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Best Home Cleaning Services in Kansas City


Home Cleaning Services Tidyuppie

Specialties: Tidyuppie is a top-rated professional house cleaning service based in Overland Park, Kansas area offering professional cleaning services including house cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning & more. Quality & customer service is why our customers love us. Our local Customer Service Representatives are standing by to answer your questions seven days a week. Call today! Whether you need a home cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning or post-construction/renovation, or anything else cleaned you can trust us to clean it right, on time, and professionally. Call us today or book online! Established in 2016. Tidyuppie is a locally owned, Top-rated house cleaning and commercial cleaning service in Kansas City offering professional cleaning services including house cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, deep cleaning & more.

Star Rating 4.5
Overland Park, US, KS, 66210
Contact No. (913) 871-5755
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Sun: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
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Tidyuppie Honest Reviews

This is a tough one for me to write, because we were so optimistic about our experience with eMaids, but unfortunately a ton of factors came together to make this a "nope from me, dawg."

TL;DR; Poor communication, an incomplete job with a high price tag, and poor customer service. I'd advise shopping around.

We were prepping our house to sell, and went with the highest option to hopefully get the most thorough, "sure-thing" cleaning. My wife booked it and was clear about the nature of the cleaning, and were surprised that they could only secure one person for the cleaning.

To add to that, he was nearly two hours late with no updates provided, which was nerve-wracking with the deadline for staging, photos and showings. I've had cleaners at a third of the price that were teams of three.

I want to note, our one cleaner was friendly, and hustled for the most part, although was eager to get out at the end. To me it was more of a scheduling and bandwidth issue. Of note, he did a great job cleaning the oven and the inside of the fridge.

The only way I could describe the job was unsatisfying and incomplete. I noticed many things were not moved around, revealing salt scattered about from the winter weather. There were cobwebs on chests, the baseboards were literally untouched. The little things like coffee pots, light switches, trash cans, the top of the fridge, all untouched. The floors and stairs were not clean, and basically moving any furniture revealed an incomplete job.

He told me the upstairs was all good as he was eager to leave at the end of the cleaning, and I trusted that. If he touched it at all, I didn't see it. Immediately after paying $300, I had to go up and vacuum and mop the upstairs. I had to spend hours on the baseboards and window sills.

My realtor came by the next day and said, "I thought you had scheduled cleaners to come out?"

So yeah. We had to book another set of cleaners in emergency mode, and they did a fantastic job for $200 out the door.

We were confident they were just struggling with some demand and would understand that this was unsatisfactory. We took a friendly, cooperative and detailed approach with their customer service team as we sought a partial refund. At first they offered to send him back out, but if he did a rough job the first time, we didn't trust him the next time hours before photos were happening.

Guess what they offered at the end? No partial refund, but "30% off our next cleaning." I'd laugh if I wasn't so upset. To be honest, if they offered a free cleaning every month I'd turn it down, it's not worth the trouble.

I believe this is a local business, and one with good ratings to boot, which makes it hard to pen this, but I also have to be real and authentic and lay out how this went down. Top to bottom, it ended up being a miserable experience.

When you're in a time crunch and had scheduled weeks in advance, they needed to be considerably more on the ball. This ended up being a big, costly headache, and I can't safely say I would ever call them or recommend them.
Rating: 1
– Adam S.

I hired eMaids to do a Deep Clean of our house for Mother's Day after rarely leaving the house during the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, a really great experience and impressive cleaning job.

First, the administrative team was very pleasant to work with in scheduling, they took my needs into consideration and helped me schedule a time that worked for our family, going above and beyond the 'these are the available slots – take it or leave it', they found creative ways to make it work.

Second, the true test was "was my wife happy, or did she find all sorts of spots that they missed?" 'Cause, if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy – 'amen?!? And she was stunned with how well they cleaned our house. For someone with high-standards, she commented for days afterwards "I mean, they got EVERYWHERE clean! They did a really great job!"

So, I'm very grateful for hiring eMaids – was worth every penny.
Rating: 5
– David H.

Highly recommend! Ben did a phenomenal job and was very friendly! Prices are very reasonable as well. I purchased a new house but noticed that the appliances were not cleaned at all. I called eMaids to help and they were more than willing to help out with a last minute request. I lucked out with there being a cancellation. I am forever grateful they were able to get out to my house with such short notice and really took care of exactly what I needed. I wish I took before and after pictures to show how good of a job Ben did. I will absolutely be using eMaids again for recurring service!
Rating: 5
– Jamie M.

Ben, there must be a MAJOR communication issue here! We have always had a great relationship, although toward the end there seemed to be so different people dealing with the office that I was frequently confused by how the policies were presented. I loved your services and you never told me of a problem. I'm being told ( via Yelp, not willing to tell me personally by phone) that supposedly the tech, the only person I have had, Paulina, who always was friendly, professional, did a great job etc … We always had friendly small talk.. We showed interest in each other's families, discussed Covid etc… but she COMPLAINED? All I can think of was that I called once when she had had to leave early before finishing the job because she said her husband had a medical emergency. Of course I told her to go ahead a take care of her husband. Since I have always paid by the hour, I assumed my charge would be prorated to reflect the time actually worked. The office said they were fine adjusting the charge. I made the point to the office several times that I didn't want anything to reflect badly on her as it was not her fault and that I was glad to have her take care of her emergency. I even complimented her on always doing a great job and that I appreciated her being able to work on Saturdays. We even discussed what she would do next visit. You say " not in keeping with your culture". Is that code for not wanting LGBT clients? I'd been told by your previous office manager who shared he was gay, that this cleaning person was OK with gay clients. Was she offended because I stopped hiding the photo of my partner and I?
I wish I could reach someone at the office and let the tech gal know that I defended her leaving early that day and the last thing I wanted to do was get her in trouble. Did she have to file a complaint about me in order to keep her job??? The office had always been great making sure she was my regular person. If I had been " mistreating " her routinely, why had they never said something rather than continue to send her to my jobs? Many things don't add up. I'd be glad to change my rating if the owner would care to contact me directly rather than accuse me of something via YELP…even if they don't want my business anymore.

Rating: 1
– Megan M.

They were at my townhouse for 5 1/2 hours and when I came home I had to revacuum my downstairs, as there were crumbs/dirt all over. The fridge was supposed to be cleaned, it wasn't and the outside of the fridge looked like a mess. For that much time, I would expect my house to be spotless.
Rating: 1
– Fawn W.

Such a fantastic experience. From the initial quote to the cleaning service we were pleased with everything. We had an initial deep cleaning service that exceeded our expectations while maintaining distancing guidelines. We hired for biweekly cleanings as well and have been very pleased.
Rating: 5
– Jason B.

eMaids did a fantastic job from customer service to communication to Ben doing a fantastic job cleaning up our apartment! We had not had cleaners in since the start of COVID and our apartment was pretty grimy.Ben came in and put in a great job cleaning our apartment and getting it back to being squeaky clean.Thank you eMaids!
Rating: 5
– Paul S.

In a busy holiday season we were fortunate to have Ben get our home ready. He is detailed, hard working and has a strong work ethic. He did an amazing job. I recommend eMaids without hesitation.
Rating: 5
– Kunal M.

Let me start out by saying finding a good cleaner is harder than you may think. Either they don't stay the guaranteed time, don't pay attention obvious things, or simply just clean what they want to and ignore your list/request.
I had completely given up on any cleaners meeting expectations or making me feel like I spent my money appropriately.
Ben not only stayed longer than he was paid for, but gave attention to places that I never would've thought to look myself. For the first time I think a cleaner has left my house exceeding my expectations. And for an extremely reasonable rate. I would expect a cleaning like this to cost me twice what I paid.
Knowing that good cleaners are hard to come by I'm pretty excited that the my search might have came to an end! I understand now why all the good cleaners aren't accepting any new clients.

P.s. he does very well with pets in the house (and their hair).
Rating: 5
– Abby M.

I really liked the service of eMaids. Ben was fantastic in cleaning my apartment. I definitely recommend ben. eMaid is worth your money. Thank you eMaid.
Rating: 5
– Rajashekar S.

Everyone should use them. Seriously. My favorite part was being able to book online with such short notice (less than a day) and then having someone who really cares about delivering only the highest quality work show up. I just got a move-out clean but it was so good that I'm considering ways to use them more in the future.
Rating: 5
– Joanna S.

i have used emaids in the past and was very happy with their service. However, my last cleaning was horrible. The kitchen counters still had 'crud' on them, I specifically asked for dusting as I had some work done and sawdust was everywhere. Dusting not done, stairs not vacuumed, landing not swept…It was TERRIBLE. I contacted the office and was told I would get a refund. 2 weeks later, no refund. Don't know what happened, but I won't be using them again.

New management contacted me about my experience and asked for a second chance. I was reluctant at first but Nina was persuasive. They came in and did a fantastic job on a very dirty house. E-Maids will once again be my go-to company for house cleaning!
Rating: 5
– Laurie Y.

As soon as Ben arrived, he got right to it! My house was pretty dirty, so he had his work cut out for him. Feels so good to have a clean house. And the kitchen cabinets look so much better, without all the food and grime. The only reason I didn't give 5 starts was because even though all the glass he cleaned looked better, the corners were missed and that's a pet peeve of mine. It was a good experience, and i see myself calling again in the future.
Rating: 4
– Shannon R.

I completely agree with all of the 5-star reviews for EMaids of KC. Every aspect of my interaction and business with them has been wonderful.

This is a small company that still embraces core values of professionalism, caring, customer focus, and strong work ethic. Melissa has cleaned our house twice. She does such a great job, and she's very personable.

It's important to use a company that is bonded and insured, just to protect both parties from anything that could go wrong (think Murphy's Law).

I must also mention that Grace (the Office Manager) is always very helpful, accommodating and fair with pricing. This is my first swing at using a cleaning service for my current home. I did a lot of research in the area, and read a lot of testimonials. I believe you will agree that EMaids has the best value proposition.

I locked them in for ongoing service after the owner (Ben) came over the day of a party to clean my house. He saved the day, and it was a same-day request. I know that they probably couldn't do this every time, but it showed me what they are made of. Every other service I spoke with made it sound like I was asking for the world…

What a refreshing thing – to find a company so service-oriented, driven to succeed and with the utmost in quality. Great job, EMaids of Kansas City!
Rating: 5
– C Jude S.

eMaids cleaning was beyond anything I have had before. I've had services in my previous home for 20 years and they didn't put forth 1/10th of the effort Erica at eMaids did. She was pleasant, professional and walked me through their green products and the services they do upon our first meeting. I left her alone and when she was finished, she text me to let me know.

I am convinced she touched every single item in my home. There wasn't a single object not dusted or polished! And even so, things seemed to be exactly where I left them. There was also a pleasant clean smell and not one of chemicals lingering.

I also love the ease of emailing and confirming the appointment. They respond quickly. I will certainly book them monthly from now on- you should too!!
Rating: 5
– Deb 2.

We were not happy with our old cleaning service and found emaids on Thumbtack. I am thrilled after our first cleaning with them! Not only were they much more efficient, but we could tell a noticeable difference in cleanliness compared to our old maid. We look forward to continuing our service with emaids!

Michael and Morgan
Rating: 5
– Morgan M.

This was my first time paying for cleaning services for an apartment, and it was a good experience. I saw that eMaids was well-reviewed on thumbtack and when I found the $69 for $105 deal on yelp, it was an easy decision. I needed a deep clean of my apartment of over 4 years, and I definitely got my money's worth. They somehow were able to remove the mildew out of my tub and between the tiles on the walls, so it's actually cleaner now than when I first moved in here. They kept asking me as they were wrapping up if there was anything else they were missing, which was helpful. The only advice I'd give any other first timers: let them know exactly what you want done or it's your own fault if you let them leave before you're satisfied.
Rating: 5
– Raj R.

I am extremely impressed with EMaids of Kansas City. From beginning to end this has been a great process. Grace was able to answer any questions I have, and went above and beyond to ensure I had all the information needed. Ben cleaned my apartment, and it looked wonderful! He even took the time to make sure that things that I had missed before were completed to ensure my move-out walk through went as smooth as possible. Everything from start to finish was wonderful, and I look forward to continuing services with them in our new apartment!
Rating: 5
– Stephenie K.

Pachecos Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning Services Pachecos Cleaning Service

Specialties: House cleaning, housekeeping, office cleaning and maid service available. Established in 2009. We are family owned and operated and committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our house cleaning business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Star Rating 4.5
6632 Raytown Rd
Suite B, Raytown, US, MO, 64133
Contact No. (816) 248-3839
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Pachecos Cleaning Service Honest Reviews

I reached out to more than one cleaning service same day. Evelyn at Pachecos was very attentive and responsive less than expected time. I shared my best friend Ginger was in need of a deep clean from basement aftermath of re-construction (e.g., heavy dust, beyond dirty tile, dust and clean upper areas) of home located in Lenexa, KS. Not only did Evelyn scheduled time for estimators but tentatively carved out potential date for the following week…amazing customer service guys!!

On estimator schedule date, Tuesday Danielle the owner and her assistant kept both Ginger and I apprised of ETA, etc. I loved the one-on-one follow up by keeping us engaged until arrival. Danielle was professional, great listener, patient with poise. She ensured Ginger knew step-by-step what expectations looked like and vice versa. After evaluation process completed, the ladies discussed dates, price and crew. Ginger had more questions to satisfy anxiety~ PRICE! Pachecos was priced right!!!! thanks Danielle for easing her nerves and working with me too!! Both Josh and Brian were fitting for the JOB. The guys were attentive, cautious, informative and good cleaners. Our concern could men clean just as good or better than women!!!!!!! Point made; the guys superseded expectations. I highly recommend company for all your (commercial and or residential) cleaning needs… You'll shine brighter and healthier with their cleaning professionals.

I can go on-and-on, but need to close out a few projects of my own, so, book your next cleaning need or needs now with Evelyn and or Danielle.

Happy Cleaning,
Aleshia / Ginger

Rating: 5
– A. H.

Excellent service. Family run. Great communication, very professional and trustworthy.
Rating: 5
– Eric M.

I contacted this group and they responded almost immediately. They gave my home a walk through in fairly short order.

They cleaned the place very well and it sparkles. I am fairly certain that it is cleaner than when I moved in.

They lose a star only for the fact that some wires got crossed and they sent me a message saying they were coming early and I needed to have someone there at 11:30am vs 1:00pm. I had several meetings at work so it was necessary for me to reach out and have someone else be there to let them in till I could make it home at 12:15pm.

When I arrived home they still hadn't arrived. So I was able to give my friend that came over the last minute a nice bottled gift and she was able to go. They didn't actually arrive till 1:50pm. And then stayed till 7pm cleaning. Again they did a fantastic job and these are the right people to clean your house. I just feel that somewhere along the line communication with me broke down and I did not know the arrival time nor the time that I would be able to go and get food.

I have noticed little things that were missed or not done well… but they can get those next time!
Rating: 4
– Robert F.

Pachecos has been cleaning our mid-sized modern home for about four months now and, overall, they've provided exceptional work and thorough attentiveness to our space. Pachecos rocks! There are typically 2-3 people at each visit depending on if they're training anyone so the bulk of the smiling crew are familiar. My fondness for Pachecos is thus:

TRUSTWORTHY: Having met and chatted with the owner and most of the crew, I've come to know and trust them with our home and belongings. They have a house key, let themselves in, complete their work in about 90 minutes, and leave a completed worksheet behind detailing tasks. Much of the time someone is home to see them in action; they're quick but detailed and focused.

CAREFUL: In their months of service they've only broken one item which was a small drinking glass which they offered to replace or reimburse. We declined – as it was no big deal – but I was satisfied with their offer.

THOROUGH: The gorgeous dark Brazillian cherry floors that cover our entire home are a huge pain to keep clean. Dust gathers in the corners, scuffs quickly become apparent, and dinner crumbs seem to multiply. After a Pachecos visit, the floors and wood steps look remarkable from corner to corner.

PERSONALIZED: We've asked them to address cobwebs near our 14 foot ceilings, cobwebs around our massive yet fragile mid-century Bubble lamps, and other random things. They've addressed each without issue.

Thank you, Pachecos!
Rating: 5
– Eric D.

Love them! They did a deep cleaning of my house. It has never looked or smelled better. I am very impressed. I was skeptical because of the relatively high cost but now I am a believer. One of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Great job thanks Marco and his team.
Rating: 5
– Dee B.

I was hesitant to get a cleaning service but after our initial deep clean I was sold. Melissa is very efficient at responding to any questions and scheduling our monthly services. I have had them focus on certain parts of the house before (like the floors or bathrooms) and they have done a great job of accommodating our requests. They have 2 sets of cleaning crews and everyone has been very professional. I would recommend them!
Rating: 5
– Lindsey J.

Long overdue as I had my house "cleaned" by this company months ago. I am not sure how this company is getting great reviews.

I paid a lot of money for a full service in Southern California as I was moving into a newly bought house. I wish I could have been home to watch what these ladies were doing in the 10 hours they said they put into the house. Dust and dirt were left everywhere– they did not check the cabinets and tons of grime was left in them. What did I pay so much money to get? A headache and disapppointment. I walked into a house full of fumes which may have blurred my vision.

The one line I remember the owner saying when he left was "you won't be disappointed." I wish I could've believed him.

On top of it, Melissa, the girl who answers the phone is rude and snotty– she was not professional and had an attitude. Will not recommend this company to anyone.
Rating: 1
– Theresa H.

Great, great service. Chelsie (hopefully I spelled that the correct way) is very professional, which I appreciate, and always available for questions. My two roommates and I are all in grad school right now, with limited time to do deep cleans on our house. However, I need a clean house in order to function well on all my other obligations (who doesn't?). I felt so much better after they scrubbed our house: the majority of the three floors minus the areas we'd asked not to be touched which they remembered. The pricing is also a lot better than other companies, allowing us to afford monthly cleanings which I'm really happy about. If you want a great job at an affordable price, they're the ones to call!
Rating: 5
– M.n. F.

I am very happy with the cleaning service that I get from Pachecos. The first time they did a deep clean and I don't think I've ever seen my home so clean, ever! Everyone is very nice and easy to deal with. Thanks Danielle!!! You guys are awesome:-)
Rating: 5
– Milla K.

We have a large home with six kids plus a giant furry dog. After Pachecos comes through, I barely know anyone lives here! Our house was built in 1909, and for those of us who live in older homes, keeping them clean is an artform/labor of love. Pachecos' eco-friendly products leave our old house healthy and well cared for in the cleaning process. They openly communicate, constantly self-evaluate, and regularly ask for feedback (and what *more* they can do). AND… I trust them with my keys!
Rating: 5
– T S.

I've lived all over the U.S., I've had several companies and a vast of experience when it comes to house cleaning services- these ladies are the REAL deal. Melissa came over the house pretty promptly to provide me an estimate. The cleaning was scheduled. There were zero issues, great communication, and most importantly…GREAT deep cleaning. The house looks AMAZING! I look forward to having them on a monthly basis and excited to come to a clean home every time! Thank you Team Pacheco!
Rating: 5
– Tania And Sean M.

My mom's allergies have been acting up so I wanted to get my mom something I love in LA… Deep House cleaning. I called them and got a response same day! Melissa walked me through everything and I had everything booked all within 5 hours. My mom LOVED the cleaning. Thanks for short notice and helping me 65 miles away.
Rating: 5
– Kara B.

We are new to Eastvale and the surrounding area and were completely lost on how to find a new cleaning service. We needed a team that was Professional, Honest, Thorough, and Affordable.

So onto yelp I went and found Pacheco's Cleaning service because of there 5 STAR stellar reviews. I am sure everyone would agree that finding an awesome cleaning service is the best Gem you can find out there and Pacheco's cleaning service truly is that sparkly Gem.

I had called many companies for quotes and most were outrageous! So I called Danielle from Pacheco's and she was able to come out of her way that very same night to give me a quote for a monthly service. She was very friendly and gave me a good vibe. Her quote was right about where I wanted to be and I felt that she was very fair so I didn't even have the nerve to bargain with her. So we setup an appointment for a deep clean for the first time then a regular monthly visit to keep our house up to par.

Mario (Danielle's husband) and family member Melissa are the regular cleaning crew, they came on the day and time requested even a few minutes early.When they were done our house looked amazing! They even stayed an extra hour than agreed with no charge to make sure everything was done, no skimping! Down to Melissa's detailing our master bathroom with a razor blade to take off build up soak scum, and Mario's expertise in the kitchen everything was perfect which is hard to do in our Large 4,300 sq ft home.

When they left that day I was so happy thinking to myself did it only take 1 try to find a great cleaning service! That never happens! Thinking maybe first time was the charm I was skeptical at how great they were….

So months down the road now and they are still absolutely amazing! My spouse and I both being self employed have very busy schedules on top of having a toddler 🙂 and don't have time to keep up the house ourselves.

It is such a treat! I love the fact that I can have Pacheco's cleaning service come in once a month to clean our home! They enter our home when we are not there and I don't have to worry that they are going to be dishonest, skimp on the job or leave earlier than agreed. They take there Company,Job & Reputation seriously.

You can count on Pacheco's Cleaning service for friendly professional customer service, showing up on time , Reliable, HONEST, Affordable, Taking pride and doing a great job every time!!! I really can't say anything more, they are awesome and I am glad to have found them! Thank you YELP 🙂
Rating: 5
– David L.

Pachecho's Cleaning is very reliable and trustworthy. They did a great job cleaning my house, and I recommended them to my mother and my boss, and everyone was happy with their service.
Rating: 5
– M S.

Highly recommended. I just used Pacheco's Cleaning Service for a deep clean of the Business, Home or Apartment.

The staff was punctual, friendly and very professional. I loved that they started by asking what my expectations were for their service and ended by asking me to review the house to make sure I was totally happy.

I have been using Pacheco's cleaning service for the past 6 months and with 4 young kids and a wife with a critical illness the staff handled my needs perfectly, even doing the little things like making the beds and washing the dishes in the sink on top of all the other deep cleaning.

Since using Pacheco's my house has never looked so good! Thank you Pacheco's Cleaning Service, my family and I are truly grateful!
Rating: 5
– Anthony N.

My house was in a state of disaster due to renters who destroyed it. I contacted Pacheco's on a Wednesday and they were at the house on Friday. Took them a FULL day 8am to nearly 5pm to clean the house. Yes it was THAT dirty.

Pros- arrived an hour early, was honest that the 4 hours they quoted would not be enough and stayed to finish the job, made a black disgusting shower new again, stove is sparkling after so many layers of grease, windows looks amazing.

Cons, none really except forgot to get a receipt so will have to call for one.

Thank you for coming on short notice and getting the house in order. It wasn't cheap, but due to level of work needed, it was money well spent.
Rating: 4
– Angie M.

I had excellent service at a reasonable price! Their crew always arrived on day and time promised. They did regular cleaning and shined compared to my previous service where many things were broken and went unreported. There were no negative experiences like that with Pacheco's, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. As a special, one-time project, I hired them to clean out every cabinet in the kitchen, dispose of outdated food, and reorganize everything. They had this done in less than a day and the price was very reasonable. If you are looking for an excellent cleaning service, hire them!
Rating: 5
– Mark K.

We have been using Pacheco's Cleaning Service since August 2011. We are new to the Temecula area so finding a reliable company/person, who would be in our home every month and have access to our stuff/home was an important decision for us. After interviewing several cleaning companies and after meeting Danielle and Mario (Husband/Wife Team) we knew right away that they were the one's.

We started on a trial basis and were very pleased with their thoroughness and attention to detail. We engaged them to come twice a month for three hours per visit. We have a 4 Bedroom, 3 bath home with 4 kids so there is always something falling on the floor, corners, smudges, you name it. What they get done in 3 hours in my opinion is simply amazing. There have been a few times where they even stayed longer to make sure the job was done right.

For the first three months I was working from a home office and they are very professional and there to work and they were very nice but very respectful of my time and didn't engage me with chit-chat unless I engaged them.

If you are looking for a trustworthy, prompt and thorough home cleaning service provider, I encourage you to give them a try. I rarely give out 5 stars but in the 9 months I have been dealing with Danielle, I have not had one thing that I could point to that did not meet or exceed our expectations.
Rating: 5
– Kevin M.

If you are looking for a cleaning service, call Pacheco's Cleaning! If you are nervous like I was wondering "are they honest? are they affordable? will they do a good job?" you definitely need to give them a try. I guarantee you will be as impressed as I am. If I could give them 6 stars, I would! And if you do use them, please tell them Teresa referred you! 🙂
Rating: 5
– Teresa P.

One star for cleaning the grout on the kitchen counter. Other than that, you are better off doing it yourself. I hired them to clean for move-in so the townhouse was empty. They came back the second time when I told them about the windows & railings that were obviously not cleaned. I paid extra for the stove which was cleaned moderately outside but the inside, not at all. They didn't even open the warmer. Toilet in the masters bath was dirty with rings around. They said they were going to send someone but didn't. Very bad business.
Rating: 1
– Hermie N.

Soap N Suds Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning Services Soap N Suds Cleaning Service

Specialties: Looking for some extra hands to help with the chores around the house you have came to the right place please feel free to call or texts us for your free estimate. After the work is done if you're extremely satisfied and want to throw in a tip they are appreciated and accepted but that's your choice I get a lot of questions about that that's why I'm throwing it in here. Also there is a $50 cancellation fee.
Thank you
Christmas special for the month of December
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year be safe thank you God bless you Established in 1987. In today's busy world, it's not practical trying to clean everything. YES keeping a clean home is essential, but its also time consuming & energy draining.. Countless hours spent cleaning is time you cant get back and unless your passionate about cleaning you could be doing something else. Your home should be a source of comfort, enjoyment..not a labor intensive burden. We enjoy cleaning, I personally started "learning" how to keep house as a preteen girl alongside my mother, aunt, & grandmother in many of the homes they took care of for people like you. As both time and technology have progressed, so has our family business. Sadly some have been "called home", but as my family isn't too small I've added a brother, some cousins, their kids etc to the mix so can honestly say that Soap N Suds will always be family owned and operated as it has been since 1987. Since that time we have expanded from residential cleaning service into commercial cleaning as well as landscaping.

Star Rating 5
Kansas City, US, MO, 64119
Contact No. (816) 401-9882
Working Hours
  • Mon: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tue: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wed: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thu: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sun: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Soap N Suds Cleaning Service Honest Reviews

Showed up at the requested time. Did more than I expected. For example they unclogged my drain. They charged what they quoted. The house looks and smells clean.
Rating: 5
– Carolyn S.

Two Gals & A Broom

Home Cleaning Services Two Gals & A Broom

Specialties: At Two Gals And A Broom we want to be more than a house cleaning company in Kansas City. Our goal is to help people and better their lives by providing a necessary service. We've heard from so many people that the house cleaning we've done for them has saved them an enormous amount of time, energy and stress. Knowing that our clients are able to enjoy their time off and weekends, gives us true satisfaction in our work.

We work our hardest at each job and do our best to pay special attention to the unique things that bother each customer. Contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and special occasion cleaning services. Established in 1996. Servicing the metro and surrounding areas since 1996

Star Rating 4.5
1100 Gentry, North Kansas City, US, MO, 64116
Contact No. (816) 472-4257
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

Two Gals & A Broom Honest Reviews

I am big on customer service and this business has it figured out! They were very professional when providing a quote and followed up with timely communications. I was so impressed and decided to go with them for a last minute cleaning. They were able to accommodate my request and got me in within two days from my initial communication. Additionally, they are set up to take credit payments which is very convenient!

On to the cleaning… if you can request Savannah and Jacqueline. They arrived on time and were very friendly. They paid attention to detail and were very efficient. To top it off, the field manager stopped by for a quality assurance check midway through the cleaning and that blew my mind! I was so pleased with their work I already scheduled our next appointment and requested the same crew!
Rating: 5
– Attorney J.

The ladies in the office to schedule were lovely but I was less than satisfied with our deep clean. We had three people clean and when I got back to the house it didn't even smell like the house was clean. Any previous experiences I've had with cleaning ladies when you walk in you could tell the house was cleaned and/or smelled clean. I had them come back to do a couple spots they missed such as the fireplace and after seeing their work again I had to point out more spider webs they missed for the second time. I've continued to find places they missed daily. The deep clean was $770 and I should have just done the cleaning myself in the end because it was not worth this amount of money. Will not use again. Unfortunate because up until the point of cleaning and dealing with customer service was great! Just need someone who does the same satisfaction with the actual cleaning.
Rating: 2
– Michelle H.

Thief's. The lady that came to do my terminal clean stole my items and belongings from my apartment as if I wouldn't notice. Then the owner had the audacity to ask if I'd still pay for the service that also was not completed. I provided pictures and messages as well for proof. Never again.
Rating: 1
– Brooke R.

Friendly service and beautiful results with attention to detail. Angel was so helpful to squeeze us in last minute. Highly recommend!
Rating: 5
– Lee C.

Updated review 7/08/2020: my husband hired these folks again in a pinch – in-laws are returning for a visit and after that, we will be caring for a family member at our home. They did a PHENOMENAL job. Both ladies (Veronica and Caitlin) were conscientious, punctual, and wore masks. There isn't a surface in my house that doesn't look fantastic! Plus, they did a "high touch sanitize service" of things like the doorbell, garage door button, and various handles and railings. Thank you!
Rating: 5
– E C.

I've been using Two Gals & A Broom for about a year now. The team always does a fantastic job. They are friendly, quick and professional. During this Covid-19 outbreak the team has arrived wearing masks and gloves, which makes me feel comfortable and safe. I will definitely continue to use Two Gals & A Broom.
Rating: 5
– Rylee S.

This is the second time that I had Bailey to come and clean. I had specific areas that needed cleaning. She was completely responsive to my request and went above and beyond to make me happy. This is a great service and I would recommend it to anyone.
Rating: 5
– Sherry M.

Thank you for making my first experience such an amazing one
I will also be calling you here shortly if you don't mind. Your work is impeccable and I can count on you showing up. Really appreciate that

Rating: 5
– Nina M.

They've been cleaning our place for months. Great work, always follow up to make sure we're happy. The ladies are always professional and nice and coordinating the ongoing cleanings has been so easy. Would definitely recommend!
Rating: 4
– Carolina S.

Thank you Lynette, the house looked and smelled clean and Fresh. We don't have a lot of time to clean and I'm thankful for your staff doing a deep clean on such short notice. Definitely will be using your company again.
Rating: 5
– Jazz K.

I can't say enough great things about them ! They do an excellent job! Very hard workers! They always send at least 2 and the job is done in half the time! Always on time and have never missed their day scheduled without a phone call to set up another day if it lands on a holiday! Love their work! Lau is always friendly and makes sure I am happy with their work! They do so many extra things when cleaning which most cleaning company's don't do! So thankful for their great service!! Barb
Rating: 5
– Barb G.

I have used Two Gals every year for the past five years. They are extremely professional and did an absolutely wonderful job cleaning my carpets. Anxious to have them back again this year!
Rating: 5
– Shelley W.

Mendoza Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Mendoza Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

Specialties: Our business delivers a truly exceptional cleaning experience. We start by being attentive and delivering exceptional quality cleaning service. We are a family owned business and have been in service for more than 10 yrs. Let Mendoza Commercial & Residential Cleaning Service get the job done for you! Established in 2010. My business started with the dedication and attention towards customers needs and exceptional quality work.

Grandview, US, MO, 64030
Contact No. (816) 385-6340
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Bottom to Top Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning Services Bottom to Top Cleaning Service

Specialties: Bottom to Top Cleaning focuses on customer satisfaction. We understand that not every client is going to need the same kind of cleaning. That’s why we ask questions & really listen as

Independence, US, MO, 64055
Contact No. (816) 536-9529
Working Hours
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM (Next day)
Website Click here to visit

KC Chosen Cleaners

Home Cleaning Services KC Chosen Cleaners

Specialties: KC Chosen Cleaners offers cleaning services you can trust. We are bonded and insured. Our goal is to provide top-quality commercial & residential house cleaning at the best possible price. Cleaning products and equipment are provided. Satisfaction guaranteed! Established in 2021. KC Chosen Cleaners is a locally owned and operated commercial & residential cleaning business.

Star Rating 5
Kansas City, US, MO, 64155
Contact No. (816) 301-4130
Working Hours
  • Mon: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

KC Chosen Cleaners Honest Reviews

KC Cleaners did an amazing job on a clean out for us. They were prompt excellent communication during the whole process. I would have no issue in hiring them again. They were amazing on their cleaning. Did such an excellent job was so happy with their services.
Rating: 5
– Annette S.

Megan's House Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Megan's House Cleaning

Specialties: Small local cleaning business / Get weekly, bi-weekly, monthly cleaning, or just a one time deep clean for a move out. We work all around then metro area! Established in 2017. Small Kansas City business

Star Rating 4.5
Kansas City, US, MO, 64138
Contact No. (913) 237-6358
Working Hours
  • Mon: Closed
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Megan's House Cleaning Honest Reviews

Tried to call to get a quote. Left a message. Never returned my call or left a message. Maybe this business is closed?!?
Rating: 1
– Marissa D.

Megan just left and I couldn't wait to write her a great review. Not only is she prompt and easy to communicate with, she charges a reasonable rate for the amount of work she does. I had asked for a deep clean of my one bedroom one bath 850sq ft apartment and she charged $100 for 2 hours of intense work; they cleaned the baseboards, cleaned under the furniture, and vacuumed/swiffered the floors as well as general dusting etc. My place is spotless and smells amazing! I'm so pleased with her work and I can't wait to recommend her to my friends and family in the area. Luckily she gave me a few of her business cards to pass around- will definitely have her come by again!
Rating: 5
– Niharika R.

Megan is wonderful! Great service, friendly and on time. I would definitely use her service again.
Rating: 5
– Gretchen R.

Megan did an amazing job cleaning our house! It's cleaner than it's ever been, and looks and smells wonderful! She is quick to respond, easy to communicate with, and offers affordable rates. I highly recommend her!
Rating: 5
– Carly G.

Megan did an awesome job on our house and within very short notice. We came back to a spotless home, which is not easy because we have two dogs that shed pretty heavily. The attention to detail did not go unnoticed and we will absolutely use her again in the near future.
Rating: 5
– Ryan M.

I received a voucher from my husband for Christmas and Megan was so prompt in her response and communication with me. Then, Anna (who came to do the cleaning) was amazing! Really thorough job and super friendly. Totally recommend!
Rating: 5
– Shannon W.

Megan was very quick to respond to my inquiry, provide an estimate, and to confirm a time to clean. She was on time and was incredibly thorough. She left my apartment looking better than it did when I moved in!! I highly recommend her.
Rating: 5
– Frances B.

Lulu & Mimi's Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Lulu & Mimi's Cleaning

Specialties: Lulu & Mimi's Cleaning is a first class cleaning service that offers the best, most reliable and affordable solution to your cleaning needs. We offer recurring cleaning; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and occasional cleaning. Lulu & Mimi's Cleaning is locally owned and provides quality cleaning services throughout Western KC & Johnson County. General Cleaning kitchen, cleaning, moppingHigh Dusting In All Rooms Dusting In All Rooms Dusting And Polishing Furniture Vacuum All Carpeted Areas Bathrooms Cleaned And Disinfected Including, Sinks And Facets, Countertops, Mirrors, Bathtubs And/Or Showers Kitchens Cleaned And Disinfected Including, Sinks And Facets, Countertops, Stovetop, Inside Of Microwave, Fronts Of All Appliances Ceiling Fans Blinds Front And/Or Back Door Windows Trash Collection Of Trash Throughout The House Vacuum All Hard Surface Floors Damp Mop. Established in 1992. Lulu & Mimi's Cleaning has been locally owned and operated since it started in 1992. The present owners have owned the business since June of 2004.

Star Rating 5
7520 Shawnee Misson Pkwy
Ste B, Overland Park, US, KS, 66202
Contact No. (913) 649-6022
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

Lulu & Mimi's Cleaning Honest Reviews

My place was completely covered in dust, I'd really let it go.

3 superwomen cleaned my entire place in a couple of hours.

I'm very satisfied with the quality of their work and the value. I will use them again and not let it get out of control again!
Thank you

Rating: 5
– Dina B.

I have had L & M's cleaning come by twice now. They do a terrific job. They always go above and beyond to make my place really sparkle. The price is just right and it's a real business. The ladies that clean are insured and are documented employees of the company. Everything is on the up and up. I have been searching for a business just like this for months! Call Nancy and get a crew over to your place. It's the best decision I've made! I absolutely love coming home to a professionally cleaned home once a week.
Rating: 5
– Jacob P.

I recently hired Lulu & Mimi's to clean my place. They send over a 2 or 3 person team. They get right to work and are out of there in an hour or two. My place always looks and smells amazing once they're done. I've been looking for a new housekeeper for some time now. They are the perfect fit. Thanks!
Rating: 5
– Jason P.

We have used this service twice now. They do a good job and are reasonably priced. The owners are very courteous.
Rating: 4
– Hannie D.


Home Cleaning Services Ariel’s

Specialties: Call or text for an estimate at (816)469-2164

Kansas City, US, MO, 64129
Contact No. (816) 469-2164
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Tue: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Wed: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Thu: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Fri: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Sat: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Sun: Closed


How much does it cost to clean a house in Kansas City?

Hiring a house cleaner in Kansas City, KS will cost an average of $17.50 per hour as of July 2022. This rate will vary depending on what areas of your home you need cleaned, how long the house cleaner can expect to be at your home for each job and who will provide the cleaning products.

What does a deep clean include?

Some of the services offered when you hire a deep cleaning for your home include: Clean soap scum and scale from the shower head, taps, kitchen tiles. Clean areas behind appliances like refrigerator, oven or washing machine. Dust baseboards and doors carefully all over the home.

How often to deep clean house?

How often should you deep clean your home? Some homeowners perform a deep clean of their homes once or twice a year. If you’re not doing a thorough cleaning of your house on a daily or weekly basis, then you’ll want to ensure you deep clean it at least once or twice a year.

How much should I pay my cleaning lady?

How Much to Charge for House Cleaning? The average cost of house cleaning is $90 to $150 and the average national hourly rate is $25 to $90 per cleaner. A single family home should cost $120 to $150 to clean, according to Home Advisor.

How do you figure price per square foot for cleaning?

The Square Footage Method This method of pricing requires you to decide on a rate per square foot. For example, you may charge $0.10 per square foot. If the home you are cleaning is 2,000 square feet, then you would multiply 10 cents by 2,000. So a 2,000 square foot home is priced at $200.00.

What is the difference between house cleaning and deep house cleaning?

While regular cleaning is for your cleanliness upkeep, deep cleaning is a lot more extensive than your standard weekly clean. Deep cleans involve a complete rubdown and giving attention to the often neglected and hard-to-reach spots. Anything inside your home that can be reached with a stool will be hand-wiped.

How do professionals deep clean a house?

Deep cleaning services might include:Cleaning under furniture.Wiping down ceiling fans and light fixtures.Vacuuming and cleaning upholstery.Cleaning blinds.Dusting individual decorations.Sanitizing trash cans and other surfaces.Dusting lamp shades.Cleaning baseboards, window frames, and door frames.

How do I prepare my house for deep cleaning?

8 Things You Need to Do Before a House Cleaner ArrivesResearch Your Cleaning Service. … Declutter for Your Cleaner. … Clear Away Dirty Dishes and Food Messes. … Communicate Any Questions or Special Requests. … Secure Fragile Items. … Put Your Pets Away. … Know Proper House Cleaner Etiquette. … Avoid Over-the-Top Expectations.

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