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If you’re looking for Home Cleaning Services in Dallas then you’re at the right place, because we’ve listed some of the best Home Cleaning Services in Dallas. Checkout the list below, and do leave us a comment your thoughts on the service/business listed here.

Best Home Cleaning Services in Dallas

RCJ Cleaning Specialists

Home Cleaning Services RCJ Cleaning Specialists

Specialties: Thank you for visiting the RCJ Cleaning Specialists website. Our team offers residential and commercial cleaning services, lawn care services and painting services. We assist Dallas, TX and the surrounding region. Established in 2019. This concept and idea has started some time ago, but recently has taken shape into a solid company.

Star Rating 5
6944 Tillman St, Dallas, US, TX, 75253
Contact No. (469) 708-4466
Working Hours
  • Mon: 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

RCJ Cleaning Specialists Honest Reviews

I never thought I would be one to use a house cleaning service for our little apartment, but after a year of living in our new place, there was definitely some neglect. I used the trusty Yelp to look up places for quotes and this was the company we chose.

When I called to get a quote the owner text me back and we conducted the entire transaction via text. From the quote, to scheduling, to getting the crew to our apartment.

My BF was home to let the crew in. We were quoted $190 for three ladies for three hours. That included cleaning the four glass doors to our patio. They did a fantastic job. They did miss some spiderwebs in the bedroom that unfortunately my BF didn't notice, but I did when I got home from work. I text the owner and he sent a girl out that night to clean that area again, which was great!

The only thing I would have done differently is ask for a checklist of what is to be cleaned. I would have thought the outside doors of the cabinets would have been cleaned, but I was pleasantly surprised that the inside of the fridge and toaster oven was cleaned! So it was a win-win. They also straightened up the bedding on the bed, rolled our towels like burritos and gave it that hotel clean feel that I have not been able to duplicate.

We would definitely use this company again.
Rating: 5
– Kristie A.

I will say this: you have to ask for Monica y Corazón.

They are so kind, so friendly, and so easy to work with.

They are a sister duo, and they knock it outside of the park every visit.

They are fantastic cleaners, and their visit marks the highlight of my week!

Ask for Corazón y Monica — you will be happy you did!
Rating: 5
– Jason K.

We recently moved and had RCJ come back out since we had a great experience the first time. We appreciated to great attention to detail and hard work from the amazing crew.

They went above and beyond to ensure that we had wonderful service in a timely manner and I look forward to adding this as a routine service with RCJ Specialists. They are wonderful, communicate quickly and efficiently, provide excellent service and affordable pricing.

Great company to do business with!
Rating: 5
– Stacy B.

They did a wonderful job on my home. I hired for a full move out clean. They sent me photos of all the work and were very trustworthy.
Understandably their schedule was pushed back to a previous job that had but they kept in touch with me the entire time and it wasn't a big deal. If you are hiring professionals be patient right now. They are doing the best they can. This team did a fantastic job.

Rating: 5
– K D.

We've used Ruben's services a few times to get our yard cleaned. It's a small space that isn't large enough for a true landscaping job, but more work than a working mom can handle (too many weeds to pull). It's more of an off job but was so grateful to find Ruben's business, where they handle several kinds of house cleaning/maintenance requests.

Add to that, Ruben has always been super communicative and pretty forthright, letting us know if he had enough resources to commit to a job.

The price is fair and each time, his guys did a thorough job cleaning and clearing our yard.
Rating: 5
– Diana K.

I needed a clean for my condo that I'm moving out of and contacted RCJ. They were fast, communicated frequently and did an amazing job!
Rating: 5
– Rachel S.

Hired this company to clean a rental property and I am impressed. They showed up on time, worked efficiently and did a great job. I will hire them against for sure!
Rating: 5
– Linda M.

We love Ruben, Monica, and Corazon! Ruben is super responsive and makes sure to always accommodate our requests. Monica and Corazon are also amazing — our home is always spotless after they clean and we trust them completely. We've had some pretty bad experiences with other cleaners in the past before like breaking our things, no showing, etc. but have never had an issue with RCJ cleaning — highly recommend.
Rating: 5
– Rena K.

To start, I've never been "fired" from a cleaning crew. Even more rare is that I still feel that this team deserves 5 stars. They are excellent communicators and clean well. I had a large home and am a demanding client–they met my expectations and I still refer them to others. maybe one day, ruben and his team will be back in my casa.
Rating: 5
– Ilana Z.

I needed a local house cleaning service for my brother and sister-in-law who just had a baby. I live in PA so i came to Yelp. Figured it was a great gift for tired new parents! These guys were wonderful to work for and VERY reasonable.
Text from my SIL ""These cleaners are SO good. They are making this place feel like a fricken hotel!"
Thanks again! And she will be using you guys again!

Rating: 5
– Danielle E.

I hired RCJ Landscaping and RCJ Cleaning services. Yes, I had two projects at the same time. First, Mr. Barrera and his team did a fantastic job on the landscaping project. I am delighted with the results. I highly recommend him. The next day was the cleaning services which consisted of a team of three, and they did an outstanding job. I had the deep cleaning, and at first, I thought the price was high, but when the cleaning crew finished, it was worth every penny. I am so pleased that I took a chance and hired them that was one of the best decisions I could have made. Last, Ruben Aleman was on top of everything; he communicated with me every step of the way regarding both services. I will use RCJ again.
Rating: 5
– Kimberly W.

OMG!! Micaelina and Petra were INCREÍBLE!! They did a fantastic job on my home. They went the extra
mile for me, even taking the sheets out of the dryer AND putting on my duvet cover that was folded in a basket. I had planned on making the bed after they left, but to my surprise it had been taken care of by the amazing Micaelina and Petra. (Request these ladies!!) I will never use another cleaning service. Thanks RCJ!

Rating: 5
– Failla G.

RCJ Cleaning are dependable, efficient, and very responsive. Ruben provides timely updates and his team, particularly Monica and Corazon, are outstanding! Monica and Corazon are always pleasant and do a great job. Thanks guys!
Rating: 5
– Ayesha A.

Very amazing service!!!!!! It was so easy to schedule and i love the price, I'm definitely recommending these ladies to friends and family!!!
Rating: 5
– Lawrence C.

I cannot recommend this company enough! They were responsive, professional, and unbelievably thorough. Narda and Mary cleaned our home, they were FANTASTIC. I will definitely be using them again!
Rating: 5
– Ashley O.

Cleaning specialists and other value added services. Incredible customer service, perfect performance and results. Trustworthy and reliable.
Rating: 5
– Puneet S.

I had a very good experience with this company. I left them a message through yelp with details of the service I needed, location, and phone number. Ruben followed up with me through text message, set-up the service for that same week (which I needed), gave me an initial estimate and once he was on site a final one. The ladies did a very good job. I never personally met anyone, as I only was able to check their work after the fact, but I was happy with the end result. The property was vacant and I wanted it clean to start showing it. This company provided me with the best value estimate and I want to emphasize that the process from beginning to end was easy and went smoothly which I appreciate since I needed to do everything remotely. Thank you!
Rating: 5
– Sara K.

Ruben was quick to respond to my messages and scheduled our cleaning for the following day. Narda and her crew was fantastic. My house smelled great upon returning. Great attention to detail. Already booked my next cleaning!
Rating: 5
– Stephanie R.

Narda $ Raul did a wonderful job! Thank you so much for the great cleaning service. Highly recommend!
Rating: 5
– Bob B.

Ruben and his team are amazing:
Responsive, professional, arrived on time
Listens to your needs
Staff are very thorough and dedicated to doing good work
Reasonable and straightforward pricing
Overall stellar service, I will use RCJ again.

Rating: 5
– Nick B.

Maids 2 Match

Home Cleaning Services Maids 2 Match

Specialties: House cleaners Dallas | Deep cleaners in Dallas
Home cleaning Dallas
Maid Service
Move in cleaning
Move out cleaning service
Deep cleaning service in Dallas
Dallas Eco cleaning service
Maids 2 Match is a top-rated cleaning service provider in Dallas. We offer online booking, instant pricing, no complicated options, no contracts, no crazy up- sell, or
unexpected charges. Our teams are trustworthy and are held accountable to our standards & go
through a comprehensive interview process.

We are committed to offering fast, reliable service at a price that makes sense, backed by our
200% Quality Service Guarantee:
If you are not absolutely delighted with the service, we will re-service the area within 24 hours of notification for free, most cleaning companies wouldn't dare
stand behind a guarantee like this.
Keep your house and property clean and fresh with our premium cleaning services
at a price that makes sense. You'll enjoy the benefits of a full-time housekeeper without the
cost. Our moving out cleaning services will also ensure that you get your full refund back.
Contact us today Established in 2017. Maids 2 Match offers professional services that meet the varying needs of our clients. We
hold 4.5-5 star ratings on all platforms, and our client retention rate is one of the highest in our
industry. We fully guarantee your satisfaction with our services which include home cleaning, move in cleaning, move out cleaning, deep cleaning, and eco cleaning

If you are not absolutely delighted with the cleaning, we will re-service the area within 24 hours
of notification for free, most cleaning companies wouldn't dare stand behind a guarantee like
this, but we stand behind our work. From busy families to busy professionals, everyone who
chooses our services says the same thing: Incredible! Our clients choose us for our quality work,
professional attitude. Our experienced cleaners strive for perfection and won't stop until your
home is clean & you are satisfied

Star Rating 4.5
Dallas, US, TX, 75206
Contact No. (214) 210-1114
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Maids 2 Match Honest Reviews

I couldn't have been happier with the everything from the booking to the service. They were prompt and professional and did a great job
Rating: 5
– Mark F.

Maids 2 Match did a great job cleaning my mom's house, which needed a LOT of work. I chose the "deep cleaning" option when I booked the service based on what I thought the house needed, but when Maids 2 Match arrived, they called me right away to say that it actually needed the more intensive "heavy duty" cleaning and let me know the updated price. I appreciated that they let me know ahead of time so I could confirm that I was fine with the different service. With the heavier cleaning, they needed to call more employees to help, which resulted in them starting much later in the day. However, I was impressed that they still managed to complete the cleaning the same day despite the changes. The house looked SO much better when they were done! Very happy and no complaints.
Rating: 5
– Shari W.

I read your response and you left some very pertinent details out. Your representative came back with the $15 pet fee AFTER quoting me $570. Once again, I would not advise anyone to use this service. If you can't even reason with the person or people on the initial phone consultation(s) due to language issues why would you want them in your home? Completely unreasonable liars. Making me out to be prejudiced because of your accents. This has absolutely nothing to do with race or where your employees originate from. It was clearly a communication problem from the get go. Make the recorded conversation public. I think it will be very clear as to the issues I faced with your "Team".

The bottom line is that you chose to forgo $570 over a $15 pet fee. If you do the math that's a discrepancy of 2.6% when I assured you that there were no pet stains, no pet hair , NO PET DAMAGE….Period! The only carpet in this house was on the staircase, just beautiful hardwood floors throughout. I have attached four photos of the house you were being hired to clean and detailed in each photo what I needed done.

So to sum this up , 1) communication skills of the first person I interacted with were sub par. 2) when the "superior" called me she was mildly ornery and lacking interpersonal skills. She refused to even consider my particular circumstances and that we had lived in this home for 51 years and probably had a minimum of 5 dogs throughout the years however there hadn't been a pet there in months and we never allowed our home to be ruined by our pets nor did we ever have pets that shed due to allergies in our family. 3) and lastly most absurd to me, is the fact that you were so rigid and prideful in your refusal to forgo $15 that you lost a nice gig. I was willing to go ahead and use your services for $571. It became more an issue of principal than anything else. Again, look at my photos. This home was for all practical purposes pristine. $570 was overkill and way over priced for what I needed done.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to let the public know what really went down. Best of luck. Hopefully you will learn something from this interaction.
Rating: 1
– Meredith M.

I had gotten a "deep clean" from this company for my mothers house over a year ago. It was ok. They didn't dust. Got there a little later than the windows they stated. They didn't clean one whole room because "they ran out of time" and some of the cleaning done was subpar. But 85% of the job was done right.

So I rebooked on 12/15/21 for another deep clean. Booking was confirmed, and everything was a good. They were supposed to come between 3-4 pm. I was already headed to my parents house to be able and let the cleaners in around 2:15pm.

Cindy sends me a text at 2:22pm stating that the cleaner (veronica) is delayed "due to unforeseen circumstances" and would be arriving between 4-5pm.

I told Cindy this was fine. But something told to me ask about her help (the invoice stated only Veronicas name as the "assigned team" to clean). It's a big house, and ONE person could NOT DEEP clean a house that big in the time allotted.

Cindy replied that "she believed her husband would be accompanying her". *record scratch* Is he bonded? Did he have a background check? Does he do this all the time? Is he an employee of Maids2Match?!

I chose to cancel, because I had to leave to get my Mom, and no one would be there, and letting in a cleaner and "her husband" in my house with no one home…didn't sit right with me.

They didn't attempt to offer an apology, a discount, an alternate way to make it right…nada.

They just wanted to make sure I didn't write a bad review.

Go figure. Not a good way to do business. Wouldn't recommen.
Rating: 1
– Dope Like C.

My family was in need of a move out cleaning service for our apartment. This company provided a very reasonable estimate without hidden fees. They also promptly answered all my questions and were very polite. Great customer service!
Rating: 5
– Jennifer C.

Was in Dallas and needed a last minute cleaning for an Airbnb and used Maids 2 Match cleaning services and they were awesome.

They were efficient and left the home sparkling. I would definitely use them again on my next trip to Dallas.

They were very professional and prompt!
Rating: 5
– Chantelle W.

My daughter moved into this house one month prior to her first baby arriving. He is now almost 6 months old, they are settled in and I had the house deep cleaned as a Mother's Day/Father's Day gift for the new parents. We had Lillian and a helper work around me and the baby for 5 hours. They did a great job and I would definitely use them again.
Rating: 5
– Leann A.

I signed up for a deep cleaning and I can't remember the last time my house was this clean! They did an amazing job and I will be using them for a recurring cleaning. VERY HAPPY with the service.
Rating: 5
– Michelle K.

Very easy/user friendly website. Straight forward & there were no additional costs. The cleaner was on time and professional. They did a walk-through and agreed on everything that needed to be done.
Rating: 5
– Yana W.

I booked a deep cleaning due to a shoulder injury that keeps me from cleaning as well as I would like and I'm glad that I did. This is my first time with this agency and Alexa did a fantastic job, I am VERY pleased with her work. I would definitely recommend this service.
Rating: 5
– Mary B.

They had to come back a second time to do what I specifically asked them to do the first time. Then, when we came home while they were doing the unfinished work, they had a team member who wasn't wearing a mask. The house is clean, but their work for us was not dependable.
Rating: 3
– Trey F.

I originally gave 3 stars due to some complaints but am not changing it to 5 stars! Management reached out to me immediately after I posted this and are coming back out to do another cleaning for free and are going to work around "my schedule." 100% satisfied with customer service! Thank you for reaching out to me and for your concerns! We need more customer service like you! Thank you Cindy!!

I paid for a "DEEP CLEAN" and it wasn't anymore than a regular cleaning I've had in the past. Nothing special. I don't like the fact that my place didn't get a proper mopping or have the baseboards cleaned. This was supposed to be included and was less than a swifter would even do. Floors and baseboards are still pretty dirty. I also paid extra to have my garage cleaned and that didn't happen. Overall I overpaid and got a basic cleaning service. The cleaning lady also showed up saying she was here for a "move out clean" which was wrong. She was confused to see my place furnished. I feel bad because it was only 1 person doing the entire job. I believe if there were more of a crew things may have possibly turned out better???????? I would recommend if my floors got a good cleaning but I feel bad for the woman who did all the work as well. I don't blame her. I think she needed another hand.
Rating: 5
– Mr. S.

Just had my first cleaning service, done by Lily, and everything was perfect! She is super friendly and got right to work as soon as she arrived! I booked the deep cleaning that was recommended for a first service and I'm glad I did – Lily's work was extremely thorough and she took her time to make sure everything was covered. Excited to book a recurring service for next time!
Rating: 5
– Lisa S.

It has been almost a year since I began coming here. The staff is extremely professional and courteous. Anthony was my first wax pro, but she was not available at the time. When I scheduled, she gave me Kristina B. I have been going to her ever since except for once when Tania was available.
Rating: 5
– Bianca A.

Such a professional cleaning company! I was looking for a company to come and clean my rental property for the next tenant. Their communication is smooth, booking was very easy, and overall it was a great experience. The cleaner (I forgot her name, sorry!) came right on time, was extremely thorough, and especially has my bathroom and kitchen looking brand new. My microwave and stove look amazing. I would absolutely use again!
Rating: 5
– Odalis G.

Great experience with Maids 2 Match! They were prompt and arrived on time. This helped us stay on our personal schedule. They did a great job and they are clearly a top notch cleaning service. I'll definitely recommend to others!
Rating: 5
– Cj J.

I had the team of Vernoica, and they were great! Showed up in the window provided, and worked very quick! They asked me what exactly I was looking for, and they did everything I asked and more. It had been over a year since a real deep clean, and they cleaned all the baseboards. The bathrooms needed some work and they look just like new. They moved the furniture and cleaned out all the dust and dirt underneath. They folded my blankets, and cleaned and organized a storage room I said they could just ignore. They did an amazing job and would recommend for anyone looking for a cleaning.
Rating: 5
– Ryan T.

I called on a Friday because I was having company over on Saturday and they were able to provide same-day service. They were professional, thorough and I would highly recommend them
Rating: 5
– Stephanie J.

Booked a last minute cleaning when no one else was available and they were everything I needed and more. They provided a 2hr window to arrive and was prompt and arrived within 30 mins of the first hour. They were thorough and professional. The website made it so easy to book and received communication almost immediately. Found my new reoccurring house cleaners. Thank you for the easy process.
Rating: 5
– C T.

As a gift, I decided to give my daughter a morning off housekeeping service. I called 11 companies as I went down the list on Yelp. Maids 2 Match were the only company that answered timely, serviced my area, were available on the days I offered and gave me a 1st time customer discount! My daughter was thrilled with their professionalism and cleanliness. They even did a few extras
Rating: 5
– Julie S.


Home Cleaning Services MaidPro

Specialties: We offer recurring weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services, as well as one-time and move-in and/or move-out cleaning. Need something special? We can customize our services to meet your needs. MaidPro Dallas provides professional residential cleaning in the Dallas neighborhoods of Uptown, Downtown, Highland Park, University Park and Lakewood. Our service providers are background checked, insured and bonded, and follow a thorough 49-point checklist to provide exceptional service every visit. At MaidPro, we provide quality cleaning AND customer service to each and every customer. Call today for a quick and easy phone estimate! Established in 2014. Maidpro Dallas started in 2014, thank you to the local community for supporting a family owned business.

Star Rating 4.5
5510 Abrams Rd
Ste 122, Dallas, US, TX, 75214
Contact No. (214) 377-4799
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

MaidPro Honest Reviews

Horrible customer service instead of giving me a different option hope y'all have a great day
Rating: 1
– L ..

We have tried a few local cleaning companies but never satisfied with the experience. We decided to give it another try and found MaidPro on yelp. They quickly responded to our quote request and was immediately available to discuss through exactly what we were looking for in the deep cleaning session for our 4200 sq ft home. David was patient on the phone as I highlighted the key areas I wanted the team to focus on. Once he repeated back to me what I was looking for he stated he will find a team of 2 that has experience in these areas. I also stated that I needed this done in next two days, he stated what about tomorrow. At this point I already felt like a valued client.
On cleaning day: the team arrived within the agreeable window, had all the necessary equipment and supplies, masked and had booties on as soon as they stepped into the house. I gave them a walk thru of the house and what I needed done. After the job was done, I did a walk thru and was so impressed on how spotless everything was, especially the areas I highlighted in my initial walk thru. But what really exceeded my expectations is how they put little nice patterns in my towels, paper towels, bedding and toilet paper throughout the house. I definitely would recommend MaidPro in a heartbeat and because of this experience, I'm setting up recurring bi-weekly service with this great team!

Rating: 5
– Anne C.

I scheduled a cleaning because I had company coming. MaidPro confirmed the appointment. They never showed up!!!!! Never called to tell me there was problem. I called repeatedly and only got voicemail. Totally unreliable. I would give them zero stars if I could
Rating: 1
– Deborah M.

I will use this service every time I need a cleaning from now on. I recently moved and did the "move out" cleaning service and I was honestly shocked at how clean and new the apartment looked afterwards! They did an amazing job. The team had to stay an extra hour and they called before adding any additional charges or fees. Very affordable for the quality of work!
Rating: 5
– Natalie B.

It was very difficult to get a reply from the office but once you commit to their services it's a whole different matter. Got rapid response and setup an appointment. The workers were very professional, detailed oriented, fast, and focused on the job at hand. I would recommend Zoila and her cleaning partner any day! Very impressive people and the work they did!!
Rating: 4
– Pamela N.

Second time we've hired MaidPro for a move-out cleaning, and both times the place was left spotless. David was great to work with, and the cleaning crew had a great attitude. Highly recommend!
Rating: 5
– Cameo N.

Let's just say I wasn't pleased with their quality of work or their customer service. I wish I had better things to say about them.
Rating: 3
– Cj E.

MaidPro always does such a fantastic job with our house! They are conscientious and punctual. Sara came out to clean for us last week, and my wife and I were so impressed by her attention to detail. The way she oriented the knickknacks on our kitchen counters was visually pleasant and interesting. It made our house look like it had been staged for a buyer's walkthrough. We also really appreciated that she made all of our beds. That's always so nice to come home to! Most importantly, our wood-look tile floors were so nice and clean. With two dogs and three cats, that's always such a struggle to stay on top of. MaidPro makes our home a real joy to come home to.
Rating: 5
– Brandon G.

Can't say enough nice things!! Response time was excellent, owner and the cleaning crew are personable. Most of all, they did an excellent job deep cleaning!! Even put some sheets I had in washer, in the dryer for me ( didn't have to, the ladies knew I had been waiting for the washer to stop!) Highly recommend!!
Rating: 5
– Jane C.

MaidPro has been cleaning my apartment for several months now and I honestly couldn't be any happier! Keeley does a great job every time. I have a chow that sheds constantly and it looks like a dog has never stepped foot in my apartment once they are done!

Brooke is awesome. If I ever need to change up the schedule or skip a cleaning, she is on top of it and makes sure it gets done. She is fast at replying to emails and takes feedback to heart.

I have yet to have any problems and will be using them for a long time to come!
Rating: 5
– Cassidy R.

Have been using MaidPro know for over two year and they are fantastic. My house is so clean after every visit. I love how they fold the towels & toilet paper, just like a hotel. The ladies are always friendly & professional. Highly recommend.
Rating: 5
– T B.

I don't know why this company doesn't have more ratings. I think they are amazing.

Brooke is a boss! She's always so accommodating and polite. She's incredibly attentive, empathetic, and she also responds right away. The ladies that clean for us have been doing weekly cleanings for about 7 months I think and I'm so happy to have them. There has been some turn over, but even then Brooke has been the best with rescheduling and making sure she's got ladies to cover the gaps.

Everyone at this company has been so wonderful and nice to speak with. They even take feedback very graciously. So easy to talk to. I highly recommend Maid Pro. Call Brooke. She's fantastic and will get you set up.

(They usually have great referral incentives as well!!)
Rating: 5
– Sarah G.

MaidPro is a great friendly company they clean my house just right and send the nicest ladies out to help. Kaylie came out last week and did a fantastic job. You couldn't ask for a better helper. All of their employees arrive on time and ready to work. I look forward to the days they come out cause I know they are going to do a great job cleaning my house. They pay attention to small details if there is anything specific like just the right side of the driveway to put the trash can and how we like things done you know just things you would do yourself so it's nice to have someone pick up on those type of things it means they are listening and observant to details.
I highly recommend this company.

Rating: 5
– Phyllis C.

MaidPro has great prices that are affordable and the service was prompt and efficient to set up. I called on a Monday and they came Wednesday. Sara and Victoria did a nice job and were very friendly. They are very pet friendly we have two dogs. I think they will be the regular ladies that will continue to come clean the house I look forward to getting to know them better. It is so nice to come home to a clean house after a long day at work. I would recommend this service to other people who are busy and need an extra pair of hands!
Rating: 5
– Kathy M.

I recently moved to Dallas and dreaded the process of finding good housekeeping help.
I got lucky with my first try. Maid Pro has been a great find. The ladies are cheerful, friendly, prompt and do a great job. I love that they bring their own equipment and supplies. They always do a thorough job and I love the special little touches they take the time to do. Brooke does an amazing job of keeping everything running smoothly. I am one happy customer and I highly recommend Maid Pro.

Rating: 5
– Barbara R.

Excellent service! The maids are always incredibly professional and the cleaning is very thorough! Thanks!
Rating: 5
– Wayne L.

Maid Pro is awesome! Sandra and Juanita were so nice and professional and also cleaned our house better than it's ever been cleaned!! Complete peace of mind with Maid Pro!
Rating: 5
– M R.

LOVE MY "DREAM CLEAN TEAM" FROM MAID PRO. Brooke W and her MaidPro team have been great to work with. As a busy professional with a wonderful but messy dog, I was never "caught up" with my chores. Just not enough time to get it all done and still enjoy the weekend. Enter MaidPro and wah-la I've an entire day back on the weekend.

The house is sparkly clean and smells fresh (very undog-like) when I walk in. The cleaning crew are thorough, including blinds and baseboards and are very accommodating about using my preferred cleaning products for bathroom/kitchen.

When there are special cleaning needs Brooke ensures the team is ready and able to address. Plus, they are great with a most beloved dog who they treat like their own, leaving fresh water and giving him treats after they've cleaned his area.

I couldn't be happier with MaidPro.
Rating: 5
– Ellen W.

Awesome job! Our house looks amazing and the ladies were so sweet and professional! Double thumbs up
Rating: 5
– Monica L.

VA Cleaning Solutions

Home Cleaning Services VA Cleaning Solutions

Specialties: Affordable High Quality Home Cleaning Services Established in 2021. VA Cleaning Solutions

Star Rating 5
Irving, US, TX, 75062
Contact No. (972) 513-7355
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sat: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sun: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM

VA Cleaning Solutions Honest Reviews

Prompt courteous reply to initial quote request. Was able to come do a deep clean on our new purchase townhome. Excellent, excellent job and lovely to deal deal with. I needed the "white glove" service and they were more than accommodating…..Thank you so much for driving 30minutes to take my job! Highly recommend-and a couple of my friends need new cleaning people also…..Great experience in our new part-time city!
Rating: 5
– C. S.

Quick response and estimate! They came out the next day and did a fantastic job of cleaning my house. Everything was cleaned beyond expectations, even my dirty oven! Would definitely recommend to anybody for deep cleaning or weekly services!!
Rating: 5
– Will B.


Home Cleaning Services Gmaids

Specialties: Company culture created by Gmaids in which cleaners and customers are treated fairly and honestly, increasing cleaning thoroughness and customer satisfaction. Established in 2004. The Gmaids Story:
Gmaids was established by a young entrepreneurial couple in 2004 to provide eco friendly house cleaning services in Dallas.

From the beginning, founders Juan & Karen committed to using only the highest quality biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning products available. It was a simple and logical approach to green cleaning services, since these were the type of products they used in their own home.

"We decided to create something worthwhile for everyone involved, a service that would help make our customers' lives hassle free. We focus on treating our cleaning teams well and simplifying the scheduling and communication process for our clients. Gmaids customers can book cleanings and make payments online, send us SMS messages, and talk to humans that care."

Juan and Karen

Star Rating 4.5
8330 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy
Ste B120, Dallas, US, TX, 75243
Contact No. (214) 997-6918
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

Gmaids Honest Reviews

GMaids is the best. Very trustworthy, easy to work with, and hardworking.

Wendy has been cleaning my house for about a year now, and she brings me JOY once a month. I look forward to her.

The crew is always very professional, quick, and they do a great job. They also don't mind when my dogs make a surprise visit 😉

Pricing is fair and comparable to others in the area.
Rating: 5
– Chelsea O.

To add insult to injury, after I sent Juan pictures of the horrific work the cleaner did on Thursday he had the audacity to ask me to send him more. On top of that he clearly is a stalker since he says to me that he saw my 1 Star review and he looked at other reviews I have left for other companies. Is that not my consumer right? I feel unsafe to know because I did not leave him a glowing review he feels as if he can BULLY me into changing. Not me, contacting my attorney now.

Update: The pictures below are AFTER they supposedly cleaned. Juan now wants to post a response after he called and bullied me on the phone.

Update: Now because I request a refund for poor service they send a refund contingent upon me removing my negative Yelp review. The audacity. So this is how this company has high ratings. This is against my consumer rights and flat illegal.

Update: Again this owner, Juan, continues to attempt to harass me. My refund was contingent upon my review being removed as evidenced in the picture. Why is he looking at my reviews for other companies? I am confused. This man is unprofessional, a stalker, and a bully. My attorney stated what he has done is illegal. I have contacted YELP, GOOGLE, and the BBB. Buyer beware — this is why he has 4 stars — because he attempts to bully anyone that gives him less.
Rating: 1
– Dreama S.

I've been using GMaids for many years. I find them very reliable and easy to work with. If an issue ever comes up, or I need some rescheduling, Katie always accomodates – if I text with an immediate issue I hear back within minutes. I really appreciate that. Over the years we have had several different cleaners, with consistent service throughout. I would like to give a special mention to our current cleaner, Melissa – pleasant, energetic, with a great attention to detail…we love her!
Rating: 5
– Sandy H.

Sad to say it didn't take long for this company to go from great to awful and it's all due to the manager Katie. To be clear the ladies that did the cleaning were always solid. But on our moving day, I ended up in 2 screaming matches with this lady on the phone. They are completely incompetent when it comes to solving problems for their customers. She was very quick to call me after a rocky start to the day to give me an ultimatum on the maid leaving at 3 hours or us paying more money. Mind you – our regular service never had an hourly rate. It was a flat price. And I wasn't asking for ANYTHING extra. Bottom line – I allowed them to finish, paid in full, and asked her never to call me again. The customer service is HORRIBLE – Katie is arrogant and confrontational and lost what was clearly a happy customer in the matter of minutes. Highly recommend you avoid these guys.
PS. I have left over 100 5-star reviews. It takes a lot for me to come back here and update my review to 1-star. You've been warned.

Rating: 1
– Larry D.

Our experience with the first biweekly service was great. Stiffany did our initial cleaning and she was on time, friendly, professional and thorough.

The herd of dust bunnies that had invaded the house has been evicted (at least for a few days) and perhaps nicest of all is the house smells pleasant, none of the harsh chemical smells we've had after other services.

I think Gmaids is a keeper.
Rating: 5
– Dennis S.

We're new to the state and were looking for a new, trustworthy, cleaning team for quarterly house cleanings. Rosy came by in the morning and she did an absolutely stunning job! Quality products were used, all the surfaces and floors were immaculate. She was very careful around our personal belongings.

The actual service, web portal, text, and emails around the service were very transparent. I highly recommend going with GMAIDS.
Rating: 5
– Bhavik B.

I really enjoyed the overall experience of using Gmaids with a recent job I needed done. My mom is moving to a new apartment and needed the place to be cleaned before she moved in.

It was very easy to go on their website to get an instant quote and book very quickly. I had Andrea as my maid for the job. I appreciated her giving me at least 30 minutes heads up before arriving. It was very easy to leave the key with her and she communicated with me well about when she was done with the job and where she left the key when leaving. She even text me a picture of where she hid the key so I knew where to find it when I returned.

I would happy to use Andrea and GMaids again the next time I need someone for a home cleaning service.
Rating: 5
– Jordan R.

We absolutely LOVE Gmaids! They are prompt, efficient, and follow COVID protocols, too. We have used several services in the past but these ladies truly go above and beyond.
It is nice to know that they are using natural cleaning products, as well!
Plus, your house smells like peppermint afterwards !!! It's AMAZING!

Rating: 5
– Becky H.

Well, to start this was one of their blast texts that they had for reduced expense. The provider cleaned well enough upstairs, although, a day later I realized that she didn't move anything and dusted around objects. The floors looked good, dusted around also downstairs. Who does that? I certainly don't when I'm doing it myself. I don't think the kitchen was touched. There was an instance where I saw that a countertop has not been cleaned and dust on the objects that were sitting out. So, now, 4 days later, and I will be doing a full clean of my home, instead of a "dust and sweep." I think when I gave her the tip, she decided she was done. Disappointing.
Rating: 2
– Susan W.

I found a coupon on NTTA website.
They were able to set an appointment on short notice.
Lady that came was awesome! Way over exceeded my expectations.
Highest recommendation!

Rating: 5
– Kevin Q.

I'm an Airbnb host and we've been working with gmaids since the start of May this year. We value consistency, trustworthiness and being detail-oriented. The team of housekeepers that service our guesthouses have shown all the qualities above. They also have accepted feedback graciously and have always improved. Thank you- Karla, Wendy, Yahaira and Stiffany for your efforts to make our guesthouse clean and welcoming for our guests!
Rating: 5
– Jocelyn L.

GMAIDS are amazing!!!! I used their service for several months for a weekly clean. They were communicative, prompt, affordable and most importantly – did an amazing job. I appreciated the little things they did to make my service feel unique and special. I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone!
Rating: 5
– Bryan B.

Please don't read my review and review it.

I've not requested an service from this company since my last review and don't plan on any future service.

Don't let my review sway your experience. Try any business on Yelp an review them according to your experience.
Rating: 1
– Mr. King O.

Gmaids is such a great cleaning company! They use eco-friendly products that leave my house smelling fresh and looking great! My primary cleaner is Nelly. She is personable, trustworthy, and hard-working and, as much as I hate to admit it, she cleans house far better than me!
They offer reasonably-priced services and are always accommodating. Something as simple as having a clean house when I come home from work can make all of the difference. I highly recommend Gmaids.

Rating: 5
– Kayla C.

This is mostly a review for their customer service, specifically Katie. I was going to schedule a cleaning this upcoming week and she was so helpful and attentive! I really felt like she was trying to help out and cared about what she was doing. I didn't end up having the service done for personal reasons so I can't say much for the cleaning, but I'll definitely be going to gmaids next time I'm in need of one and update!
Rating: 5
– Isabella K.

The service contacted me immediately they we're very personable and professional, they went over everything that they offered and fit me in immediately. I had contacted other services in the past and got a lot of "no we can't do that or that's an extra room" I had a completely different experience with GMaids. The ladies that came to my house were also very thorough, kind and efficient. They left my house clean and smelling of a lovely peppermint smell. I got a from my husband. Thank you GMaids.
Rating: 5
– Lesley E.

Cleaning is really difficult for me. I can't decide where to put things away, I jump from task to task before I finish what I'm doing, and of course I never fold the laundry when it's done. In the past, I've been disappointed with cleaning packages. They include tasks that I can handle (mopping, bathrooms, dusting) and don't include my stressors: decluttering, dishes, laundry. I had to do the stuff I hate before I could even get the cleaning done, and I was never fully satisfied.

I am so happy to have found the GMaids Laundry and Light Cleaning package. It is exactly what I need!

The cleaning technician assigned to my home was absolutely wonderful. She did a fantastic job tidying and cleaning my surfaces. The products she used smelled amazing. She was kind to my dog when the pup got scared of the vacuum. Most importantly, she did all the things I'm bad at!

Now my house feels STRESS FREE. GMaids has made my life so much easier by offering this service. Thank you!

My laundry wasn't quite finished in the time I had selected, but I realized after the cleaning technician left that my washing machine was set to heavy instead of quick wash, which they state they'll use on the website, or another setting. Because she asked about buttons on a couple of other appliances, I think it was an honest mistake. I feel badly for not showing her which to use.

If the service cost slightly less, I could have more regular visits, but it's important to me that they pay their employees living wages and benefits. It's worth it.
Rating: 5
– Ty Y.

I had a deep cleaning emergency and it was PM time. They were able to accommodate 30 mins after my call. The task was daunting as it was a whole office floor and a couple of extra rooms. They managed to professionally clean and expedite the process. Please thank the workers on our organization's behalf for taking the time to go to our job site during the times we are living. (COVID season)

Pros: Management is very responsive, professionalism at the job site, they only use of green eco-friendly products, follow up calls, up-to-date website with an easy interface and responsive to tools offered (calls, e-mails, chat)

Cons: None so far.
Rating: 5
– Luis C.

I've used a number of different house cleaning services in the past, and they have all been adequate, not terrible but not great. A couple years ago, my wife found Gmaids, and we have been using them ever since for monthly cleanings.

We have a toddler who loves to make a mess everywhere, and the last thing my wife and I want to do after long days at work is clean the house, so a house cleaning service is a luxury we splurge on. We especially appreciate that Gmaids uses non toxic cleaning products as our son has some mild eczema issues that we didn't want exacerbated by harsh cleaning chemicals.

We have been using the same person, Carla, for most of this time. We requested her specifically because of how thorough and hard-working she was the first couple times she came to our house. In addition to being a great at what she does, she is such a nice person. And it's so convenient to trust the same person to come into our home every month. She already knows how to get around and the areas where we typically need the most help.

We're very happy with Carla and with Gmaids and plan to continue using them for the foreseeable future.
Rating: 5
– Tommy C.

We have gladly invited Ms. Kaila Montoya into our home for the last many months. We enjoy and gladly welcome her each and every time to help us keep our home looking spotlessly clean and well looked after.
Thank you Gmaids.

Rating: 5
– Jay C.

Maid Masters

Home Cleaning Services Maid Masters

Specialties: Maid Masters provides a full-service cleaning to residential and commercial clients. We offer: regular house cleaning, junk removal, commercial office cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, tile & grout, floor care services, eco-friendly cleaning, and more.

We run thorough background checks on all employees and am insured for our business practice. We also have a detailed check list for all our cleaning services to ensure we provide tidy and clean service. Established in 2015. Maid Masters was founded by two house cleaners whom are passionate about taking cleaning to another level. Cool fact about the cleaning service company is some of their cleaning solutions are made in-house.

Maid Masters strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Star Rating 4.5
Dallas, US, TX, 75219
Contact No. (817) 609-7374
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Maid Masters Honest Reviews

Hired Maid Masters for a move out cleaning after asking for quotes from a few places through Yelp. Communication was great, the cleaning crew arrived on time and did a great job, and the initial quote was accurate.
Definitely recommend this business.

Rating: 5
– Nicole H.

Horrible. I scheduled a move out cleaning for 1:15pm. They called me the day of to say the cleaners car broke down and they needed to take an Uber and asked if they can come earlier it was about 10Am. Luckily my movers were just about done. I rearranged my schedule to accommodate the cleaners. They never came, after texting back and forth and being told they were 20 mins away they finally showed up around 1:08pm. I was annoyed bc I could've kept my appointment which was an important appointment. I ended up leaving them, I came back they did not finish the fridge and completely missed a closet. Also I was quoted a price and charged more. Moving is already stressful, save the headache and find a reliable company.
Rating: 1
– Cindy P.

Yelp message describes the services as "Living and bedrooms – ceiling fan, window sills, wipe open built in's vacuum and mop floors, vacuum carpets." Don't window sill and window baseboard mean the same thing here? Nobody is expecting the window glasses are to be cleaned.
Rating: 3
– George C.

When I tell you these ladies came in and got us together on short notice; I was very satisfied. They rearranged the schedule and talk to another client to see if they could accommodate and it all worked out.

The ladies were polite and very professional. I ordered a clean out service because I was moving out of town. They came and buss those apartment down and the price was very reasonable and cheaper than I expected.

When I tell you they don't come to play they did an amazing job. They didn't miss a thing from wiping out drawers, cleaning base boards to window sills. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. I would use them again.
Rating: 5
– Meechelle F.

I read reviews on this cleaning company and decided to go with them because the reviews were favorable. Much to my disappointment, the cleaning was poorly done.
It started with the 3 employees, one of which was the supervisor, arriving at my home almost an hour late, which I had to call and ask if they were still coming prior to their arrival.
They finished cleaning my 2 bed 2 bath home in a little over an hour, after they left I noticed several things that were totally unsatisfactory: the floors were still dirty, the glass top stove still had grease on the burners, the kitchen sink had a spot that was completely missed were the most blatant misses.
I took photos of all, sent them to the owner and called her to discuss. Although she was apologetic and offered to send the crew back to fix those items however I was disappointed that the service was sub-standard to begin with and requested that she provide a partial refund instead.
I would recommend you choose another company to clean your home.

**Updated with the pic of Marilyn, the owner, text confirming the appointment time
What else is she lying about?⁉
All of my claims are backed with photos, you be the judge. Others have made similar complaints just read the reviews. **

Rating: 2
– Diane C.

I'm super happy I found Maid Masters!

I got a couple of quotes from around the DFW area, and they had the best prices by far. They work around your schedule, you can communicate via text (yay), and they did great work.

I was super pumped to see the results when I came home. We had two ladies come, they brought their own equipment, & cleaned the entire house. I had family at home the entire time, I do have pets and this wasn't an issue at all. I was mostly impressed with the cleaning in our bathroom, they did very well and detailed work there. There were cute noticeable touches they left around the house (like the paper towels in the kitchen).

I was very happy with my entire service and plan to continue using them to clean my house. Would recommend!

5/5 No Doubt.
Rating: 5
– Kelsey R.

The helpers showed up on time and they had a walk-through with me when they finished. They did a great job!
Rating: 5
– Jinglan S.

Flavia came to clean our apartment today and she did a fantastic job! She really hit it out of the park on the shower. She also has excellent attention to detail on everything else. She met my wife when she arrived and was very friendly. We are impressed by what she accomplished in two hours. We will have her back for sure!
Rating: 5
– Fred H.

I am not one to typically write reviews, but I feel that it would be a disservice to future customers if I did not voice my concerns with this company. I am very disappointment in multiple aspects of the cleaning and the company itself. First some positives, they arrived at the promised time and the cleaners were very kind and courteous. They did a nice job cleaning the bathrooms. That is about the extent of my compliments for this company. It started even before the cleaners came. I message them through yelp and got immediate responses and prices (which were not very clear). I requested a date for cleaning which was available and I was told that they would send me information about the cleaning including the price and when would be scheduled sometime a day or so before the cleaning. At 4 pm the day before the cleaning, no one had contacted me. I contacted them to ask about the time they were planning to come and was finally given a time. Nothing else was given to me including prices, what the cleaning would entail or anything else that was promised to me. I should have asked for more, but I guess I was too trusting of what a cleaning should be.
The cleaners (3 of them) were only in my home for about an hour and for my 4 story, 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom townhome, which is a very short amount of time. It typically takes cleaning companies 2-2.5 hours to clean the home. The lack of time spent was noticeable. The hardwood floors were not mopped or cleaned at all and food was still visible on the floor. The countertops were still dirty and when I ran my finger across it, dust and debris came off of it in multiple locations. I generally keep a clean home, but I hire house cleaners to do the extra stuff other than the daily sweeping the floors and wiping the counters. Overall not satisfied with the cleaning. I called the company to voice my concerns and when I received a call back, I was insulted. I was told that my home was "too dirty" and needed to be a deep clean instead of a regular clean. They complained that I had some cat food all over my countertop. Yes, I have cats and I put their food on the counter and guess what, some food gets out of the bowl. It was exaggerated and said that there was cat food everywhere. Literally takes like 30 seconds to wipe the dry cat food up. (I did say on my initial paperwork that I have cats). I was then told that the cleaners struggled to maneuver their vacuum around all of the toys that were all over the place. I specifically picked up all of the toys and things off of the floor to make it easier for them. Are there some toys on the floor? Yes, like my kid's rocking horse and train walker which are larger floor toys. Again I was told that based upon the state of my house that I needed a deep clean. My previous cleaners, who cleaned every 2 weeks never had a complaint or concern.
I will never use or recommend this company to anyone.

Rating: 1
– Rachel B.

Maid Masters communicated well with me to schedule and make sure everything I needed was included during their service time. They were on time, and they got straight to work. The crew was friendly and accepted my feedback. I do recommend them. If you are getting a deep clean, specify just how much of a deep clean you need. They can adjust the manpower and hours for you to get the job done.
Rating: 4
– Lucia A.

We had a cleaning done last week and they were very efficient and thorough. It was great coming home to a clean fresh-smelling house. The cost was reasonable and we'll worth it. We will definitely be using them again!
Rating: 5
– Kendra A.

Exceptional service. I requested a quote and Monica responded almost immediately. It was very inexpensive for both carpet cleaning and move out cleaning. They were running a special to help reduce costs due to COVID so I paid $159 for my apt and $85 for carpet cleaning. They arrived on time and were very efficient. I left them alone to do their work and when I returned, they were done (all within 3 hours). I liked that the team communicated when they would be arrive and when they would be done. And I messaged them constantly over the days leading to cleaning and they always responded in a timely manner. I know they've got a lot of houses to clean so it was nice that they took the time to respond to all of my questions.

I was a little hesitant since some people seemed really unhappy on Yelp but the vast majority were very happy with their work. And I'm definitely in the happy camp!
Rating: 5
– Nancy N.

This is my first time using a cleaning service. I reached out for a regular cleaning. The photo says it all. Is this how you clean? This is a glass door; Simple wipe will fix this. Deep cleaning is not needed. And the fridge; not Sure what substance they used, you can still see the markings and patterns ; You guys behaved like you were doing a favor. This is my first and last time with you.
Rating: 1
– Purnima V.

This was my first time using Maid Masters and they did a great job cleaning my home. They explained the procedure very clearly and the person that came did a great job. I have absolutely no complaints and feel the job was worth the price. I do look forward to using them again
Rating: 5
– Chris T.

It was stressful dealing with them as they were not focused on customer satisfaction. The cleaners themselves were good and did a great job. But I ended up paying twice of what I got as an estimate and the management were not helpful and instead worried about their time on the phone on a Saturday as is as a customer I need to worry about that. Didn't they agree to take up the work?

Two stars – only for the cleaners.

I just don't want to confuse because of the response to this. I am still saying that the cleaners were very good and did a good job. I gave 2 stars only because of them. Otherwise, it is just stressful to deal with the management.
Rating: 2
– Chandramohan D.

I haven't ever had anyone clean my house, other than the family and me. Maid Masters had great communication and reasonable pricing. They scheduled an appointment within a week. They were running a bit late to their scheduled time, but who cares, when your house is so clean. They did a thorough job. My husband couldn't get over how clean our subway-tiled shower was. I am going to schedule biweekly cleaning, and I would highly recommend.
Rating: 5
– Teri D.

Maid Masters did a fantastic job cleaning our 2-story townhome at a reasonable price! It's about 1600 sq feet, and we have two dogs that love to shed. Two employees arrived in a timely fashion and were able to clean the place quickly and thoroughly. They brought all of their own supplies and were very professional. We will definitely be regular customers!
Rating: 5
– Ally L.

We requested general cleaning from Maid Masters due to good reviews. Maria Perez and two staff arrived early and they did an excellent and thorough job in cleaning our hardwood and tile floors, bathrooms, and kitchen. I appreciated their nice touches in arranging our toiletries in the shower and the way she made a plain bed look nice by arranging the throw blanket. They were all very nice including Marilyn who is always quick in responding and scheduling. Our home smelled so clean and fresh. We highly recommend Maid Masters and especially Maria Perez and her crew. We will definitely request their service again. Thank you!!
Rating: 5
– Tina R.

I had a great experience with Maid Masters. They did an awesome job on my move out clean! More importantly, their customer service was excellent. My building was being difficult and wouldn't let them up but the whole team handled it really well and even though they were forced to wait about 20 mins to get in, they still did a great job. Recommend!
Rating: 5
– Lauren B.

Honest feedback: for real, don't use Maid Masters. I think it's says alot about a company when their initial response is to fire back at a customer review, instead of trying to find a resolution. And the fact they offered a discount on future service if I left a 5 star review…. Wow. Provide 5 star service, and you don't have to bribe customers for good feedback…

They charged an extra 100 for "dog fur".. his fur clumps, and takes maybe 20min to sweep up by myself. They don't agree.. While they can dispute the dog fur all they want, that is up for interpretation.

The 2 things I was very upset with was the fact my guest toilet was barely cleaned (see picture) and that they used steel wool on my brand new stainless sink. Every time I see that, to this day, I regret paying for this cleaning service. And paying so much…. They ruined my sink, and tried to tell me they did a good job. Also so insulting that Marilyn tried to justify it as if I lived I a cesspool, and since it hasn't been professionally cleaned since I bought it, it must have been a disaster. I live alone, clean 2x per week, but booked them for a deep clean to impress my family coming in town. Didn't pan out. I should have just set aside an afternoon and done it myself.

To the owner/mgmt: Please don't try to portray my brand new house (I live alone & the house was a new build btw) as some sort of disgusting crash pad. It's extremely petty. I have photos before the cleaning to.prove that was not the case. Seems to be a common tactic with them based in other reviews.

I have no personal animosity for this company, and wish them the best. I just wish they would accept their errors instead of firing back at a paying customer (over 400 for one cleaning btw for a small townhouse) and trying to justify their shoddy service. It's just disheartening to say the least…

I wouldn't recommend them based on the result and the fact they tried to degrade my honest review. Upsetting…

5 star effort, 2 star results, and 1 star Customer service if not 0
Rating: 1
– Kellen M.

Smart Cleaning Clean Kasa

Home Cleaning Services Smart Cleaning Clean Kasa

Specialties: Specializing in House cleaning services including carpet cleaning. We guarantee your satisfaction and we
won't leave until the job is done right. We pride ourselves on the quality work we provide, while
delivering great customer service! Check out our services offered and call or click to schedule a free
estimate today.

4927 Sam Jacinto St, Dallas, US, TX, 75206
Contact No. (469) 987-9799
Working Hours
  • Mon: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

Stellar Janitorial

Home Cleaning Services Stellar Janitorial

Specialties: With over 14 years of experience. Call today to book your next cleaning.

Star Rating 5
9001 S Normandale, Fort Worth, US, TX, 76116
Contact No. (682) 333-8439
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sat: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sun: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Website Click here to visit

Stellar Janitorial Honest Reviews

Wonderful service and very reliable! Owner was responsive and completed everything in a timely manner!
Rating: 5
– Sara Y.

I just had a deep clean done on my house, &  Stellar Janitorial did an Amazing job. Everything was spotless when they finished, & the house never smelled better! They paid close attention to details, which is why I opted for the deep clean. All the little things that others might overlook, they didn't miss a beat. All the major items, plus windows, blinds, light switches, outlets, doors, handles, baseboards etc..all were cleaned thoroughly. even found some residue of a sticker that must have been peeled off before we bought the house new..we had never noticed it, but she removed the yellow residue from it! All five stars..try them, you won't regret it!
Rating: 5
– Cynthia K.

Emily's Maids of Dallas

Home Cleaning Services Emily's Maids of Dallas

Specialties: Emily's Maids, coronavirus' worse enemy! Ask about the anti-virus measure we are taking to protect your family and friends during a time like this.

Hands down, the best value in Dallas home cleaning!

Emily's Maids is recognized as the "best house cleaning" by CBS TV DFW, rated as one of the "5 Best House Cleaning Services in Dallas" by Kev's Best, A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, awarded inclusion in Expertise LLC's coveted list of "Best House Cleaners in Dallas".

Emily's Maids offers a full range of custom cleaning solutions at affordable rates for every budget. We have the best prices in town WITHOUT compromising quality for your peace of mind! Don't let just anyone into your home; Emily's Maids has the proven, golden track record of providing excellence with every clean.

Whether you're looking for weekly and bi-weekly recurring service or one-time cleaning such as detail/deep cleaning, move in / move out make readies, and special events home cleanings, Emily's Maids is the house cleaning service to hire! Established in 2011. Emily's Maids was born from a lack of options for consumers in Dallas. Back then, you had to choose between quality and price when you hired a cleaning service. Emily's Maids mission has always been to clean like the pricey companies and charge like the cheap companies. That's why we have hundreds of happy clients across Dallas and the surrounding area, we go the extra mile!

Star Rating 4.5
8919 San Leandro Dr, Dallas, US, TX, 75218
Contact No. (214) 556-6243
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Emily's Maids of Dallas Honest Reviews

Job well done I wish they would come daily and make my day they did more than 100%, and the service provider was very kind and professional …
Rating: 5
– Denver S.

Hired these guys to do a deep clean of a 2 bed 2 bath 1400 sq ft for $225. I expected at least 2 to 3 people to show up but got 1 instead. She was done in 3 hours. At first look it seemed ok but after doing a more thorough walk through realized she didn't do any of the deep cleaning. They came back the next day and tried to leave after only an hour. I had to go through each room and point out the work she was supposed to do. I finally ran out of time and told her to leave. I Do Not recommend this company.
Rating: 1
– Jacob And Sam G.

We had our first house cleaning last week, just in time for family to visit. The website was easy to navigate, clearly shows everything that's included for every "level" of cleaning requested. Fiancé took the dogs out and ran an errand while she was there and it still smells clean five days later. Everything I expected was done and little things like folding the dogs' blanket and rearranging the pillows were a nice touch. I'll definitely hire them again and get the deep clean this fall.
Rating: 5
– Amanda K.

So far so great!! I couldn't be happier than to finally come home to a service that exceeds my expectations. I look forward to keeping Emily's Maids in my home. Elvira, did a great job and she clicked off a lot of boxes than others in the past has not.
Rating: 5
– M G.

Book now! This was our first time using Emily's Maids and Vicky came to clean our house. The house is spotless. The floors are shinier than they have ever been from other services. She cleaned under our furniture, she cleaned on top of the refrigerator, the shelves have all been dusted, and the bathrooms sparkle. We will definitely be booking Emily's Maids again. Thank you!
Rating: 5
– Annie J.

An employee from Emily's has cleaned my apartment 3 times. The first two times were okay but I am a clean freak. Therefore, I spoke with Emily and she changed our maid to Vicky without a fuss. The first maid was sweet and did a good job BUT I am much happier with Vicky's style of cleaning. The company has many wonderful employees. I appreciate that Emily was willing to work with me to find the right match. Look up their website to see what type of options they have for your cleaning experience. The customer pays by the service needed.
Rating: 4
– Angela L.

I received a call from Greg with the company and he did offer a free cleaning to make things right which I appreciate.
Rating: 4
– Lynnie D.

I'm updating my review, Emily's Maids did reach out to me after learning of my dissatisfaction with the service I initially received and they were very apologetic and refunded me for the extra charges. I'm glad that they care about customer service.
Rating: 4
– Natalie C.

I had an issue before but Greg and his team fixed it beyond my expectations. This is a great company and I highly recommend them for their service and attention to detail. We won't use anyone else moving forward
Rating: 5
– Mark S.

Another updated review. The company has improved and we are happy with their service now.

The maids are courteous and do a thorough job, especially in the bathrooms, which I think is important. They bring all their own supplies, but if you like a specific cleaning agent or vacuum, they are accommodating. The maids are trustworthy and we have never had issues in that area.

Communication with the company has gotten better – they have improved in this department. Also good with ease of making appointments and showing up, which has improved a lot.

Cost is also very reasonable, and its a good deal especially given how thorough they are.

I would recommend them now – I had some concerns initially, but they have addressed them appropriately.
Rating: 4
– Jenn W.

I have been using this service for almost a year now. I've had Maria the whole time and I don't have one single complaint. She cleans my 2000 square foot home once a month. It's all tile and she cleans everything and mops the whole place. She's always on time, and gets the job done perfectly. She's friendly to my dog (my dog is wild) and she leaves the place spotless. I love this service and I never want to go anywhere else. I love Emily's and I love Maria!
Rating: 5
– Joy D.

I used Emily's maid this week and it was above and beyond of what I expected. Elaine was extremely friendly and professional. I came home and everything was sparkly and shiny, she took no short cuts. I was very impressed and would recommend them to anyone.
Rating: 5
– Cocofresh R.

We just had our house cleaned and I must say the house looks fantastic. Emily's maid was thorough, detailed and really did a wonderful job. We have 2 dogs and a two year old so the challenge was great, but afterwards just spotless. We will definitely use Emily's regularly.
Rating: 5
– Jeaux B.

We've used Emily's Maids for the past year or so and I could not be happier with the service we get from them. The prices they charge are at or less than others, and they do a better job. We've tried other maid services and we were always left a little disappointed, but Emily's maids does a great job. The one time that something was done wrong I emailed and the next day they were at the house to fix it before I even talked to anyone. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants a good house cleaning at a fair price.
Rating: 5
– Matt P.

DFW Miracle Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services DFW Miracle Cleaning Services

Specialties: Let us give you a miraculous cleaning experience ! From housekeeping services all the way to airbnb cleaning.

Star Rating 5
Dallas, US, TX, 75201
Contact No. (469) 423-7288
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
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  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
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DFW Miracle Cleaning Services Honest Reviews

I'm a single mother with a toddler and a baby on the way. I work full time and go to school part time. It has become very difficult to find the time and energy to keep my house together. I ran across this cleaning business and I must say I was very impressed with the results. It was such a relief to not have to come home to a mess. Lisa was so sweet and helpful. I will definitely be using them once a week. Thank you guys so much !
Rating: 5
– Quenisha B.

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