs and any issues and finding the right cleaning team!
Rating: 5
– Rosa K.

I've recently moved from Arcadia to the Bay Area.
I've used house cleaning service every other week there. The cost for cleaning house in Arcadia (91007) is much more affordable than the cost of same services up here.

I've interviewed and checked out couple cleaning services around the Bay areas before choosing InstaMaids. I've used their service only once so it's hard to say whether they're good or not but I've had better experiences with mine back in Arcadia (LA area).
Rating: 4
– Claire V.

Joseline & her crew was fantastic! They did one amazing premium cleaning service. I will be sure to use instamaids & more specifically Ask for Joseline & team.
Rating: 5
– Preethi R.

Cannot trust where are all the good reviews came from! I submitted a quote to this company, it's been over a week now still no response whatsoever! They post on Yelp that their response time is 20 min! I really question how reliable this business is!
Rating: 1
– Elly S.

Mark worked with me for a last minute move out cleaning and made the process really smooth. The two ladies that came out on the day of were very good at their job and took care of the small details I noticed that I wanted fixed. Thank you insta maids for making my move out an easy process.
Rating: 5
– Marcella E.

One of the maids refused to wear a mask. Can let it slide this once since community transmission is not too high. But this is a dealbreaker if there is a flu season or covid surge again. The same maid is not happy with my requests to not bother about certain areas of the house, especially where food is left.
Seems like the message about cleaning services opted for have not been communicated. I had selected the patio but she claims she was not told. Anyhow, they ended up doing the patio, somewhat…
The kitchen and bathroom floors are not very clean still. Bathroom vent still has lint on it.
One of the maids ended up walking outside and then soiling the carpets by walking with the same dirty shoes. Facepalm.
Had elected the option for the blinds to be cleaned. They left saying office did not communicate to them.
The couch is still dirty. It was never touched. The tv table is still as dirty as it was. There is still hair on the carpets and bathroom floor. The kitchen floor still is dirty.

This was supposed to be deep cleaning.
Not recommended. Don't use them. Seriously, why the 5 star reviews? I will never understand.

Update: got overcharged for services not done. This is not an honest place of business.
Rating: 1
– A J.

Maid My Day Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Maid My Day Cleaning Services

Specialties: Maid My Day Cleaning Service is an all-round cleaning company that provides services to owners of residential and commercial properties in San Jose, CA and the surrounding areas. We have 10 years of experience in cleaning. Our cleaning services are thorough, consistent, and customized. We're here to exceed the customer's expectations. No job is too big or too small. We are thoroughly screened, fully insured, and bonded for your protection.

Our services include office cleaning, home cleaning, and Airbnb cleaning. Our focus is to really listen to our clients, understand their needs, and provide the exceptional quality level of maid service that makes them relax with the confidence that the job will be done well. We provide our customers with environmentally sound, trustworthy, prompt, and professional services. We strive to attract and maintain very satisfied customers like you. We offer fair and affordable pricing.

Contact Maid My Day Cleaning Service in San Jose, CA today to discuss your cleaning service needs with our experts, to schedule an appointment with us as well as to find out more about our available services.

Star Rating 5
6017 Snell Ave
Ste 515, San Jose, US, CA, 95123
Contact No. (408) 455-4472
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Maid My Day Cleaning Services Honest Reviews

This company was highly responsive and accommodating to my schedule. They showed up on time and ready to go. Very friendly and professional. I would recommend.
Rating: 5
– Cristina W.

I look forward to our monthly cleaning day with Maid My Day! We have two dogs, so you can imagine all the dog hair and messes we have at our house. They're so fast, but also detail-oriented. They wipe down everything and clean our 4 bedroom house in about 1.5-2 hours.

I've used a few cleaners in the past and I think that the mark of a great cleaner is when they vacuum in a pattern onto your couch. Maid My Day does that every time and it so satisfying to see when I walk into the living room.

I'm so happy to have met Melissa and her team. We'll be customers for a long time!
Rating: 5
– Jen P.

I reached out to Maid My Day to do a nice, deep clean of our house before decorating for the holidays and the ladies did not disappoint! Melissa was very responsive and although she was busy and swamped, she was able to squeeze us in! The team was very nice and professional and worked very hard. We had some mold in our main shower and I was SHOCKED at how they were able to clean it!!! Amazing job! I highly recommend Maid My Day!
Rating: 5
– Melissa M.

Absolutely loved the deep cleaning service provided! Melissa was extremely responsive and helpful, and I appreciated the walkthrough visit before the cleaning so that I knew exactly what to expect before my first clean. On the day of the cleaning, Raquel and Fany did an amazing job! THANK YOU to Melissa, Raquel, and Fany for making our home sparkle!
Rating: 5
– N Z.

Requested for deep cleaning and got the job done within 4.5h with a crew of 2. Result was generally acceptable. Did miss some spots like on top of the fridge, and wiping down soaped areas within fridge and oven.
Would probably be better if one is there to inspect before they left.

Rating: 4
– James Y.

I had the pleasure of working with an amazing team! I am very glad to have been able to use Maid My Day, I hired them to help clean out my parent's house because I did not have the time to do it myself and they can't move around much.
Like what other people have said, Maid My Day is a pleasure to work with – they are super responsive via text, professional, friendly, and thorough with the cleaning.

I would highly recommend them for anyone that needs help cleaning anywhere!
Rating: 5
– Joe N.

My long term cleaner retired and I have been through few cleaners in recent years. Came across Maid my day cleaning services and glad I did. Melissa and her team did an outstanding job cleaning our house. I immediately signed up for the monthly cleaning and look forward to an awesome job.
Rating: 5
– Viswa A.

Melissa and her team are professional, friendly, and do a great job. They are reliable, and readily available and flexible.

We are returning customers, and are pleased with their services.
Rating: 5
– Dee K.

I never had reliable maid service until we hired Maid My Day. They arrive on time, are courteous, and ready!

They do such an amazing job cleaning our house and the attention to detail is marvelous. I highly recommend this team! Our house looks and smells amazing.
Rating: 5
– Angel B.

Melissa and her team are awesome and professional!
They are always accommodating with time changes when possible.
Our home is always nicely cleaned after the team is finished.
I'll be staying with Maid My Day 🙂

Rating: 5
– Stephi F.

MaidMyDay is great! They are working with another cleaning business I was using before the pandemic, and have cleaned my house twice so far this year. The cleaning has been great, and the communication is great too. I love that they take Venmo which makes it super easy for me to do payment. Coordinating confirmation and arrival times with Melissa via text is also a plus. Definitely recommend.
Rating: 5
– Allegra G.

Melissa and her Maid my day have been nothing short of incredible.
They do an excellent job cleaning our home and is prompt with her communication. Payment is easy and reasonably priced. Would recommend her to all my friends and family

Rating: 5
– Joe L.

Melissa has been a pleasure to work with — extremely responsive and professional. Came by to do an estimate on our house and did a great job answering our questions and working with us to schedule a deep cleaning.

A few days later, Bertha and Raquel arrived and did a FANTASTIC job with their deep cleaning on our 3br house. They were happy to accommodate some of the special requests we had (no bleach, low-scent products) which was very much appreciated. They were also great with masks and gloves, so we felt very comfortable.

As a result, we've engaged Maid My Day now for regular, every-other-week cleaning. Would absolutely recommended.
Rating: 5
– Jon R.

Working with Melissa and her team has been a dream! I am so happy to have found MMD and hired them to help with my parent's house cleaning, as they are older. Like what others have said, they are a pleasure to work with – extremely responsive via text, professional, friendly, and thorough with the cleaning. Highly recommend!
Rating: 5
– Judy L.

Melissa and her team are great! They came over and quickly gave me a quote and a few days later were over for the full cleaning. I plan on having them come every few weeks.
Rating: 5
– Tyler M.

I thought I was doing a decent job cleaning my own home until the professionals from Maid My Day cleaned my home. I now have them clean regularly. Besides the excellent job by the housecleaners, I also like that the business is well organized. They have a website, they are licensed and bonded, options to pay ( I use Venmo), they bring their own equipment and supplies. I have the same regular cleaners. Besides doing a great job, they are on time, courteous, wear masks, gloves and shoe covers.
Rating: 5
– Adele G.

I found Maid My Day Cleaning Services during COVID-19. Melissa and her team are exceptional. They are very thorough with their cleaning regime. I've used them countless times for Move-Out cleaning. It is very extensive.. more so than cleaning an occupied home. Which they are also miracle workers at. I had a home that was extremely dirty from a contractor mess. Melissa's team arrived promptly and went above and beyond cleaning and dusting Everything in the home. They even organized items in the bathroom. I am very impressed with their work ethic. I cannot recommend them enough. Melissa is also very quick to respond and schedule. Look no further for a reliable, responsive cleaning company.
Rating: 5
– Stefanie T.

Maid My Day started cleaning my condo about four months ago. The initial cleaning was incredibly thorough. They cleaned EVERYTHING. Even took down each vertical blind in my living room and washed it and then put it back up. The monthly service has been equally satisfying. When the cleaners finish, the entire place is spic and span. The manager is professional and very responsive to email and my two regular cleaners are friendly and efficient and I appreciate that they take special care around my cats. I would recommend Maid My Day without hesitation!
Rating: 5
– Jay G.

We hired Maid My Day to do a move-out cleaning on our old apartment.

The service was excellent! No complaints whatsoever. I scheduled an appointment and a rep came by our place to take a look and give us a free estimate. She wore a mask the entire time and was very respectful. The cleaners showed up on time and did a very thorough job, following the cleaning instructions our property manager gave us to a T. It was actually cleaner after they were done than when we moved in!

Would highly recommend their services to anyone.
Rating: 5
– Patrick R.

They did an OK job. They were on time. The only thing is I want them to do deep cleaning and when I got was not much better than what I do myself. They did say that I could've called him back but it wasn't worth the trouble for me. Because of this Covid thing multiple visits would have made it a big risk for me as I am older. Oh well. Nice people and very business like. One last thing, I have a laminate floor and they used a mop and water instead of the correct solution and equipment. I had to redo them.
Rating: 3
– Darrel K.

Limpex Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning Services Limpex Cleaning Service

Specialties: Cleaning your house is like cleaning my own

Star Rating 4.5
San Jose, US, CA, 95136
Contact No. (240) 475-9799
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Limpex Cleaning Service Honest Reviews

Danielle is great, she knows what I want, and fit my schedule. Her partner, Anderson and the crew are wonderful, efficient , diligent and detailed oriented~
Will continue to schedule the service with them.
Highly recommend

Rating: 5
– Claire C.

When I was visiting my parents recently we decided to look into house cleaning to help my mom out. My parents have been living there for almost 4 years. It's not dirty, but it needed a good old fashioned deep clean. I was specifically searching for 5 star reviewed companies and found Limpex Cleaning Service. After reading the reviews I decided to reach out.

Danielle responded right away and we were able to set up an appointment for a deep clean the following week. Danielle was great at communicating and we exchanged numbers to talk in order to have a better understanding of what we were expecting. She quoted us a price for a deep clean for the size of my parents house of $485. In comparison to a few other cleaning companies who gave me quotes this was a great price. It's a 2 story house (about 1800 square feet). We asked that only 3 of the 4 bedrooms and an office be cleaned along with the rest of the house. Danielle also let us know weekly cleaning would be $235 and bi weekly cleanings for the house size would be $265.

Danielle and her crew (3 other workers) arrived about 10 minutes early and got straight to work. Danielle is the owner and she was part of the cleaning crew, which I thought was awesome. It took about 3 1/2 to 4 hours to finish. My mom and older sister were there to check the final product.

My mom said it looked like a new house! The bed sheets were switched out and the sheets were tucked in like hotel beds. They did a thorough job! Even the toilet paper had a nice design to it. They definitely pay attention to details. They moved my sisters bed to clean and she had bags laying out that they placed in her closet. The pillows were fluffed as well. The house doesn't have any carpet, but it does have a few rugs here and there. The floors were a challenge, but were cleaned several times. The only thing missed was the bathroom vents needing to be wiped, but most people don't look at the ceiling. Once my sister pointed that out (very minor) they cleaned them as well. Overall, my mom and sister were very pleased!

My sister was going to schedule another cleaning in about 2 weeks to see how much maintenance the house really needs. Ultimately, they will continue to use Limpex Cleaning Service for their housecleaning needs and so should you! I only wished I lived closer so I could also use their services 🙂
Rating: 5
– Cynthia W.

I've been using Danielle's services for almost a year, and they've never disappointed! The team is very responsive, thorough, and efficient. Prices are affordable and vary depending on what type of service is needed (I've done both deep clean and standard cleaning). Will always be using them for my future cleaning needs!
Rating: 5
– Aline L.

Highly recommend Limpex! They were responsive, stopped by on Memorial Day to provide a quote which was very reasonable and showed up early the day of the cleaning. They were extremely thorough on the job and finished within the timeframe allotted. Thank you to you and your friendly team! Look forward to working with you all again.
Rating: 5
– Linda N.

Danielle and her team deep cleaned my house today and I am impressed! The glass shower door in our master bathroom is cleaner now then when we bought the house! They were referred to me by a close friend and I would recommend them to all my friends.
Rating: 5
– Savannah P.

I was moving out of my apartment and needed to hired someone to do a deep cleaning. I needed someone who would pay attention to detail and leave no surface untouched. I am so happy I chose this cleaning service. If you're looking for great cleaning experience with excellent communication, then this is the company for you. Daniele and her team were simply amazing and I highly recommend them! I will use them again in the future!
Rating: 5
– Melissa L.

I used Yelp to reach out for a quote and Daniele responded within a few hours. She was kind, clear, and quick to get me scheduled.

This is the only reason I docked a star. We had agreed upon a noon arrival when initially scheduled. The day of, I texted to confirm the time and was told I would be the last house of the day, between 3-4. I am very glad I had reached out because while I usually have a flexible schedule, this particular evening I had a birthday dinner to attend.
To her credit, Daniele did quickly right this and adjusted the teams' schedule so they arrived at 1pm. This correction allowed me to be present for guidance (as this was the first time working with Limpex), but still allotted time for me to get to the birthday party on time.

I had a housekeeper previously but she recently moved away, leaving my house uncleaned for two months. So while it didn't need a deep clean, it did need love.
The team of two came in and immediately got to work. They were pleasant but also very quiet, which was wonderful since I work from home and it was a weekday. I am a bit of an anxious, OCD person but this team was awesome. I felt comfortable being around them in my private space and they did a wonderful job of putting things back after moving them, leaving me very little to straighten after they left.
After they left, I wandered around the house. They had left it clean, tidy, and smelling lovely. They had even changed my sheets! They had done in 2 hours what would have taken me the whole day.

I will be using Limpex on a monthly basis as my new housekeeping team. Overall, very please with the service and result.

Rating: 4
– Tampy P.

Highly highly recommend this company. Went through hell with a different cleaning company. Messaged them and got a booking right away, last minute. They are very responsive. Requested specific areas to be cleaned without a problem. They are reasonably priced but you get excellent service. They even folded my toilet papers like in the hotels. Don't even think twice just book them
Rating: 5
– Patricia G.

They did a great job cleaning hard water stains in bathrooms and cleaning windows! First time I hired anyone in a couple years due to Covid. They wore masks and I was very comfortable. It was a husband and wife team with two other helpers. I plan to hire them again. Cleaned much better then I could! I can use the energy I saved on something more fun!
Rating: 5
– Deanna M.

So thankful to Daniele and her crew. Super accommodating and wonderful thorough work! L
Daniele help my family in a time of need during my wife's recovery. Five stars and huge recommend!

Rating: 5
– Richard P.

Excellent cleaning service! Reached out the week of for a deep cleaning (while living here) and Danielle, Anna, and Flor came through-quickly, efficiently, and wonderfully! Thank you again! Loved all of the special touches!
Rating: 5
– Olivia T.

I've been working with Danielle for about a month and a half now, and she does an excellent job. She and/or her crew are here on time every Wednesday, they do a great job on the things that they say they'll do, and today for no reason she washed the outside of my apartment window (which probably hasn't been washed in years) for no reason at all! It was just a nice extra touch and I'm just super happy with her service!
Rating: 5
– Dan R.

I have only good things to say about this company. I hired them when I moved to the bay area (Daniele replied to my request right away while I had contacted another cleaning company and they didn't respond). They have done a wonderful job from the start. The house is spotless, every time I need to ask her something she tries her best to have things done. They are really hard workers and very efficient. Even my daughter loves them. I'm very pleased with their work and I highly recommend them.
Thank you Daniele and Anderson for everything you have done for my family.

Rating: 5
– Luciana R.

Great job! Excellent communication.
Danielle got back to me very quickly via the app and text. Showed up on time, and the rooms look and smell great.
Highly recommend!

Rating: 5
– Hope L.

I hired Limpex for a deep cleaning after a year of being home *so* much during Covid. Daniele responded to my inquiry almost immediately, she answered all of my questions, and I was able to get the exact day I requested.

Anderson and Elena showed up with all the necessary supplies, and after a brief orientation, they cleaned my house from top to bottom. I try to keep my house pretty clean, but–WOW–they worked some magic that left it sparkling from top to bottom.

I felt so pampered; what would have taken me a couple days, they breezed through in a few hours. And, best of all, I got those hours back to focus on other things. I will absolutely be hiring them on an ongoing basis.
Rating: 5
– Cleo Z.

There are so many 5 star reviews for Danielle and Anderson, and after having used them for approximately 5 months with utterly disastrous results, I am at a loss as to how this can be. From what I can determine, a lot of the reviews are based on one time deep cleanings, move outs or after an initial cleaning.

I have had housecleaners for 30+ years. I have never, ever had so many problems with any of them before. My prior relationships have lasted years at a time. The prior cleaners only left because of the covid pandemic. Danielle and her crew were very diligent in wearing PPE at all times. They are to be commended for that.

Soon after starting, Danielle seemed anxious to share her personal female medical problems with me and my husband, which made us very uncomfortable. This was to happen on several occasions. 

One of the bedroom ceiling fans went out shortly after they started. Since cleaners have mixed up the switches in the past, it was a perfectly reasonable question to ask Anderson if he had noticed anything. When he said he had not, that was the end of it in our minds. We decided that the fan died of old age and we replaced it. Apparently, he took this home to Danielle and they must have really stewed about this. During one our last text messages she said that I had "accused" Anderson of damaging the fan. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

One of the electrical cords was obviously caught up and damaged by a vacuum cleaner. Since we do not vacuum (reason why we have cleaners) the damage could have only been done by one of their crew. This was another thing she got very defensive about at the end.

The last straw was when their helper broke off the vent from the wall mounted microwave. We fixed it and were going to charge them appropriately.  She hit the roof told us a:) it was old and should have been replaced, and b:) her cleaners never clean that. What?? The front of the microwave? Come on. Since when do house cleaners decide what is old in the customer's home anyway?

Having had cleaners for so many years I understand that sometimes things get damaged and what I have always stressed to my cleaners that I appreciate it the most if they just come to me and we fix it, working out what is a fair amount, if any, to charge them back.

The bathroom sinks and faucets were not always cleaned adequately. If I can clean something to look like new, I expect them to as well, each and every time. Sometimes the front of the ovens and refrigerator were not cleaned at all. It took me 4 times to explain to them how to make our bed. They used a bucket of water to clean the hardwood floors. Rugs were tossed outside while they were cleaning. The toaster handle was broken off.

I could go on but I think I have more than made my point. In the last text, she said we were always judging them. That I should provide pictures and/or videos of the damage. This didn't  make sense to me because that doesn't identify who caused the damage, unless I followed them around with a video camera.

She texted "let it be very clear that you are always being very unfair to us." We were not. We were only expecting them to know how to do the job they were hired to do. As we have of every house cleaner we have ever had.
Rating: 1
– Diana B.

The cleanings are average at best…nothing special at all… was using danielle and Anderson for about a year and it started off ok… but the quality really went down hill the more friendly and comfortable they get with ya the less hard they work… I asked them to do a deep cleaning and they forgot to do everything they asked me that I needed done.. paid them $480 for basically a regular cleaning if that even and a pantry to get orginized.. they Job they did was a complete joke for what they charged.. if danielle comes to the job its better then if Anderson is in charge.. but even then the job is below average.. there a lot of cleaning companies out there this not the one.. after asking danielle about the cleaning she made up some complete B.S. and said it was a regular cleaning and most that charge was for the small tiny pantry to get cleaned up.. so a pantry cost more then a whole house to get cleaned.. yeah ok.. DO YA SELF A FAVOR USE ANOTHER COMPANY
Rating: 1
– Damoon D.

A++ I highly recommend Daniele and her team. I had a rental property that needed a deep cleaning ASAP. I searched Yelp reviews and messaged Daniele on a Sunday afternoon. She responded immediately, gave me an estimate for a deep cleaning, and agreed to put me into schedule for the very next day. She followed up as promised, texted before the appointment time, and arrived on time. Her team did a great job, especially on areas of the kitchen and bathrooms that needed special attention. Everything was cleaned, even a filter I did not realize existed. The team also cleaned out all the cabinets. Besides the superb cleaning, I am especially thankful that Daniele fit me into her schedule last minute. Her 5 star Yelp reviews are well deserved, and I would absolutely work with her on my next project!!
Rating: 5
– Loree P.

Danielle and her team are amazing! We've hired many cleaners in the past and Danielle was certainly the most responsive, professional and easy to work with. Her team also did a superb job with the move out cleaning and even cleaned soot out of our fireplace!! Communication, timeliness and reliability was super important for us since we were coming from out of town and Danielle checked all of those boxes off and more! Even my husband said they were great and he has super high standards about cleanliness. We highly recommend her.
Rating: 5
– Lisa C.

There are so many other GREAT house cleaning services in the Bay Area, please do yourself a favor and try ANYONE but Limpex cleaning services.

Danielle seemed very nice over the phone but when she came to my home, her and her team made me feel SO uncomfortable in my own home. Her and her team left dust everywhere and moved so many of my things around that I had to spend an hour after they left to put it all back.

Her team didn't say much to me so I'm not upset with them but Danielle constantly gave me attitude when she was talking to me. I was trying to be nice to her and couldn't understand why she was so upset and being mean. I felt so disrespected in my home, especially because I was trying my best to be nice to her.

My home is my safe space and while she was there and even after she left I felt so uncomfortable. It took me a few days to recover emotionally from how she made me feel in my home.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and choose one of the other 100+ great house cleaning companies in the Bay Area.
Rating: 1
– Z L.

Veronica's House Cleaning & Janitorial

Home Cleaning Services Veronica's House Cleaning & Janitorial

Specialties: Deep cleaning, ,regular cleaning,move out Established in 2014. founded 2014 I have experience in my work I love my work have confidence in me, to be the one who leaves your home looking and smelling clean … many times we cannot do the cleaning of our home, so I can help you with that,

Star Rating 5
San Jose, US, CA, 95128
Contact No. (408) 913-0443
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

Veronica's House Cleaning & Janitorial Honest Reviews

I looked carefully for a reasonable rate for some help with my housework. I have some medical issues that keep me from deep cleaning so finding this business through Yelp really was helpful.
They did good work and are reasonable. I plan to use their service once a month and we scheduled a date before they left.
It feels good to have my floors clean and glowing again. They also cleaned the oven for a reasonable additional fee.

Rating: 5
– Ruthie V.

The ladies have my home sparkling and smelling great!!! Fast workers, great attention to detail, reasonable prices. I will definitely use their services again!
Rating: 5
– Kayla M.

Veronica's did a great job and more. She did extra projects for a very reasonable fee- even offered to tackle the garage. They are great.
Rating: 5
– Christina S.

Veronica has been cleaning my gf place for about 3 months now she does a great job very fast but detailed. I've recommended her to at least 5 other friends now they are all very pleased . I recently had her start doing my house also . She's very sweet hard working. Always does a little extra. Little hard to communicate as I don't speak Spanish but we always seem to figure it out ok. Would Definitely recommend her as I already have to many friends !!! Ty
Rating: 5
– Coral S.

We had scheduled a cleaning for a Thursday. She texted that morning and switched to Friday. I wanted to give 5 stars because they were very nice and overall did a good job. I tipped them without a thorough review of the work and that's my fault. The handle to my glass shower door is gone. My hand towel rack in the bathroom fell off the wall. I wasn't told these things broke maybe because of the language barrier. However, my boyfriend was home and was speaking some Spanish. I think they threw the handle in the garbage, so I can't put it back on. I wish they had just said these things fell off.
Rating: 3
– Amy G.

Amazing work. They are very thorough with there craft and know how to flow. In the 2 hours that they worked it helped a huge amount and was better than I would have done. This was my second time and they remembered how I like things done and didn't have to ask. That attention to detail is what I praise. They got everything done that I needed in the 2 hours so all the dusting in the nook and crannies would require more time and I just want the nitty gritty which they did all of. The place looks amazing and thought I should share.
Rating: 5
– Jeff R.

Veronica and Ana have been cleaning my apartment for about a month or so now, and they have done a remarkable job on every visit. It can be extra challenging cleaning up after a pet, but they do such a thorough cleaning that a guest would have no idea that there was a pet in my home. Look no further if you want a clean apartment!
Rating: 5
– John A.

Great Overall service. Everything that was said that would be done was done. Left everything professionally cleaned. Would use again moving forward
Rating: 5
– Gonzalo G.

Loved that they were able to come by and clean on short notice and even offered me a great deal for move out cleaning! They were very thorough especially in the kitchen! The pictures they recently posted are from my house, and as you can tell, it's spotless!!
Rating: 5
– Veronica L.

I hired Veronica to do a move out cleaning on a 2 bedroom 1 bath, and she did a fantastic job. Everything from the blinds to the stove to the refrigerator everything looked like it was brand new. I would happly have her at our new place to clean there. And if I hear that anyone needs a house cleaner, I'll recommend Veronica right away
Rating: 5
– Patrick C.

Bruno's Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Bruno's Cleaning

Specialties: We are a company specialized in cleaning houses, carpets and upholstery, if you need help cleaning your home, office or your carpet and upholstery, contact us.

Star Rating 5
1814 Hillsdale Ave
Ste 111, San Jose, US, CA, 95124
Contact No. (650) 445-9282
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Bruno's Cleaning Honest Reviews

Good job, quick turn around, polite and professional.

We used them for move in deep cleaning and carpet deep cleaning
Rating: 5
– Pradeep Balaji S.

Bruno did a fabulous job on my carpet! He was on time, professional and he got the job done super quickly!

His pricing is affordable and he communicated promptly and politely.
Rating: 5
– Alexis M.

Bruno did a great job with our carpet. Our dogs had a few accidents and I've tried cleaning the carpet on my own numerous times but could never get the smell out even with special tools.
After the service, all the smell was completely gone. Bruno was very efficient and careful, asked me a few questions to ensure he meets my expectations and did not diss appoint!

Definitely recommend this service, especially if you're looking for someone to help you with any pet stains or odor. Thank you!
Rating: 5
– Maria M.

The cleaning service that Bruno provided is thorough and professional. I highly recommend him for any carpet cleaning project.

Dedicated: He spend about 3.5 hours to clean our three stairs townhouse. Lots of hard stains are removed, which we tried with our own solution and had not worked out. Even hairs left in the rim of stairs are removed by hand.

Great price

Responsive: he will reply messages in 10 min.

Good personality: when Bruno is working, he is polite to all family members and respectful to properties.
Rating: 5
– Yu Z.

He did a great job and really meticulous in cleaning our carpets.
We strongly recommend him

Rating: 5
– Saghi F.

Bruno's super accommodating & professional. He managed to do my move-out & carpet cleaning even though I contacted him quite last minute. The cleaning took a bit longer than expected, but he told me the additional charges in advance. I am very impressed and will definitely use his service again!
Rating: 5
– Devita G.

Bruno did an excellent job cleaning my couch and 2 living room armchairs. I've had the furniture for over 15 years and never had it cleaned, despite cats, dogs, and kiddos. Now That my 2 kiddos are older, I thought it's the time to get the furniture cleaned, it's still in good shape. It looks really amazing. Thanks Bruno!
Rating: 5
– Jocelyn L.

Bruno was great with communication and responded to my messages and questions promptly. He was transparent about pricing and had my desired availability, and even confirmed via text. When he arrived, he even drove his personal car over since the company car was damaged.

We really appreciated his attention to detail and thoughtfulness, and even helped us move things around our kitchen sink to help make room and emptied the used water outside. He even went above and beyond and stayed an extra hour to make sure things were thorough and clean. Plus, we have a lot of stairs so he made sure to clean them. We loved these little touches and it made for a great experience! Our carpets have never been cleaner and fresher. Thank you for the hard work Bruno!
Rating: 5
– Andrea L.

I had a great experience with Bruno all around. We needed two couches and a chair with ottoman cleaned. I reached out Sunday evening through yelp, Bruno replied right away and was able to make time Monday morning. He arrived promptly, we moved some furniture together, and Bruno got right to work. He was extremely thorough and did a great job cleaning all the pieces, even though it took longer than expected. Bruno was great with our dogs, and extremely polite and considerate throughout. We will definitely use Bruno in the future.
Rating: 5
– Andrew K.

This was my first time to try this company and they did a great job. Bruno was very responsive, flexible and completed the job on time. And most importantly, the carpets looked fantastic. I would definitely use them again.
Rating: 5
– Victor N.

I'm happy with the job done and the price was the cheapest quote I got as well.
I reached out to Bruno Tuesday afternoon for a quote and he had an open spot Wednesday morning. He did a great job cleaning my carpet. I had no spill stains but just accumulation from foot traffic. It took about an hour to finish the cleaning.

Rating: 5
– Simbarashe D.

Called Bruno to clean my uncle's apartment since he's a senior and can't do it himself plus haven't ordered cleaning in over ten years. Bruno was there on time, made it look new in less than 3 hours and even taught him tips to keep it clean, which my uncle really appreciated and told me to leave a good review. Will order for myself a little later this year. Keep up the good work and thanks for being so nice with him, I know he can be a little chatty and jokes a lot.

Oh, I thought because of the current times I should also mention he wore a mask all the time. We didn't really mind if he didn't because my uncle is vaccinated but that was a nice touch!
Rating: 5
– Leonam Max A.

bruno did an excellent job in cleaning the carpet. its been 6 weeks I can still feel the freshness in carpet.
Rating: 5
– Sreekanth B.

I had Bruno come out to my home to clean the carpet for 3 rooms. He was supposed to arrive at 9am. At 8:45am he called to say he was running about 15 minutes late due to traffic. I really appreciated that update. Once he arrived, he looked over the situation and let me know exactly what he was going to do…then did exactly that. He is very polite, friendly and professional. And, it was a great price for the service. Highly recommend him for your carpet cleaning needs….
Rating: 5
– Mike D.

Bruno did an amazing job with our old carpet. It was in a very bad state and he went above and beyond (took 6 hrs to finely clean) to make sure the carpet is clean.

Definitely recommend Bruno for anyone looking for a good carpet cleaning
Rating: 5
– Venkata Vijay V.

Bruno is professional and focused on providing a quality job. Great work. Highly recommend!
Rating: 5
– Rick S.

Bruno did a great job! He got some stains out of our white carpet that I was concerned about . He was punctual and very curteous. He cleaned our townhouse in only two hours. It looked brand new when it had dried. I told him I would bring him back every year before the holidays. He is a great guy with excellent customer service skills.
Rating: 5
– Trish W.

Bruno was awesome he clean my carpets and couches very thoroughly he arrived on time and he was very efficient I will hire him again for sure
Rating: 5
– Rory S.

Loved Bruno's service. I wished I had before and after pictures of my carpet, but it turned out gorgeous. He even left us "booties" to walk around until it was completely dried.
Rating: 5
– Pauline G.

He was responsive, on-time, friendly, and the price was fair. I don't know what else to say – definitely recommend him, 100%.
Rating: 5
– Jen D.

Sisco's Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Sisco's Home Cleaning

Specialties: We have been in Cleaning business over 20 years! We offer the best results satisfaction guaranteed. We respect your time, so we we'll show up on time, everytime.

Star Rating 5
San Jose, US, CA, 95125
Contact No. (408) 661-0498
Working Hours
  • Mon: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

Sisco's Home Cleaning Honest Reviews

Great service at reasonable prices! Will recommend to my friends and family ! They are friendly and get the job done efficiently and quickly ! Deal
With the same people everytime… no strangers

Rating: 5
– Nancy A.


Home Cleaning Services Heromaid

Specialties: We're Heromaid – the superheroes of professional house cleaning in San Jose. We have a legendary reputation to uphold, so we strive to offer so much more than just a perfectly clean home. We make sure you come home blown away with not just the cleanliness and freshness, but the overall look, arrangement, and attention to detail.

Our 70+ point checklist hits on the smallest of details including things like cleaning doorknobs, the top of light switches, remote controls… where all the germs live. We even remove wall markings and to top it all off, we offer an iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee. Established in 2013. Heromaid is a locally owned and operated home cleaning business exclusively serving the South Bay Area. We've built our business with a laser focus on quality and trust.

We are a young company and currently the Bay Area's fastest growing house cleaning business, and for good reason. We took the time to perfect our customer care approach and poured thousands of hours in researching and developing many industry firsts.

Star Rating 4
690 Saratoga Ave
Ste 100, San Jose, US, CA, 95129
Contact No. (408) 426-8300
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Heromaid Honest Reviews

Tried Heromaid for the first time. Patricia did a great job at our place! Would recommend
Rating: 5
– Reuben M.

I booked an appointment for today to have the master bathroom and my living room and kitchen deep cleaned after my roommates moved out. I currently still work from home so I did not supervise her cleaning. They're all empty rooms so I thought it was straight forward. Unfortunately she didn't do a deep clean as I requested. She didn't dust, clean the baseboards nor did she clean any of the blinds which I paid extra for.

When she was leaving I was in the middle of something for work and just thanked her before she left. After she was gone I went downstairs to grab my purse to make an online purchase and my purse is no where to be found. My purse is always hanging on the wall where we store our keys etc. I looked all over my house for an hour to make sure I didn't move it. After tearing my entire home apart I have no purse so I called this company to let them know. It's been a couple hours now they haven't called me back and now I completely have no purse or any of my cards. It just took me 45 mins to have all of my cards cancelled and notify the DMV my drivers license was stolen. I am completely appalled by this company. Horrible cleaning service and my entire purse is stolen. Let's not forget about the cash I had inside of my purse as well.

Stay away from this company. Their employees are thieves and the cleaning service is terrible.

Update: The cleaner, whose name is Patricia called the police on me saying I was "forcing" her to come to my house. I do not know Patricia's number and have only called the business line listed on this page. I was finally contacted by management and they basically blamed me, even though my purse was in my home before the cleaner got there and is now gone. They said they would call me back "sometime". They were able to charge my card for the horrible cleaning service before the card was deactivated after Patricia stole it. I'm glad the cops were very kind to me, gave me a civil case number and they documented everything for me and recommended suing the company. The customer service after my entire purse was stolen is down right unacceptable. Your employee stole from my home, do not blame me.
Rating: 1
– Miriah B.

I've never hired a housecleaner before so I can't really compare their services to other folks in the area but I was very impressed with the results. They were very communicative and accommodating. I had to reschedule once and they were quick to respond.

The cleaning wise: I was super impressed. They cleaned area that I didn't think about it and I came back and it was better than my expectations given the mess we had and the time constraints.

The reason I didn't give 5 stars: I did mention that i wanted to prioritize the 3 bathrooms and if there's time left then to move onto the kitchen and living area but they started in the living area and kitchen first which took really long and I'm not sure if that affected the quality of one of the bathrooms upstairs.

Regardless I understand the restraints and I have no big complaints. I will probably continue to use their services to upkeep the house.
Rating: 4
– Mi N.

Update: the store offered me discount to compensate for the unpleasant experience.

I have used other maid services. this is the first time using Heromaid. I was shocked on how bad heromaid is compare to other services. Below are reasons:
Unexpected rescheduling:
I scheduled to clean 3 bathrooms @12pm, total ~2 hours. I asked for 2 hours leave from my work during that time.
A day before the scheduled date, they contacted me through message and asked if I could reschedule to 11am to accommodate their timeline change. I hesitated but still replied yes. I then asked my boss to update my work leave.
On the day I arrived home 11am. I waited until 11:20am and still see no one so I called. They said they will arrive 12:30pm due to scheduled change and they did not notify me at all! I was so mad. Their explanation is they always have 2hour window before or after– as said in their contact email. Wow, so if you plan to use them at 12pm, they could come 10am or 2 pm, and without telling you, be prepared …

Poor service:
The maid showed up at 12pm. My surprise, she did not have shoe cover with her and tried to come in directly in her outdoor shoes. I had to offer her MY slippers since I have clean hard wood floor.
She started clean. I went to check her a few times. I had to point out to her many many dirty area that she overlooked. She did not bring vacuum. My other maid service they would vacuum the small mat in bathroom but she did not.
She has music on all the time. She was on phone call loudly and talked about 30min.
My bathrooms were not very dirty, but she cleans very slow and for more than two hours.
After all, the cleaning result is just ok, it is even not as clean as if I do it myself.
I am not going to use them anymore.

Rating: 3
– Mei L.

Recent change in management has really been disappointing. It's apparent the new office staff doesn't know how to effectively manage. It's come to my attention that this new management team is in fact the owners. Apparently they came in abruptly and fired long tenured staff. I absolutely do not recommend this company. Repetitive calls were completely annoying.

No need to reach out as I've terminated service. Please delete all my information. Please stop calling and sending emails. Buyer beware this company is incessant with repetitive communication. AVOID!!

Also, provide your staff with vacuum cleaners that work correctly.

Since you're so quick to comment please tell me how many long term employees you fired so you could take over?

Beware of all the recent fake reviews.
Rating: 1
– David M.

Hired Heromaid for a move out cleaning and they DAMAGED my brand new fridge with a huge scratch and a thick bleach residue left on the surface. They also left hair all over my other property (including inside the microwave).

They did not do a thorough enough clean given it was a move out clean (didn't do a good job with the hardwood or tile floors and definitely didn't clean in the cabinets). Will not be hiring them again.
Rating: 1
– Rose Z.

I gave two stars because I was asked to rescheduled twice in the last minute and I had been charged without service. The 2nd time reschedule date was too far from 1st rescheduled date. It was a move out cleaning; I couldn't wait that long so that I had to cancel the service.
Rating: 2
– Lifang Y.

Good prices, responsive and efficient. They don't include windows or refrigerator cleaning in their deep clean package which seems odd to me but overall happy with their services!
Rating: 4
– Soy T.

May be fine for a regular clean, but not what I expected or what they stated they would do for a deep clean. They don't follow their checklist. I had cleaners come 2 separate days and they still didn't finish the checklist. For example the lights were not dusted. The first cleaners that came didn't speak English and were leaving after 1.5 hours for a clean that was scheduled for 3+ hours. I was unable to communicate with them due to the language barrier. Would not recommend for a deep clean or if you want to be able to communicate with the cleaner.
Rating: 2
– Linda M.

We use their deep clean service for the first time. I know how hard to clean our kitchen and bathroom. Maria did a great job. We will definitely use Heromaid service again and recommend it to our friends.
Rating: 5
– Yong Z.

I don't usually write reviews but this service compelled me to write one. They are super professional, respectful courteous . Their rates are reasonable and booking, changing kind of cleaning as well as dates is online and super easy. Their cleaners do a wonderful job and they send the same cleaner every time as far as possible which I really appreciate. Both Adis and Maria have been nothing but exceptional in their cleaning and attitude. I would highly recommend this company for your cleaning needs
Rating: 5
– Neha N.

I paid $270 for a deep clean. It was an empty house and not much surface area but there were so many surfaces within reach that had dust and blotches (wasn't even wiped). See photos. What a waste of money. I'm going to have to do another deep clean.
Skip these guys.

Rating: 2
– Amit P.

HeroMaid's Astrid arrived on time and did a great cleaning service. Definitely recommend them.
Rating: 5
– Mehul S.

We were looking for a cleaning service to come in to provide a deep clean to our parents house after they moved out and before we move in. We originally requested a quote to a different company but asked for other services to send quotes for the same job. Heromaid sent us a great rate with fast responses, it was so easy to book and they provided clear instructions on what to expect.

We had our cleaning scheduled yesterday for an arrival between 8-10am. I was at the house at 8 and was working on clearing out rooms to make it as easy as possible. Erica arrived and immediately went to work. I left and came back and could immediately see the difference in the house. When it was about time for the cleaning to end, she reached out to the company and told them about how much time she needed due to the state of the house. We gladly paid for the extra hours. We are so appreciative of the time and effort that Erica put into our future home. We will be sure to use Heromaid for any future needs we may have for our family home. Thank you again Erica and Heromaids!
Rating: 5
– Sydnee L.

We got a deep cleaning done. Patricia arrived on time and did an excellent job cleaning the house.
Rating: 5
– Rahul G.

I scheduled on detailed cleaning to clean a dirty house. Heomaid sent a Patricia to clean. She came on time at 8AM in the morning. Patricia did an excellent job. Of course, there were some nook and cranny where I asked to Patricia to focus more. She was very cooperative, so I got high-quality-cleaning service I wanted. I was very satisfied with the great job that Patricia has done. My kitchen counter, stovetop, range hood, bathroom, every floor were very clean. So in terms of Patricia's service, I gave her 5 stars. Also Ayline did a great job, answering my questions about what were the differences between the services (from basic cleaning to detailed cleaning).
Her patience and clear communication skill really helped me to know what quality of the service I could get, before I decided to book their service. But, the reason that I gave 4 stars for overall service of Hermaid was that I waited for 2 days for the digital invoice. I was told that they would sent me on Saturday before their office closed, but I finally received that on Monday following 3 phone calls of asking them to send me the invoice.

Rating: 4
– Richard C.

I had a 1 bedroom move out cleaning with Hero Maid and just WOW! It was a tough job going in but they did such a remarkable job making a bathtub and kitchen look like new.

It took about 3 hours and it was a detailed clean down to every cabinet and things I didn't even think of like dusting outlets. They were also super nice and walked through everything they had done and even reminded me that I forgot to pack a few items. I plan on using Hero Maid service again!

Thanks Hero Maid!!
Rating: 5
– Edna A.

I contacted Heromaid for a move out cleaning. It was super last minute. They were very kind and booked my appointment. They told me even though I was scheduled for 1pm – 3pm the cleaner would show up at 2pm. I took some time off work to make sure I was there to allow the cleaner in. At 2:20pm she still wasn't there so I waited. At 2:30pm I called and the person said she would figure out the ETA and call me back. At 2:40pm she stated the cleaner will arrive 2 hours late at 4:00pm. I thought wow if I didn't call no one was going to call me. I left and showed back up at 4:00pm. Cleaner still wasn't there. Cleaner didn't arrive till 4:15pm. The cleaner called me and said the service was done. The next day was my pre move out inspection. The inspector noticed a piece of the stove vent broken. When she touched it the filter fell down and looks like it was bent and forced back to bearly cling on. When I called heromaid they asked for photos which I had sent and never heard back. There was also plenty of reachable areas that had dust. It was an empty house should of been done. Per their policy if we aren't happy they woukd send someone out. I gave them a call alllllll week different times of day. I kept getting hung up on. I had to move out so even if they called back no way to reclean. I gave up trying to contact them so no I'm leaving this review. I highly do not recommend them for any cleaning service. If they break something they will not repair it.

UPDATE – I contacted the cleaner directly after heromaid themselves weren't picking up. There was no possible way for me to leave a voicemail as heromaid kept anwsering and hanging up. The cleaner offered to pay for the broken piece which was very kind of her however as a business they should be responsible. Attached is a screenshot of the email I had sent. I shouldn't have to explain myself on why I am bearly doing this review but unfortunately my family and I became very sick with COVID and now that I am back to myself I made sure to get this review done. I'm not hear to fight with heromaid but to clearly state what happened. I will not stand for heromaid to state I am lying. We are able to leave a reveiw whenever we feel like after the cleaning just because it wasn't done today doesn't mean this didn't happen or is false.
Rating: 1
– Judy M.

This service seems like a fraud, I scheduled them to clean my house, they took the appointment, my card number, email and phone number. Did not show up on the day of the service and now, no one is even picking up the call.

Update: I scheduled a move-in cleaning and our cleaning appointment was for 8:00am and I was supposed to receive a confirmation email for the same, this was not sent out. After calling them over and over for 45min+ and no answer I posted this review. After calling them for one last time at 8:50am, the lady answered telling the office doesn't open till 9am. While I was on the call, she told me that the cleaner was at my house since 8:30am and she can cancel the service for a cancellation fee!!!!!
Since then I have been bombarded with texts asking to remove the review including a threat to come to my house, see text below. Irrelevant of the cleaning, I would never recommend this business to anyone.

Rating: 1
– Vijaya B.

Service was responsive and our cleaner worked very hard to make the space clean. It hadn't been cleaned in quite some time, and the heavy duty cleaning was well done. Good value and good service.
Rating: 5
– Jessica G.

Brad Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Brad Cleaning Services

Specialties: Move in move outs and post construction cleaning

Star Rating 5
1231 Franklin Mall
Ste 120, Santa Clara, US, CA, 95050
Contact No. (800) 460-5873
Website Click here to visit

Brad Cleaning Services Honest Reviews

Great communication! The house was scheduled for a move out cleaning. The bathrooms and kitchen sink and everything was perfectly cleaned when they were done.
The refrigerator looked stunningly beautiful, perfectly clean, no spots. The hardwood floors were swept, mopped and than shined.
The house hasn't looked this beautiful in years!
My picky husband was so impressed that he tipped each of the workers. HIGHLY recommended!!!

Rating: 5
– Cheryl W.

Daniel is one of sweetest folks I've ever met! The cleaners didn't realize this was move out cleaning and missed a few spots – so Daniel personally went in late in the evening and ensured my apartment was throughly cleaned again (and did more than what was requested for no extra cost)! It was exceptionally well done. Thank you so much! Highly recommend for any cleaning service you need.

(Tip: To make the most of your cleaning, ensure you talk to Dan and discuss what issues you have and things you specifically want cleaned – and they will ensure it's done!)
Rating: 5
– Meghna N.

Candy's House Cleaner

Home Cleaning Services Candy's House Cleaner

Specialties: We specializes in residential and commercial cleanings. We have been serving in the San Jose area for over 13 years. Call now or text 408-624-2678 for a free estimate. Our work also includes move out/move in weekly, monthly services or one time services. Established in 2008. (commercial & residential)

Star Rating 5
994 Prevost St, San Jose, US, CA, 95125
Contact No. (408) 624-2678
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Candy's House Cleaner Honest Reviews

Found Candy and her team on yelp and glad we decided to give them a try! The first time deep cleaning is definitely on the pricey side, but all worth it as her ongoing rates while a bit high, is reasonable considering their level of professionalism. Gone are the days that I have to manage the cleaners and reach out and ask when they are arriving. With Candy and her team, she reaches out to you and provides different times to come by and they stick to their word.

The quality is pretty good. I'm pretty attentive to detail (to a fault), and saw that they missed a couple of spots here and there, but not bad overall.

Everyone on the team is super friendly (my two year old daughter has taken a liking to them lol), and they are all masked and respectful. Candy has a baby herself, so family friendly for sure! They are definitely people you can trust.
Rating: 4
– Miriam F.

I had a team of 3 do a clean of a house I rented and moved out. They work fast. Kitchen sink and faucet look like new and better than when I first moved in. Windows are sparkly clean. They also did a great job with the bathrooms, especially the glass doors…no more mineral deposits. Thank you for saving me time in cleaning!
Rating: 5
– Anonymous P.

Candy , her mom and sister did an amazing initial clean up job at my home! My home has never been so clean. I had housekeeping service before by another vendor but Candy and her team is by far the best, no comparison.

They do deep cleaning for real! No just superficial wipe downs. I can't wait to have them return on a regular basis. They are also nice to my dogs and respectful of my home.
Rating: 5
– N G.

I was preparing to move into a new place and wanted it deep cleaned before I even moved in. I requested quotes from multiple places online and Candy was the one who was the most responsive so I decided to go with her. Candy came by to give us a quote. She took off her shoes without me even telling her and that took me by surprise, and she was very respectful. She listened carefully to what we wanted to clean, and paid attention to every detail with her checklist. Candy was able to squeeze us in before we moved in our furniture on such a short notice with her already busy schedule. Thank you so much. Candy and her family/team did an amazing job! They are really sweet and so hardworking! It took about 3 hours for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo. The price is reasonable because when we did a walkthrough, everything was spotless, and I have never seen windows so clear, and the place smelled nice. I was very impressed as it was our first time ever hiring cleaners. I highly recommend her and her team to anyone. I look forward to working with her in the future! Don't look any further! Book Candy and her team. They are the BEST! Thank you Candy!
Rating: 5
– Jasmine N.

Candy and her crew were fantastic! Candy is very professional (more so than franchises I've hired in the past).

She provided me with a clear price after doing a brief walk through of my home. On the day of the
first cleaning, her and her crew took the extra time to do a thorough job. As someone who is very fastidious about keeping a tidy and clean home, I was very pleased with Candy, and I am definitely hiring them for monthly/bimonthly cleaning.

If you want a hardworking and thorough cleaning from a crew that communicates clearly, I'd highly recommend Candy.
Rating: 5
– Poornima V.

Candy has been cleaning for us for almost a year now and we are thrilled with her and her team. They are always efficient, thorough and timely with communication. I am very particular with the details of having my house cleaned and Candy never disappoints – I have never felt like she cuts corners or rushes through the job. I highly recommend!
Rating: 5
– Jessica L.

I urgently needed our house cleaned with a short notice after remodeling. Called a few cleaning services. Candy and her team were really helpful to fit the cleaning in their busy schedule, in spite of a weekend. They were outstanding and did a thorough job in cleaning the whole house including garage. Very cheerful and outstanding team.
Will be using them regularly.

Rating: 5
– Sam J.

Candy & her team did an excellent job deep cleaning & disinfecting our new house before we moved in. Candy is personable, courteous & professional. She is a good listener & took careful notes on what I wanted done. I was grateful to be able to move my family into a sanitized home, particularly in the midst of a pandemic. Highly recommend this business.
Rating: 5
– Tinsley M.

Reliable and extremely skilled. They come twice a month for me and I come home to a house that is so nice. It's such a treat! The bathrooms, kitchen, window sills and bedrooms are well cleaned and it smells so good when I come home. Highly recommend this family team!
Rating: 5
– Summer A.

Candy and her team have helped keep my home clean since 2015, and they are truly outstanding! They have cleaned after remodeling, after move-in/move-out, as well as monthly, and I couldn't be more happy with their service. They are honest, they work fast, are very attentive to detail each and every time, they are punctual, and they are very reasonably priced. Any time I have a special request, they are more than happy to come to the rescue and help! I have recommended them to my friends, who also were extremely happy with their service, and have become regulars.

Thank you, Candy, for the outstanding work! We are really lucky to have found you!!!
Rating: 5
– Carmen B.

Candy and her mom&sister team are the best! Always very cheerful and very hardworking and does an excellent job cleaning! She cleans at our house and our business and I've referred her to many ppl also. Very trustworthy.. we are usually not home while she cleans. We love her!
Rating: 5
– E. T.

Candy has been cleaning my house for couple of years now. She and her family always do an amazing job. My house is always left very clean and organized after she completes the work. She is always willing to do anything I ask her and always offer more help if I need anything else. She is very trustworthy and can always accomodate your schedule. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs a house cleaning service. Thanks Candy for all your help and keep up the great work !
Rating: 5
– Andy S.

Candy has been cleaning our house every other week for a couple of years now and I highly recommend her! They do a great job, and it's such a pleasure to come home at the of the day to a fresh house, shinning floors and sparkling bath & kitchen. She is also very flexible if we need to make scheduling changes, which I really appreciate.
Rating: 5
– Gina H.

Candy has been cleaning my house for a couple of years now. She does an excellent job and is very friendly! I'm usually at work when she comes to clean and I trust her and her family with my key. I highly recommend Candy and her team. I look forward to coming home on the days that she cleans! My place is always clean and straightened.
Rating: 5
– Sue L.

Without question Candy and her staff do an excellent job and always go above and beyond when cleaning.She and her staff did both our residence and our business for over four years.We relocated to the Sacramento area is the only reason we had to stop utilizing her services.We really miss her and her staff.
Rating: 5
– Jim C.

Candy is basically my favorite go to lady for all my cleaning needs! My family and I have been working with Candy for over 10 years and she's NEVER let us down. You can even consider her a perfectionist! She's always on time and makes sure you are satisfied with her cleaning, she puts in over 110% of her effort every time! It all started from our home and now to our offices. We've referred her to family, friends and even customers and all I ever hear are great things about Candy! She's very reasonable with pricing and does a wonderful job. Candy and her team are always joyful and very meticulous about their work. Candy is trustworthy, respectful, understanding and reliable which is key since I can leave my home and not feel nervous. What I love most about Candy and her teams personality is that they always take their time to greet everyone with a "hello or good morning" which really shows their kindness. Thank you Candy for being here with us and always leaving us squeaky clean! I would definitely recommend Candy's House Cleaner.
Rating: 5
– Maylynn N.

Candy and her family are THE BEST!!! I know it can feel a little unsettling to have someone into your home that you can trust. Candy is very trustworthy, thorough and always leaves my house very clean and smells amazing! I highly recommend Candy and her family.
Rating: 5
– Rosalind H.

Candy has been keeping our house clean now for a couple of years. She and her family always do a thorough job cleaning and they are very hard working. Having trust in your house cleaners is very important and I definitely feel I can trust them and I have no problem giving her my house key when I need to. Candy and her family are all personable and sweet and take time to say hello to me and my child when they come to clean. There have been a few times where we've had to change our schedule due to conflicts that have come up and Candy has been very accommodating with us and will always do her best to get us on her schedule on a different day if possible. I would highly recommend Candy as a house cleaner.
Rating: 5
– Karen T.


How much is house cleaning in San Jose?

Professional house cleaning services in San Jose cost between $35-$70 an hour. You will find some cleaners in San Jose and Santa Clara County for less, but the hourly price doesn’t imply an apples-to-apples comparison in terms of quality.

What does a deep clean include?

Some of the services offered when you hire a deep cleaning for your home include: Clean soap scum and scale from the shower head, taps, kitchen tiles. Clean areas behind appliances like refrigerator, oven or washing machine. Dust baseboards and doors carefully all over the home.

How often to deep clean house?

How often should you deep clean your home? Some homeowners perform a deep clean of their homes once or twice a year. If you’re not doing a thorough cleaning of your house on a daily or weekly basis, then you’ll want to ensure you deep clean it at least once or twice a year.

What does deep cleaning mean?

Deep cleaning is the complete and routine cleaning process that removes visible dirt, as well as bacteria and germs.

How much does housekeeping cost?

The hourly rate for living out housekeepers would be an average of between £9-£13 per hour depending on experience and qualifications. The salary for a full time live out Nanny/Housekeeper outside London is on average of £250-£350 net per week. This may go up to £550-£600 per week depending on experience and duties.

How do professionals deep clean a house?

Deep cleaning services might include:Cleaning under furniture.Wiping down ceiling fans and light fixtures.Vacuuming and cleaning upholstery.Cleaning blinds.Dusting individual decorations.Sanitizing trash cans and other surfaces.Dusting lamp shades.Cleaning baseboards, window frames, and door frames.

How do I prepare my house for deep cleaning?

8 Things You Need to Do Before a House Cleaner ArrivesResearch Your Cleaning Service. … Declutter for Your Cleaner. … Clear Away Dirty Dishes and Food Messes. … Communicate Any Questions or Special Requests. … Secure Fragile Items. … Put Your Pets Away. … Know Proper House Cleaner Etiquette. … Avoid Over-the-Top Expectations.

How long does it take to deep clean a house?

The short answer for how long to deep clean a house is to allow roughly 8 hours for a three bedroom house with a family bathroom, and move up and down by one hour for each additional bedroom and bathroom.

How often should you clean your bathroom?

Once a week at least. Tetro says your bathroom is the ultimate bacteria host; E. coli can be found within six feet of the toilet and in the sink. To keep it at bay, disinfect the toilet and sink at least once weekly, and the bathtub every two weeks — more if you shower often.

What is the best day to clean your house?

Commissioned by LG Electronics and conducted by OnePoll, the study also revealed Saturday mornings to be the best time to clean. In contrast, Sunday nights and early Monday mornings were deemed as the worst times. Respondents also identified which chores are better to do during the day and night.

How often should you mop floors?

High-traffic areas, like kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and entryways, require weekly mopping. Infrequently used rooms, such as formal living areas or guest rooms, can be mopped every other week, or even once a month, so long as they’re vacuumed once ever seven days (this will remove dust and grit).

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