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If you’re looking for Home Cleaning Services in Burnaby then you’re at the right place, because we’ve listed some of the best Home Cleaning Services in Burnaby. Checkout the list below, and do leave us a comment your thoughts on the service/business listed here.

Best Home Cleaning Services in Burnaby

Crystal Cleans

Home Cleaning Services Crystal Cleans

Specialties: Move out/ ins
Crystal's Cleaning Services
Serving the greater vancouver area since 1995
Hi im Crystal
Ive been providing custom cleaning services for the last 24 years
I specialize in move out/ins
Get the cleaning you want, and not extra services that you don't need!
I will customize your services to your needs.
Having a get together with family or friends? I can clean your kitchen and living areas!
Need only your bathrooms cleaned? No problem!
Going through a busy move? Let me do your move-out clean so you can concentrate on getting settled in your new place!
Whatever your cleaning needs, I can help!
I have hourly rates, but get the best deal with a flat rate!
Get the polite, courteous and expert service that you seek!
Call today for an in-person quote!
Rates are $35-$40 / hour depending on clean.

Thanks for reading! Can't wait to hear from you! Established in 2016. Crystal's Cleaning Services
Serving the greater vancouver area since 1995
Hi im Crystal
Ive been providing custom cleaning services for the last 26 years
I specialize in move out/ins
Get the cleaning you want, and not extra services that you don't need!
I will customize your services to your needs.
Having a get together with family or friends? I can clean your kitchen and living areas!
Need only your bathrooms cleaned? No problem!
Going through a busy move? Let me do your move-out clean so you can concentrate on getting settled in your new place!
Whatever your cleaning needs, I can help!
I have hourly rates, but get the best deal with a flat rate!
Get the polite, courteous and expert service that you seek!
Call today for an in-person quote!
Crystal 604~700-1991

Thanks for reading! Can't wait to hear from you!

Star Rating 5
Port Coquitlam, CA, BC, V3C
Contact No. (604) 700-1991
Working Hours
  • Mon: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Tue: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Wed: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Thu: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

Crystal Cleans Honest Reviews

Crystal did a fantastic job doing a move out clean for me. Great Service, Good communication. Thank you, see you again !!
Rating: 5
– Shawn M.

Crystal is a very hard working lady!Had to slow her down to take a breather….definitely worth every penny!She saved me when she came out to help with move out of our rental apartment.Very thankful to have met her and will definitely use her again!!!
Rating: 5
– Nadina H.

Crystal has done a wonderful job cleaning my house. She is reliable, friendly, timely. She has given me and my family piece of mind. I feel very grateful for her service.
Rating: 5
– Leah G.

Good service, punctual and pays attention to details.
Kathy, who came to do the initial clean explained the cleaning agents she used in my house– nothing toxic since I have a baby. I'll be booking myself in for a regular cleaning.

Rating: 5
– Claire P.

Kirei Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Kirei Cleaning

Specialties: Get the cleanest place in Vancouver with a clean-up from Kirei Cleaning Services. Kirei provides professional cleaning services 7 days a week to residential, industrial and commercial clients. Established in 2011. Kirei Cleaning Services is concerned about our environment and the impact of harmful cleaning chemicals used in your home. Let Kirei Cleaning Services clean your home with our combined eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products and our proven green cleaning methods. Green cleaning and the use of eco-friendly cleaning products have become an important part of the services that Kirei Cleaning Services offers its clients.

Star Rating 4.5
1088 Richards Street, Vancouver, CA, BC, V6B 3C1
Contact No. (604) 363-2475
Working Hours
  • Mon: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Kirei Cleaning Honest Reviews

Carlos did a great job with the carpet cleaning for our property. He was on-time, courteous, professional, and cleaned up after the job. Scheduling and quoting process with Diana was easy and efficient as well.

Overall a very good experience.
Rating: 5
– Dave S.

We requested move-in cleaning from them reading the reviews. Our normal cleaner does a better job in an hour than they did in 4 hours.

I called them again and they came for a second cleaning. They did a better job after I pointed to the dirty areas. Overall it was a hassle. I do not recommend.
Rating: 3
– Mani M.

Carlos and Diana provided excellent service start to finish – on time and as per estimate with the Groupon voucher, will certainly book again
Rating: 5
– Mc Lovin L.

With tip, I spent $422.10 for a move out clean with a bedroom carpet steam. It did not meet move-out standards with the property manager; I had to pay our landlord another $100 to have their own cleaner do touch-ups in order to hand back the keys. Property manager swiped her hand across the bedroom window sill and her hand was black with particulate. Here are some of the details that the landlord pointed out as unclean: the grates on top of the radiators; bathroom vent panel, underneath the microwave, spots on the roll-down blinds; tops of doorways; inner washer door aress (just the glass was cleaned). I made the assumption that the move out clean service checklist aligned with with industry expectations/standards. In hindsight, I wish I had an itemized list from the landlord to provide the cleaners to ensure that everything was addressed.

I did call to enquire about a return visit for touch-ups but it was insinuated that it was my landlord being picky. This was the moment that I knew that having them back wasn't going to solve my problem. The deficiencies that the landlord showed me weren't 'plain sight' things but I can understand why her expectations were not met; upon closer inspection, the apartment was still dirty.

Full disclosure, this clean happened during the extreme heat wave (thus my 20% tip). The two cleaners I met were very nice and had 32-degree tempaeratutes in which to work. I'm not sure if that was a factor in the results but I do feel like I paid too much for a 'move out' clean that required additional work.
Rating: 3
– Peter R.

Scheduled Kirei Cleaning for a move out cleaning, despite the agreed price, I received a call after the cleaning started asking for 1 more hour of cleaning which I have to pay. And after the cleaning, I could see the dust on the baseboard is not even touched, and the cleaners moved the burner but did not move them back to its original position. And all the blinds are not wiped at all, stains are clearly visible. It is obvious their cleaners are not experienced and does not understand how to carry out an move out clean.

And later when my land lord came to check, she emailed me the whole list of unsatisfactory items, I quote here: I spend four hours cleaning the unit myself and the more I cleaned, the more I realized what a poor job your team did. At best, I would say that the unit received a "light" cleaning. This is a short list of some of the items I had to clean after your team had been through the unit:

– Black dirt and particles all over the white bathroom floors
– Dirt and grime around the bathroom sink and on the underside of the faucet.
– Toddler fingerprints on the plastic venetian blinds that were easily cleaned off
– Grime build-up on the hardwood floors, which look to have only been lightly swept
– Oil and other food stains on the inside and outside of the kitchen cabinets – Food stains on the walls that were easily wiped off
– Dirty backsplash in the kitchen
– The light switches and plugs weren't wiped off for dust or fingerprints

My landlord suggested me to get at least a partial refund for the poor job Kirei cleaning did, which I requested via email, and no response were given. Do not use Kirei cleaning services for any moving in or moving out services.
Rating: 1
– Hao J.

The short:

– tried their cleaning service once in Feb 2021, but will likely try another provider next time.

– did a decent job (see below for details) with move-in cleaning of a 3-bedroom townhome in Coquitlam

Note: this is the only house cleaning service I have used so I am not sure how they compare against other providers around this area.

The long:

– Julio (coordinator) was responsive and although curt, answered my questions.

– cleaners (Jannette & Darlyng) arrived on time

– good covid measures: cleaners wore mask and maintained physical distancing

Reasons for not providing 5-stars:

– cleaned some areas well (e.g., inside of kitchen appliances, floors, bathrooms), but some areas were not touched (e.g., baseboards, walls, sides of appliances, tops of cabinet, closet shelves, doors), and some areas were cleaned poorly (e.g., blinds).

– the cleaners did not suggest a walk-through/review after their cleaning and directly asked for payment. They agreed to do a walk-through after I insisted and that is when I found out some of the areas that were and were not/poorly cleaned. I believe they underestimated the service time and were in a rush towards the end, so I discovered additional areas that were not/poorly cleaned after they left. Ideally, I would have communicated this experience to the company immediately after my service but I could not manage time from my other moving-in activities.

– communication was challenging as one of the cleaners did not speak English and the other spoke very limited English.

– one of the cleaners was on her phone the whole time. I do not have any issue with that but I wonder if that was a contributing factor to the poor quality of her work.

– did not have a cleaning checklist (which other companies in this area provided). So, I spent time making one to ensure clarity/alignment on work scope. The cleaners did not check with me or seem to have consulted the checklist that I shared before the appointment.
Rating: 3
– Sumit D.

It's been 2 years since we've had cleaners over so I was eager to have people over. I currently use Kirei for my carpet cleaning so I thought I would try their house cleaning services and I was not disappointed. Erika and Rosa were great! They were quick, courteous, and we were delighted with what they were able to accomplish in 3 hours. Thank you ladies!
Rating: 5
– Jeanell G.

Lucero and Karina were very friendly; as requested, they went to town on our stove and shower and both are now sparkling clean; they also touched up a bunch of other things we didn't even ask for, thanks! We also used Kirei for our last movie a year ago and were very happy with them then too, should have listened to them though that a deep cleaning for a move does take longer as we didn't book them for long enough. This time we thought why wait until we move to get a deep clean.
Rating: 5
– Avid S.

I used Kirei twice in the last 2 months to get a suite ready for viewing in preparation for sale and just last week to do a final move out clean

Both times the cleaners were promptly on time, the manager confirmed appointments ahead of time and they were there on time.

They were courteous, efficient and thorough – they did a good job. I asked specifically for the bathroom and the appliances (particularly the oven) to be given extra attention and they did so.

Price was reasonable and I'd happily use them again
Rating: 5
– Andrew K.

Very professional and responsive after realizing that we needed our windows cleaned and viruses and pathogens cleaned extensively throughout the home. They came an extra day with no extra charge to help us fix the miscommunication. We had deep cleaning and steam cleaning done. Their team are very understanding and kind hardworking people. Will definitely recommend more services to them.
Rating: 5
– Tai T.

Janet, Rosa and Lucero rocked it!
Rating: 5
– Gerhard M.

Thanks to Karina, Lucero, and Ricardo for the move out clean. They were punctual and did a good job !
Rating: 5
– Louise L.

I needed a move-out clean done in the summer when leaving my old apartment, along with carpets and was recommend Kirei Cleaning.

I had Jannette & Frida complete a 3-hour clean with carpets, and was so impressed with the level of clean and how much they accomplished in that short time. I would highly recommended them both, and will be using their services again for a regular clean!
Rating: 5
– Jessica W.

I've had Kirei cleaning come in a number of times now.

They are always punctual, friendly and efficient. Their team gets the job done well and they clearly seem to enjoy their work.

I whole-heartedly recommend them.
Rating: 5
– Andre B.

This is my first time using a professional cleaning service so I have been calling around for a quote. They are super responsive and provide a reasonable quote. The cleaners, Jannette and Frida were on time and did a great job at my apartment.
Rating: 4
– Duong V.

We initially were very happy with Kirei so when they asked us to review for a discount on our next cleaning we happily did so. After a few years we noticed that the cleaning was no longer at the level we had come to expect. We had to text a few times to let them know that there were stains not cleaned up or our hardwood floors would have a lot of dust still on them. But this last time was absolutely the worst cleaning, if you can call it that. The toilet in our main bathroom had visible stains and drops on the seat, the bowl was obviously not cleaned. Faucets weren't even wiped, including kitchen faucet and sink. When my wife wiped the bathroom floor with a rag it was apparent that had not been cleaned either. The hardwood floor in the main living area did not look clean with lots of dirt and dust. We contacted Julio who did not respond, we contacted him again after 3 days. The text we got back was to refund half our money and tell us they were no longer taking residential clients so would no longer be able to clean our condo. No apology or explanation. Bizarre response. After looking through some of the negative reviews here I am sure that Julio will either respond by telling us we aren't clients or by saying see this is what we have to deal with. My response would be I have the text to prove we are clients and the photos, and exactly when did it become ok to get paid for a job, not do that job and then complain when the person who hired you calls you out for not doing your job? We've already hired another company and wonder why we waited so long.

Update : And as predicted within 5 minutes of this review being posted Julio responded. Not even sure it was Julio or an automated response he has set up whenever the company gets a 1 star review.
Rating: 1
– Brian R.

Kirei Cleaning does an extremely thorough job! I highly recommend their service. Especially Olivia & Andy.
Rating: 5
– Jane K.

i use Kirei cleaning every 2 weeks and I am never dissapointed. Janet and Ann do a wonderful job and they make our place look very nice when they are done. I def would recommend them.
Rating: 5
– Brandon E.

I was very disappointed with my move out service with Kirei. They quoted me 3 hours. When I returned after 3 hours, it looked like the place was barely touched. They came back the next day and after 2 hours it STILL looked the same. We asked them to leave after that as we didn't want to pay any more. The initial $180 that we were quoted quickly ran over $350. Plus we now have to come back and finish cleaning the place on own. After a stressful and expensive move, this was supposed to help make our easier.
Update from owners comment: My husband and I were indeed customers of Kirei in Oct. 2018. I see they are leaving this comment on every bad review to try and redeem their image. After the service was provided, we never once got an apology and instead were insulted by management saying our place was a disaster. I see nothing has changed.

Rating: 1
– Rosie G.

I am just blown away with the service from Kirei cleaning! Booking was so easy with Julio and he broke the price down and explained the additional cleaning add ons available. It was so quick to organize. Upon checking the cleaning done by Karina and Ann, I was so HAPPY! The house was absolutely SPOTLESS. The whole kitchen and bathroom were sparkling clean. They even moved the appliances to vaccum under and around. Floors and carpets were cleaned so well. All the dust and finger prints from windows and ledges were taken care of. Julio was very kind and both Karina and Ann were so friendly and polite. They made sure to ask me to check everywhere and if anything still needed to be cleaned they would take care of it. Of course everything was already perfect! So pleased. I 100% recommended their service and I will be using them again if I ever need cleaning service. Thank you so much!
Rating: 5
– Lee T.


Home Cleaning Services CLEANY

Specialties: The trusted cleaners will do residential and office cleaning for you at affordable rates fitting your schedule. Established in 2016. This company started in 2016 in Greater Vancouver as a small cleaning company. After 5 years of serving our clients we transferred into a service platform providing innovative solutions to both clients looking for reliable cleaners and experienced cleaners looking to get more business. We created our own software and mobile apps based on our knowledge of the industry in order to improve and simplify the process of booking, communication, consumer and provider appreciation and satisfaction guarantee. We are continuously working on the system and become better.

Star Rating 4
New Westminster, CA, BC, V3L 1A6
Contact No. (778) 996-6243
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

CLEANY Honest Reviews

I booked two cleaners and had Andres and Jenny come. I had ordered the move out clean for a two bedroom 1200 square-foot condo (no pets, non smoking home and no carpet). They came right on time at 9 AM And I had asked them to bring all of the cleaning supplies including a mop and a vacuum. They brought everything including an industrial vacuum.

They did an amazing job! At each step of the way, Andres checked in with me to ensure I was satisfied with their work. I had asked them to clean all of our blinds, inside windows, oven, inside of fridge, inside of cupboards, baseboard and scrub the tiles. They also cleaned my patio floor and patio roof.

My kitchen tiles were stained and I couldn't get the stains out but they did an immaculate job! I was so impressed as I've never seen the tiles this colour before! I would recommend Cleany to anyone.

The move out clean was 4.5 hours but since I had asked them to spend more time on the blinds, they told me ahead of time they would need more time and if I approved for the additional work. I appreciated that he told me ahead of time instead of being surprised afterwards.
So in the end, for two cleaners for 6 hours costed $504 (taxes included).

I'd be happy to work with Cleany again.
Rating: 5
– Belinda G.

The girl that came did not do a good job, told me it was because she was sick (yes, in the middle of a pandemic!)- and wanted me to pay extra for the extra time it took due to this. I did not. I then had to reclean myself as it was such a poor job, with dirt still on the floor.
I suspect the company is having people do 5* ratings for them as many of them do not really do other reviews (Craig B, Beth F)

Rating: 1
– Lucinda K.

Used Cleany for the first time just before the holidays. Great work. Will definitely be using again in the new year
Rating: 5
– Craig B.

My husband and I decided to we wanted to get someone in for an initial deep clean of our apartment and then have someone come in weekly for upkeep. I looked at various cleaning companies and decided to try Cleany. I emailed them with my request and they responded promptly. I told them I would like to get someone in on Fridays. They said they could accommodate that. I advised that the cleaners could start anytime after 7 am but I'd like the cleaning to be finished by the time I get home at 5 pm. They also said they could accommodate that. We made an appointment for the initial deep clean. They told me it would take 7 hours or more. I agreed. They said the cleaner would arrive at 8 am.

The day before the initial deep clean appointment, I got a call saying they'd like to reschedule for Sunday. I said that wouldn't work for me. Vanessa told me that was fine and we'd keep the original appointment. Subsequent to that phone call I got a confirmation email that the cleaner would be arriving at 8 am.

The morning of the cleaning, 8 am came and went and no one showed up. At 9 o clock I called Cleany to see what was up. Vanessa informed me that the appointment had been moved to 12:00. I was surprised. I hadn't agreed to that. No one had called to ask me if that was ok, and that meant the cleaner was going to be there until 7:00 pm – past the 5:00 pm cut off we had agreed to. I expressed that I was frustrated that that decision was made without talking to me.

She asked if I wanted the cleaner to quit cleaning at 5:00 and I said no, but that I'd like a discount for the inconvenience of having to find something to do for 2 hours on a Friday after work when all I want to do is go home and relax and the original agreement was that it would be done by 5 pm. Vanessa said she'd talk to her boss.

Vanessa called me back to inform me that her boss had agreed to a 10% discount. She also informed me that the cleaner arriving at 12:00 could only stay until 6 and another cleaner would be coming at 5:00 to help out.

12:00 came and went and nobody showed up. I called Cleany and there was no answer. Shortly after I called, I recieved a call saying there had been an accident and the cleaner was going to be late.

She finally arrived at 2:00 pm, which would set the cleaning back to being completed at 9:00 pm. I was not happy.

The cleaner who was supposed to arrive at 5:00 pm did not arrive until 6:00.

I went to the movies to waste time. I got out of the movies at 9pm and went home to inspect the place. The cleaner's were gone.

The kitchen and living room looked good. I was impressed, but I went into the bedroom to find it hadn't been done. Not vacuumed, bedside tables not wiped. I was extremely frustrated.

Later that night I got an invoice for the full amount without the discount we had discussed.

I'm not trying to be dramatic, but this was quite honestly the worst customer service experience I've encountered in my life.

This was not an insignificant opportunity for Cleany. It was going to be on an ongoing, weekly cleaning contract. I understand that accidents happen, staff cancel last minute, but it is wholly unacceptable to make changes to an appointment without discussing those changes and obtaining the consent of the parties. I am shocked that none of this was communicated to me and that I never received a call from the management of the company expressing their apology for the way the initial clean went.

Having read other reviews, it seems this sort of thing occurs frequently. I DO not recommend Cleany to anyone. We hire cleaners to make our lives easier and more convenient. This experience was anything but….
Rating: 2
– Dalea R.

I love these guys for more reasons than one. The booking process is simple and breaks it down enough to let me know where I'm getting value for my $. The the service provided follows up to be just as promised. Friendly crew, works hard and pays attention to detail. I could not ask for more.
Rating: 5
– Guy S.

This should be more of a 3.5 stars then a 4. Went with cleany cause they had a yelp promo and they had a satisfaction guarantee.

Booked 4 hrs with the promo because I did a renovation and needed the areas that weren't renovated(bathroom, foyer and kitchen) to be thoroughly cleaned. Let the cleaner and went out. Came back 3 hrs later and the areas which needed cleaning were just getting started. The cleaner barely got through the bathroom and a bit of the kitchen when time was up. To say I was dissatisfied would have been an understatement.

I told them about my dissatisfaction and they sent out a different cleaner the next day. The cleaner did a wonderful job and I was very happy about it.

If I had the second cleaner the first time this would have been an easy 5 star but since I had to get a reclean it fell to 3.5. The fact they sent out another cleaner the next day means their satisfaction guarantee is prompt and let me feeling good.
Rating: 4
– Terry T.

Not too bad, not too good. Just OK. After reading the good reviews here, I even paid extra for deep cleaning. But the place was hardly deep cleaned; there was obvious dust and stains left in multiple places.

Maybe the problem was that our 3000 sqft. house was a bit big for their one cleaner. They might be better off sticking to smaller properties or expand their team before taking on bigger places.

I also never met someone who was so determined to not smile or be friendly. Sure it's not a requirement for the job or anything, but it wasn't very comfortable having someone in your private space who seemed very unhappy to be there.
Rating: 3
– Turgay B.

Always excellent service. Prompt, meticulous and hard working. Been using Cleany for 2 years almost twice a month and I have nothing but good things to say. Give them a try!
Rating: 5
– Ray M.

I recently moved into a new home in Burnaby and researched many cleaning company's to come and clean the property as we had no cleaning supplies. The previous tenants had done a move out clean before they had left so it really just needed a wipe down. All the kitchen appliances were new and were installed before we moved in so they did not require cleaning. That being said we do have a 2500sqft house so was fully expecting them to take the 10 hrs required.

One girl arrived at 7am and the other girl arrived at 8am. I nipped out of the house to let them get on with the cleaning. At 11am I received a call from Melissa notifying me that my house was very very old and dirty and that they had only just finished the kitchen (7hrs) and that it would take an additional 6 hrs to complete the remainder of the house. Which if they take 7 hrs a room would definitely not be the case. I told Melissa to ask the girls to complete the bathrooms and Hoover and mop the floors in the remainder of time left. When I got home both girls were gone and the house was not clean. None of the surfaces had been wiped or cleaned, no floors had been cleaned, no windows or baseboards had been cleaned the only thing that had been completed was the Kitchen. cupboards. It then took me 5 phone calls with Melissa to ask what I was paying $350 for as I couldn't see what they had spent 10 hrs on. Finally they just charged my credit card for $280 and said that was the best they could do.

I just find this completely and utterly useless and I ended up cleaning my house in 5 hrs on my own. Wish I had just done that from the beginning.
Rating: 1
– Katherine M.

Friendly service and decent cleaning job. I wouldn't say it was a deep clean but for the price it was adequate.
Rating: 2
– Andrea L.

I had my first cleaning with Cleany this week and I was extremely impressed! The booking process was easy and they were very responsive to my questions. The cleaning lady arrived on time and was so efficient and extremely hardworking! She listened intently to the things I needed done and just got to it. Within 2 hours my place was spotless!!! And the way she made the bed – HOTEL quality!!! Five stars!!
Rating: 5
– Candice P.

Cleany is responsive to texts and provides great service. I was very pleased with the first cleaning job they did for me and I will be hiring them again. I had asked for a basic clean and the staff person went beyond what I was expecting, even cleaned the shelves where I store pots and pans. I'm not sure what they used on my shower – perhaps just arm power – but they removed the mildew and stains nicely. Great service!
Rating: 4
– Katherine L.

Great service, good communication. Showed up on time and did a great job. Defs recommend!
Rating: 5
– Dave C.

This is long but I want to be balanced and fair and if you have followed my reviews, you know I am fair and that it is tough to get either 1 or 5 stars from me.

I was very much looking forward to using Cleany, based on Yelp reviews and my first encounter.

I was housesitting for my kids who were off in Hawaii and I wanted them to return to a sparkling home so, a week in advance, I reached out to three local cleaning outfits. Cleany responded within minutes and the other two didn't bother.

There was no heavy cleaning involved; just make the already clean bathrooms sparkle, mop tile floors, vac the carpets, shine up the laminate and clean 3 or 4 windows. I guessed a pretty easy 4 hours.

Cleany was very professional with their response, setup and booking process and agreed to an hourly rate with no minimum. I was happy. I gave a fixed date, a week away, but said I was flexible with time of day. We established arrival between 10:00 and 11:00.

At 9:58 I got a call saying the cleaner had an emergency family situation and could we reschedule for "next week." Neither the very last minute cancellation or the suggested make up was acceptable, so I cancelled. They were not happy.

Here's what bothered me;
A "sick child" cancellation is a pretty standard, last minute, bail issue and is just an excuse.

Had I cancelled, it would have cost me.

The cleaner would have needed, I'm guessing, 20 to 30 minutes to find me so, for the emergency to arise 2 minutes before the appointment is tough to believe.

Dispatch would try to get someone later in the day, after the other customers were taken care of but, no assurances. This was also not acceptable and obviously there is no backup. No plan B.

Had Cleany come through and done a good job, they would have gotten appropriate stars. Based on first contact; high marks. Now, sorry, it's a fail.

Too bad, I had told other people, about my positive first encounter. Now I can't recommend them.

I'm not saying don't use them, just relating my personal experience, FYI.
To their credit, Cleany has emailed with a very sincere apology and offered a comp for any time in the future. Nice gesture and I will consider it.

Rating: 2
– H W.

I asked for a quote via yelp and I got a response within an hour! The owner is really fast and efficient and was so easy to book. I had someone come in the very next day! She was a miracle cleaner! She was fast, professional and did an amazing job! Having a new baby and an older kid doesn't allow me much time for cleaning so my apartment has not looked like this in years!!! I was so impressed that instead of booking biweekly as I initially had planned, I decided to go weekly! Their price is very reasonable too! The cleaner brought her own cleaning spray and mop. She even recommended a vacuum cleaner that would be better for my carpets. I know I can trust them, and next time I will be leaving my keys with the concierge while I worry – free take a walk with my children and come back to a clean apartment!
Rating: 5
– Sangeeta B.

Cleany, was were very professional from the booking to the cleaning.
Anna did a great job cleaning our house.
I will use them again for sure !

Rating: 5
– Sofia S.

Their booking service online is great, you can pay via credit card and they send you a text message reminder the day before your scheduled cleaning service, which I find useful. If you ask them to change the workscope for your next cleaning visit, they always take your request seriously and make sure they meet your expectations. I've been using their service for several months and I'm happy with this company. I would highly recommend them!
Rating: 5
– Marie B.

DID NOT SHOW UP. I found these guys on Craigslist advertising last minute cleaning services, which is exactly what we needed. We booked over the phone on Saturday morning for service on Sunday evening. Got an email confirmation on Saturday evening for the job incorrect time… they were coming Sunday 8am instead of 4pm like we discussed on the phone. OK no problem… I adjusted my plans to accommodate 8am. Sunday comes around. No one shows up at 8am Or 4pm! Not one call from Cleany to explain what happened after several calls and messages that went to their voice mail. DO NOT USE if you want reliable service.
Rating: 1
– Tina P.

I have to say that I really recommend the cleaning services at Cleany . 9/10 times the cleaners are very good and meticulous . I am just reducing 1 point for a below average service , however Olga was responsive and very cooperative . This really helps me free up my time and the customer service is always prompt to respond !
Rating: 4
– Nikita N.

I dont remember the cleaner's name but she said she only works with Cleany on Saturday and thank god it was Saturday. She cleaned so hard for the 4 hours and tried to fill every minute with hard work So worth fhe momey!! Will definitely go back to Cleany
Rating: 5
– Alice N.

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Specialties: Commercial Cleaning
Residential Cleaning
Offices cleaning
Air BNB cleaning
Move out /Move in
Junk removal Established in 2016. I have been working in cleaning job LTD ,from 2016 as employe with scrubbing cleaning company, but in2021 registered my business ,To help my people and make there live easier with my long term experience
Thank you

Burnaby, CA, BC, V5E 3G6
Contact No. (778) 814-2900
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Trendline Property Services

Home Cleaning Services Trendline Property Services

Specialties: Trendline Property Services is a proud Canadian company based in the Lower Mainland for your cleaning services, dedicated to provide a wide range of cleaning services which include residential cleaning, move in/out cleaning, office cleaning, commercial/post construction cleaning, and building caretaking with handyman services. At Trendline Services, we believe in giving outstanding quality and leaving our customers satisfied.

Star Rating 5
Vancouver, CA, BC
Contact No. (778) 928-7363
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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Trendline Property Services Honest Reviews

Wow seriously great service from one of the friendliest and nicest services in town! Booked for a Sunday morning clean. Depreet was a super punctual dude and provided great service (along with his help of course). After each room was cleaned asked if there was anything else to do in that room before moving on. Will definitely call again!
Rating: 5
– Sydney W.


Home Cleaning Services ProClean

Specialties: We specialize in commercial and residential cleaning services. We offer Maid Service, Carpet Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Pressure Washing and Window Washing. Established in 2016. Locally owned & operated

PROCLEAN was started after recognizing a need for an affordable but professional cleaning. We have built our company reputation on providing service that is a cut above the others for prices you could afford.

Star Rating 4.5
1255 Seymour Street, Vancouver, CA, BC, V6B 0H1
Contact No. (778) 710-7762
Working Hours
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ProClean Honest Reviews

Best cleaning service in town, affordable and reliable
Move Out cleaning and carpet cleaning done
5 stars all around

Rating: 5
– Julio D.

Been using them for a few months now and they've been great. Only downside is that they don't provide their own kitchen towels for cleaning. Scheduling and the cleaning has been good
Rating: 4
– Saba A.

Hard working, responsive and great attitude. ProClean have cleaned our large condo a couple of times, and I would happily recommend them. They are very thorough and professional.
Rating: 5
– Jen C.

First time using a cleaner aside from work.. i didnt set the goal super high..

First thing.. my place was a mess.. the previous owner probably didnt clean for years.. i have to praise the girls for being hard working and did a great job.. They were very accommodating to me asking them to clean areas — i stayed to watch them clean so i can catch where it wasnt.. – 2 cleaners

I did notice they didnt bring a lot of tools… i dont know if what they had was sufficient to clean everything? They also used some of my stuff…

Not sure if other cleaners clean behind the fridge ( i asked them to) and under the oven (wow i was in for a surprise yesterday.. still had dog food and thick dust there.. i didnt remember to ck when they were there)…

I still had to pick up some cleaning here and there after but they did take a bulk part of the job away…

The murphy bed was full of dog hair and dust before they came… after they left most of them r gone and not visible.. just a very thin invisible layer that i had to wipe off…

The toilet is actually white :).., there was black stains before they came!

I also asked them to clean behind the washer/dryer…. they did an ok job on that! The previous owner probably didnt understand dust shouldnt accumulate…. i still had to work on it a bit after but still took away some of my work!
Rating: 3
– Inez H.

I have booked ProClean several times in the past 8 months and they are fantastic each and every time. I am extremely particular and these cleaners are all professionals. What appeals to me, in addition to the awesome cleaning, is their satisfaction with their job and their employer. They are obviously well treated and well trained. The result is a sparkling clean home. Highly recommend.
Rating: 5
– Cheryl G.

I hired ProClean for my move-out cleaning. There was some minor miscommunication at the start. The cleaners were waiting outside of the townhouse complex, not knowing my unit # nor that they could come up into the common area.

The cleaners were thorough and professional. I'd certainly recommend ProClean to others.
Rating: 4
– Brad S.

Cleaning With Love

Home Cleaning Services Cleaning With Love

Specialties: Antiviral Sanitisation Packages for cleaning Covid 19 in Facilities, Schools, Clinics, Homes wearing N95 masks! Established in 2012. "Where love matters…ethical, organized, Earth-friendly…"

Star Rating 4.5
110 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver, CA, BC, V5Y 0H4
Contact No. (604) 475-5683
Working Hours
  • Mon: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Tue: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Wed: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Thu: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed
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Cleaning With Love Honest Reviews

Seems redundant to put another 5* review up, but they really were great.
Our home was SO clean ! Moving is stressful and to have the clean-out move of a big home done so well really eased the transition.
On time and on budget. Great communication with office – all round professional, and very pleasant staff.
The cleaning angel even helped me find my normally chill cat who got spooked.
All cleaning products and vacuum provided by CWL. Garbage (paper towels etc.) removed. THANKS TEAM !

Rating: 5
– C. G.

I chose to get a move out cleaning with Cleaning with Love due to the incredible reviews. I had sent a request via email and then spoke to a representative at the company, Prince. We booked the cleaning for 3 man hours but it only took 30 minutes for two people to clean. When they arrived to clean my apartment I had let them know that they needed to clean everything outlined on the scope of work, and that they did not need to clean the fridge/freezer. They asked if it was a move-out cleaning and I said yes.

I've attached some photos of the cleaning service received which show the place as not being cleaned. In addition to this, when I informed Prince of the service I received he blamed me for not reviewing the cleaners work and also not advising them that it was a move out cleaning (which I did inform them, and it was also noticeable given there was nothing left in my apartment).
Rating: 1
– Natasha P.

I was a bit nervous about continuing my cleaning service while COVID-19 was in place, but when I enquired as to what measures "Cleaning with Love" was doing to keep themselves and their clients safe, I was very impressed. They have gone beyond the obvious guidelines and their level of professionalism is amazing. I feel really comfortable with having this amazing company cleaning my home. I also love the fact that I am supporting a local business who's quality of work deserves the highest acylates.
Thankyou for your continued high standard in this challenging time.

Rating: 5
– Ally G.

I don't know if I've ever been so disappointed with a cleaning service. Especially after being pressured to write a positive review after the first cleaning. I should have been smarter and waited before writing a review.
I'm sure they will respond to this review and say it's my fault. To be expected.

You will have a great first cleaning as they do this to get your business and a great review. After this your team will change constantly. There will be major inconsistencies with each clean. Our cleanings went steadily downhill over time. I stuck with them as they tried to correct this.
Our move out clean was a similar disappointing experience.

It seems the best way to get reliable cleaning is to find a single private person and not hire a company. Too many inconsistencies and changing crew members.
Rating: 1
– Zoe C.

After just having a baby, my husband and I rarely have time or energy to clean the house. We had a terrible experience with another cleaning service (Kirei) and were a little leery of booking a new place. I read reviews on cleaning with love and they seemed legit. We booked them for a one time clean and boy are we glad we did! They were prompt, professional, and quick! The cleaners were properly suited for COVID restrictions and started cleaning the second they arrived. After a hour and a half, our 2 bed/2 bath was spotless. We will definitely book with them again!
Rating: 5
– Rosie G.

I paid for move out deep clean service, one piece of glass in my fridge shattered during cleaning. Only cleaners were on-site, I have no idea how it happened. Contacted the company and they WILL NOT cover the cost of replacement and WILL NOT assist in even finding a replacement.

After paying a premium fee with expectation of professional service, instead, they left me a bill of $200+ in glass replacement. Will not recommend their service to anyone.
Rating: 1
– A W.

Cleaners did a good job, quickly, for a good price. My issue was with the booking – they took my credit card on the site, I waited a couple days for the confirmation of my requested date, then gave up and tried to cancel (I needed cleaning asap and assumed they were too busy). They insisted they would still have to charge me the full amount, even though my date/time hadn't even been booked yet as far as I could tell. Seemed like a skeezy business practice so watch out.
Rating: 3
– Simon B.

After two cleans and the same issues being missed, I complained and another team came back to ensure that my floors were cleaned to my satisfaction. Granted the girls are nice and friendly with animals, but the service was a far cry from what I expected to receive from a company known as "Cleaning with LOVE," that charges a premium price. After having complained and having to have the job redone, now suddenly they were unable to book cleans to accommodate my schedule which had been explained and agreed upon prior to agreeing to set up the first clean.

It would seem that if you are happy with them, they will continue to server you, but if you are not they do not want your business.
Rating: 2
– Madeliene S.

I was moving out this week, and got hit by a car the day before, which completely threw my plans to clean my apartment out before the checkout inspection. A call to Jo at Cleaning With Love, and she managed to pull together a rescue crew at the last minute to do what I simply couldn't. In an hour the team of three amazing staff tackled the whole 950 square foot apartment and got it to a state I couldn't have achieved in less than 5 hours. Thank you Jo & Mo and the team. You saved my butt!

Bathroom, kitchen, floors, windows. All tackled professionally, efficiently, and with balletic elegance. I know who I'll call again, emergency or not. They are awesome.
Rating: 5
– Bruce C.

I'm a bit OCD so it's difficult for me to trust others to clean the way I do – this company has been great. We've been using them as our regular service for about 3 months now. Always courteous and it really does make my life easier to have a thorough cleaning done every other week so that we have more time to enjoy ourselves. They are always surprisingly fast – no more than an hour, granted my place isn't huge.

I would give them 5 stars, except that my only qualm is that they give you a window of arrival between: for example an arrival between 1-3 meaning I generally have to block four hours off to anticipate their arrival even though the cleaning only takes an hour. I unfortunately can't leave a key with them either as I have limited keys and plus have to put away or arrange for one of my pets to be absent when they're cleaning.

Otherwise, I would happily refer them.
Rating: 4
– Yunn A.

3 ladies showed up to do a one-time clean and were very nice. During the inspection at the end, I found they hadn't cleaned the dust along the window ledge, dusted the tops of pictures and doors or cleaned the bathroom floor. Generally a lack of real attention to detail.

Today, it seems a pile of papers that was on my kitchen counter is missing. Possibly thrown away, we will never know. They weren't terribly important, but definitely not garbage. We won't use this company again and will have a conversation with them on Monday.
Rating: 3
– Jeff R.

This company is great! I had to change my cleaning time the morning of my cleaning and they had no problem adjusting it for me last minute.

The girls they sent were great! They sent a team of 5 and got it done really quick which was amazing because I had my move out inspection that evening.

Would highly recommend them to anyone needing cleaning services!!

Rating: 5
– Kyle H.

I am so sorry to say that this was a terrible experience from start to finish. To begin with, when I made the appointment I explained that I needed some serious cleaning done as I had sublet and they made a big mess. I also said that I needed the fridge really cleaned as I am 70 and not as limber as I once was. He said no problem that's what we're here for. (no mention of any 'extra charge' for fridge. At about 4 minutes to 1PM (the time of my appointment) I received a call to say they cleaners were stuck in traffic and would be "a few minutes late". Thanks, I said that's fine a few minutes aren't a problem. I waited 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes, no cleaners. I tried 5 times and 2 different phone numbers to finally get someone to tell them no one had arrived yet. They said they would check and call me back. another long wait, 20 minutes later they call and say that they had locked the keys in the car and couldn't get them.
It is now 1:50 they call and say they are on the way and will be here in "a few minutes". They arrived 25 minutes later at 2:15. when they were done they asked how I would pay and I said how much (assuming they would give me a discount for the mishandled waiting) I was wrong they tried to charge me $30 extra for the fridge. I said they did not say anything about any extra charge for the fridge so I would not pay it. Then they told me they charge 2.99% for credit cards. and they wanted me to pay by phone transfer, I do not have a cell phone. I said if you have special requirements for payment you need to explain that at the time the appointment is booked so customers can comply. If I had known I would have gotten cash. Also, then they said "I don't have a machine so you can't pay by credit card". The cleaner called the boss and then took my credit card # and told me that no more than the agreed $150 would be charged and he left (no discount for the incredible inconvenience, I had company arriving at 3:30). I go to the kitchen and move my tiny microwave over a bit and lo and behold there is a huge mess underneath it, I look at the floor and see it isn't even washed. I took pictures right away (I'll post them). THEN the owner calls and says I have to pay the 2.99% extra fee, I ask him to get the cleaners back to see what they left along with a sink full of dirty water. He hangs up on me. The cleaners were nice and pleasant but did not do a good job. I feel as though I was cheated. I would not recommend that you use this company. Trying to find a way to post pics.

Rating: 1
– Kestral W.

They did a great job deep cleaning my home prior to the new owners possession date. Very reasonable prices for quality of service.
Rating: 5
– Christopher G.

Couldn't be worse than this.

I've asked this company to clean my 530 sqft apartment for move-out. They charged me $264 + GST. I asked for move-out service and I expected a reasonably clean apartment. The arrival time was 1-4 pm. At 4:00 pm, a team of 4 cleaners came and finished the job in 50 min. They gave me a quick tour and I noticed dust at the corners of the bedroom and living room. They cleaned that for me quickly.
They refused to clean inside the kitchen cabinets. Also, despite I specifically asked for cleaning of oven top, they couldn't clean it well and told me that was the best they could do.
After they left, I also noticed they didn't clean the area beneath the fridge and oven. Also, they didn't clean the floor well.
Long story short, I had to spend another hour myself to clean cabinets and kitchen floor before arrival of my landlord for move-out inspection.
Finally, my landlord was disappointed with the quality of cleaning. She also spent another hour to complete the cleaners' work. She could easily clean the oven top with vinegar spray and razor blade and sent me a photo.

Overall, my experience with this company was extremely bad. They didn't know what they were doing. They just did a simple vaccum and failed to do the move-out service. Thanks to them, I am going to lose part of my deposit.
Rating: 1
– Alireza S.

Love working with Cleaning With Love.
Let me save you the time and trouble of contacting various cleaning service; you want the best you got it right here at CLEANING WITH LOVE.
They provided quick and personal home cleaning services at a reasonable price.
Their rates are reasonable and most importantly they provide really great service. Moe and his crews are awesome and Moe actually stopped by after all to make it sure everything looks okay. I would highly recommend all my friends to the Cleaning with Love.

Rating: 5
– Max R.

They are awesome, and leave surprises throughout the house. (I won't spoil it for you)

I started using them when my wife got pregnant, and they did a great job. We also have 2 cats, and they are super pet friendly.

Recently, we moved to Coquitlam, and we are still choosing to use them because they have been so amazing.
Rating: 5
– Bob W.

Upon doing countless hours of researching different cleaning companies, I stumbled upon this company. Upon reading reviews and speaking with a friendly customer service rep, I knew that this was the right company. Within a few days of booking, James showed up and took a look at the carpets and was confident he could get the stains out. He was super friendly and helpful in moving furniture around to help clean hard to reach areas and was able to do within a timely fashion. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the products he used on my carpets. I would definitely recommend this company to friends and family and will continue to use them for future business. I am hoping my strata will take note and assign a contract with the company so that others will see how great they area. See you in 6 months James.

Rating: 5
– Jordan S.

First time they overcharged me for a balcony sweeping they didn't do and showed up almost 4 hours later then scheduled. I waited around all day for them. Second time, they didn't even show up and when I tried to call there was no answer, it said they were closed. Will never book again.
Rating: 1
– Noelle M.

Highly recommend this company. Just had my carpets cleaned. Very friendly and informative service to arrange the cleaning. They were able to come on short notice too. Very reasonable price as well.

Excellent communication for the cleaning time and out technician, James, was even early. He was very understanding and flexible when I asked him to come later. The cleaning was thorough and James did an amazing job. He worked really hard to move the furniture too.

Overall, I think this is a great company to use and I will definitely use them again. I'm very thankful to have found them and have no hesitation to recommend them.
Rating: 5
– Andrea B.

Clock and Clean

Home Cleaning Services Clock and Clean

Specialties: Tired of not having time to keep your home clean? Let us do the dirty work, just relax, take a breath and enjoy the fresh clean scent we leave behind.

3535 Crowley Drive, Vancouver, CA, BC, V5R 6G5
Contact No. (778) 636-2499
Working Hours
  • Mon: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Tue: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Wed: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Thu: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
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Home Cleaning Services Cleaning4U

Specialties: Cleaning 4U provides unique, premium cleaning services.

Full Service Guarantee:
We believe customer satisfaction is the foundation of any successful business. If you aren't satisfied with any part of your cleaning, we will provide a refund.

Professionally Trained:
Our employees are highly trained, personable and peer-reviewed to ensure that your individual cleaner is up to the task of keeping your home spotless.

Green Products:
We use only the best green, eco-friendly products, ensuring not only a spotless, fresh home, but one that smells great, and doesn't leave harmful toxic chemicals. Established in 2017. Cleaning4u is a company that was started from personal observation and professional expertise. I noticed that the cleaners I had coming to my apartment were ignoring detail in their overall performance. Being entrepreneurial, and coming from a strong business background, I decided to combine this observation with a desire to start my own business. 
In 2017, I left my position as a district manager with a multinational company, and launched Cleaning4u, a company that caters to commercial and residential clients. Safety is of paramount importance to me, and my teams have all been WHMIS certified, and taken food safety courses, among other training. Be sure to ask me about the company’s pet and child safe cleaning services, which we accomplish by utilizing special chemical-free sanitary agents. 
I want to provide customers with nothing but the highest standards, so that you can rest assured knowing your home, office, or building, is always going to be the cleanest it can possibly be.

Star Rating 4.5
1122 Gilford St
Unit 1603, Vancouver, CA, BC, V6G 2P5
Contact No. (778) 829-9550
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Sat: 7:00 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Sun: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
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Cleaning4U Honest Reviews

I would highly recommend Cleaning4U!

We have been using their services bi-weekly for 5 months, and are very impressed after each cleaning. Sean, Javier and their team are very accommodating, friendly, polite and always thorough. They get the job done fast, and our place is always fresh and spotless!

Aside from normal cleaning services, they also provide other services such as patio cleaning. This week they also cleaned our patio in addition to our regular cleaning and did an incredible job – I don't think it's ever looked so clean!

If you're on the fence about what cleaning service to use, I highly recommend you call Cleaning4U.
Rating: 5
– Amanda M.

For what it's worth, a 2-star review among a sea of glowing 4 and 5 star reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm aware of the initial skepticism.

But I'm just disappointed our experience with Cleaning4U was not as stellar as everyone else's.

I placed a call and got a quote from Sean – we talked about the number of areas in my house, the potential additional charge for moving some of the smaller furniture around etc etc. So far, so good. For a house with 6 rooms (5 small, 1 rec room) + 1 hallway + carpeted stairs, Sean quoted $275-300 + tax. Sounded cheap and Yelp reviews seemed alright, so we bit the bullet.

Then he asks me to send him a text confirming the date and address. Did that, and got a simple "Confirmed. Thank you" (the texts are attached to this review). Note that I did not give a time yet, nor did they mention what time they would be coming, or give me a timeframe…which was kinda odd but whatever maybe they were just really busy when I called.

So when he replied with a "Confirmed. Thank you" that night, I fired off another text asking what time the cleaners would be coming. No response the following day. I was already agreeing to have them come over and clean the carpets, so it seems like a perfectly reasonable request to have them confirm what time they'll be coming.

Think about it this way, when you make an appointment at your family doctor, they don't just say "see you tomorrow morning!" They give you a time when you should come in. It's the same for any service-oriented business – other cleaners, manicurists, beauticians, stylists.

To be fair, Sean was apologetic and confirmed a time eventually. He was also very accommodating when we had to move the cleaning date a few times because renovations were not done at our house (contractors dragging their heels are another story).

The actual service was a resounding meh. Granted, our carpets have not been cleaned since we bought the house 10+ years ago. Javier and his partner were quick and courteous (except for the occasional quip at my 64 year old Asian mother insinuating she didn't understand English, when she was just a bit hard of hearing but otherwise is perfectly fluent). We didn't see a huge difference in the end, although they just chalked it up to the nature of the carpet.

In the end though, because of the "extra difficulty" in cleaning the carpet, we paid $330.75 ($315 + 5% GST). This minor wrinkle being a possibility was never mentioned by Sean, and I also have a text attached where he confirms the price range.

Note that we already put most of our smaller items (lamps, stools) on the bed and didn't have them move our side tables, so technically we did not have to incur the minor fee associated with moving stuff off the floor…because I already did it for them before they came! We didn't ask them to do above and beyond what they normally do. We just asked them to work around what was already there, and were ok if there were areas they couldn't reach like under the bed, or under side tables.

From $275-315? That's a $40 difference either way, and call me stingy or miserly, but a quoted amount is a quoted amount. $315 never entered the conversation until Javier mentioned the amount on the day itself.

Two stars because the initial phone conversation was pleasant, and he was actually very accommodating. I just wished the initial scheduling process wasn't so painful. Is scheduling an appointment supposed to be this hard and murky? Actual cleaning was not ground-breaking or anything, and the ambiguity around pricing is giving me seconds thoughts about recommending Cleaning4U to others. Maybe if you had newer carpet, Cleaning4U is alright. While we weren't super dissatisfied (i.e. not the kind of dissatisfaction reserved for shady proprietors warranting reports to the BBB), we do regret having them clean the carpet.

This isn't one of those angry "CALL YOUR MANAGER" 2-Star reviews. Me and my mom are just really disappointed with the way things turned out, and do feel a bit cheated.

Next time any one of us need someone clean carpet, we won't be calling Cleaning4U because the experience fell way short of our pretty low expectations.
Rating: 2
– Agatha E.

I hired them to clean my sons one bedroom apt when he was moving out. i had my son in law check out the job, he said it looked ok so I paid them. When we went to do the walk through with the landlady it was evident the hadn't washed the floor. it actually looked like it hadn't been swept very well either. The cupboards, bathroom, fridge and stove were good. Walls, light switches and door were not cleaned of finger prints. For $250.00 I expected better
Rating: 2
– Cathy D.

The communication and quality seem to be lacking a bit. The cleaners did not know my home code each time they visited and the time changed at the last minute each time.
In addition, quite a few spots were missed and I ended up with additional mess from cleaning products that weren't wiped up. For the money, I'd look elsewhere.

Rating: 2
– Sadie C.

Prompt service and very polite. The work looked good, however, they forgot to clean under the refrigerator. The owner of the rental took photos and sent to me, then deducted from my deposit. I didn't make a fuss about it to the company. Would I recommend to a friend, maybe.
Other than that, only four stars for now.
Thank you.

Rating: 4
– R D.

Had a pleasant experience with cleaning4u. Sean was very accomidating, quick to respond and responsible. The cleaning was quick and despite them cleaning for an hour, my place was spotless and it smelled fresh. I like how they cleaned the washing machine thoroughly as that was a big concern with the build up gunk. The carpet cleaning only took 40 mins and made a big difference. Sean and his crew made moving hassle free and less stressful so I can focus on other things.

I would recommend this cleaning company to anyone and I would use their service again in the near future!
Rating: 5
– Lea M.

I had never used this particular company before. After a negative experience last time with a DIFFERENT company, I was on the hunt again for a new one. Cleaning4U did not disappoint. Sean is very hands on and accommodative. The cleaners did an exceptional job I am very satisfied with the results. Not only is my unit clean, but everyone was kind, professional and responsive throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Cleaning4U and when I next need cleaning done they'll be my first call. Thanks so much for being awesome 🙂
Rating: 5
– Raquel R.

We hired Cleaning4U for a move out clean. They did the job well. My landlord was happy with the clean. Our carpets were very dirty from wear & tear and after they cleaned it, they looked really nice. They didn't clean under the fridge, I assume I should of specified that I wanted that but the place looked satisfactory to me and my landlord when we moved out! I would hire Cleaning4U again. I did have to change the times and dates a few times and luckily Sean worked with me. I would recommend. The oven was super clean when they were done. =) And it was nasty. Ha ha.
Rating: 4
– Crystal T.

We had a great cleaning from Cleaning4U! The team was very polite and thorough. They were also great communicators. Our home is sparkling clean! Thank you!
Rating: 5
– Amanda E.

I'm a huge fan of Cleaning4u! I've called them on short notice a few times and they have always delivered and exceeded my expectations.

Sean and Javier, the co-owners are absolutely amazing! Thoughtful and professional interactions, but most importantly- their cleaning services is spot on!

Their cleaning teams are always punctual (usually early in fact), they bring their own supplies and a powerful vacuum. As well, the cleaners (which some are tall) will do the little extras that I do not even think to ask. Like cleaning the top ledges on doors and even my ceiling vents! Needless to say, their service is very thorough which I appreciate.

As well, they usually send cleaners in pairs and sometimes even 3 (if it is a big job), so they are done in a timely manner. I love this because I can go about my day early too.

I highly recommend Cleaning4u as it is now my go to company. Next time, I'm also going to try their carpet cleaning services. 🙂
Rating: 5
– Simmee C.

This service was good, the cleaners were professional and did a good job. There were a couple spots that we found left undone after they left. Normally that wouldn't be an issue, but they came 20 mins late and left early. We were disappointed in the lack of professionalism from the manager who kept on repeating "it's a minimum of 3 hrs". We felt dismissed and not heard when we were trying to get across that we were unhappy about people arriving late (with no notice).
Rating: 4
– April H.

Javier and his team were great. We had originally booked 2 cleaners for 2 hours each, but last minute it was changed to 3 cleaners. So, it took them less time to clean with more man hours, and they came half an hour early – sounded great to me! We originally asked for only specific rooms/our element to be cleaned, but the team was so efficient they ended up cleaning above and beyond the ask, until the end of the allotted time. They also got out some stubborn stains that we had been unable to remove on our own. Pricing was also very reasonable. After some frustrating experiences with other cleaning companies, I'm glad to have found this team and will be using them again!
Rating: 5
– Tiffany T.

Thank you so much, Cleaning4U for your professional and affordable service. The gentleman who cleaned my carpets was pleasant and on time, and he did a beautiful job leaving the carpets looking cleaner than I could have imagined. Booking with them was quick and easy as well and I HIGHLY recommend you check these guys out for a fabulous deep and thorough carpet cleaning.
Rating: 5
– Lauren K.

Everything done as expected – fast, on-time, polite, cleaned up to my standards. And they were cheaper than the competition.
Rating: 5
– Nikita S.

I think they were good with arranging things with their customers and were fast.

I paid for 2 cleaners for 2 hours plus a carpet cleaning. They brought 3 people of their own volition and cleaned for an hour and a half instead. This hour and a half included the carpet cleaning.

The biggest stains were gone from the carpet and it was a general clean for my 600 sq foot condo. I wished they had cleaned for longer and more throughly for the $241.50 that I had paid- I did feel alittle cheated. If it was just 3 people for an hour and a half, that would have been fine but to also include my carpet cleaning in that time?

However, cleaning4u was much easier to deal with logistically and speed wise than their competition.
Rating: 3
– Lindsay M.

Very happy with Sean and the Cleaning4U service. Booked them a week ago — friendly and efficient communication and an accurate quote. Sean and Sergio showed up on time with all of their equipment and supplies. Very personable and efficient. They got the job done in the 2 hours they estimated and did not charge GST as it was the first time cleaning our place. The place was spotless and they did a very thorough job. Will definitely be calling them again for cleaning services. Thank you Sean and Sergio!
Rating: 5
– Dot P.

Amazing!!!! Couch cleaned!!! We requested the service to get our couch clean which had stains from baby's vomit, and daily use and in less than 30 minutes our couch became like new again!!! Thanks for the amazing service, we looking forward to hiring you guys in the future.
Rating: 5
– Cristiane M.

We don't often get cleaning services, but since the arrival of our little one we've been struggling to regularly get at all the nooks and crannies. So it's a special treat for us to be able to leave the house for a couple of hours and return to find it sparkling, and it's an extra special treat when the cleaners are efficient, lovely, and queer-friendly to boot! Sean and Javier were fabulous and we will have them back for sure.
Rating: 5
– Mel C.

If you need a move out clean this company is great. They missed one thing that I asked them to do but was something that took me 1 minute to do. The ladies were all pleasant to deal with and the main one seemed very organized. They also took less time than originally planned and actually charged me less that what was originally quoted. I would use again if the need ever arises in the future. The communication was great too and my original call was returned within a couple hours.
Rating: 4
– Debbie G.

I found Sean and his team while searching for great quotes on office carpet cleaning. They came out on top in terms of price and did an amazing job despite having to wait for me due to lock out.
Sean noticed some areas where our previous cleaners were cutting corners and offered a complimentary trial. It was a no brainer to make the switch with improved service and price matching!
I've also hired the team to clean my home – no regrets. Great rates, trust worthy, text-friendly, open and responsive to feedback. Highly recommend!!

Rating: 5
– Nico F.

Maid To Shine

Home Cleaning Services Maid To Shine

Specialties: Home and Commercial Office Cleaning Established in 1993. Maid to Shine began in Pierrefond Quebec. We grew from there and started to clean all over Montreal. When the owner moved to Toledo, Ohio she continued her cleaning success and grew the company to be a household name. Moving back to Canada she opened another cleaning business in Ontario and British Columbia, keeping clients in every province.

Star Rating 5
7184 120th Street
Unit 364, Surrey, CA, BC, V3W 0M6
Contact No. (604) 916-2067
Working Hours
  • Mon: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tue: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thu: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Fri: 6:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

Maid To Shine Honest Reviews

Professional, friendly, efficient, honest (I left some paper towels in a cabinet & she made sure to tell me,) I would highly recommend Malinda & company. I was quoted for 2 cleaners for 3 hours. It only took the two of them 2 hours & that's what I paid for.
Rating: 5
– Sharon A.

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