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If you’re looking for Home Cleaning Services in Las Vegas then you’re at the right place, because we’ve listed some of the best Home Cleaning Services in Las Vegas. Checkout the list below, and do leave us a comment your thoughts on the service/business listed here.

Best Home Cleaning Services in Las Vegas

Superb Maids

Home Cleaning Services Superb Maids

Specialties: Yes! WE ARE OPEN! Operating as essential business. We keep your family and community safe by following CDC protocols, wearing PPE, and minimizing personal contact. Established in 2015. Our company was founded by two young professional women (childhood friends). We aimed to create a company that is professional, fast, and customer-centric. We value our clients above all and our maids care deeply about doing a great job.

In October 2016 we won the gold award by the Review Journal's Best in Las Vegas. In December of 2016 we received

Star Rating 4.5
Las Vegas, US, NV, 89149
Contact No. (702) 721-8858
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Superb Maids Honest Reviews

Superb Maids does a fantastic job every time. They show up on time, do a very thorough job and are friendly. I have used other companies in the past and none of them compare to Superb Maids. I have very high expectations when it comes to maid service and they excel every time and never disappoint. Valerie did an excellent job on our home today. Highly recommended.
Rating: 5
– Jason M.

Update: 5 stars for customer service and follow-up

Elena, the owner, actually contacted me personally and was able to rectify the situation. I do appreciate her acceptance of the feedback I provided and informing me of what precautions they would be taking in the future to ensure quality service for all experiences.

After discussing what I would like done and what areas I would like to see improvement, I feel confident enough to give them another go.

I highly recommend a walkthrough before setting up your appointment as it allows you to set reasonable expectations and assess whether or not you're both a good fit for one another. Had I been a bit more patient and set that up, I think things would have gone more smoothly.

Initial Review: 1 star based on services rendered

I truly believe if a job is done right the first time, you won't need a second visit for the same issue.

Although Super Maids made things alright in the end, I was not impressed with the services rendered.

First off, they do not adhere to sanitary practices. They used the same gloves the entire time from kitchen, trash, bathroom, and then back to kitchen. I've had to sanitize everything they touched. They also wore their shoe covers outside and then did not change them upon reentering my home. I will now need to vacuum and steam clean the carpet which is an all day affair. They also used the same microfiber cloth on ALL surfaces.

To avoid cross-contamination, I provided my own cleaning supplies for the workers to use and they seemed genuinely confused by the products. I ended up needing to demonstrate how to use a Swiffer and the maid still was confused after the demonstration. They also were too lazy to remove the dust pan from the broom and did a poor job of sweeping.

Though they were friendly, they were constantly huddled in parts of the rooms chit chatting and laughing. My husband was baffled when he returned as he noticed they just shifted things around and nothing was cleaned up beyond the work I had already done. I had cleaned all of the surfaces before hand and just wanted them to clean again. I don't think they even touched my bathroom.

I paid for things to be organized but they were not. Everything was left in heaps and boxes and things were/are still missing so, we will need to unpack and reorganize everything. I would have provided instructions on how I wanted things sorted but, I couldn't as the Google Translator was not giving an accurate enough translation.

They charged $350 for this kind of service. I was able to get a partial refund but, the person who handled my issue wanted me to pay for the time they were in my home which was a total $150. Truth be told, they've created more work for me than if I were to not have anyone come at all because I can't find anything and all of my stuff needs to be sanitized.
Rating: 5
– Kalei K.

I had hired an alternate company to help me clean out my walk-in closet and my garage as well as help me re-organize and they cancelled, hours before due to a Covid outbreak in their office. I frantically began looking for a company to fill-in at the last moment.

Upon reaching out to Superb Maids (on a Sunday evening), I get a response within minutes. Elena indicated that she would have someone call me "first thing in the morning" with a few options (considering it was last minute). Sure enough, at 8:30am the next morning, I get a call from Joe with questions about the job and time frames. By 1pm, a team of 2 wonderful ladies showed up with the best attitude. While cleaning is their speciality, they were willing to get the job done!

The ladies had the best attitude, moved with intention and cleaned out my entire garage. They then assisted in the organization and treated my items with delicacy and care. They were fast, sharp and efficient and within 2 hours, my garage looked AMAZING!

Thank you Superb Maids for coming to the rescue in a fast and professional manner!
Rating: 5
– Mercedes T.

I was really debating on posting a review on the company. But it's been bothering me now that I reflect on it. I got my property cleaned early/mid Jan.

I got the move in+deep clean option… With sanitization fog thingy. I appreciate that they had upfront pricing, but to save you time ~600 usd not including cash tip I gave them.

The person who did the initial assessment and sanitizer was really nice.

They did a great job with the bedrooms, bathrooms (phenomenal actually), and storage. My main concern was the kitchen.

I wish they would've given me an estimated time finish on when the job will be finished. I found out later (after 5+ hours) once I reached out to customer service.

I felt disrespected in my own house. Upon arriving, I greeted them and all 3 of them stared at me. One maid was talking in a rudely manner in their native tongue. I understand it's a tough job, but don't put your frustration on me; I hired you. I'm just trying to move in to the property I bought… I assumed they were having a rough day, so I didn't think much of it… But I do have the right to let you know that I'm still not okay with this till this day.

They missed a few spots. I understand they can't get all the walls. But what's really bothering me is how they cleaned one side of the cabinet and not the other. I paid a hefty price and this is not acceptable at all.

Aside from that, everything went great…. But not superb.
Rating: 3
– M G.

I did not hire them. They were pushy trying to set the full clean without a price quote. I wanted a walkthrough estimate. They sent me the appointment via text then didn't show and tried to tell me I had the wrong date. When I confronted them with the text, they claimed I had a cleaning appointment two days later. I did not. It was a horrible experience, even after I told them I was not hiring them, they continued to text.
Rating: 1
– Eric S.

Superb Maids did a great job at my home and at a home we were putting up for sale. The teams they sent were professional and worked hard. I highly recommend them. Thanks, Superb Maids!
Rating: 5
– Ann S.

Who wants to clean a big house when you have kids, work, remodeling, interruptions, and life to live? I called Superb Maids for a deep cleaning quote. We set up a date, time frame, and 3 person cleaning crew for 3-5 hrs. They texted and checked in a couple times before my date and time. They were very organized and took my credit card info the time of scheduling. Once the cleaning crew left the charge was put onto the card.

Yes it is very expensive but then again I have a large house and 2 stories. I have marble floors, tile, and carpet. They even cleaned baseboards and doors. They do not do windows that's extra and so is the oven, laundry, and more are all extra costs. Once they deep clean for the first visit it's cheaper for your next cleaning service.

My crew: Carlos, Fernanda, and Silvia came over for 3.5 hrs. They were very polite and nice. They were bilingual so communication was simple. They totally understood my needs and concerns of places to clean after they did a walk thru first. I knew places that needed cleaning and after the last walk thru before they left I checked and wow they didn't miss a beat. They were thorough and complete, spots looked good as new. I took pics and sent them to my family back in CA and they said it looked like a brand new house. Photos can't show how perfectly clean every room is. My husband and I were impressed and felt a load of stress taken off. A clean house sure makes you feel better and makes it easier to manage moving forward. As we continue to remodel, we will definitely have superb maids come over again. I highly recommend them.
Rating: 5
– Laura C.

I am so impressed with their professionalism and consistencyZ you can tell they have a wonderful training program, they care and take pride in what they do. Always nice to come home to a clean and cozy feel. Highly recommended!
Rating: 5
– Ava M.

Too pricey! $652 for a single cleaning and $432 a month for a monthly. They told me the initial price
is the holiday pricing…unbelievable.

Rating: 1
– Divine D.

I had a wonderful experience with SuperbMaids. From the very beginning of the booking, the office staff were polite and took the order, explaining everything about the upcoming cleaning of my property for the rental . On the day of cleaning, a team of three friendly maids arrived on time and got to work. I was very impressed with the work of these sorceresses, my thanks to them for their hard and great work. The house shone and smelled clean, my appliances, the bathrooms were sparkling, detailed work was done in every room, the beds were beautifully made, towels, pillows folded. They eased my worries, helped me out, as I had planned at the last minute before the arrival of the upcoming guest, the team from SuperbMaids helped and did an amazing job. Insanely grateful to Superbmaids. Thanks guys, you are the best.
Rating: 5
– Aziz Z.

Overpriced, unprofessional, bad cleaning job & wishy washy pricing. Stay away. Spent way too much time in one room & left dust, fuzz & toothpaste on dish. Unfinished. Unprofessional. Spent over two hours in the master bath and there was still dust, dirt & hair left over. Disappointing to say the least. I've had my house cleaned many times it's not that dirty & doesn't take more than 3 hours to do the entire house.
Rating: 1
– Desiree V.

Very professional, responsive and they did a great job. I had very dirty place from someone we were evicting and Superb maids were indeed SUPERB. Always easy to reach and communicate with. I had an issue where the maids were unable to get inside the condo on the first visit and everyone was very understanding and easily rescheduled without charging me extra. They made a stressful situation less stressful. Reliable, dependable and would hire again!
Rating: 5
– Theresa C.

Wow! Superb Maids is a truly superb company. Communication was great during the booking process, and I had a non-cookie cutter request that required communication outside the typical process. Furthermore, I changed my mind back and forth twice, and these folks were gracious and accommodating each time.

The team members themselves were friendly, efficient, and did a beautiful job cleaning. I live out of state and required cleaning of my deceased mother's home before holding an estate sale. It was not an easy clean because there were places that couldn't be reached. Superb Maids managed my expectations in advance about what they would be able to do, and they exceeded them I'll definitely call them again for the final move-out clean.
Rating: 5
– Lisa E.

Update: Sigh, after my glowing service from Super Maids I tried numerous times to contact Elana to arrange additional visit(s). Email, phone, text were not successful. Don't know if it was a failure to communicate or a Covid related thing.

I still recommend their work – IF you can contact them!
Rating: 5
– Duane H.

Unfortunately this business must have been bought out or taken over by new ownership. The "new" process is a complete disaster and waste of time, on top of that their new prices are triple what we paid before. We went from $275 to $344 to $654 all in a matter of hours for the same house depending on who you speak to. HAHAHA talk about inflation! Some businesses just do not know how to keep great customer service while growing their business. We have a regular monthly cleaning service provider but they got sick and couldn't help us on short notice for our Easter dinner. Reached out to Superb Maids using Elena's old number (she use to be the owner) and I was responded to by 2-3 different people all saying different things to me. Got a quote yesterday, then today they say they need to come out and do an "assessment" at 12pm to make sure they know how many maids to send tomorrow. So here we are at 1pm they arrive one hour late and now the quote from yesterday goes from $344 to $654 and are home is cleaned on a monthly basis already so its not a move in or move out here… for a basic one time cleaning… I'll scrub my own toilets thank you very much. Such a sad story as this was ONCE one of the best, honest, and great cleaning companies in Vegas. Guess some folks dont know how to handle growing business and success. Now they want to use their old clients great reviews (when they were small and growing) and gouge new and returning customers. No thanks! Elena what did you do to your business??? WHY???
Rating: 1
– Jacob B.

This was their first cleaning and all three were professional and did a very good job. I would very much recommend this combat for cleaning in Las Vegas. Thank you so Alexa, Lea and Yurielka. Keep up the great work.
Rating: 5
– Randy C.

If I could give this company 0 star I would do it. first of all they overcharged me. $515 for services such as mopping cleaning wiping down should not cost $500. On top of that, they did not even clean the windows. They did not want to clean the windows because they said my blinds were fragile and they didn't want to break it. On Wednesday, they canceled my cleaning last minute. They canceled around 2:40 PM on when it was supposed to be a 1 PM appointment. They said they were going to be there at 2:30, and then they canceled on me. Very unprofessional. And also very very expensive for the labor that they did. I asked them to clean my windows and also spray the driveway with water and they couldn't even do that. Stay away from this company as soon as possible as much as you can. Do not hire them to clean anything. They will overcharge you. Hire Molly maids or someone else
Rating: 1
– Jay Y.

Returned our money after back and forth with them for almost two days , so at least they saw how bad of a job there maids did and returned our money. We had booked them for every two weeks too, but thanks to there horrible service I found a great local small company, hard workers and half the price. And my house has never looked better.
Rating: 1
– Claudia M.

I injured myself during a fall, so I needed help. Although Superb Maids' initial price of $269 was so much higher than the other cleaning services I looked at, I hired them because of the reviews. In my profession, I have hired lots of cleaning services and that's why my expectations are high.

The team of three women was prompt and cheerful when they arrived at 9 am, and as I took them through the house, they even commented that we keep a clean house. There are only two of us who live here, so yes, it's fairly easy to do.

They split up and spent most of their time cleaning the 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. Only one of the beds needed to be made, the other two were done. The fourth room is used as an office. We have very few knick-knacks, so there was little need to move things around on furniture, countertops. Surprisingly, they spent the least amount of time cleaning the living room dining room and kitchen which are the most used. They were in such a hurry to leave by noon, that they didn't give me an opportunity to check their work. They even left behind some cleaning materials.

Going by their own deep cleaning checklist, I was disappointed that their version of wipe down did not live up to expectations. Edges of the sinks and the water fixtures were not cleaned properly — using my fingernail and a wet paper towel, I wiped along the edges to see that soap scum were still there. Blinds/shutters were still dusty. Kitchen cabinets still had some finger prints. Not all wastebaskets were emptied. The piano wasn't dusted. I stopped checking. It appeared that they were not as thorough nor as detail-oriented as they should have been.

I provided this feedback and management was nice enough to offer to have someone come back and finish cleaning or give me a 15% credit. Told them I already finished the cleaning and opted for the credit. My final verdict: the cleaning was acceptable, but not commendable.

UPDATE: The owner reached out to me, accepted my recommendations on how to improve their service, and then decided to issue credit for entire charge. I thanked her, and said I may reconsider hiring them again next time I need cleaning service. Thank you.
Rating: 3
– Pacita D.

Angela and Carla did an excellent job on my move out of a place I was renting. They did an incredible job and I was very impressed. Angela was the best!!! I highly recommend her. If you are looking for professional cleaning services, this is the place. Truly a wonderful experience. I highly highly recommend this company!!!!!!! I would give them more stars if I could
Rating: 5
– Debra W.

Sparkly House Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Sparkly House Cleaning

Specialties: Sparkly started with one intention: Cleaning homes and creating infinite happiness.

We specialize in all Home cleaning, maid services, and residential cleaning.

Keep your home clean and everything follows suit. This is the driving motivation behind everything Sparkly does. Whether it's in the community, in your home or at our business. Established in 2014. Many cleaning companies offer low introductory rates. Many of us at Sparkly have been so attracted to them, that we've tried them ourselves. After a great sounding price upfront, slowly our monthly cleanings increased in price while the quality decreased. Eventually, like many customers who enter at these "shockingly low prices," we left the cleaning company we were using because we felt a bait and switch.

When we started Sparkly we wanted to get as far away from that experience as possible. This is why we actually have a model that is the opposite of low introductory offers.

The first price you pay is the highest price you'll ever pay. Why? Because that's staying true to supply and demand, and staying true to what your experience should be.

We believe in long-term relationships, not one-time offers.
We believe in making things right.
We believe in direct and honest communication with our customers.
We believe in high touch service.
We believe in honest-to-goodness home cleaning.

Star Rating 4.5
Las Vegas, US, NV, 89101
Contact No. (702) 850-1540
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Sat: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Sun: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Sparkly House Cleaning Honest Reviews

Tina did a fabulous job! I've noticed in the past with other cleaning companies, sometimes cleaners won't move things, just clean around them. I can tell she moved everything on my countertops and thoroughly cleaned them! She also showed up a few minutes early. Right on time, reliable and did I great job. I will be using this company regularly!
Rating: 5
– Kimberly D.

I contacted three companies before settling on Sparkly House Cleaning. For our old apartment, we had standard house cleaning. Everything went well; the carpets were vacuumed, and the floor was cleaned. The toilet was not as clean as I had expected. Furthermore, they do not provide a comprehensive cleaning program. Only a few things are included, and there are many things that you may require that they do not provide. We only chose them because we needed the place cleaned right away. Thank you so much, folks!

Just a suggestion: please make sure to specify the areas you want them to focus on cleaning as a few spots were really missed.
Rating: 4
– Alicia H.

Well I had paid extra for cabinets drawers and fridge to be cleaned out and the price total was pretty high but I didn't mind considering it would be done with the name sparkly but no I inspect today and the cabinets and drawers were not wiped down, neither was the door or outside of the fridge. Stove top was not wiped down. Absolutely unhappy would definitely not recommend at all. Total spent was 274 for nothing absolutely waste of money
Rating: 2
– Maria C.

I was looking for a housekeeping service. I called this company and left messages but they never responded.
Rating: 1
– Victoria C.

They did amazing work. They also sent updates to your email. They were 100% transparent
with things they could to the best of their abilities I would recommend 100% of the time.

Rating: 5
– Bj B.

Baseboards & reachable ceiling fans
Inside oven & microwave
Vacuuming & wet washing of floors
Toilets, sinks, showers, mirrors
Dusting of surfaces
Appliance exterior

The above is advertised on their website. I hired this company thinking I was having a "deep cleaning" of my home done and was told they do not offer this services and i misread or misunderstood their services. The point of the matter is that they did NOT clean or dusted any of my surfaces in my home even though it was nearly empty and still took them almost 5 hours to do so. The main concern for me, was baseboards and reachable ceiling fans and i brought it to their attention and it was also NOT done. I had to hire another company to do their job barely a week and a half after and pay again. The girls barely skimmed through the kitchen and didn't even move any items to clean the surfaces of the kitchen completely. I had to tell one of the girls to clean the master bathroom faucets again because after I was told she was done, they were still very dirty. I sent pictures and videos the same day showing the company the poor job they did in cleaning the house and yes i expected a deep cleaning but even the basic cleaning or initial cleaning they offer was not satisfactory. None of the above was done as advertised. I am not being picky or demanding, I just expected for them to do a fair job for the price I paid to clean my home. I communicated to them what I needed they made it seem like it was my fault for not reading the fine print.
Rating: 1
– Lauris Z.

I sent out a request for a quote to several cleaning companies. Sparkly House Cleaning was the most responsive and friendly quote I received.

Kyria was who I had for my first visit and she is just amazing! I wasn't feeling well that day (nothing contagious) and she was so sweet and understanding. When she came back the next tine she remembered I wasn't feeling well and asked me how I was doing.

She did a great job. She walked me through everything she did and everything looked great! I really appreciate her.

My husband and I both work a lot during the week and some weekends. This was one of the best decisions I have made. I have my weekends back with husband instead of cleaning.

Rates are incredibly reasonable and worth every penny. I am a fan of this company, the owner, and the girls she employs.

Highly recommend Sparkly House Cleaning!
Rating: 5
– Jayme T.

Very prompt, polite, and efficient. Attention to detail. Will definitely use them again. Fantastic work.
Rating: 5
– Brian J.

Scheduling was ok. You have to provide a credit card to hold a date and time. The website lists ALL the things they don't do. Which is a lot. So I paid an extra $45 for my refrigerator to get cleaned. I booked them for a move out. Was given a 8-9 am arrival window. First cleaner came on time at 8. She asked what I wanted her to focus on. Told her the bathrooms. Second cleaner arrived 15 mins later. Left the house it was almost 9. Got back to the house around 10:40ish. Opened the door and the house is empty. The girls are gone. Door is unlocked. Told them to call or text when they're done. One of the window blinds was left lopsided, the kitchen cabinet was open and guess what? The refrigerator was never cleaned! The light switch outlets were still dirty (which are basic things ANY cleaning company does) and the only rooms that looked clean were the bathrooms except for the light switches. I called to complain and they said they could send out the first girl to clean whatever they missed. What?! That's what I hired you to do in the FIRST place. I opted not to have them come out the next day because I had the carpet guys scheduled after they left and didn't want them dirtied again. I ended up cleaning the rest of the house. If you have an extra day to spare so they can come back to make up for areas they didn't clean go for it. Two stars for the first cleaning lady f and for them reaching out to try and make it right.

Updated review: I've added a star for them reaching out once again. Good customer service. I don't think there's anything they can do to make it up to me as I have already moved out of my rental. I do want to support small businesses especially during these times but I also feel I must leave this honest review.
Rating: 3
– Mg H.

Absolutely wonderful company! All of the staff that coordinated the cleaning were pleasant and prompt in all communication. They fit me in quickly and being able to provide my payment information up front meant not having to deal with money after the cleaning was complete. When the cleaning crew arrived they immediately got to work after a quick tour around the house. There were three in total and they were all very polite. They made to sure have me check each area as it was completed to make sure I was happy with the end result. If you're looking for a local cleaning company they really can't be beat!
Rating: 5
– Delaney P.

This is an update to my original review:

I still feel like the services provided for the cost are better from some other companies in the area.

However, they have great customer service and will jump through hoops to make sure their customers are satisfied.

I do appreciate them making amends for the first job.
Rating: 3
– Joshua S.

Crystal was very helpful and explained the cost and process clearly. We needed someone to help us clean our rental house we left. I was swamped with travel for work and my husband was exhausted from moving. Sparkly House Cleaning came in and did an AMAZING job. The rental house looked better than when we moved in! My husband was there to let them in and said they came right on time.

Overall, I am super impressed with their service!! In fact, I'm considering hiring them for a weekly service.

Great job, Sparkly House Cleaning!
Rating: 5
– Rachel W.

So happy with the cleaning done in my home today. The team was prompt, efficient and professional….both ladies were so friendly, and covid safe, thank you! Will definitely be using this company on a regular basis going forward, well done!
Rating: 5
– Kathryn K.

I'm revising my review based on the fact the company did try to come out and fix their initial poor service. If you want more details feel free to message me on yelp.

I paid over $300 to have my house deep cleaned. Pretty much the house did not get cleaned! There was still a pee stain on the toilet rim!! (We just bought the house and found it in this state). They called out a clean up guy but he said the job was to big for him. So they called another cleaning crew. They did a more satisfactory job but they still missed things. I did not feel like calling again, since we both work and don't have enough time. It was a lot better than the first time, but not to our usual standards. A piece of advise the owners, in my experience the owner comes check the work of the people they hire to insure the work they do is up to their standard.

***Please note that I indicated in the fill out form that this was a move in clean. If the owner has to resort to accuse me of lying you know something is not quite right.
Rating: 2
– Stella D.

It's been over 2 years since my last review of these guys, and I can still say they are the best!!

They're a local company that I trust in my home. I also operate my business out of my home and have employees here and they are extremely respectful of the workspaces and the noise, and they get in and out quickly.

Also no matter which crew is sent to work on our house, the cleaners who show up always get the memo on our preferences.

I've recommended them to friends and family confidently. We like how responsive they are whenever we update our requests. We've only had two times in two years where we had a miscommunication, and they were incredibly responsive and sent someone out to address the issues. And the issues were small – it's a cleaning, it's a simple thing, and they make it a simple experience for us. 5 stars, all the way.
Rating: 5
– Jm L.

Karen arrived and went right to work,left her alone ,I had an appointment returned in hour my bathroom and kitchen looked new.
Rating: 5
– Marilyn R.

I have recently become a monthly user. They are efficient, friendly and do a terrific job cleaning my house. I have recommended them to several people after the first cleaning.
Rating: 5
– Stu C.

Very good, very fast, very honest. It's the trifecta of cleaning service awesome.

Was relocating, and wanting to leave the rental spotless. I have a dog. I wanted the house cleaned within 4 days.

I called Sparkly House Cleaning, and after discussing the situation, the lady on the phone actually recommended I try out other places for a cheaper deal, since their initial clean is "more expensive and thorough" as a prep for continued services (And I will say now, if I had remained in the greater Las Vegas area, I would be using this service for continued cleanings). I called around and even got a quote from another well reviewed company. The only problem is that they did a lot less, but for more, so I contacted Sparkly again and went with them.

They showed up 15 minutes earlier than their appointment. They were absolutely efficient, walked through the house and confirmed what all I wanted done, and then set to the task. I went out to mail some packages, and by the time I had returned, the place looked almost brand new. This was just over 1 hour, but the kitchen and bathrooms were spotless, the floors were clean, the carpets were clean (no dog hair!), and everything was in order.

I really appreciated not only the willingness of the staff and owners to work with me on a tight schedule, but also their direct honesty and genuine concern for their customers (I felt "valued").

I am both glad and confident to recommend these people.
Rating: 5
– Lonnie K.

I have been very impressed with Sparkly Cleaning. They are very quick to respond any time of day or night. The quality of work was outstanding and the cleaners were excellent with our pets. We're excited to put them on a recurring schedule. Price is more than fair for the quality of work!
Rating: 5
– Michelle J.

Arrived right on time, and the ladies did an amazing job! Very friendly, accommodating, and detail oriented. My house was definitely sparkly clean when they were finished! Look forward to using their monthly service!
Rating: 5
– Anna B.

Ladybug Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Ladybug Cleaning

Specialties: Do you love using your mobile device to order services or make purchases? Well you've come to the right place! Welcome to Ladybug Cleaning Co. where you can schedule a cleaning for your home, office or rental, straight from your mobile device. It's that easy! Schedule online, pay online and our professional cleaners will come over and make your home sparkle. We offer simple, transparent & flat rate pricing so you don't have to wait for a quote. No more waiting around for your cleaners to show up, you can expect us to arrive on time, every time! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or visit our website and get started today! Established in 2017. Yes we are a new company, but we have over 25 years of cleaning expertise! We bring the highest standards to your home. Call or Book online today. See you soon!

Star Rating 5
3380 S Wynn Rd.
Suite B, Las Vegas, US, NV, 89102
Contact No. (702) 287-7474
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

Ladybug Cleaning Honest Reviews

I have been using LadyBug Cleaning for over a year and I am always pleased to have them clean my home. Fernando and his team are always friendly, accommodating, professional and go above and beyond. Fernando is the owner and he has such a pleasant demeanor. Support your small business owners.

This is my 2nd review because I feel credit should given where it is due.

I asked to have baseboards and doors wiped cleaned, deep cleaning for my showers and thorough wipe down of all surfaces in the kitchen and all throughout the condo. Walls to be dusted and wiped down if necessary. It was time for my annual inspection and my property management company is very critical of how you take of care of the property.

As usual Fernando arrived with the team and I advised him of what needs to be done. He did the walk through with his team and advised them of all my request.

One major thing I want to mention is that when I ask Fernando and his team to accommodate a request, they go above and beyond.

For example, I don't ask for them to organize my laundry room yet they always do. The walls when asked to be dusted are vacuumed by the girls and this includes vents that I don't even pay attention to but realize they needed to be cleaned during my inspection (but I don't have to worry because the girls cleaned them). They vacuum, swiffer and wipe down the walls. I don't wear shoes in the house and they know to remove shoes. The girls are so quiet you forget they are there unless the vacuum turns on or you look up and the house is spotless. The bathrooms are scrubbed down, I always check to see if they wiped the base of your toilet and the back portion and they always do, this is not typical because most cleaners ignore the bottom half that catches dust and some nasties. This is part of my inspection and I always laugh because I know the girls clean it but it always amazes me how much attention to detail they put into their work.

The girls have a bucket of water with a cleaning solution that they use to wipe down my doors which I notice they will test in a corner to ensure it doesn't damage the surface. I have light fixtures I forget about that the girls dust and wipe down, the top of your fridge gets wiped down and most people forget it can get quite a bit of dust up there. The attention to detail is amazing.

I have been using Fernando's team at LadyBug for so long I keep them on my contact list and just text them to schedule my cleaning. It is always so easy to schedule with them and Fernando and Marisol the Office Manager are great at keeping you updated.

This is an efficient group of ladies and I had 1-gent as well.

My inspection took 8-minutes from start to finish. My property management company inspector said the condo was spotless and I made it so easy for him to do the walk through of the home. He was also moving himself but stopped to come complete my inspection before getting back to moving. He was glad to be able to come and have no issues. He mentioned that I should see some of the homes he has to inspect when I asked if there was anything that needed to be addressed. He said No of course and was done and gone in 8-minutes.

Pricing is very fair, they could be charging a ton more for their services. Give them a call to get a quote, you will not be disappointed.

I wish Fernando and LadyBug continued success and will continue to use them for my cleaning needs. I will not use anyone else.
Rating: 5
– Ria T.

The cleaners sent by this company stole our property. They denied it but we have tracking on a tablet they stole and watched them take it to a jailbreak shop to unlock it. No one but them was in the house. I can't imagine how they have 5 stars, except that their customers don't realize they are being burglarized.

Update: I've asked repeatedly if this firm did background checks on it's staff before sending them into people's homes. Fernando refuses to comment. Draw your own conclusions.
Rating: 1
– Matt C.

Cleaning outstanding, but also Deep Cleaned our Wallet! $405.00 for 1,400 sq ft Condo & they were pushing for $472.00 for 3 1/2 hours. Original quote in writing was $315. So if you want to play negotiating games…this is the place to go.
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Rating: 1
– Anne C.

We are truly blown away by the customer service, attentiveness, and meticulous attention to detail! Marisol the Office Manager coordinated so well and was extremely responsive over text and by phone. Fernando was friendly and extremely professional. The three cleaners who came in were wonderful and worked diligently to deep clean our home! They did such an amazing job, the house is literally sparkling!
We are definitely going to schedule monthly visits after this appointment! The value for the service is beyond expectations! Thank you so much for being so professional and going above and beyond to make our home shine!


Deep Cleaning


House | 3 bed / 2.5 bath | 1500 sq ft |Two Dogs

The team needed approximately 2.5 hours to complete the cleaning today. The cost came out to $337(135/hr) for 3 learners.

Blown away and impressed!

Rating: 5
– Asteroidea T.

Wonderful cleaners, everything is spotless after they come, and they're receptive to special requests. They make my life so much more peaceful!
Rating: 5
– Amy V.

Very responsive management m or dispatch. Thorough with what to expect. We booked them a little over two weeks out. They were willing to give a discount if you pay in cash. They gave us a timeframe of when to expect them. Communicative: they text the day of service and gave us an estimated time of arrival. They arrived at the expected time and there were two crew members. Very friendly and wore masks. They brought all their equipment, and began surveying the property condition right away. They were speaking to their manager or dispatch while doing so. We then received a text with a timeframe of completion and estimated cost.
Midway, the manager or dispatch reached out to ask questions about the condition of certain things or if we were going to do any painting, etc. Closer to the 3 hour duration, we were texted again and given a estimated time of completion and thirty minutes prior, they texted us the okay to head over and that the crew would be done by the time we get to the property. Upon arrival, they were done and gathering their equipment.
We were very pleased with the communication and the time management they had.
So why the three stars? Upon inspecting the property, everything was clean. I was VERY pleased with how clean the appliances were. All the toilets had a "sanitized" ribbon on the toilet seats, which I thought was pretty cool.
They even went so far as to cleaning the water heater closet and wiped all the dust from the pan.
However, when I checked the primary suite toilet…someone left a surprise. The "sanitized" ribbon was on the seats but I just had a feeling something was amiss. I lifted the seat & lid and boom…kaka & TP. I called my partner upstairs and closed the lid then recorded a video.
Needless to say, I understand that everyone has to do their thing and it is totally natural….at least flush it though! Or don't even tag it "sanitized" cus that clearly wasn't. That's why I still gave them three stars…cus they did an excellent job cleaning the appliances especially. Took away one star for not flushing and took away another for lying about it being sanitized.
To think, we weren't even going to look around! Thankfully, I did!

Rating: 3
– Debrah D.

I used another cleaning company last year & didn't have the best experience. I was willing to spend more for a thorough job as we were moving out of our house & needed a deep clean. I decided to reach out to Ladybug Cleaning Co. & they exceeded my expectations!

Our house was a 1,501 sq. ft. home with 3 bedrooms & 2.5 bathrooms. It was in rough shape & took 4.5 hours with 3 cleaners.

They took care of every nook & cranny, & made sure everything was spotless from floor to ceiling. The house looks great & was ready for photos to be put up for sale!

There was leftover residue from some type of tape on the windows that my boyfriend tried removing himself, but wasn't able to do & thought it was a loss cause. We were surprised to find it was removed by them!

I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism & detailed information given to me when booking as well. It made it very easy to work with them!

Thank you, Fernando & the rest of the team! I highly recommend Ladybug Cleaning Co.!
Rating: 5
– Mel A.

Document EVERYTHING before they arrive and as they clean and request a receipt for cash payment.

1. Get the estimate nailed down BEFORE they arrive. Initially, they said a deep clean of my house would take 3 workers 4 hours to clean my 3100 sq ft house. When I said I did not want my blinds cleaned or windows washed they said they would assess it when they arrived. When they arrived–they said it would still be 4 hours because I had all hard floors and they would have to mop. That was odd to me. My entire house was completely picked up and had been vacuumed w my Roombas just prior to they arrival. The only part of my house that required more than average elbow grease was my oven. We finally agreed to 2.5 hours–however they did not have to clean windows, blinds, mop floors, clean the interior of cupboards, clean the interior of the fridge, or make up any beds–all part of the original 4 hour 3 people estimate.
2 Unfortunately you also have to follow them around and inspect for damage etc. I HATE doing this because I think it is insulting to the individuals who are doing the cleaning.. Although I did go in and out of several rooms as they cleaned to make sure they knew not to clean windows and the blinds, I was not inspecting as they went. So, that evening when I went to use my shower and noticed that the cover to one of the shower door rollers had been broken off, I was disappointed. When I emailed Ladybug about this they were incredibly defensive and insistent that there was zero way their people could have done it.
I have copied an pasted their responses over the course of several emails included the following quotes below regarding my concern. It wasn't a big deal to me that the item was broken, but their insistence that they could not have possibly done it left me with the unstated, but obvious claim, that I was being dishonest.

Quotes from Fernando's email.

"The team informed me that you were inspecting as our team finished or at least walking into the areas that the team finished cleaning, including the main bathroom. Is this a valid statement? Did you happen to notice that piece of the shower door at that time?"
"My only concern is that you did not give us the opportunity to investigate what may have happened. Instead, you immediately stated that we broke this piece of the shower door."

"As I stated before, the employee that cleaned your bathroom is a honest person who has been with us for over a year and has always reported any type of incident or suspicious situation while cleaning a home, especially a new client's home."

"At this point I still don't understand how how the employee who cleaned the bathroom, our supervisor and yourself did not notice this piece of hardware in plain sight while we were in your home."
(I sent these pictures to show it wasn't in plain sight.)
3. I did not get any sort of receipt after this service. Since they sent on online estimate, I expected a receipt. None ever came. So make sure you request one if you want it.
They did a good job cleaning, but I would watch out the things I mentioned.

Rating: 2
– Melissa K.

Great job And very communicative!
Great value for my money.
Will use ladybug again in the future!

Rating: 5
– Denise S.

After asking for recommendations on Reddit and then consulting Yelp I contacted Ladybug.
Owner Fernando was very communicative and through throughout the process (texts, emails and phone calls). They, as do other reputable cleaning companies, stay busy. Be flexible and plan to book in advance.
One the day of my appointment Fernando called and asked if it would be okay to send one person for four hours instead of two people for two hours. Living in a one bedroom apartment I actually preferred that and said yes! Fany arrived right on time. She worked quietly and nonstop for four hours.
I could not be more pleased with Fany, Fernando and Ladybug. I do recommend and will book with them again.

Rating: 5
– Duane H.

As I just moved to Las Vegas with my wife, it's hard for us to have contacts for contractors/cleaners/handyman.

After some research, we landed on Ladybug Cleaning.
I'm so glad we did too, I communicated primarily with Fernando and he was very professional and prompt.

He showed up the day of with his team of 3 cleaners, basically project managed them with my comments and set the team off to clean.

Very professional, high-quality cleaning at an affordable price.

Thank you again! Looking forward to regular cleanings.
Rating: 5
– Jason C.

First of all, I want to apologize for my grammar.
Second of all, if anyone else barely uses Yelp for review like me but one day decides to review a business it's for two reasons. The business is really worse or really worth it, and to be honest Ladybug Cleaning is doing a spectacular job. Anyone who has visited my house will know what it looked like before the cleaners came and did such a wonderful job. While living there, I have a dog and cleaning is messy and frustrating, especially when the place is rented out. I have called a few cleaning companies, but none seem to meet my standards. Because they are expensive, either won't accept my request, or don't specialize in deep cleaning OR will judge you for how you live when they come and clean it (you can tell by the way they talk lol). But when I spoke to Fernando and when the ladies arrived I could tell that this company was very professional, he provided me with a quick quote and got me booked within a few days. When they arrived today, everything went pretty smoothly, I told them they don't need to clean everything perfectly and don't have to pay too much attention to the little details, just because I think the tenant don't deserves it lol, also I wanted to be on a budget, btw it is a Deep Clean Move out. But lemme tells you, they didn't listen and they HAVE DOES AN AMAZING WORK. Floors, cabinets, wardrobes, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and laundry rooms are so spotless and fresh that makes me just want to move back and live there again lol. In my opinion, a clean home makes a huge difference in the you feel. Before Ladybug came, I was honestly so frustrated and disappointed with the way that I lived , there were days when I don't wanted to go home because of how dirty it was. I'm a workaholic and barely have time to take care of my house, but when it comes to it, I just want to be lazy. And it really frustrates me, especially with the move out, lot of tenants will charge you a huge amount for cleaning after you move out. So I suggest you should call and find a cleaning company of your own, and have control over the way you want your place to get clean and especially stay on your budget. When I found Ladybugs and I'm telling you they're a life saver. Can't say how much I appreciate the workers and their services. As soon as I saw how beautiful the house after they finished their job, I had to take some pictures and send it to my friends immediately, they were just as surprised as I was. Wish I could invite friends to come over again, just to show them how clean it is lol (I was embarrassed to invite anyone before because of how dirty it is). But but but but! Ladybug makes it all worth it. To anyone reading my review and still deciding if they should hire Ladybug to clean? GO FOR IT!!!! Let them know how you want it done, what your budget is, and they'll do their best to make sure everything is perfect for you. Thank you Ladybug. You guys are number one cleaning company on my list. I wish I could given them 11 stars 🙂

Rating: 5
– Minh J.

From start to finish, pleased with the service we received. It was easy to request an estimate, schedule an appointment, and understand what was covered as part of a deep clean. Our cleaners arrived on time and after a quick walk-thru, the work started and didn't stop until it was finished! Looking forward to rebooking regular service in the future!
Rating: 5
– Emily W.

Had a great experience hiring Ladybug Cleaning for a move out cleaning. Was easy to book online, provided excellent service and price was reasonable. Would definitely hire again.
Rating: 5
– Katy T.

Fernando and his team were very professional and did a great job cleaning our condo. Fernando was promote and professional with getting us a quote for the services, and the ladies showed up on time the day of our scheduled cleaning. Our home is brand new, and has been under construction since September 2021, and though we have done our best to clean it since then, it greatly needed a professional touch to come in a do a top-to-bottom cleaning. The ladies did a fantastic job of getting deep cleaning our house. Literally every inch of this house was cleaned. After they left, both my fiancé and I keep talking about how great of a job they did, and how clean our home was. Our condo is ~2500 sq.ft and it cost us $720 total, and well worth it.
Rating: 5
– Jessica T.

The whole process was fairly easy. Communications was on point and smooth. The ladies showed up one hour earlier than the scheduled time but the contract did say to allow one hour difference in timing.

I did a walk through with them per request and specified what I wanted done and they listened carefully. Everything was cleaned well and items were put back in place as close as possible. They did baseboards, blinds and fans dusting/cleaning, oven cleaning(old grimes where I couldn't get rid of, they were able to), shower glass doors, small appliances, and other spots where I didn't think they'd catch they did.

They did go over the time limit by one hour but for the job they did it was well worth it. For the rates they charge, I would definitely use them again if needed.
Rating: 5
– Jessica C.

"Fan Flipping Tastic" was our result!

They did a really great job! Our best cleaning job ever. They went way beyond expectations! I would highly recommend and will be using them again! Thanks!
Rating: 5
– David C.

We have been using Ladybug Cleaning for almost a year now ( minus a few months we took off to see how COVID-19 would be handled). The crew is quick and efficient. They listen to requests and if they have a question they do not hesitate to ask. Everyone who has been to my home has been very polite and quiet. You wouldn't even know the crew is here except suddenly the house looks amazing!
I highly recommended giving Ladybug Cleaners a try.

Rating: 5
– Tina P.

I highly recommended Ladybug cleaning Co, I used another company at last year, Not so good. I searched on the internet this year. Glad to found Ladybug cleaning company, Very professional cleaning.
I love Cristina who did cleaned my bathroom. I asked her to clean twice, She did it. Spend an hour, But, It's super clean, I love it. Tracy cleaning another bathroom. She did good job too. All my 3 bathroom super clean now. Thanks Cristina and Tracy, You're did wonderful job.
Only one things, My stove inside cleaning, I'm not satisfied. I think I need booking more longer time to give cleaner enough time to cleaning.
I'll definitely save the ladybug cleaning company number in my phone, and calling again for future needs.

Rating: 5
– Yan Z.

Responded quickly via Yelp. Lowest price of the 10 companies I messaged. And had the soonest availability. They also did a great job on my house and did it quickly.
Rating: 5
– Walshy B.

Lupita's Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Lupita's Cleaning Services

Specialties: We'll clean your office, clinic/medical rooms, and/or your house! We do COVID19 disinfecting/sanitizing to keep you worry-free in today's pandemic.

Se Habla español!

Star Rating 5
Las Vegas, US, NV, 89108
Contact No. (702) 344-9921
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed
  • Thu: Closed
  • Fri: Closed
  • Sat: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Lupita's Cleaning Services Honest Reviews

Santiago and his team are the best! They are very reliable, trustworthy, and they go above and beyond. I have them clean my house once every week for a year now (sorry this review is long overdue! ) and they do such an amazing job each time. Santiago is very responsive and he makes sure his clients always feel like they're a priority. I've recommended Lupita's Cleaning Services to a few family members of mine and they are all happy as well with the services Santiago and his team provide. If you're looking for a cleaning company to hire, look no further!
Rating: 5
– Lanikai S.

Great service!
We setup a move-out cleaning for a unit we manage and found these guys from Facebook. So glad we did. Was able to schedule a cleaning within 7 days and they were able to do early morning appointments.

On day of cleaning, they sent 2 cleaners to the house and went to work right away. They were very meticulous, and work diligently throughout the house. They worked fast and efficiently and did an amazing job.

After they finish they even took photos to send to our email for our reference. As for payment they take both Venmo, as well as credit card which is very convenient. Their rates are very reasonable, and the service was superb!

Highly recommend!
Rating: 5
– Dani S.

Wanted to update my review, been having them come consistently every other week, I am beyond happy, the most important thing is I TRUST THEM. I am comfortable with them in my home; even if we are out and about, this cleaning company is honest, very helpful to me. I am extremely picky and particular, and this cleaning company has gone above and beyond to make sure I am happy. I am very happy with them, if you're looking for a cleaning service to be a consistent part of your home; this is the company to choose! Thank you lupita's!
Rating: 5
– Kymberly F.

Theses women are amazing, quick and professional. Look no further. Schedule a date and time and your all set
Rating: 5
– Carlton M.

I needed a cleaning service to help clean and disinfect my home and I found Lupitas here. They were quick to respond and I was able to book them 4 days later. The ladies were very sweet and they did a great job! I will be using them again!
Rating: 5
– Lauren H.

We just had the house cleaned up by Lupita's Cleaning Services. Because of covid staff at my job is low and so I've been busy juggling the extra work that it has been so difficult keeping up with house chores. Not to mention, my bf's mom was coming in on Monday and I did not want her to come home to a messy house. I was desperate for help. Thankfully, my bf found Lupita's Cleaning Services on Yelp and was able to book them the day prior to his mom arriving. I'm incredibly satisfied with their work.

My biggest concerns were the bathrooms, kitchen stove, and the floors. They were able to get out stains in the bathroom that I've tried so hard to get out myself. The kitchen stove is now clean from all the food messes and grease. And the floors are dog hair free. Hallelujah!

Additionally to all this, they cleaned the base boards from old dog accidents, dusted my furniture, and cleaned my blinds. The staff were also all nice and wore masks the entire time. Overall such great work.

1000x thank you! You don't know how stressed and overwhelmed I was about all the mess. So glad to have gotten help from you all. Wonderful job.
Rating: 5
– Kimberly Ann F.

I was impressed by the friendly service and how thoroughly they cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. The price was fair and I feel like they went above and beyond by washing the dishes and making the bed even if they didn't have to. It took about 3.5 hours to clean the whole house and they understood when I needed to move my pets to a different room so that they're not stressed out. I will definitely call them whenever I need my house cleaned again.
Rating: 5
– Amy T.

Lupita and her team completely brought our rental home back to life!!! The house was extremely lived in for over five years with a large, growing family. We were a little negligent towards the end about upkeep and it showed in certain areas (stove/oven, backyard, under fridge, etc.). The entire cleaning crew was not phased at all and got to work right away. Everything was spotless, sparkling and smelled incredible! They cleaned from top to bottom the garage, entire interior and even offered backyard and patio services. They have incredible attention to detail and completely surpassed my expectations! I cannot brag about their skills enough! I will most definitely be using their services again and recommending them to anyone with cleaning needs!!
Rating: 5
– Victoria M.

Where have they been all this time!!..
Hector Hernandez
Maria Galvez
Santiago Horta
These are some of the best trustworthy and professional people anyone should consider hiring. Myself and my spouse work full-time and have young children, as anyone knows and complains it seems all you do is work, clean, and clean again. Your stuck with deciding to spend time with your kids or clean the house after work. Well thanks to these 3 people and their company it has been decided, happy wife happy life! PLEASE !!PLEASE !! Consider this company to help with your stress and worries. Their prices and availability is very reasonable and will work with you. I have always been a believer of being a grown adult and handle your business professionally and personally but why not have some help along the way for both? I can't stop appreciating their time and effort they put into my house and I will definitely hire them again in a heartbeat. Thank you guys!!

*These pictures don't represent how much work they did!*
Rating: 5
– Enrique A.

Needed a deep clean of the downstairs before the holidays and Lupita's Cleaning Services was perfect! They were very quick to quote, easy to schedule, showed up on time, and cleaned very thoroughly. I also requested a deep clean of my oven and I've never seen it sparkle so bright! Overall, highly recommend. Very nice people!
Rating: 5
– Jessica G.

One of the best cleaning services in Las Vegas, actually, it is thee best one. Santiago assisted me with a quote and was very professional and courteous. Their cleaning services were superb! Responding to the other review of them being dishonest and not trustworthy is a complete lie. I've had money and jewelry around the house and never did they lay a hand or take anything. I trust them and will consider hiring again. Did a great job with my home and now squeaky clean!
Rating: 5
– Jasmine C.

I just want to say, if you're looking for a professional Cleaning Service look no further! Their timing is spectacular, Santiago and his team are very professional, and friendly!
I have 5 dogs, Samoyed to be exact, so you can probably already get the idea of just how messy my home could get. When Santiago and his team were done with their cleaning, I've never seen my home so anew! I love my 5 babies but I do admit they are a hassle with all their fur, and toys, and just all-around doggie shenanigans; however, Lupita's Cleaning Services did such a wonderful job I will definitely be contacting them in the future and telling all my friends about them too.
If you're a doggie mommy like I, I highly suggest getting in contact with them!

Rating: 5
– Karissa O.

We needed service in our office, these guys were there when needed. Quick replies and best price! Would use again and recommend!
Rating: 5
– R L.

Great cleaning. Took a few hours on Saturday morning but they did a great job! I really like how clean they got my countertops.
Rating: 5
– Mickey G.

Perfect from the first response. Santiago is very nice and very clear in what they include and the price. No hidden fees or surprises. The crew (I didn't catch their names). was very nice and did a great job! They were quick too which is great because keeping my dogs locked up is stressful. They got right to work & finished fast. My house looks great. The company was very understanding of my needs & requests. Definitely will have them back once a month. Thanks y'all! 🙂
Rating: 5
– Stacey B.

Marginal Cleaning. No Shine, Surface Stuff, No Corners. Misses Alot. Slightly Better Than Nothing. Not writing this because they did not clean well.

Potential Loss Of Jewelry. As Thefts go, I am uncertain so I can not prosecute but with COVID and no friends, family, or unotherwise coming in and out of my house, this crew that came is the only one who have been in my house all year.

I want the thought of potential small items going out with the trash in the forefront of your mind when bringing someone new into your home.

I last saw my jewelry 8 weeks ago and spent 4 hours taking things out of my closet in case all the pieces happen to fall from the hanger all in the same time frame
Rating: 1
– Katrina R.

Oh. My. Gosh. AMAZING! From the first point of contact (which was an immediate call-back after my inquiry), Santiago was an excellent communicator. He and Lupita came to our home for a thorough examination, discussion of our needs (preparing our home for renters) and price quote. I thought their prices were more than reasonable considering all the work that had to be done (including the oven, two refrigerators, high windows inside and out, carpets and power washing the garage!) We had to change the scheduled date at the last minute and they were wonderful about it, accommodating our next available date. We had already moved to another state on the day of the cleaning and when the property management company made suggestions on a few things that needed to be retouched, they came running and made everything perfect! We could not be happier with this cleaning service and will use them every single time we need an expert cleaning in the future!
Rating: 5
– Cynthia R.

Very efficient. Very affordable. Very accommodating. My house has never been this clean! I have them on speed dial!
Rating: 5
– Mary B.

Santiago from Lupita's was extremely responsive and was able to get my house cleaning scheduled within a couple days. They did a fantastic job, and I will definitely hire again!
Rating: 5
– Jami L.

Very nice individuals, did and amazing job . Price very reasonable I love them .. thank you guys!!! See you soon
Rating: 5
– Antwaneek W.

Magic Maids

Home Cleaning Services Magic Maids

Specialties: My focus is quality. I never cut corners, even when it's more expensive. Some of my competitors are cheaper, but I will take the time to make sure you're 100% happy. We also offer certain services that my competitors don't offer, such as laundry, dishes, and organizing.

We specialize in:
– Routine Cleanings
– Deep Cleanings
– Event Cleanings
– Commercial Building Cleanings
– Move-Ins and Move-Outs
– Post-Construction Cleanings

I have hired housekeepers but was never satisfied with the service they provided and the services they would not offer. I decided to offer what others did not. I include laundry and dishes in my quotes, I use high quality products, and I organize your home as I go along, helping to make your life easier. Clutter? Dust? We got this! Established in 2020. This business was built during the pandemic. May 24th 2020 was our official day of opening! 🙂

Star Rating 4.5
3560 S Polaris Ave
Ste 16, Las Vegas, US, NV, 89103
Contact No. (855) 500-6243
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Sun: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Magic Maids Honest Reviews

Look no further for your housekeeping needs!!! The best Maid service we have used in 10 years.

Everything about the business is professional from contractual and administrative procedures, to of course, the cleaning professionals service.

They arrived with at least twice as many cleaning products and equipment prepared for all cleaning needs. The team of two ladies worked twice as hard as any other company we have had before. They use checklists to confirm what is expected of the service at the time of booking, and the staff reviews the same checklist with you while the service is being performed so that all issues can be addressed and resolved to more than satisfactory standards.

Most importantly, the staff are trained employees of a Las Vegas based business. They are not random "gig workers" barely screened or even trained by out of state companies operating "in the cloud."

I am so glad to have found my new cleaning service.
Rating: 5
– Mary B.

Italia was very quick responding and flexible with dates and time. She sent over 2 people to help with carpet cleaning in 3 bedrooms, hallway, stairs, and 2 couches.
Great customer service!

We paid $336 (invoice attached for pricing).

They did hit a couple of our floor boards and chip off the corners but, they brought it to our attention quickly and they offered to get it fixed!!!! I still would absolutely recommend them!
Rating: 4
– Sydney C.

We had 3 ladies deep clean our home this past Saturday March 19th. Elsa, Melia, and Gelsby worked fast and thoroughly! They were on time and very friendly. Our beloved 18 year old cat had to be put down the week before and both my husband and I are allergic to cats, which is why we wanted a deep clean to minimize the dander and fur. Our baseboards, carpet, and tile look great. We were shocked at how clean and fresh our shower looked too! We are definitely breathing better!
Magic Maids did an amazing job and we won't hesitate to call them next time we need our home deep cleaned. Thank you, Magic Maids!

Rating: 5
– Lalaine B.

We have just finished our second cleaning with this company. I didn't write anything the first time because I didn't want to commit they would do a good job until I have used them a couple times.
After today we were very pleased with the detail of the job the crew has done.
My only surprise is that we were to have the same cleaners each visit and that didn't happen. We had a good crew with zero complaints but wasn't part of the original agreement.
I am a very picky person and both teams were great!

Rating: 5
– Scott J.

Opinion still stands, please beware of this company as this is how they handle customers who don't agree with there "cleaning services."

What happened to customer service? Also, at the bottom of the Yelp page it shows "unrecommended reviews," please review those first.
Rating: 1
– Simone C.

We moved out of our house and needed it cleaned before the new owners took over. We weren't there when the cleaners arrived or left, (due to us living on the other side of town) and when we walked in, the house looked and SMELLED amazing!!!

They even left us a sweet gift!

Definitely will be using this service again and will highly recommend to anyone.
Rating: 5
– Natalie B.

The owner lacks professionalism and accountability during my experience with her.

After the cleaning, we found three window shades were broken by the maids. They. rolled it up when we did the walkthrough so I couldn't tell. I texted the owner Italia to let her know. Not necessarily her fault, just a feedback to her team.

Next morning, I found my phone number blocked by her. She also blocked me on Yelp messaging where I originally found and talked to her. I find it hard to understand why Italia choose to straight block a paying customer. It's not what normal people would do. We ended up replacing the shades ourselves.

I find the other negative reviews very relatable. She treats consumers like enemy. I won't be surprised if she leave a reply under this review trying to depict me as a dishonest customer, which she seems to be very good at.

I read her introduction talking about 'quality' and 'never cut corners'. I was touched by the 'women owned business' part. Now I'm just disappointed by experiencing the worst customer service I've had.
Rating: 1
– Rachel Shuyan W.

Magic maids…an apt name for a company with workers that work so hard and efficient it's is like magic. I scheduled a deep clean and my home looks almost like it did when I moved in, 12 years ago. Unfortunately, the home was in much need of their services and the job is much bigger then just a day. The owner let me know ahead of time that the job not only needed another day but needed to be extended that day too. She quoted a more than fair price for the extra time promptly and before services were rendered. The two ladies working in my home kept going at a pace with quality I could only dream of matching. They were not only professional but kind, courteous, and understanding of my situation, without judgement of any kind. I've already scheduled another day for them to return and do more of the homes needed TLC cleaning. It is even in the cards that a regularly scheduled "regular cleaning", as they called it-I don't think "regular" is even close to the service they provide-, to be set.
Rating: 5
– Greg L.

I hired Magic Maids to deep clean my parents house as a present to them since I know they aren't able to keep up with it. My parents are both disabled and empty nesters with a house too big for them.

They did a great job on the house even though it was a disaster. From beginning to end they were prompt, professional and reasonably priced. After calling at least 5 businesses and there was either no answer or no availability Magic Maids picked up the phone immediately and got back to me within an hour to talk to someone to get a quote. The owner personally called me the following day to let me know how it went after being on site for over 6 hours. Can't recommend them enough.
Rating: 5
– Jocie M.

Magic Maid staff are always accommodating and hard workers. I have used them since last year when the pandemic lock down ended and have never been disappointed. If something was missed, they are always willing to come back and make sure the client is satisfied and happy.
All i can say is: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!! Totally worth using Magic Maids!

Rating: 5
– Jackie B.

I wanted to be a client– but sadly was cancelled on twice. My quote was good and the business was very responsive to calls and texts. But in the last month they have had reported to me staff turnover and staff out sick and cancelled twice. I really needed someone to be reliable and help for company both weekends. The first time I wasn't able to find someone. Struggling to find someone now. Reliability is an issue– so if you're looking for a company to do a move out clean, you may want to consider someone else who can promise to deliver.
Rating: 2
– Christine D.

They arrived promptly, were organized and my house was spotless. I will hire them again!
Rating: 5
– Stacey F.

Amazing job. The business was very responsive and the cleaning was amazing. I knew the dirt in my house was in trouble when the maids got here and one immediately hit the base boards with a fury.

I've used other cleaning services and this one did not give me one area of complaint as I have had in the past. My home is spotless and refreshed.

I would definitely recommend them for their attention to detail and customer service.
Rating: 5
– Wolf H.

This Is the Worst Place I have ever had Misfortune of Attempting to hire. The crew arrives and they immediately let me know that they will not be able to clean the vents even though they told me they would be able to clean the vents when I first hired them over the phone and when I told them the main reason I hired them was because of the vents and the fans they said well sorry we cannot do that because we cannot climb a ladder to do it and so I proceeded to cancel it and of course Sheila did not mention on the phone that she would charge me for canceling for a service that was never delivered and she charged me $175, just like she never disclosed half of the stuff that she should've disclosed in the first place. this place is a rip off avoid jt like the plague I'm disputing the charge and this is the most unprofessional place I have ever had the misfortune of hiring. I can't believe I have to give 1 star to post a review.

Update! Business owner responds by saying to take my review and shove it.. how professional. Also, when I mentioned the vents needed to be cleaned that might've been a good time to mention the height limit. The employees were never asked to clean the ceiling, I mentioned to you this is a move in cleaning and I was intending to paint the place which is why emphasized the grease needs to be cleaned as I do not want to paint over it and you said it won't be a problem. So please don't go lying in your unprofessional response like we didn't discuss all this to justify stealing 175 even through you refused to deliver what was verbally promised.
Rating: 1
– Sarah S.

Amazing duo Yolanda and Herata did an amazing job. Italia was accommodating with my last minute request.
I highly recommend Magic Maids.

Rating: 5
– Willie S.

They met every need my house turned out great! I would definitely recommend magic maids.
Rating: 5
– Shanniece M.

I hired Magic Maids because they were super responsive and had decent rates. I love that I was able to pay either by credit card or by Zelle. The bathrooms came out super clean and they took their time. If something wasn't up to snuff they redid it without any complaints. Overall they did a great job!
Rating: 4
– Diana N.

Lovely experience. Communication from start to finish was timely and professional. And their website is self-serve, which is important to me. The ladies were lovely and patient with my puppy and toddler running around the house and their work was solid. They even left me a small thank you gift. It was really thoughtful and embolic of their communication and quality cleaning services. I tried Magic Maids after lack of communication from another local, well-known company and I'll be sticking with Magic Maids for regular and deep cleaning going forward. Prices were affordable too! More so than a few other companies.
Rating: 5
– Clara B.

Magic maids have been great for our family. Everyone that has been to clean our house has been great! We will continue to use them every month.
Rating: 5
– Meg G.

I called to get a quote to clean my house they gave me a price of three hours for $382.50 I asked her twice if that was the correct price and she told me yes then they called me back and told me they had to reschedule me because the calendar wasn't right so they scheduled me for Friday and told me only two people would clean my house and it would take 6 to 7 hours. Then she told me the price would be about $500 she said she did her math wrong. Would not recommend them very Unorganized.

Wow ok so just let me say that when I spoke with the girl on the phone I did tell her that my parents were in the hospital with Covid but it has been a month since they have been in the house and the house has been cleaned and yes it was done professionally with chemicals that kill the virus. I have a lot going on and my parents will be home soon so I wanted it cleaned . I received a call from the owner and did not receive a sorry from her nor was she understanding why I was upset . She said to me I'm asking you nicely To take off the review because I should not have written the review because I did not have an experience with them. She said she had an emergency and the girl I spoke with was new . I had set up my appointment and after I called back to get a quote for fogging and disinfecting . I said thank you I just wanted a quote . She then told me she had to reschedule me and cut the amount of girls down. If you did not want my business say so . I have contacted many cleaning place and have been fully honest with them . Some say yes and some say no but they do not beat around the bush . I am not one to write reviews this is my first time. But when you own a business and my husband and I do professionalism is needed . The owner was not sorry she just kept giving me excuses and was being defensive. When A potential customer is telling you about there experience , as an owner you should say I'm sorry and what can I do to make you happy. She told me she has worked her ass off to build this business not saying I don't believe that but you don't speak to your customers like that . If you go about it a different way I probably would've taken it off but she was rude . Telling me I don't own a business when I do. When you own a business and you have something come up you need that one person there that's going to make your customers happy and run your business right you should have the correct information for them to give to your customers. Not leaving them ill-equipped to answer normal questions customers have. No I did not experience this company's actual service and I'm glad I didn't. I'm leaving a review about the owner and her hostile demeanor. Your first experience starts with the person that answers the phone.
Rating: 1
– Janet B.

The Busy B's

Home Cleaning Services The Busy B's

Specialties: The Busy B's is an elite 5 STAR cleaning company

We specialize in deep cleans spotless bi weekly cleans along with move in/move outs.
We clean and dust ceiling fans wall inlets or overhangs ceiling vents-we can even change the filters for you while we are up there, cabinets, baseboards, and so much more
Your house will smell and look so amazing you will be anxiously awaiting our visit every 2 weeks Call Sandee @ 702.351.3583

Star Rating 5
Las Vegas, US, NV, 89123
Contact No. (702) 351-3583
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Busy B's Honest Reviews

I reached out to Sandee to get a quote. She was prompt to schedule a time for her and husband to come out and access my home. She and her team returned the next week. They did an amazing job and their attention to detail was incredible. I am very particular and MOST cleaning companies lack this here in Vegas. Their cleaning service exceeded my expectations. You can't go wrong with this team.
Rating: 5
– Ezra I.

Mystical Maids

Home Cleaning Services Mystical Maids

Specialties: Mystical Maids provides maid services or house cleaning in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We offer regular cleaning, deep cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, and more.

We run thorough background checks on all employees. We are licensed and insured. We also have a detailed checklist for all our cleaning services.

Book online in 60 seconds.

We aren’t your typical mom and pop residential cleaning company. We consider ourselves the “Air BnB” of cleaning services. Established in 2021. Mystical Maids is a family-owned and operated business that brings quality residential cleaning services to Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide great customer service to our clients, along with an even better clean.

Star Rating 5
Las Vegas, US, NV, 89117
Contact No. (702) 900-6867
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Mystical Maids Honest Reviews

Loved how they payed attention to details. Everything was put back in place like they found it. The maids showed up on time and left my house completely spotless. Will definitely be using them on a regular basis!
Rating: 5
– Candace H.

I used to clean our rentals myself until a few years when I started trying a few services. I was disappointed every time – missed cleaning obvious areas and lacked attention to detail. Mystical Maids Cleaning Services was a pleasant surprise, and the cleaning crew was amazing and they took the extra time to make sure everything was perfect. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a cleaning company.
Rating: 5
– Liam N.

I just had my home cleaned today and they were amazing!! They arrived on time and were very friendly. They cleaned Everything so well and even my baseboards look like new again. I will certainly be using them moving forward.
Rating: 5
– Lp P.

My home needed some TLC, after 5 years of not having it professionally cleaned. Mystical Maids arrived on time, were very professional and were able clean things I didn't realize needed cleaning. For instance, my tub had a stain since I moved in and they were able to remove it. I am impressed to say the least. I would definitely recommend them.
Rating: 5
– S. P.

Fantastic Cleaners

Home Cleaning Services Fantastic Cleaners

Specialties: 2 Hour Cleaning for 100.00 Standard Cleaning Established in 2016. Our goal is going above and beyond tackling tough jobs make clients home a better place !

Star Rating 5
Las Vegas, US, NV, 89178
Contact No. (702) 608-5552
Working Hours
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours

Fantastic Cleaners Honest Reviews

This company sent a cleaner immediately after I requested for one.

She was very friendly and made sure to ask me how I wanted things things.
I left to.giver her privacy while she did her deep cleaning.
Everything was cleaned very well and everything put away.

It was so nice to have someone come and do the deep cleaning so fast and so well!
Rating: 5
– Megan D.

Rhino's Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Rhino's Cleaning Services

Specialties: Deep cleaning $199 up to 1,500 sqft
Disinfecting restrooms, appliances inside and out.
Steamed carpet $19 per bedroom up to 300 sqft.
We specialized in Deep cleaning,Move in/outs.
You can just call us whenever you need us. We work in teams, and use efficient supplies and cleaning method. That's why, when we come to clean your home once a week, or twice a month, we won't be in your home all day. Rhinos Cleaning pays attention to the details cleaning your home the way you would. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. We pride ourselves in give you The Highest Level without the Franchise Price.

We can clean your house, office, or you rental property making it shiny and spotless. Our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service includes: general cleaning, kitchen, bathroom, and inside fridge. We remove cobwebs, vacuum/mop floors, dust everything from the tops of doors to lamp shades, and we clean and polish furniture and counter tops. We also offer carpet cleaning, window washing, wax and flooring, upholstery cleaning and more. Established in 2006. We started as a 2-people operations. After years of complete dedication, we have grown to become one of the largest residential cleaning company in the Las Vegas area. We have 25 teams out on the field on any given day. We have added new services to the brick-and-stone residential services. We are now able to offer carpet cleaning, tiles/grout, windows cleaning, garage deep power wash. All these services offered a great prices under one roof!

Star Rating 4.5
8290 W Sahara Ave
Ste 190, Las Vegas, US, NV, 89117
Contact No. (702) 900-9444
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Rhino's Cleaning Services Honest Reviews

I used Rhino Cleaning Services for the 1st time and they did a very good job on my home. The two ladies were very professional, friendly and wore mask while inside. I am a Satisfied Customer and hope the Rhino Cleaning Services stay committed to quality cleaning.

Thanks Rhino Team!!

E Reese
Rating: 4
– Ethel R.

We are having a home built and we rented a condo here in Las Vegas until our new home is completed in a few months. The rental was "cleaned" before we arrived. We were very disappointed with what we walked into. However, it was the only unit that we could find that was furnished, pet friendly, had a washer/dryer, on the first floor, and was available for the length of time that we required. The first thing we did was hire a window cleaning service. Next, we hired Rhino's Cleaning. What a joy! The two gals did a "Deep Clean". The entire unit is spotless. It was wonderful to walk back in and have the clean smell welcome us. I wish I had the gal's names to mention, they deserve the recognition for a job well done.

I will be using them throughout our stay. Thank you!

Rating: 5
– Donna B.

I recently moved from California to Nevada and one of the first things I wanted to make sure I got on the books was a cleaning service. When I was in California, I had a super great team coming to my place so I had pretty high standards. I searched Yelp and Rhino came up. I gave them a call and the quote was right on the money so I scheduled my first cleaning.

I'm a pretty clean guy and had only moved in a few weeks ago so I thought maybe I had scheduled my first cleaning too soon but I was totally wrong. The team did an AWESOME job and it looks like it did when I first moved in. A lot of the dust and grime from my moving boxes and stuff is all gone and all the fixtures are freshly polished and shiny. They even made a flower out of the tissue box and did the triangle thing with the toilet paper. haha, it's the simple things!

In my second bedroom, I haven't had my bed delivered yet and have zero furniture in there so I thought this would give them a valid excuse to finish the job early but they were probably at my place the entire duration quoted so I was very impressed by that!

I am looking forward to having the Rhino team continue to come to my place for cleaning service. Very great price and value!
Rating: 5
– Michael K.

I made an appointment for this past Tuesday at 11:00. They sent me a confirmation via text. They did not show up. I called at 12:00, 12:30 & 1:00 & left messages. Finally, Angel called me back at 1:20 to say that the girls' had car trouble. Why didn't you call me when you got this information???

He then asked if they could come out on Wednesday at 11:00? I agreed. On Wednesday they did not show up until 12:20!!!
I don't care how well they cleaned my home, this is totally unacceptable!!!
This is no way to run a company!!!! Needless to say, I will never use this company again. Beware!!

Rating: 1
– Jo S.

What a couple of dynamos!
Both nice, friendly ladies did an exceptional job! Thank You again!

Rating: 5
– Susan D.

Great cleaning service. Fast, efficient, and effective. I've used them for about a year now. Had 1 minor lapse and they bent over backwards to make it right. Highly recommend the service and its a great value
Rating: 5
– Michael C.

These guys do a great job. Very easy to book appointments and very communicative and accommodating. The cleaning crew is always very nice and thorough and we have been satisfied with each visit.
Rating: 5
– Clint H.

I wanted to write a review for Rhino's because I am very pleased with how they professionally handled a cleaning mistake. One of our toilet seats was accidentally scratched during the cleaning process and they immediately sent a handyman over to replace the seat as soon as I let them know. Thank you!
Rating: 5
– Ang S.

We have used them for a deep cleaning about a month ago and decided to do a monthly cleaning with them. They are on time, quick, efficient and thorough…we could not be happier with their service. I'm so glad I found them!!
Rating: 5
– Sandra T.

I first used Rhino's for a deep clean before I had a scheduled c section – big mama had no desire to scrub baseboards at 37 weeks pregnant, and they did an amazing job!

I recently hired them again for a deep clean to get my house all merry and bright for the holidays, and it was once again a great experience. My glass shower doors have never been cleaner, and my grout looks fantastic!
Rating: 5
– Ranae W.

I made an appt based on overall good Yelp reviews and they had available appts on a Saturday. The start of my appt was a little rough – they got lost because they had the wrong address and the previous cleaning took longer than expected so they didn't arrive until almost 2 hours after my scheduled appt. I initially wasn't happy and I called, which they gave me a small credit to appease me.

The cleaning crew finally arrived and went to work and boy, did they work! They spent close to 3 hours with a deep cleaning of my 2 br apartment. I was amazed how sparkly it came out to be. They weren't rushing and wanted to make sure they did a great job. Prices are extremely reasonable at $149 for a deep clean. They take credit card with a $5 processing fee or cash. I will definitely be using them again in the future.

I wish they gave reminder texts/emails and receipts,
Rating: 4
– Leslie M.

Seriously I don't waste money on anyone else!! They are always sooooo thorough! My property management hired cleaners and I ended up calling Rhino the same day to get the job done. They never disappoint I've used them twice for their Move Out services and once for the move in service. They do an amazing job and they are so responsive even on my short notices. I was so picky and wanted to made sure all the appliances especially oven looked brand new. They made the rental home look better than we got it. They are my life savers and left me stress free.
Rating: 5
– Georgeen Q.

We've been using Rhino's Cleaning for the past several years. They always show up on time and are very professional. They do not take short cuts and make sure to clean all areas. We will continue to use Rhino's Cleaning for many years to come.
Rating: 5
– Aaron B.

Maria and Carmen were fantastic! They were on time and masked. They did an exceptional job on my home and I would absolutely recommend them to friends and family. They are reasonably priced for exceptional work. Their work far exceeded other cleaning services I have used in the past. Thank you ladies!
Rating: 5
– Nicholas H.

Couldn't do what I requested (only wanted bathrooms cleaned) but they got back to me and told me this, didn't leave me hanging or ignore me. I will contact in the future when I have more work.
Rating: 3
– Denise M.

They told me they would provide service for 4 hours and the workers stayed for only 2 hours. The workers lied to their manager , I have proof of entrance and exit thru my security gate and they did not believe me. Would never use again
Rating: 1
– Diane M.

This review is long over due. I used Rhino's Cleaning Service when I moved out of my last home a year ago. I was blown away by the service I received. They made that home sparkle. It was better than when I moved in! I highly recommend this service AND I'm using them again for their deep clean and carpet cleaning in August 2021. I am also referring to my brother in law (single man) who lives in Henderson for a deep clean. They are fast, thorough and very attentive to detail. LOVE this service.
Rating: 5
– Coni M.

HANDS DOWN THEE BEST CLEANING SERVICE IVE EVER HAD. I've tried 4 cleaning services all with amazing reviews and only one of those businesses that actually held up to their reviews and ratings was Rhino cleaning services. I have recommended them To soo many people. A IMPECCABLY SPOTLESS 2000 sq ft 2 story home done in 2 hours by two people. I was flabbergasted.

I tried others thinking maybe I could get away with paying less but in this case you ABSOLUTELY get what you pay for AND MORE.


Will post photos after my clean today
Rating: 5
– Kaitlyn B.

Quality of this company has gone terribly downhill over the last few months so I would be weary of older reviews, especially in the customer service department. This is coming from experience of having them clean 30+ times over the last 2 or so years.

Nail in the coffin had to be that they explicitly quoted a price upfront to us only to bill us a much higher amount later on.

When I tried to get an explanation of why this was the case, they admitted that they had messed up on their end but there was "nothing they do about it". Great way to take care of a long term client 🙁
Rating: 2
– Mik M.

We've had Rhino's cleaning indoor & carpet about 5 times now & it amazes me each time how much they do in such a short amount of time. They"re no.1 & will have our business forever.
Rating: 5
– Mary D.

Golden Maids

Home Cleaning Services Golden Maids

Specialties: Our business specializes an making our customers home sparkle from the inside out. Home is a way to give our clients a stress free home stay

Star Rating 5
Las Vegas, US, NV, 89149
Contact No. (702) 205-9417
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sat: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Golden Maids Honest Reviews

Hands down, best maid service in Las Vegas. Reliable, friendly, trustworthy, and super efficient. My Husband and I have been using them for almost year and have never had any problems.
Rating: 5
– Domino P.

Golden Maids is FANTASTIC! I found their service through Yelp. With so many great ratings I had to get a quote. Edwin was fantastic to speak with. He was very professional and took the time to review my needs. Home size, bedrooms, service required, etc. I booked afternoon appointment and asked for an update text when they were on their way. Just as promised I received the text and Edwin and crew showed up right on time. We walked the house, again reviewed the service and they got started right away. They did an amazing job! They actually exceeded my expectations!! At no time did I feel they were rushing the cleaning. They took their time, did an excellent job and were very professional and friendly!
Rating: 5
– Chad H.

I cannot say enough about the high level of service and attention to detail provided by Edwin Portillo and his cleaning crew. They are Responsive, reliable and very thorough. I truly appreciate all your hard work. My properties look spotless!
Rating: 5
– Artin C.

I needed a maid service and got Golden Maids. With fast response Golden Maids made my clients move out stress free. They were very professional and you will not be disappointed. The owner accommodate me on a short notice and got it done
Thank you Golden Maid for making it happen on a short notice
Thank you

Rating: 5
– Gilbert T.

Zero!!!!! I understand the 1st no show from Golden Maids (owner Edwin) I didn't get the text that he had the Delta Variant and was quarantining. Glad him and his family are now safe and healthy. With that said, as a new client, I waited till his quarantine was over and reached out to reschedule. My scheduled date was today, September 2, 2021 @ 9:30 am, it is now almost 1 pm and haven't heard anything from Edwin, even though I have reached out many many times.
Rating: 1
– Liz S.

We wanted a deep cleaning done on our home, so I requested a quote based on the bedrooms and square feet of our home, and several cleaning companies responded. Edwin from golden maids provided what we felt was a fair and affordable estimate, and we were able to book the service on a weekend, which was a necessity for us due to work schedules. We were so thrilled with how fantastic the house looked! Edwin and his team did an amazing job. We of course, left a tip on top of the price because we were so pleased with the service. Thank you Golden Maids, we will be using you again in the future!!
Rating: 5
– Antoinette A.

Edwin and his team did an amazing job with our move-in service. We got a deep carpet cleaning, too. They are reasonably priced, quick work (everything took 3 hours), and kind people. 100% recommend.
Rating: 5
– Alyssa B.

Edwin quickly responded to my original inquiry and let me know he was booked a few weeks out. I am so glad I waited the few weeks for him and his team to clean my home. They were prompt, efficient, and did an amazing job! My house was considerably dusty and they did an an excellent job with all of the blinds and surfaces. I have already booked them to come back!
Rating: 5
– Lexi S.

Edwin and his team are great, my family over the years has tried several companies but something about Golden Maids professionalism and quick responses has always made each experience comforting. We have a 5 bed three bath and Edwins team works fast and efficient to get everything, we have done the regular and deep clean and liked both services.
Rating: 5
– Sarah O.

Erwin and his team did an AMAZING job on my house.  He spent time before hand to go over everything and make sure they cleaned everything I wanted and then afterwards checked in with me to make sure everything looked great.  The attention to detail is fantastic.  They cleaned my ovens, microwave AND ceiling fans along with everything else in the house but I wasn't expecting all that!! I can't wait for them to come next month.  Erwin also has a carpet cleaning business which we also took advantage off.  The carpets look and smell like new again!
Rating: 5
– Jessica M.

The team was incredible-My house was sparkling clean Thank you very much for doing an amazing job
Rating: 5
– Maisie P.

I was very impressed with Golden Maids! Edwin, the owner, responded to my request for a quote immediately and was able to quickly schedule me in for the upcoming Saturday. Edwin came in first and we went on a tour of my house and he outlined what they would do and asked my preferences, which I appreciated. Then he and his crew of two additional people got to work. The three of them cleaned for two hours and got my house the cleanest I've ever seen it – honesty I feel like it might be cleaner than when I moved in! They were friendly, accommodating, and their price was very reasonable – gave them a big tip too bc I was so impressed with their work. The cleaning products they use also smell great! I'll definitely be hiring them again!
Rating: 5
– Melissa J.

I was so impressed with Edwin, Martha, and Erica. Edwin was able to schedule me within the easily and response time was practically immediate. He arrived early to get an idea of what areas to really target – we have two German Shepherds, so everywhere! With his team, they were able to hit the areas I neglect and brought our home to that ideal "sparkle" clean. They were quick, efficient, kind, and fair! I've already recommended to friends and will definitely invite them back! Thank you Golden Maids!
Rating: 5
– Cristina M.

I highly recommend Golden Maids.
The team is very nice, professional & all ear.
The service they offer is la crème de la crème !
I have never seen my oven so clean, my kitchen countertop are shining and so smooth.. the beds are well done. The bathrooms are extremely clean also they have that little touch but very important : the toilets seats are sealed, I felt in love with their work & the team. The house smells so good….
You will not regret having them in your home & I trust them.
Thank you for your amazing job

Rating: 5
– Ilona V.

Edwin and his team came and did a move out clean and carpet cleaning for me. They were amazing, fast, efficient, and so kind! The house looks way better than it did when I first moved in and I wish I would have had them do a move in clean for me when I first moved here! They were very reasonably priced and quoted me lower than several other companies, even with the carpet cleaning added. If I was staying in the Vegas area I would have them come once a month to get the spots I miss. Unfortunately, I'm moving out of state. I highly recommend them for move in/out cleans!
Rating: 5
– Andrea G.

We recently had a messy roommate move out and thought our house could use a good cleaning anyways. Edwin was very quick to respond. Him and his team did a fantastic job! The appliances look brand new. And by some miracle they removed all of the water stains from our glass shower. They were super nice and exceeded my expectations.

Thanks again so much!!!
Rating: 5
– Jonai D.

I moved to LV last year and because of my work schedule i needed to find a reputable cleaning service for my condo. I searched yelp and found golden maids which had excellent reviews and ratings so i called them to set up a cleaning. Edwin was great about replying to my request immediately and set up an initial walk through the same week. He went over what his team would do on each visit and they have lived up to their promises and then some. I currently have them scheduled for on ongoing monthly cleaning and would recommend Edwin, Erica, and Martha aka Team Golden Maids to anyone.
Rating: 5
– Randy C.

I Would Recommend Edwin, Martha and Ericka to anyone who needs a thorough help and cleaning of your home! They are outstanding and very kind people!
Excellent teamwork and professionalism!!!
You would be truly amiss if you choose a different cleaning service.

Rating: 5
– Monique W.

Looking to have our house cleaned, we reached out to Golden Maids. Edwin was able to come out to our home and do a walk through to verify our needs and show us what to expect from their services. We set up a service date and after they completed our house I couldn't have been happier with the work! They payed close attention to detail, did everything we talked about prior, even some little extras too! I didn't hesitate to set up monthly service after that day. I love coming home after a long day and enjoying the smell and touch of my home being beautifully cleaned by Edwin and his team at golden maids. I trust them being in my home and so should you! Thanks again Edwin and I'll see you guys next month! 🙂
Rating: 5
– Bubbanicole G.

Edwin and his crew did an excellent and exceptional job!! I recommend his company for any house cleaning needs!! He's company is very reasonably priced !! I love the job they did which made my life easier so I can get my deposit back. Thank you so much
Rating: 5
– Leilani M.


How much do house cleaners charge in Las Vegas?

Most house cleaning companies in Las Vegas charge anywhere between $40-60 per hour.

How do you estimate cleaning costs?

Charge as per the dimension of the cleaning space. Keep a track of the average square foot rate as per the market trend and set your prices accordingly before you make your estimate. Less than 1000 square feet is charged $90. Whereas, $250 is charged for houses that are of capacity 3000 square feet or more.

How much does house cleaning cost in Utah?

10 cents per square foot (compared with 5 cents per square foot for standard house cleaning). $300 for a 3,000-square-foot home. $25 per hour per worker for deep-cleaning services.

How much should I pay my cleaning lady?

How Much to Charge for House Cleaning? The average cost of house cleaning is $90 to $150 and the average national hourly rate is $25 to $90 per cleaner. A single family home should cost $120 to $150 to clean, according to Home Advisor.

What is included in a deep house cleaning?

Deep cleaning services might include:Cleaning under furniture.Wiping down ceiling fans and light fixtures.Vacuuming and cleaning upholstery.Cleaning blinds.Dusting individual decorations.Sanitizing trash cans and other surfaces.Dusting lamp shades.Cleaning baseboards, window frames, and door frames.

What does a cleaner do in 2 hours?

In two hours, a cleaner should have enough time to: Mop your kitchen floor quickly. Wipe your kitchen counters down. Clean a small number of dishes in the sink.

What does a house cleaner do?

A domestic cleaner is someone that can come round to your home and help with daily chores that you don’t have time to do. Things like dusting, or cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, for example.

How many square feet can one person clean per hour?

On average it takes ONE person ONE hour to clean 2000 – 2500 square feet. If the medical facility has a high scope of work and a lot of sanitation is required, the square footage can drop even below 2000 square feet per hour to do the job properly.

How do you figure price per square foot for cleaning?

The Square Footage Method This method of pricing requires you to decide on a rate per square foot. For example, you may charge $0.10 per square foot. If the home you are cleaning is 2,000 square feet, then you would multiply 10 cents by 2,000. So a 2,000 square foot home is priced at $200.00.

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