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If you’re looking for Home Cleaning Services in Austin then you’re at the right place, because we’ve listed some of the best Home Cleaning Services in Austin. Checkout the list below, and do leave us a comment your thoughts on the service/business listed here.

Best Home Cleaning Services in Austin

The Purple Fig Eco-Cleaning & Disinfecting Company

Home Cleaning Services The Purple Fig Eco-Cleaning & Disinfecting Company

Specialties: We are the premiere local, green cleaning company in Austin, Texas. We curate a premium cleaning experience for clients through unparalleled communication, customer service and creating quality employment to ensure employees are excited to come to work. Through paying living wages, ample paid time off and usable BCBS health insurance, our employees are on board with our mission of in-home hospitality.
We are on the cutting edge of the green tools of the trade– from the vinegar/baking soda/essential oil basics to the less-known green products that we have vetted and made part of our essentials.
Our hospital-grade, food-safe disinfecting services with our electrostatic sprayers will lower the viral load in your home or office, killing the corona virus as well as cold and flu viruses and bacteria.
We clean both homes and offices in the Austin area and look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations! Established in 2007. I graduated with a BS in Accounting. After a year working as an auditor, I decided I wanted to do something different. I wanted more movement in my every-day routine, I enjoyed making my own cleaning products and most of all I loved pleasing clients. I started out by putting flyers up at Clementine coffee shop (now Thunderbird) on Manor Rd and grew from there. After two years I hired my first employee.
It has been a unique and wonderful experience building a business. An important part of our job is in-home hospitality– we make the space clean and ready for our clients to enjoy. This has only become more important during COVID times since we are all spending that much more time at home.
We pay a living wage, paid time off, paid birthdays and provide health insurance to employees working 35 hrs per week.
We're small on purpose. Try us out and you'll notice the difference! Stay safe out there everyone!

Star Rating 4.5
5555 N Lamar Blvd
Ste J109, Austin, US, TX, 78751
Contact No. (512) 351-1405
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed
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The Purple Fig Eco-Cleaning & Disinfecting Company Honest Reviews

The Purple Fig is incredible! They're always reliable and our house always feels so fresh and new after they are finished. I'm always impressed by house detail-oriented and thorough they are. I cannot recommend them enough!
Rating: 5
– Andrew K.

I'm updating my review since Amanda, the owner of Purple Fig is suddenly unwilling to publicly respond to a review, which I believe speaks volumes. I did however receive a private message from her (see photo).

She felt the need to reiterate that I was not charged, as if I'm unaware of that from our emails and my review was some ploy to get out of paying. I am posting this experience publicly because I feel a duty as a consumer to warn others about what I went through so that they are not put in the same unfortunate position.

As I said below, once I made it clear I was unsatisfied with the service the "customer satisfaction guarantee" was never mentioned by anyone at the company. It was all excuses about their "scope of work" that I had no way of knowing about, and dodging questions I raised (all email communications here: https://www.scribd.com/document/567684285/Purple-Fig-Eco-Cleaning-Documents ). It wasn't until I quoted their own website to them and made it clear that I did not think I should be paying for a cleaning that turned out to be a source of stress more than anything else, that they relented and agreed not to charge me. The lack of responsibility taken and curt tone of her message says all you need to know about this organization.
Rating: 1
– Marlow M.

Attended an event here recently and was able to learn more about the eco-friendly products they use and how they make their own solutions. Would use this company for cleaning service in the future.
Rating: 5
– My Brown S.

I like so much about their business model. The cleaners are wonderful, too. But TAKE NOTE that this business is going for a particular clientele. We were loyal customers since 2016, but recently they "broke up" with us because we only needed cleans once a month. As empty nesters who travel a lot, we couldn't justify doing more. I'm not sure how this is hard on their scheduling, but it is and we were told they no longer have a monthly service. However, if you can do weekly or twice a month, this is the company for you!
Rating: 4
– Jenny B.

Have been using Purple Fig for a while now. They have consistent high quality, non toxic cleaning services. Highly recommended.
Rating: 5
– Elif C.

This may be a great service, but who wants to wait 3-4 weeks to get their house cleaned? I was able to find another local service that could fit me in right away.
Rating: 2
– Barbara C.

Just wanted to pass on a big thank you for maintaining the no-pressure, no fee cancellations for people with fevers!

I texted on the morning of our clean on Nov 22nd, stating I was 99.8% sure it wasn't covid because we are both vaccinated, plus we'd had negative tests on the 15th…

It WAS covid! We had breakthrough covid, which can have different symptoms. I am SO THANKFUL that y'all didn't come to clean and that everyone stayed safe! I love your service and love the way y'all protect your team!
Rating: 5
– Bridget L.

Do not hire. I now see why they were the only company available on short notice. These guys did a terrible job. All 5 of them. They tried to slip out without finishing and then couldn't accomplish the simple services they had offered when the failures were pointed out. They could not clean a fridge or blinds or baseboards properly. They left dust bunnies everywhere. When management was made aware they responded with excuses for half of the issues and would not respond to the other half. You should hire professionals not a bunch of lazy hipsters.
Rating: 1
– Dingus M.

Have had my home cleaned by Purple Fig several times now, and it's always been such a huge relief of stress to find every surface gleaming and the whole house smelling fresh. Their team is efficient, thorough, and very kind and gracious with questions/requests. I also really appreciate that they take care of their people and are environmentally conscious, so I feel good about using their services. They're in high demand so I had to wait a bit, but they're worth it!
Rating: 5
– Tim G.

Purple Fig's Hospital-Grade Disinfection Service was an absolute lifesaver. I am 6 months pregnant and we have a 3 year old at home who's such a little vector for disease spread. We were so worried about what might be on our floors or what friends and guests had brought through the house before we started isolating. Ordering this service (it was totally affordable too) was the perfect refresh that put us at ease as we moved forward with our more germ-cautious lifestyle. And we bought a bottle of their disinfectant too and have been using it daily.

I highly recommend this service and this company. SO easy to book, their booking staff was so helpful, and Joe who came out was so thoughtful with what type of disinfectant he was using in what part of the house. They were all such nice people. Use this service!!
Rating: 5
– Chelsea P.

The team did an awesome job and are very friendly and professional. We look forward to future cleanings.
Rating: 5
– Mackenzie M.

Still loving the Purple Fig after being a client for over three years for their excellent service. I can't leave anything less than five stars based on their work. Updating my review to communicate that our price for the same cleaning was recently raised by almost 30%. I wholeheartedly understand the need for businesses to progressively raise prices to keep up with the cost of living in Austin. However, I've never before experienced such a dramatic one-time fee increase from a service provider. A gradual increase over the years would've been preferable and easier to stomach (especially during a pandemic). I think the Fig has probably outgrown smaller houses like ours and it's just not that profitable for them to clean our home. I understand from a business POV, but I do hope the owners take this feedback to heart and try to avoid rolling out such dramatic fee increases at one time in the future.
Rating: 5
– Natalie H.

Amazing cleaning service! Perfect for eco-friendly aware people who have babies/toddlers. They do a great job and take care of their staff. Thanks guys!
Rating: 5
– Ange K.

I received a booking request confirmation from Purple Fig which stated that someone from their "amazing office staff" would get back to me the "same (business) day". It's been two full business days, and I've not heard from anyone at Purple Fig. This isn't consistent with their claim to be "amazing", and somehow – in a week where we all gained an hour because of the seasonal time change – Purple Fig has turned a standard eight hour business day in to an indefinite black hole. I would have appreciated the courtesy of a reply, even to say they're too busy. I'm glad I experienced their NOT amazing office staff before I let them in to my home.
Rating: 1
– C. G.

We are on a monthly service with Purple Fig and could not be any happier with their service! Our house always feels extremely clean and I'm so impressed with how efficient the crew members are. We have an infant and two cats, so our house is always in shambles until Purple Fig comes in and somehow cleans our entire 3 BR home in 90 minutes… like HOW??? I love walking barefoot in our home after a cleaning and I love that they use all natural, nontoxic products. Just note – there is a slight vinegary smell after the clean, but it dissipates after about 20 minutes. Also, they are a bit more expensive than other cleaning services, but you are paying for nontoxic cleaning products and the fact that they take great care of their staff. To me, that is COMPLETELY worth it! Best cleaning service we have ever used!
Rating: 5
– Stephanie C.

The service was excellent – I loved walking home to the smell of a spa – and the way they'd tidied everything, gotten the my bathtub + floors a degree cleaner than I'd ever seen them, and parted the blinds to let light in made me burst out singing "The hills are alivvvve" (for some reason.)

Also appreciated the lil' note they left to tell me what they'd focused on 🙂
Rating: 5
– Jen B.

Wonderful! Great group of ladies and my house is spotless! Highly recommend. Arrived on time, did great work. Very professional. My house needed a good deep clean, and these folks delivered!
Rating: 5
– Meredith D.

Purple Fig cleaned our home today and we couldn't be happier. The staff was wonderful and did a very thorough job. It was more than just a quick once over of the surfaces – they really took the time to do a detailed clean. I know this company takes very good care of their employees. That combined with their eco-friendly supplies makes the choice to have them clean our house a no brainer. Highly recommend.
Rating: 5
– D H.

This company is fantastic! I was in need of a deep clean of my 2-1 condo and looking to set up a regular monthly cleaning going forward. What I love about PF is they doing use crazy chemicals and are very pet friendly. I have an older cat who is friendly but like most cats, freaks out around vacuum cleaners and such. All of my fears were laid to rest upon talking to a super friendly staff member (Lauren). Scheduling was easy via their website and I also had some very specific requests. For instance, I have some pretty bad ass custom made wooden counter tops that I've really particular about. I asked them not to touch those and to focus on other parts of the house.

So, the Deep Eddy clean resulted in a spotless house and I look forward to having them back once a month. My cat was not freaked out when I came home and nothing seemed out of place or anything. My place looked like it was staged for a photo, and still does.

I highly recommend if you are looking for a very good to great enviro-friendly cleaning service.
Rating: 5
– Mical T.

We finally decided to start up a cleaning service after moving to Texas 1 year ago. Our poor house never got the scrubbing it needed prior to our stuff moving in.
We also did a massive remodel in our tiny master bath which also never got a scrub after the project completion.
Needless to say the Purple Fig group had some work cut out for them. My husband met the team in and described them as professional, honest, efficient. They probably finished our house in 2 hours – about 1500 square feet.
I was so happy when I got home – everything was clean and sparkly. They even cleaned up our little Ikea vent hood! The masterbath definitely needed some extra love and the ladies did an excellent job. We also really appreciated the small note they left for us.
We we like their ecofriendly approach. The products used smelled lovely.
And the coordinator, Lauren, was such a joy to work with. Wonderful communication and made every effort to work with our schedule even after I called a little late to confirm the time of the appointment.
We've signed up for the monthly service but I'm hoping my hubby is open to every 2 weeks unless he wants to clean in between.

Rating: 5
– Dianna Y.

Cleaning Time

Home Cleaning Services Cleaning Time

Specialties: Family owned and operated since 2002, we're proud to serve Austin, Round Rock and the surrounding metro area with our commitment to green practices, responsible cleaning, and honest, clear communication. We offer weekly/biweekly/monthly service, deep cleanings, move-out and make-ready services, after construction and disinfection services as well as commercial cleaning. And since we use only eco-friendly products, you can feel comfortable letting even your smallest (and furriest) family member stay in your space. On top of all of that, we also have participated for more than seven years with Cleaning for a Reason, giving four hours of free cleaning a month to women with cancer. So let us show you why we're Austin's most trusted cleaning service.

More about the company and its owner: Sometimes in life, you find your calling; other times it finds you. For Eloisa Alvarez, her passion for helping people and her love for Austin, Round Rock and the surrounding community lead her to open It's Cleaning Time! in 2002. Established in 2002. We started our cleaning business as EB Cleaning Services and evolved to It's Cleaning Time! Green Cleaning Service. We now also provide house painting services as It's Painting Time!

We pride ourselves on the attention we give to each of our clients and the level of detail we put into our work. We strive to do an amazing job every time.

Star Rating 4.5
Round Rock, US, TX, 78681
Contact No. (512) 751-0565
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
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Cleaning Time Honest Reviews

Cleaning Time has been cleaning our house for a couple of years. We chose them because it was the height of the pandemic and they were not only amazing with their COVID protocols, but communicated clearly and in a detailed manner about how they were being sterile, instead of just assuring us that they would be careful.

Scheduling is easy–by text–and everyone we have interacted with, from the business owners to the cleaners who come to our house have been really kind. Whenever we have special requests, whether those are to focus on baseboards or to skip one of the bedrooms, the cleaners accommodate them.

The house is reliably spotless when they leave. It took us a couple years and a few companies to find them. I'm honestly thrilled to have them.
Rating: 5
– Tess A.

We moved to Austin about 12 days ago and our experience with It's Cleaning Time so far has been amazing. Priscila from Customer Service worked with us to schedule a deep cleaning. Pricing for services was extremely transparent and she made sure their staff wore masks to our home.

As far as the cleaning, I've never had a better cleaning experience- and we had multiple cleaners when living in Arizona.

The team of two tackled all of our areas of concern, took out trash, made beds, cleaned carpet (additional charge). At one point I saw the cleaner in the freezer and they were wiping down the shelves and organizing our frozen food. I mean… amazing! The staff was attentive and friendly but were focused the whole time.

This was a deep clean so who knows if all of this is covered every time in a regular clean, but I can tell you that it for sure will last and make monthly cleanings a lot less chaotic. We especially love that they use natural products and that the house doesn't smell like cleaning supplies!

As an expecting mother with a toddler I truly appreciate such a quality service and look forward to continuing with them!
Rating: 5
– Taylor S.

They came on a Saturday and did a deep clean. They were courteous and professional. I was very happy with the results.
Rating: 5
– Missy Q.

I needed a move-out cleaning for an apartment for a college kid who was very messy. The Cleaning Time team was on-time, courteous, efficient, and most importantly, they did a great job. The aparment looked brand new when they were done!
Rating: 5
– Christine B.

I love this business! They do a fantastic job cleaning and are excellent at communicating. They have also been incredibly flexible as we navigated COVID and other emergencies. They are very safe and follow COVID protocols. Plus, they are incredibly friendly, attentive, always prompt, and respond quickly and courteously to requests. After some not-good experiences with other services, even with the extra patience and understanding we feel should be extended in these uncertain times, this business has been top-notch! Both highly professional and neighborly. (They even asked if they could help when we were sick! Who does that?) HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Rating: 5
– Jenny B.

We ordered a deep clean. I will start by saying that the owner we spoke with was pleasant and professional but her employees that she sent over were another story. We weren't given an hourly quote but a flat rate for a deep clean service. They took the ENTIRE day and failed to complete the job. They were at our house from 9-4. Besides the blinds and the oven, you really couldn't tell anyone had even been by to clean. We assumed they were doing their job so we didn't notice what they had skipped until they left. But not before some strange man met up with them in our driveway for over 15 minutes on their way out. They didn't clean the ceiling fans, the baseboards, the tile walls in the shower upstairs. They did clean the blinds but didn't wipe down the windows afterwards so they were covered in dust. We tried asking for a partial refund but were told they wouldn't give us one. They offered instead to send them back to finish the job.
When they showed up again the following day to complete the job, they brought a small child with them. We had to call the owner once again before they left because they again were going to leave without cleaning the ceiling fans upstairs, wiping windows, baseboards, and wiping down the entire shower wall upstairs. This was a very frustrating experience for almost $500. The owner is very nice but she could use some better employees. The cleaners they sent over were very UNPROFESSIONAL. They never did wipe down all the baseboards either.

Rating: 1
– Max F.

Its Cleaning Time! Does a fantastic job of cleaning your home. It was eight months ago, when I first tried this company to clean my home. I was not disappointed then, and I'm certainly not disappointed now. The staff is consistently outstanding, courteous and professional.

I have used them before and during the pandemic, and the attention to detail has not wavered. The staff wore masks and gloves And gave my home a good cleaning.

If you were looking for a company to clean your home, you do not need to look any further than Its Cleaning Time. Give them a try, I know you'll be glad you did
Rating: 5
– John B.

UPDATE: The owner did reach out to me the following day and wanted to make things right. This was very much appreciated. Added a star for such fast responses and a company that cares about their customers. I will give them another chance in the future when I need another house cleaning.

Rating: 3
– Jonathan F.

I love that they offer an initial clean as my first cleaning because it resets the home so that when the cleaners come back, the dirt level is more manageable. They really got into every corner and the products they use have my home smelling really lovely. The cleaners work quickly but are very thorough which is exactly what I need so that I can keep moving in my busy day but feel good about my clean home. I also love the detailed packages that they offer between deep cleaning and standard cleaning because it helps me decide what services I may need. They are very detailed on their covid and sanitation policies so I did not even need to ask about it. They set up the expectations perfectly so I know what to expect by hiring this company and I did not need to ask a million questions since they were already answered. All and all, they make it easy to say "yes" when it comes to hiring a cleaning company. Price wise, the value and quality are unbeatable, especially in times when keeping good staff is a challenge. The owner is also very personable and truly understands what the customers are needing when they reach out to her. She has an amazing video on the company's Facebook page that sold me instantly. I am thinking about changing my monthly service to a bi-weekly one so that I never have to stress about a clean home. Great experience, I cannot express this enough!
Rating: 5
– Lara G.

I'm so glad I called. Great service, the house is so clean. Thank you ladies I will be a recurring customer.
Rating: 5
– Jasmine B.

Very professional, easy to reschedule when needed (sick kiddo, change in work schedule, etc), reliable and on time with attention to detail. We've been using their service bi-weekly for the past 8 months, they do a fantastic job. Highly recommend if you're looking for a professional, reliable and courteous service that does the job right.
Rating: 5
– Will C.

I just had my first deep cleaning and came home to a sparkling clean house! The ladies did an amazing job, with great attention to detail! I will definitely have them come back.
Rating: 5
– Brooke G.

I can't say enough good things about this company. I have a chronic illness and don't have the energy to clean. However, I like to keep a tidy and clean home. Since hiring them I experience so much less stress. They clean as well as I would they take the time to move furniture and are incredibly thorough. We just stay out of their way the best we can since we are working from home.
Rating: 5
– Britta G.

We used It's Cleaning Time! for a one time deep cleaning of our home. They responded promptly to my quote request and were communicative through the booking process. The ladies arrived timely, were friendly and worked as quietly as they could. They did an excellent job; very thorough. The cost was more than other quotes I received, but considering the quality of their work, I think it's worth it. I'm rating it 4 stars because I reached out for a second cleaning and was told they were short staffed and could not schedule me. I asked to be put on a waitlist but never got a call back.
Rating: 4
– Katie J.

I waited a few months to post a review for It's Cleaning Time. I can say they are a very consistent cleaning service. They are very punctual, through and consistent with their cleaning. One time our master bathtub had remaining soap scum. I mentioned it on the next cleaning service and it's been perfect ever since. Recently, the ladies told me about a ceramic spoon holder that had broken. They said they reported to their mgmt to resolve the issue. In all fairness, the spoon holder had been broken so many times in the past and has been glued too many times to count. Their mgmt emailed me to pay for the spoon holder to be replaced. I told them not to worry about it and thanked them for their honesty. I highly recommend It's Cleaning Time.
Rating: 5
– Michelle B.

I just had this team over for the first time. I have never seen my glass door shower look so clean! They even cleaned our nick-naks on the bathroom counter. And my floors were so clean and not sticky!

It was a little hard to communicate with the lady in-charge of the team of 3, But now I know I can simply email them and give them full instructions ahead of time, so this shouldn't be a problem in the future.
Rating: 5
– Amanda M.

We LOVE It's Cleaning Time!
The deep clean was so great that we decided to have them come every two weeks. This is the best way to take care of myself and my family. It provides peace of mind to know that I can count on the same people and quality of work.

Rating: 5
– Jessica D.

I am disappointing with my experience. The Pros:The sweet lady that scheduled the cleaning and was the point of contact was great. She responds to calls and emails very efficiently and is clear in her communication.
Disappointing experience:
**The ladies arrived later than expected (3:30 vs. the time frame quoted of 2:45-3:15) which was fine. The issue: They wanted to charge me for the time that they QUOTED arrival. We have a security system in our home, so it was not difficult for us to check the timestamp of when the staff entered my home.
*** the staff was very slow. I think that they sensed that the job would take less than the quoted time frame and were trying to linger so that they met that time.
*** I mentioned to them that I did have a planned meeting, so they would need to complete the cleaning more efficiently. Consequently, the staff only vacuumed upstairs and partially cleaned our upstairs bathrooms. Trash was NOT taken out! Mirrors were NOT cleaned and the rest of the area looked untouched. This was with two staff members upstairs cleaning for an hour (2 man hours total).
I called the lady that had been my point of contact and she stated that due to their mistakes that they would charge me for 2 hours. Well… they had only been at my home for two hours! So I am not sure how this was a solution to the issue.
I am extremely disappointed with this experience and obviously still on the hunt for a cleaning service that is a better fit for our family home. Know of anyone? Message me and let me know 🙂

Rating: 2
– Danielle R.

I used this service for well over a year.

Pros: Very attentive management. My house mostly looked good. The ladies were sweet with my children.

Cons: Quality was inconsistent. Part of a bathroom was almost always skipped and left dirty. If the ladies washed dishes, I had to re-wash myself to get them clean (eventually I asked them to stop washing dishes, but they didn't). Their vacuum chipped the bathroom tile. They broke glasses. I'd email mgmt and the next visit would be great, but the old problems always came back.

I was surprised to see this service is highly rated.
Rating: 2
– Anna R.

Fast, cheap, got back security deposit. they left a couple things behind (a broken ethernet cable and an empty box) so not perfect but overall great service.
Rating: 4
– Becca P.

Boardwalk Cleaning – Austin

Home Cleaning Services Boardwalk Cleaning - Austin

Specialties: The Boardwalk Cleaning Company is the Finest in Cleaning. We offer a 100% Guarantee with in 24 hours of the service. From the first time service you can rest assured that our professional, bonded, and insured maid teams will take care of your every cleaning need. Call us for $25 off your first time service!

Time and time again we are trusted with some of the finest properties in the Austin metro area. We believe the difference is in the details. Our customer service professional are ready, willing and able to take your call and answer any questions that you may have. Let us take care of the details while you take care of the finer things in life. Established in 2003. The Boardwalk Cleaning Co.® began as Lone Star Maids in 2003 in Austin, TX. The company became The Boardwalk Cleaning Co.® in 2012.

The core of The Boardwalk Cleaning Co.® business philosophy is to bring maid service business a well-designed operation, providing exceptional customer service, clean surroundings and a healthy environment for busy people. When The Boardwalk Cleaning Co.® puts its name on something, that tells both the customer and the employee that they are going to experience the very best the company has to offer every time.

Our leadership, management staff, and field personnel are trained in all aspects of customer service. We treat each and every client as friends and family. We treat every home as if it were our own.

Star Rating 4.5
7020 US 290
Ste A, Austin, US, TX, 78723
Contact No. (512) 258-4798
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Boardwalk Cleaning – Austin Honest Reviews

I'm pretty cynical when it comes to cleaning companies. I use them periodically, mostly for cleaning rental houses between tenants, occasionally for cleaning our house or the parents' house. Usually they do an adequate job, enough so I don't complain but not nearly as good as I'd do myself if I weren't lazy.

My experience with Boardwalk was completely different. I got notification the two cleaners were on their way, and they arrived just a few minutes early. When they left, I went back expecting the usual so-so job and was blown away by the quality of the cleaning. I went around looking for dirt and did not find it. Like, it felt like a real deep cleaning… even the tons of tchotchkes all over the house looked dusted. Even Hope was impressed, usually when cleaners leave a house and we go look she starts complaining about things they missed right away, not this time.

I did eventually find a couple of places – it looks like they wiped the top of the stainless steel range hood, but it doesn't look brand new like the stainless steel refrigerator did, and I think they just dusted the tops of door frames and picture frames rather than scrub them since my fingers came back with plaster dust (from the last renovation a few years ago). But still, it felt like a professional cleaning, not like the usual service provided by people who don't care about cleaning.

There was one glitch – they double charged me… had two charges for the same amount on my credit card. As soon as I called they fixed it though so I can't really complain, everyone makes mistakes.
Rating: 5
– Jim C.

I am not one to leave bad reviews and will typically only leave a review if I loved a service, but Boardwalk really disappointed me.

To keep it short, the cleaners arrived outside of the scheduled window, they didn't take any trash with them, they stayed an hour longer than quoted and there were spots that were missed. The house is only 700sqft and was relatively clean before leaving. I wouldn't mind paying the extra $120/hr if they had left the house spotless, but they didn't. More time was still needed and costs us over $500. I would have almost preferred that the landlord used their own cleaning service and just had a smaller amount deducted from our deposit.

Perhaps their regular services are great but I personally wouldn't use boardwalk again for future cleans, particularly move out cleans.
Rating: 2
– Gabi D.

The ladies that came did an excellent job. We are in the process of moving and wanted a deep clean before showing our house. Fantastic job. Our glass shower door never looked to clean and sparkling. They wiped baseboards and even styled our pillows!
Rating: 4
– Michelle V.

They cleaned. But they don't clean blinds…‍ we paid extra for 'eco-cleaning' only to be looked at crazy like when we asked the team about their products….and then have our bath mat AND PAINT on the wall in the bathroom ruined/discolored from the BLEACH they used while cleaning the shower. Seems like they up charge for things hoping you're not home to see the reality…we were given a $50 refund when we notified the company, but if you consider they charged $25 for eco-clean products and $25 for 'pet services', I'm not sure that covers the fact that they ruined our bath mat and we now need to get paint color matched to touch up the bathroom wall, but it's a step in the right direction. There's a ton of options in this city for this service, no need to settle for kind of mediocrity.
Rating: 3
– Amy C.

I was very pleased with the job the cleaning crew did on my home! I requested a move-in cleaning for a new place because the previous owners had pets, and the crew was very detailed and thorough. They hit all of the nooks and crannies and did not rush the job. I also appreciate that certain items were included in the move-in cleaning that were upcharges for other companies (e.g, oven, refrigerator, etc.). I will definitely be using them again!
Rating: 5
– Nae F.

I love my boardwalk crew! They do a fantastic job on our monthly housecleaning and some deep cleaning a few times a year. They are always thorough, polite and super reliable and on time!
Rating: 5
– Jenny D.

Positive experience from booking to completion of the job.
The office communicated the scope of work clearly, and the field team completed a thorough house cleaning in a timely professional and courteous manner. Very satisfied with the value and the quality of their work.

Rating: 5
– C. C.

My husband hired this company to clean our apartment, it was only 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms since we asked them not to clean our son's room. We have a small living room, our dining room is taken up by our son's playpen, and kitchen. First red flag was when they sent two people and they took three hours. They were just wasting time and running the clock unnecessarily which isn't as bad as what we found afterwards. Bathroom floors left dirtier than before, they didn't clean the bathtub, and the worst part is what they did to the dishwasher (pictures speak for themselves). Never hiring them again and we are putting in a dispute with our credit card company.
Rating: 1
– Cecilia C.

If you're going to use their service on a regular basis, they won't agree to send the same crew each time. I asked, I pleaded, I left them in my rear view mirror. The last thing people want is to have strangers in their house each time. I want the same crew. I want to explain my preferences one time. I want to build trust. None of this can happen if they send a different crew every time you have a cleaning.

There are plenty of other good choices out there. It took me about 20 minutes to find a replacement. Now I have a great service that sends the same crew each time. This builds trust. I like to tip to show my appreciation. Amazing how good customer service works for the long term clients (or not for Boardwalk).

Lessons learned? I doubt it.
Rating: 1
– Scott J.

This was my first time using a cleaning service. The communication from the very beginning was great. Let me know when they were on the way. The team that deep cleaned my apartment was super nice, professional, and did an amazing job. Would recommend to anyone!
Rating: 5
– Cai M.

The cleaners did a great job with the actual clean. However, during the clean, the balcony door was damaged to a degree that I can no longer close the door. In my 1 year of living at my apartment and using the balcony everyday, this has never happened. The cleaners claim that they were simply trying to close the door, but building management informs me that the clear dents in the frame and severe damage to the hinge is from multiple times of force shutting the door without paying attention to the damage it was doing.

I did not appreciate the cleaners attempt to say that something was wrong with the door. Nothing is wrong with the door.
Rating: 2
– Yifei Z.

The two individuals who cleaned my house did a great job. I would absolutely hire them outside of the cleaning company. 5 stars for them.

The company itself has some rough customer service. I paid $427 + tip for a 1600 square foot "top to bottom deep clean". The cleaners even cleaned some items that were not on the list which was much appreciated. However, the baseboards, an item on the website's task list, were loosely dusted but not cleaned of dirt and scuff marks.

When I reached out to the company for their "missed a spot" policy. They happily added me to the next day's schedule while also informing me that "If you could keep in mind – that we cannot guarantee removal of [every] mark, scuff or caulking line. These are not always removable. We hand wipe baseboards with a microfiber [rag] and a hydrogen peroxide orange cleaner. If we cannot remove something, it would then need to be repainted to bring back to its original state. "

I sent them a video of the baseboard grout that I quickly cleaned with an HEB brush and cold water to make sure my request was reasonable. I informed them I would not invoke the policy if I thought something wasn't able to be cleaned. To which they replied- "To be honest we do not use a brush to scrub out corners of baseboard caulking. We can do this for you today in case there was any miscommunication when you booked your cleaning. It would not be included in any other cleaning in the future."

I should note that the website lists "We will hand wipe, clean and disinfect all baseboards" when they apparently mean *dust only*.

After the gaslighting/guilt trip, I declined their offer to return and decided to leave a review instead. I felt kind of silly invoking the policy for one area, but for $427 +tip, I wanted the top-to-bottom clean that I paid for and they won.

Also, they auto-draft your payment immediately vs. emailing an invoice for the customer to pay.

TL;DR: The cleaners are only allowed to clean certain areas a certain way. If you try to take advantage of their "missed a spot guarantee", the company will at first try to gaslight you into thinking you're unreasonable, guilt trip you about their own policy, and then they will admit they don't actually clean, just "wipe". They are also very expensive.
Rating: 2
– Brooke N.

Let me start by saying I rarely rate a company poorly. However, I so disappointed with the way I was treated after a horrible cleaning. We paid for a moving out cleaning( NOT cheap)! We did this because our house was vacant and we were preparing it for sale. I got a phone call from my contractor saying he was there while the maids were there and they were POURING water on the floor while mopping. This made part of the wood warp. Upsetting because we just spent a lot of money replacing warped planks. He also said there was still dust in filters.

I called the office and spoke to one of the owners who was VERY rude and defensive. Most people would have demanded they replace the warped planks. I was simply asking for a refund or even a half refund. He was horribly rude and made it sound like they did nothing wrong. He refused to listen to anything I had to say and said he wouldn't pay. I even had pictures of what they did.

This is most upsetting because we were loyal bi weekly customers!!!!!!! I told him I was very shocked with his response. He didn't care less.

Bottom line, the way he treated me for them ruining planks was unacceptable. As a business owner myself, it would have been simple to apologize and refund. Nope, not only did he not refund he made me sound like I was ridiculous.

I'm sure he will respond to this but whatever he says to justify it is either unacceptable or a lie.

I would have rated this company 5 Stars before this horrible experience.
Rating: 1
– Kanar Adelle S.

Boardwalk cleaning is the cleaning company I've always been looking for. They are very responsive and their attention to detail is superb. I've used this service a 4 times now and for the price + quality are the best in Austin. Thank you boardwalk for a job well done and responding to my questions/calls so quickly
Rating: 5
– Ronald E.

My floors were really filthy. Admittedly it's mostly the previous tenant's fault, but that's why I paid a cleaning company. It took me mopping about 8-10 times to feel like I wasn't walking on dust when I was barefoot anymore. I saw the cleaners mop, but I guess they just moved the dust around instead of removing it. I'm really dissatisfied with that.

Also, one of my toilets has mold/mildew come back after few flushes. Basically, they didn't do a good job scrubbing the upper interior of the toilet to disinfect it.

I paid for what I thought would be a spotless, great clean, but it just seems to be a better than average clean. So, they get 3/5 stars. Not very happy with the amount I paid for what I got.
Rating: 3
– Hakan B.

I hired this cleaning company because of such great reviews. I was quite shocked at how my house was "cleaned". I booked the most extensive top to bottom cleaning service and that is far from what I got.

My partner told the cleaning team (in Spanish) specifically the things we wanted to be cleaned and what personal items we didn't want to be touched. One of the first things we mention, the fixtures.. All of our fixtures we're left untouched dirty and dusty. Even fixtures that were at eye level (I am 5'2).
Second, our oven which we paid an extra $50 was cleaned on the inside but not cleaned off the dust we showed them beforehand on the surrounding area.
Third, we told them not to touch the stuff on our bed, and instead, they rearranged our pillows, not a super big deal but if we told you not to touch that why would you?
Here is what else that was left dirty: countertops in kitchen untouched, water spots, dirt. Floors still dirty in some spots, again all my fixtures were untouched, microwave not cleaned. And a couple of other small things.

This was a 2 and half hour clean with two cleaners… we gave these workers a $50 tip too! (We left the tip before seeing the final service because based on the reviews, we had high expectations)
I'm very disappointed… and after speaking to Juan, who first offered $50 off talked to my partner and seemed to get annoyed, offered $100 off, and then was quick to rush us off the phone.

I really wish our first experience would have been better but instead, it'll be our last time using this company.
Rating: 1
– Tyler P.

Boardwalk has become my go-to solution for making my house as clean and lovely as it can be! I generally do my own cleaning, but whenever something special comes up, I call in Boardwalk to take it to a level I don't have the patience to do myself! Especially helpful, say, if my parents call on Tuesday to say they're going to come visit for the weekend, just as my work schedule is at its nuttiest… I email Juan and usually within a few minutes (an hour at most) we have arranged for a team to come in a couple days to do a deep clean of our whole house, baseboards, ceiling fans, stove burners…polishing away fingerprints and cleaning along the kickboards in the kitchen. In the days between, I can concentrate on putting things away instead of worrying about futzing with cobwebs and dust behind the toilet bowl.
We have always been very happy with their employees, very friendly, good at communicating, and ALWAYS prompt – if anything, they've arrived a little early, which is a good thing! And Boardwalk must choose their teams for visual skill – Each time they find a way to arrange pillows/bedcovers/bathroom accessories in a way chicer than I could come up with! Worth every penny!!! We always tip because we're always thrilled!

Rating: 5
– K C.

I needed my house thoroughly cleaned after removing tile floors and installing wood floors. Scheduling a team was quick and easy. The cleaning team did a very thorough job. I would hire them again if I had a big job
Rating: 5
– Peter F.

Worst cleaning service! We paid for a Move Out Cleaning rate which is highest than their standard rate and with it they were supposed to provide a more comprehensive cleaning.
They failed miserably, they did not clean the doors to my office, mirrors, blinds or the laundry room at all.
They vacuumed but not under the sofas or tables.
My wife and I had to take time off work to spend the rest of the day cleaning after them. Unacceptable, I have included some pictures taken after the left.

Rating: 1
– Ramon N.

After using this company now for three years the first two years were great this last year has been horrible I don't know if it's due to Covid but the Complaints we have given are numerous. Unfortunately they do not care all they wanna do is give you a general clean which is nothing but wiping around things and mopping your floors with the same dirty water from room to room including wood floors. I do not recommend this company not anymore
Rating: 1
– Deb J.

Mama's Keeper Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning Services Mama's Keeper Cleaning Service

Specialties: Mama's Keeper specializes in professional and regular, deep,and move in/out cleaning of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, homes, condos, and also small businesses, of up to 1800 square feet. We provide services ranging from light housekeeping to deep scale cleaning and Move Out/in cleanings that include dusting, wiping of baseboards, ceiling fans, cleaning appliances, bathrooms and more. Let our professionals come in and get your home or business in order, so that you can have time to stop and smell the roses! We are and open Monday through Friday and take appointments as early as 7:30 a.m. Established in 2012. Mama's Keeper Cleaning Service was established in 2012 by a young woman who loved to help anyone clean. A friend of hers suggested that she go in to business for herself doing what she loved to do; cleaning. She immediately explored the idea and went right to work laying the foundation. She started out doing only residential cleaning, but soon was called to take on a job cleaning a restaurant in downtown Austin. Seven years later, Mama's Keeper is still at it. We are making and keeping homes and businesses tidy and clean on a like nobody's business!

Star Rating 5
Austin, US, TX, 78715
Contact No. (512) 909-4494
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Mama's Keeper Cleaning Service Honest Reviews

How many people can say they can get a quote and service within 24 hours? After contacting several other cleaning companies, most others charged abundantly or were booked up into next week. I needed something urgent, being that I just termed my lease. When I contacted Meko, she was so kind and flexible! Mama's is typically closed on Sunday's, but since I was on a time crunch, she was willing to come in not only on Sunday, but early to do the work. HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN SAY COMPANIES WILL GO THE EXTRA MILE LIKE MAMA'S?!

From day one of moving blindly into my studio, there has always been a strong stench that reeks of smoke and muster. After Meko was through, it smelled CLEAN. Meko made every nook & cranny spotless! Moving into a nicer home, I will certainly have Meko come clean for me again and again for light touch ups!

Since Mama's is a small business, she expects payment up front for short notices, tax not included. I paid in advance via Venmo, and Meko came to clean as promised. Thank you to this angel!
Rating: 5
– Christina H.

My husband is a local builder and uses several different companies to clean his businesses. When we built our personal house, I wanted to use someone that I felt would do a more thorough job and after scouring Yelp and Google, I kept coming back to this business due to the consistent 5 star reviews and it really pains me to be the person to give this business less than 5 stars. Being that we were first time clients, we were a little put off by the demand for cash or venmo payment in advance because that has never happened with any other cleaning service we have used. I also raised my eyebrow at the fee of $300. While I was hiring her to clean the house post construction, there was absolutely no furniture in the house to work around. We just needed a thorough cleaning to include inside cabinets, around light fixtures and etc. Needless to say, my husband was not impressed and by the time I arrived back in town, our furniture had been delivered so I declined to write a review, instead opting to give her another chance so that I could judge the work being done myself. However, I called and left 2 messages without a return call, so we have hired another service.
Rating: 3
– Quin T.

Would definitely recommend Mama's Keeper – Meko fit us in relatively last minute and did an AMAZING job cleaning our rental home before we moved out. Reasonable pricing as well! Give her a call!!
Rating: 5
– Chelsea A.

I needed a move-out cleaning for a military housing unit on short notice. The service was amazing! The lady inspecting my house thanked me for doing such a good job . I had to confess that Mama's Keeper Cleaning deserved all the credit and not me. I would recommend this service to anyone.
Rating: 5
– Laura C.

Mekol did such an amazing job cleaning my house . My house is dog hair free which I haven't been able to say in previous 6 years !!! My house smells great , refrigerator sparkles . I definitely recommend her to everyone!
Rating: 5
– Helen H.

They had a big job to do as my elderly friend's house had been neglected for months. They weren't scared off by it and cleaned it very well!
Rating: 5
– Lauren R.

In short- Mekol is an absolute GEM! She was friendly, professional and did an AMAZING job cleaning my Mom's home. She went above and beyond and even stayed late to make sure my Mom's home was perfect. Can't say thank you enough to her! I would highly recommend Mekol's services!
Rating: 5
– Courtney W.

Outstanding service! I agree with the previous reviewer who said Meko has a passion for cleaning! My son had a tight timeline to drive to Seattle for a job transfer so I came to help with the apartment move-out.

Meko is super high energy and did an excellent job with a sharp eye for detail. I thought I'd have to stay to supervise to make sure nothing was missed, but Meko did a quick walk thru and pointed out things I hadn't even noticed. When Meko was done the apartment looked great, smelled brand new (she used a carpet deodorizer) and sparkled (she polished surfaces)!

Highly recommend, plus she's a nice person to work with!
Rating: 5
– Noelle P.

We have used Mama's Keeper Cleaning four or five times now, and we are left completely happy with each and every experience. Upon our first service, Meko walked through the house with me and we discussed the particulars of what I expected and wanted clean. She is a fantastic listener and openly discusses your cleaning needs. She doesn't charge by the hour–she charges by the service, so there is no ambiguity or misconceptions about what will or won't get cleaned. She will not leave with a job halfway done.

The service itself is fantastic. I live with four roommates, and we are not the cleanest people. Meko is great at getting what falls between the cracks (literally and figuratively). She is very detail oriented and gets those things that we miss or just don't think about. The result is a vibrant, glowing house. If Meko comes while one of my roommates are at work, they can always tell that she's been there once they get home.

In addition, Meko often goes above and beyond. If there is a little something that you hadn't discussed cleaning, but she sees that it needs a touch up, she'll do it. And she does all of this with a smile on her face and a very kind demeanor. She has a warmth and enthusiasm to her that she brings to her service. I can't recommend Meko and Mama's Keeper Cleaning enough.
Rating: 5
– Maysie O.

I had Mama's Keeper Cleaning Service out on Saturday and Meko did a fantastic job! She was on time and very professional! Meko has a passion for cleaning. I had about 10+ quotes from cleaning companies and she was definitely the most reasonably priced. She went above and beyond doing several little things that I had not expected! My husband came home and said "wow, she did a great job"! When the hubby notices how clean she got everything that's how you know you found a gem! She's a keeper! Will be using her in the future!
Rating: 5
– Bethany H.

Mama's Keeper saved my life. I live in Cedar Creek. I have been sick for a long time, most recently with pneumonia and asthma. I also have two dogs. Needless to say, my house had not been cleaned in many months due to my illness. When the pneumonia and asthma hit back in November, my house was a health risk. I didn't really have any money to hire a housekeeper but the doctor warned that pneumonia can be deadly. My sister lives in Austin and contacted Mama's Keeper and paid for them to come out to clean. They did such an awesome job that I couldn't stop hugging them (or my sister). Thanks to my family, they will definitely be coming back on a regular basis. I could not recommend them more highly. My house has not been this clean in years.
Rating: 5
– Janet K.

I am so pleased with Mama's Keeper Cleaning Service. First off, Meko's response time was insanely quick when I requested a quote. She was detailed and helpful every step of the way, and even flexible when I needed to reschedule our appt due to our move being delayed by the Harvey rains. Meko did an amazing, thorough job cleaning our apartment after we moved out. I really appreciated her attention to detail and high standards, even on an empty apartment. The quote I received was the best price I found anywhere, and the quality of work was top notch. I highly recommend this company. Thank you Meko!
Rating: 5
– N. A.

What an awesome service!!! Flexible, timely, reasonable and still quality service!! We are a very busy family and just to know we know that we don't have to worry about our home is such a relief.
Rating: 5
– April M.

Meko is a life saver. I contacted her on a Wednesday afternoon and she was at my house on Thursday morning. She deep cleaned the house I am about to move into and "erased all signs" of the previous tenants…And she had her work cut out for her to say the least! She did such a great job and her sweet personality and attitude made me feel so good about my decision. She went above and beyond in the house and stayed later than planned "just to do a good job". Thank you so much, Meko. You're the best! See you again soon!
Rating: 5
– S W.

Meko is amazing! I just purchased a house and the previous owners lived like swine, so I was in dire need of somebody that will scrub and mop the entire house. And I found Meko- lucky me! Because everthing that she touched turned out to sparkle. Thank you Meko!
Rating: 5
– Ana D.

I have just started using Mama's Keeper Cleaning Service. I must tell you that I was more than please with Meko, the owner and with her service. She did an excellent job. She has such a positive attitude and a charming personality. Both of these traits are examples of her work. When I came home my house was sparking and shinning with a smile. :))) She made suggestions to me and I told her to go right ahead. I am so happy I found her and will definitely refer her to anyone who wants a good job done on their home! Bravo. Thanks Meko.
Rating: 5
– Joan J.

Meko is amazing, she is prompt, happy, thorough and she did an awesome job on my house. I would recommend her 100%!
Rating: 5
– Misty M.

Trustworthy Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Trustworthy Cleaning Services

Specialties: We are focus to provide best Deep – Detail cleaning for homes in Austin, Kyle, Cedar Park, Round Rock , Liberty Hills and more cities. We also offer Post Construction – Final Cleaning .Office cleaning Established in 2004. Our cleaning services are 100% guaranteed so if ever you are not satisfied with our cleaning services, give us a call and we will return within 24 hours and re-clean the area you are dissatisfied with at no additional charge.

Star Rating 3.5
8011 Cameron Rd
Ste 104, Austin, US, TX, 78754
Contact No. (512) 350-9727
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Tue: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Wed: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Thu: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Fri: 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Sat: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Trustworthy Cleaning Services Honest Reviews

Great job! House was sparkling and everything I requested was completed to satisfaction!
Rating: 5
– Tonya F.

I used this company for a Move Out clean of my home. Prior to leaving the home all the doors were in working condition. I received a text from Trustworthy over an hour into the booked clean stating that they had "found the door with no hinges" accompanied with a picture that had no proof of anything in such condition. When I returned to the home to inspect, the door appeared to have been forced off the track and the track bent. Trustworthy is claiming no responsibility.
Additionally, all of my blinds were left in disarray. The back door of my home was also left unlocked.
If you will not be present during your clean I suggest having documentation somehow that everything is in working order.
Absolutely will not be using this company again.

Rating: 2
– Lauren B.

I paid for a move out with this company, not expecting anything great, as the reviews weren't amazing, but I called and they were one of the only companies that said they'd clean up some of the walls in the house so I went with them. I train dogs, so a few walls were pretty gross.

Enter first run over.

It wasn't the same day. It was probably quite far off, as I live 30+ minutes away now. No one had access to the house. I arrived to dog fur all over the floor, wood, dead bugs, blinds that hadn't been cleaned of more dead bugs, and walls that hadn't been touched. It wasn't like these walls were discreet. They literally look like they're covered in dirt and piss. Because they are.

I called. They asked for pictures, I sent them, they came back out.

I went back. Bugs gone. Walls untouched. Fur still in the exact same place. A literal, whole plastic cap still sitting on the carpet, and piss all over my walls. I'll repeat that ten more times.

I called. Sent pictures ahead of a response. Never. Heard. Back. At. All.
I want my money back. I could have done a better job vacuuming with one arm. To boot, they cranked my A/C down to 63 and left it there and left at least 10 lights on the second time they were out.

This company is a joke. They are unprofessional, lie about their capabilities, and then ignore you when you call them for what they are. I'll be pursuing action to receive my money back and will post this wherever the Internet allows.

Rating: 1
– Kelly A.

This cleaning company failed to perform paid for services and refused a refund or to even communicate with me until I left a bad review. This is a scam business. Furthermore, I have testimony from my realtor that someone from their company may have broken into my property after the fact. Luckily I had nothing stored there.

*Update, they have reached out directly only after a bad review. They refunded partially for service where their staff never showed up. The claim the following below was a "deep clean" for almost $600 dollars.
Rating: 1
– Jeffrey S.

If I could give negative stars I would, they came highly rated through another app and so I was confident in my choice of them, but I should've checked yelp..
I called for a deep clean on my first home purchase, the home was completely empty although quite dirty from the previous owners. I detailed to them what I needed done and they recommended their deep cleaning package. But after the service, which was EXPENSIVE, I figured the house would be almost move in ready. I don't expect spotless but I didn't expect almost NOTHING done! I seriously considered they didn't even come?
Floors, baseboards, light fixtures, counters, greass underneath kitchen cabinets, door frames still thick with dust and fur, window and window sills with dirt and grime etc it didn't look like they were touched at all!
I was annoyed but I called them to let them know i was dissatisfied with the service and they asked for proof (see pictures). After they reviewed my pictures they said they were sending people back to reclean.

This is where I actually got angry, I came to the house after the SECOND cleaning and again, NOTHING OF WHAT I ASKED FOR WAS DONE. After spending that much money and still needing to deep clean the entire house myself AFTER work for a few days I would never ever recommend this company to anyone and actively want to warn people to stay away from using them after my experience.
Rating: 1
– Emilee C.

do not hire this co! we hired them, (as realtors, for our clients) to do a move out, deep cleaning service for a home we sold in hutto. we were not aware that the seller's had disconnected the water, and there was no water on at the time of the cleaning. they charged us almost $600. when we walked the house, we found that nothing was cleaned. there were dead roaches still in the sinks, and cup water ring stains on the counters, none of the cabinets were cleaned or anything. well, how can you deep clean a house with no running water in the house?! when we called to complain, they had the nerve to tell us that the other agent was present at the house, that he knew there was no running water and he actually carried water over to the crew from the neighbors house so they could clean…. !!!!???? needless to say this was a ridiculous lie! and now they refuse to go out and do a retouch, wich truthfully would need to be the complete job, not a retcouch. this is a company that is the worst at customer service, and will think and treat you as if you are stupid!!!!!!! no one use this co!!!!!
Rating: 1
– Maria M.

Initial cleaning was a Deep Cleaning, which the ladies did a good job, except ALL my wall hangings & light fixtures were crooked afterwards. My big problem is when I went to schedule them for a regular cleaning every few weeks, they demanded to lock me in a 6-month contract. That would mean cleaners at my house on holidays, etc. If I tried to cancel it was a $150 fee! Needless to say I dropped them before signing the contract.
Rating: 2
– Lauren G.

If you're looking for a "deep clean," but you still have items in your house… just know that they won't clean inside any cabinets, oven, refrigerator, etc. I made the mistake of ASSUMING that they would based on the pictures on their website of people cleaning inside ovens, etc… they only actually clean inside cabinets, ovens, etc if the house is totally empty. I was hugely disappointed, but take the blame for not reading the fine print. I had hired them when I was listing my house to sell. I then sold my house and used a different service when it was time for the final cleaning.
Rating: 3
– Amy W.

When I initially started with trustworthy cleaning I was very impressed however after the first couple of weeks, they routinely came at times that we did not agree upon, missed sections in the house, and charged extra for the same job to be completed because they sent ladies that were "training". The last straw was when my jewelry stolen. The response when I called and reported it immediately was that they spoke with their ladies and there isn't anything that can be done to rectify the situation.
Rating: 1
– Nurah M.

This company is incredibly disappointing. I started using them on a bi-weekly basis from a referral at the end of 2020 because my cleaning lady needed to be cautious with Covid. At first, they did a very good job. They sent the same crew out every two weeks and they were thorough, on time and and had a consistent schedule. However, about 7 months ago they started to change. The quality dropped drastically. They started sending different cleaning crews every service and even though I would confirm a general time, they would always change it last minute. My scheduled time would be the mid day slot, but they would try to change it to an 8:30am slot or a 4:40 pm slot last minute. I worked the slot around my schedule so that I would not be home. I asked that this issue be resolved, they would promise to correct it but then the same thing would occur next time. I also had to send them photos of uncleaned areas, especially in my bathroom every other service. There would be mildew build up and stains in my shower; they clearly had not cleaned. Then they would appease me by saying they would deep clean the shower on the next service (which I had every other week and then every week for the last few months), but the areas were still untouched and mildew would STILL be in my shower head and tile (even though they had a roadmap with the photos I sent in). This is the kind of mildew that takes some time to develop, gunky and gross in the crevices and easy to miss when hoping in and out of the shower and not thinking to pay attention to the shower heads. Situations such as that should never happen when paying someone to clean your house every week. They simply do NOT care about the quality of their work. On top of all of these issues, they attempted to raise my price $40 each service to almost $200 each service. So, I am a customer that has been with them for a year and a half and when I moved to a weekly schedule, they attempted to charge me significantly MORE! I thought moving to a weekly service would make it easier for them to keep my 1900 sqft home clean (one bedroom is completely empty, by the way, and the other just requires basic dusting since it is a music room). However, they were worse! The cleaning service got worse! And on top of that, they tired to charge me $40 more per service each week. What a joke. Terrible customer care. Shame on them. They are very disappointing. I would not recommend them. There are better services and I have taken my weekly services elsewhere.
Rating: 1
– Season D.

They have come to my house twice for regular cleaning which includes vacuuming the floors, mopping, dusting (including baseboards), wipe down counters, clean the bathroom (shower, sinks, toilets, mirrors), and more. The people were 2 hours late. Spilled chemicals in our garage, and clearly didn't clean a damn thing in our house and still charged us $400. We have dirty un-mopped hard floors, un-vacuumed carpets, obviously dirty toilets, and more. I am so angry. What a rip off! Not sure where you can find a reputable cleaner in town but skip these untrustworthy cleaners.
Rating: 1
– Kristyn S.

Have been using them for over two years! Great customer service and the ladies are always so nice and hardworking. We have a big golden retriever and they do the best job at making sure our place is spotless of any pet hair after they leave. Our place always looks fantastic after they visit. 100% would recommend to anyone.
Rating: 5
– Samantha L.

I was very impressed by the professionalism, service, and results provided by Trustworthy Cleaning Services. Not only did the housekeeper arrived, she also managed to leave an older rental property in excellent condition. I cannot speak more highly of the level of service and cleanliness provided by Trustworthy Cleaning Services.
Rating: 5
– Jason S.

Had used them for many years, was always happy with service, over those years, a couple of times something small was broken, who cares, accidents happened. They showed me and no problem (I forgot about it). Unfortunately, last visit, they spilled a commercial grade degreaser on two year old $7,000 New Zealand wool carpet – burned a yellowish stain into it. I only found out by seeing it after they left and contacting them. That day they also did not wear masks in the house (this was couple months ago).

Anyway, yea – time to move on to another cleaner.
Rating: 2
– Dr O.

Broke so many of our glasses without saying a word. Also suspect they stole a package from our doorstep. We have been customers for a long time and just recently started having issues. I get it, accidents happen, but you have to tell us if something breaks. Now I have zero trust letting them into our home
Rating: 1
– Lejla M.

Again, I want to be able to give a 5 star rating but I just can't. I was hoping that signing up for the monthly contract would provide for some consistency with scheduling, but it's the third service and the crew has been over 45 minutes to over an hour late each time. They do such a wonderful job that I keep giving this service another chance but I have had to cancel or change my plans around when to greet the crew and lock up each time.
Rating: 2
– Renee N.

The absolute most horrible cleaning service I've ever had! The ladies they sent over spent most of their time talking to each other and on the phone with the office. I hired them to do a deep cleaning and they charged me extra because they said my house was dirty. Duh? That's why I hired them! Then they broke a picture frame and spent 3 minutes discussing it. I asked what they broke, because I heard it, and it took them a while to answer me. They also broke the soap dispenser in the bathroom.Then, they showed me where they scrubbed the white off of my tub and left it dingy by mixing too many different chemicals. When I asked for compensation they argued with me about paying for the damages to my tub and broken picture frame. I still have not been compensated for either! Plus, the house wasn't cleaned completely and they charged me $300 for a 1050ft house. Totally unacceptable and not trustworthy at ALL!
Rating: 1
– Entrece M.

They charged me for a carpet cleaning that they never did. I called multiple times with no answer. Luckily I have spoken with my credit card company to refuse payment.
Rating: 1
– Alana S.

I called them because they offer paint splatter removal. Gave very focused list since house had been recently cleaned. After 1 hr they called saying they would need 4 hours. Went to check on work next day and 3 of the 6 items in my list had not been completed. Spent two days and over 8 calls trying to schedule the retouch and get some follow up photos. No follow up, no photos and no remorse. Worst business operations i've seen in a long time. Do not find them trustworthy in any sense of the word.
Rating: 1
– Dana E.

These people also call themselves Austin Maid Service. DO NOT USE.

Zero stars would be better. They ignored our request for a quote, did not respond to contact day of, forced us into paying $370 when they initially said $280, and then ruined my stereo system. I have a 2 minute recording of their manager repeatedly accusing me of doing the damage myself and refusing to make things right. I'm looking at $1k worth of repairs. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.
Rating: 1
– J W.

Foreman Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Foreman Cleaning

Specialties: On every visit, your Foreman cleaning team is thorough, consistent and customized. If you want us to skip a certain room, we do it. If you want a special service, let us know. If you want to change your cleaning routine, call us and we'll take care of it. Established in 2006. Foreman Cleaning was re-established in Austin, TX. We have over 30 years of experience.

Star Rating 4.5
Austin, US, TX, 78702
Contact No. (512) 966-0523
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Sun: 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Website Click here to visit

Foreman Cleaning Honest Reviews

Great communication and excellent service! Highly recommended and I will continue to use !
Rating: 5
– David-Kim B.

The most important thing when choosing a cleaning company is TRUST and RELIABILITY. Let me share my experience working with this company. I've never got bait-and-switched and had a company leave a cleaning job in the middle of the work before but there is always a first time.

We hired them to clean our house twice, requesting for 1 cleaner for 2 hours. On the third time, I requested EXACTLY the same arrangement, yet she suddenly sent a team of 2 for double the price. I was not at home and only saw one cleaner come
in. I did NOT know that there was a change of arrangement and at double the price. She should have at least informed me. I felt very bait-and-switched. It may have been an honest mistake but what happened next is completely unacceptable.

While discussing this with Beverly, her cleaning crew decides to leave the house IN THE MIDDLE of the job. The bathroom was unfinished with bath mats everywhere. The room was not done.
And THEY JUST LEFT. Without a word. Without asking if the work is complete. I was genuinely stunned. What kind of company does this? It shows an unacceptable lack of professionalism and commitment to their customers. They don't really care about their customers at all.

They caused us so much stress and trauma. And what I saw was a genuine lack of empathy for customers. Completely unacceptable and will highly NOT recommend them. Beverly's tone got meaner and meaner, making threats while asking for an explanation to ask them to leave again. Unbelievable. It's one thing to make a mistake, it's another to make it right and be kind to your customers. Find a more trustworthy cleaning service guys. Someone who treats customers with kindness and respect, which Beverly lacks completely.
Rating: 1
– Carla S.

The ladies did a great job cleaning! They made my apartment look much better than it did when I moved in. Beverly made the process very quick, easy, and casual.
Rating: 5
– Josh M.

Beverly's team has been cleaning our guest house, as well as our home for a couple years. I love working with them! Beverly is flexible, easy to work with and dependable. Angelica usually cleans our place and she is a delight. They will focus on specific areas that need deeper cleaning if asked. Highly recommend this ethical, local and woman-owned company.
Rating: 5
– Shelley H.

Beverly at Foreman Cleaning helped me out with short notice on cleaning our semi-large house so that I could prep for a party. Her crew did a great job, were flexible and friendly, and I would definitely hire them again. Like another reviewer mentioned, I was happy that this company didn't force a menu of items on me, but seemed flexible with what I needed done and prioritized. They were excellent!
Rating: 5
– Shannon T.

I needed to have my house cleaned immediately, and called Foreman Cleaning. They were very nice, and re-arranged their schedule so that I could have my house cleaned before the end of the week. They were in and out in under 90 minutes and did a great job. Definitely recommend them!
Rating: 5
– Joshua H.

I called Beverly at Foreman Cleaning to help me out when I was moving into my new condo that needed a BAD cleaning! She brought in a team to clean everything and do the windows as well! They did an amazing job and are very reliable. It's hard to find people you can count on and that do a great job too! I have used her a few times after as well – when I didn't have the time to clean myself! I have and will continue to recommended her to friends!
Rating: 5
– Jackie S.

I needed a combination of construction clean-up and general house cleaning. I contacted Beverly Foreman and she called right back. We discussed what I needed and she scheduled her crew to come on the day and time I needed. Bev's crew was thorough, quick, and did exactly what I needed. I was impressed that they did not force a menu of cleaning services on me. They let me design the menu. The price was very reasonable. I would use Foreman Cleaning again without hesitation. They were professional, courteous, and effective. I also used the associated handyman business, Work of Art, to clean my windows and for a few other items. Art was helpful, did great work and was a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended. Frank S.
Rating: 5
– Frank S.

Road Runner Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Road Runner Cleaning

Specialties: We are a professional cleaning service based in Austin, TX. We specialize in both residential and commercial cleaning that will leave your home or office looking its best – from deep cleans to regular weekly visits; new construction cleanings and COVID certified routines (including refrigerator & oven scrubbing). No matter what type you're in need off, we've got it covered!

Star Rating 5
Austin, US, TX, 78758
Contact No. (512) 630-2980
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sun: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
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Road Runner Cleaning Honest Reviews

Got a deep clean for some friends with a new baby. The folks at Road Runner were reasonably priced, responsive, thorough, and followed through. My friend's house was sparkling clean and she said she felt like she made new friends with the skilled and hardworking and personable cleaning professionals.
Rating: 5
– Rex N.

I had a great experience with Road Runner! They respond quickly, and the whole process was very smooth. The cleaner was on time and did a great job. Will definitely use again!
Rating: 5
– Carly G.

Roadrunners was able to come out to my home quickly and at the time we set up. I'm very pleased with their service and they communicated with me all the way, even sending me a reminder the night before. I will be using them again because they took care of all the items they promised and the lady they sent was a super hard worker and very pleasant.
Rating: 5
– Taffy S.

Cleaner showed up on time. It was very easy to schedule with them. They were very responsive. Cleaner was thorough and quick. Will definitely be using them again.
Rating: 5
– Elizabeth L.

At a time where employee are having trouble staffing, Roadrunner answered right away when two other companies did not respond. We've come to a place in our lives when we need help with the house. It was important to find a cleaning company right away. Ingrid sent a cleaner at our agreed day and time and they did a great job.
Rating: 5
– Sher Z.

Austin's Best Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Austin's Best Cleaning Services

Specialties: Servicing Austin and Surrounding areas for over 20 years! You can count on us to help make your home feel more like home. Home cleaning, cleaning services, move out cleaning services, etc.

Austin, US, TX, 78741
Contact No. (512) 436-1480
Working Hours
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: 12:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Next day)
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Cleaning Fairies

Home Cleaning Services Cleaning Fairies

Specialties: At Cleaning Fairies we specialize in residential cleaning. All of our cleaning technicians undergo a thorough cleaning training and certification. We have been In business since 2007 and are locally owned and operated. Our mission is to strive for excellence and we do that by proving that we are the best in every cleaning.

Star Rating 4.5
Austin, US, TX, 78758
Contact No. (512) 364-8100
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed
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Cleaning Fairies Honest Reviews

I would give six stars if possible!

Luis, Alex and team have cleaned my condo for a few years. Each time, the place is immaculate. Others have commented on how pristine it is. I would give them five stars for excellence.

Here's why I would give them six stars:
After the last cleaning, my tenant moved in and reported an issue with the flooring. I called Luis, and he was understanding, and came out that day to take a look. He was very thorough, and even had talked to a flooring person about it. As it turns out, I had made a mistake – the flooring issue did not occur while the cleaners were there, but while the tenant was moving in. They suggested a handyman who could help. Luis and Alex were kind, gracious, and went out of their way to be helpful, even when the issue was both not their fault and my error in thinking it was.

Phenomenal! I will be a customer for life!
Rating: 5
– J C.

Good luck getting a reply. I submitted a quote request via Yelp: nothing. Sent a request through their website: Nada. Left a voicemail at 3pm on a Thursday (after a greeting that said "we'll return your call in 15 minutes"): Zilch.
Rating: 1
– Marla E.

They've been cleaning my apartment for about 6-7 months and they do a great job. I had another cleaning service that sent over a crazy person who almost ruined an expensive rug with cleaning supplies. After that I called Cleaning Fairies and found them reliable, responsive, and affordable. Highly recommend.
Rating: 5
– Luke E.

The cleaning was nice, everything was done well.

The team showed up at 9:24 instead of 9AM, but they charged me starting at 9:15.

I was also told they would call me about 15 minutes before they finished so I could come by and look at the place. I drove by after several hours and the cleaners were gone. Unfortunately, I just have to trust when they left – which is harder since they weren't honest about when they arrived.

I didn't hear anything from the company until the next day, which is when I learned about the incorrect start time. When I asked about this, they sad the charge was correct even with the adjusted time.
Rating: 3
– Derek C.

Simply the best cleaning service and attention to detail – we'll never use another cleaning service again. Their manager came to assess the site first and gave everyone detailed instructions for doing the best and most efficient clean you can imagine. Their price was excellent, and so was their communication. Thank you, cleaning fairies!
Rating: 5
– Berlin K.

So happy we use Cleaning Fairies to help clean our house every other week. They use the best products and our house always feels so magical after. They are meticulous and thorough. Also very responsive and easy to schedule/reschedule.

I would highly recommend using them for your home!
Rating: 5
– Jessica P.

Luis is great! Thoughtful, detailed, and very friendly, he ensures that all your needs are addressed up front and there is not a single worry for you when getting the home cleaned. Reliable, consistent, and fairly priced.
Rating: 5
– Swati G.

The cleaning service provided by Cleaning Fairies is adequate, but not what I expected for a deep clean. The cost for a deep clean of a 3 bedroom 2 bath 1,300 square foot home was $420. They did not clean the blinds (still lots of dust on blinds throughout the house), and the refrigerator still has food particles in it. They were able to come the same day I called them, so that was helpful. I probably won't use them again though because I felt it was expensive compared to other companies for the service I received.
Rating: 3
– Lynlie W.

I hate to leave this review because the cleaners were so nice, but I do not feel like I got anything close to what I paid for.

I called cleaning fairies for a quote for a move out clean on a 3 bedroom 2 and a half bath house. During the phone quote I was told that windows, the insides of cabinets, and that the inside of the refrigerator would be done.

When the crew arrived we had not yet vacated the property. However, movers had already come and most everything was gone. The upstairs was entirely clear, and the downstairs had some boxes, a TV, etc that we moved out of their way as they went. When they arrived I made it clear that they could feel free to move anything that got in their way.

The owner asked me if the inside of the refrigerator and the inside of the cabinets were clear so I know that they obviously intended to clean them.

Well, they did work all day. Our glass shower had a lot of soap build up on it. And we have a dog and a cat so they had to vacuum up all the pet hair from the upstairs and the stairs. There was a lot of dust, for sure. When they finished the fixtures and outside of appliances were shining.

Beyond that… the windows weren't done. Most of the window sills weren't done. The inside of the cabinets weren't done. The inside of the refrigerator wasn't done. The floor underneath the cabinets was still dirty. The inside of the pantry wasn't done. The inside of the master closet wasn't done.

When the cleaners left we were upstairs so that we would be out of the way while they mopped, so we didn't do a walk through or anything. They just told us that the office would contact us for payment and to let them know of any issues.

It was a few days later I received a text with the bill of $700+. I took 2 or 3 days to reply because we were moving out of state. When I replied I informed the girl of all the things that weren't completed, and received no response at all.

After we left the state my parents went back to the home to help do a few repairs before it went to market, and neither of them could believe it had been professionally cleaned. I think if I had told my mom the price she would have killed me for paying so much for what we got.

I had quotes from other companies for under $500 and I thought you get what you pay for, I'll go with Cleaning Fairies, but honestly I really ended up regretting that.
Rating: 2
– Whitney M.

This team is totally professional. We have a 3000 sq ft house built in the sixties. Now it looks like new. They are magic.
Rating: 5
– Diane O.

This is the best cleaning service I've ever used. Their definition of deep cleaning is what I've been looking for. Their mopping system made my floors absolutely spotless and clean-feeling. No strong bleach smell either when I came home. I highly recommend this service. Thank you Alex and Luis and your amazing crew for your dedication to quality work.
Rating: 5
– Esther M.

We are first time customers and don't usually get cleaning services but needed the help. Cleaning Fairies delivered. The owners, a husband & wife team, Luis and Alex, are detailed and responsive. The job was bigger than anticipated but despite a late start and having a worker out sick, they took the time they needed and did a quality cleaning. We'll be asking them back on a regular basis and would recommend them to friends. During a pandemic, it's always a bit nerve wracking to invite strangers over but they wore masks and gloves and we distanced while they were in the house.
Rating: 5
– Mario L.

The people were so diligent and kind! My house never looked better. They were very patient and tolerant of my pets. This is my perfect go to place for a great job!
Rating: 5
– Mechelle L.

Words aren't adequate enough to express the awesome job these guys did cleaning my house! I reached out to them vie yelp and got a quick response and quote. From there, the booking was easy and they even called me when an earlier time became available. Luis and his assistant came in and cleaned from top to bottom. He was literally on his knees scrubbing floors and baseboards! I felt comfortable leaving them and when I returned, it was like walking into a brand new space! I will certainly be using them again… I'll be signing up for their monthly service.
Rating: 5
– Deric L.

Excellent service! My house was a lot worse than they expected and they worked double time to take care of it. They were on time, courteous and they did a solid job.
Rating: 5
– Kirk H.

Excellent cleaning and very good price. The owner, Luis is very polite, sincere, and dedicated to doing a good job. My only complaint is that I never had a set time window and also never had a crew of 3 as advertised. All in all though, hard to beat the quality.
Rating: 5
– Cyndi J.

These ladies did a great job. Definitely recommended. I needed a good top to bottom cleaning and they were fast.
Rating: 5
– Marvel D.

My mom owns a cleaning company back home. I grew up in the cleanest house. I just leased a new apartment and the cleaning company the apartment used did a less than stellar job.

I contacted Luis who was able to fit me into his schedule. Luis and his associate just cleaned my new apartment and couldn't have done a more fantastic job. The space is spotless and clean. I plan to use them regularly moving forward.
Rating: 5
– Tay N.

If you want reliable, friendly, efficient, and incredible good house cleaners make sure to call Cleaning Fairies! They are absolutely the best cleaning serving we have ever had. They come 2x a month and we are very happy when they leave the house. It smells amazing, and everything is spotless! We love our cleaning fairies! Do yourself a favor and call them Now!!!
Rating: 5
– Mariana L.

Luis and his team did a move-out clean of our 1650sqft house during the COVID-19 pandemic. Luis was great to work with via phone while scheduling the cleaning and taking care of the deposit. He and his assistant showed up promptly and worked professionally for the duration (didn't take smoke breaks, etc). They finished the house in about 4 hours – just in time for our photos to be taken of the house. Everything sparkled after they finished! They wore protective masks the whole time. Since we were down to the wire finishing prepping the house for professional photos, we didn't have a chance to touch base after they finished, but I knew roughly how long they'd been working, so the final bill wasn't a surprise. The only thing I'd wish for is an emailed final invoice; I only knew the final amount when it hit my CC (which was on file with them). It's very likely they did this to avoid handling/swiping physical cards, but I'd have liked the opportunity to add a gratuity 🙂 And to find out HOW they got my stainless steel refrigerator so shiny!!!!! I'll definitely have Cleaning Fairies on my short list for regular maid service at our new place.
Rating: 5
– Chelsea F.

Ema's Housekeeping

Home Cleaning Services Ema's Housekeeping

Specialties: We are professionals at deep cleaning and sanitizing homes and offices. We also have extensive experience in landscaping. Satisfaction guaranteed with amazing rates! 20% off your first service! Call us today!

Star Rating 4.5
Austin, US, TX, 78745
Contact No. (512) 734-7117
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Ema's Housekeeping Honest Reviews

Small business, very reliable. Flexible with scheduling. Excellent work. Quick response for quotes and scheduling.
Rating: 5
– Dee Dee B.

I contacted Ema's sort of spontaneously. I had that feeling of, " I need help," and after a quick search on Yelp (thanks, fellow Yelpers!), I found Ema!

Customer Service:
I reached out via Yelp and staff was very responsive to my questions about service & quotes. I have only gotten a place cleaned 1x in my life, so I had questions. The quote was reasonable.

I have a 1 bedroom/1 bath.
To my surprise and delight Ema's brought 3 staff members. I got out of there way (since the apartment is small). They finished in about 1.5 hour!

The Service:
Again, Ema's finished in about 1.5 hours which was great timing.
Emma's cleaned very thoroughly. Like ……I am spooked at how good it was! THE ATTENTION TO DETAIL. OMG.
True to their word they wiped down kitchen appliances and cleaned every room– including a desk and closet that were dusty and cluttery. I did not even think about those areas! I was slightly embarrassed yet so happy they did those areas.

Overalls, I would recommend Ema's and plan on using them again!

Rating: 5
– Alyssa L.

The cleaning was great, the ladies who came over were efficient and friendly! My issue was that I was quoted $94 (with the promotional discount) but when they left I was told that it was $145 (with the discount) because I scheduled a deep clean. I spoke on the phone with someone and told them I had not scheduled a deep cleaning, I scheduled a regular. After realizing his mistake he said "they already did the deep cleaning, sorry. It's $145." I did not want to argue in front of the cleaning lady as it wasn't her fault so I paid and called the company right after she left to no avail.

I 100% understand paying for services given however why do I have to pay an extra $50 for a mistake on their end and not mine. At least make it right by discounting the price of the service or really anything to rectify the situation besides an "oops, sorry."
Rating: 2
– Vikki H.

My experience with Emma's was great!

I found this cleaning company in yelp and messaged them. I got an almost instant reply from the owner with a quote and they were able to come the very next day. I really really appreciate the fast communication.

I have a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment that is about 1500 sq ft. I paid $120 for two cleaners to come and do nearly everything. My bathrooms are squeaky clean, the kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances are shining, and they even put new sheets on my bed. They also vacuumed and mopped.

They were also very Covid conscious and used masks the entire time they were in my home. I was also able to pay electronically with Venmo.

I highly suggest this company for a great clean.
Rating: 5
– Johnathan E.

They did a great job with my 1 bed and 1 bath apartment! I did pay $150, which I noticed some other reviews stating they have a larger spot than mine and paid the same so kind of questioning that but the cleaning itself was great and they were professional and covid friendly!
Rating: 5
– Alexa S.

I very rarely write a review, only in exceptional circumstances of great or poor service.
Ema's looked good by all accounts and reading reviews, but unfortunately after the service I received this will be a fairly negative one.
I booked for a 'deep clean' at the discounted rate if $350, for a first time user, our house is four bed and three bath to note. The team arrived on time with four members and I was told they'd be there for 2.5 hrs. I decided after the first room was done to take a look and noted the baseboards weren't dusted and parts of the floor not vacuumed or moped. This was rectified and therefore you'd think that they'd take those notes on board. Once finished after two hours the team packed and was about to leave when one guy came back in to see if all was ok. We walked the house and window ledges, some shutters, parts of the floor, shelves weren't dusted or cleaned. It was so frustrating having to take the time out of my day having to go around every piece of my house to point out what wasn't done. The guy made good on nearly all things, but what an ordeal to get there… and all for $350. I could have booked a normal clean and would have expected more to be honest. I won't be booking them again and it was too rushed and attention to detail of workmanship wasn't great.

Rating: 2
– Joanna B.

Our First a cleaning a deep cleaning was amazing! We thought we'd schedule a biweekly clean the first clean was today. Our house just needed a good sweep mop and dusting. It took them two hours and it was 200$ which seemed high but that is another issue. When I got home our master Bedroom and bathroom where visibly dirty. When I called to complain the person I spoke to said he was the one who came to my house and was training a new employee and blamed it on the woman and the fact that she was new. When I told my husband what he said my husband who was home the whole time during the cleaning. Informed me that he in fact was the one who had been cleaning in our master bedroom. I think I could've just moved on and hired someone else. But the fact that this man lied and blamed it on the other employee just really upset me. I also thought maybe they would offer to give me some money back or come back and do a touch up. We haven't had many house cleaners once right before our baby was born last year and the house was spotless and for 160$ it was a gift from my parents. 200$ and you can see I wiped my own bathroom counters and a section on the floor with a baby wipe. Just really needed a little extra help and I'm just sad that we weren't taken care of.
Rating: 2
– Anya R.

They were really sweet when booking but I came home to stratches all of my oven and granite countertop. Very frustrating as these things are not easy to fix. They used some sort of chemical on my bathroom countertops that left rings all over. I've tried everything to get it off and I'll need to hire a company to come sand it out
Rating: 2
– Heather M.

They did an amazing job with our two bedroom apartment! We have a lot of pets and can"t always keep up with all the hair. They finished in just under two hours. I'd recommend them for anyone looking for regular cleaners 🙂 Great price for all they do too
Rating: 5
– Wren E.

This was our first time using Ema's Housekeeping and they did not disappoint (thank you Yelp)! Scheduling was a breeze and Ralph and Clara were punctual and easy to communicate with. They did a good job and the standard cleaning was on par with what we've experienced with three other cleaners in the area, but at a slightly lower price. I asked specifically for one bathroom's tile and grout to be deep cleaned and Ralph did a great job. He even offered advice on how to keep it free of grime for longer. Definitely a good value for the service.
Rating: 5
– Kris L.

This was the first time we've used Ema's Housekeeping services and we were blown away! Great value and they did an awesome job. The communication was very good as well. They let us know when they arrived and when they left. I feel that wet have found out long term cleaning group!
Rating: 5
– Ryan C.

Ema and Raf cleaned my place for the first time today. Not only were they early, but they were so fast! My place looks and smells so great. I plan to call them again – and you should too.
Rating: 5
– Ash H.

I used Ema's to clean my studio apartment and they did a fantastic job! My cleaning expectations were definitely met and I am happy to have found them! Ralph was great with the scheduling and I'll be using their service again. Thanks for an excellent cleaning!
Rating: 5
– Nick S.

Ema's is awesome! Rafael is the main point of contact. He is so responsive and helpful. I had an appointment within 20 minutes of reaching out. The team (there were 3 folks- masked, super safe) arrived an hour early after calling and asking if they could! I loved it. They were extremely efficient, split the floors so they were complete in 2 hours! I have a 3 BR/ 3 BA and was charged $150 plus tip. 100% worth it to not have to get the nooks and crannies after working all week. The kitchen, bathrooms, floors, carpet, even the fridge are all sparkling! They asked if I could check if anything needed to be touched up and I didn't need a thing more, our place is beautiful. They dusted all windows and even vacummed the couch after asking if it was okay. I already booked our next appointment! Thank you Ema's
Rating: 5
– Devin-Marie B.

Ralph was kind and courteous. He arrived on time and did an amazing job on cleaning for my move out. I was able to book an appt just a few days ahead and it was very reasonably priced. My property manager even thanked me for leaving the unit so clean and I received my deposit back. I'll definitely use them again!
Rating: 5
– Marie C.

I love the quick response for Emma's housekeeping. I would highly recommend them. They do a great, thorough job!
Rating: 5
– Stephanie A.

Everything was wonderful! Arrived on time, efficient, friendly, amazing work and great value. Highly recommend this team. Will be using them monthly.
Rating: 5
– Liz S.

Absolutely the best – always communicative, on time, friendly and professional! The house always looks great, and I am so happy I found them!
Rating: 5
– Coco H.

Ema's Housekeeping is the best cleaning service. The team did a great job, fast and friendly. They clean the entire house. I was in a pinch in finding a cleaning service and Ema's came to the rescue. I will schedule again really soon.
Rating: 5
– Anastasia P.

I wanted to book Ema's because of the glowing reviews however the booking process was so unorganized and there was little to no communication. I still gave them a chance because of all the great reviews. The day of my cleaning I reached out to confirm my appointment and received a text back that made absolutely no sense. Then I called and no one answered. Then I called again and voiced my concern that this seemed a little unprofessional as they were 5 mins late and not communicating with me whatsoever and the guy says "if you think this is unprofessional then cancel" …. So I cancelled. Very poorly run business.
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– Meghan B.


How much is a house cleaner in Austin Texas?

Hiring a house cleaner in Austin, TX will cost an average of $17.25 per hour as of July 2022. This rate will vary depending on what areas of your home you need cleaned, how long the house cleaner can expect to be at your home for each job and who will provide the cleaning products.

How much does a housekeeper cost in Texas?

How Much Do Housekeepers Charge In Texas? It pays an average of $11 per hour to work as a housekeeper. In Texas, the minimum wage is 67 dollars per hour. An updated salary report for 5k is scheduled to appear on December 28, 2021.

How much does a cleaning lady cost in Arizona?

A normal house cleaned by a professional company is going to run on average $300 dollars for two cleaners. For example, our hourly rate is $99 an hour and most homes under 1800 square feet can be cleaned within three hours.

How much is a housekeeper in San Antonio?

The average salary for a housekeeper is $12.45 per hour in San Antonio, TX.

How much should I pay my cleaning lady?

How Much to Charge for House Cleaning? The average cost of house cleaning is $90 to $150 and the average national hourly rate is $25 to $90 per cleaner. A single family home should cost $120 to $150 to clean, according to Home Advisor.

What does a deep cleaning includes?

Some of the services offered when you hire a deep cleaning for your home include: Clean soap scum and scale from the shower head, taps, kitchen tiles. Clean areas behind appliances like refrigerator, oven or washing machine. Dust baseboards and doors carefully all over the home.

How often should a housekeeper come?

The ideal scenario is having your house cleaned every two weeks, at least. The dust and grease will not stuck in the meantime and your home will look as is has been cleaned more often, specially if you can keep the cleanliness with a little organization and simple day by day chores.

How many square feet can one person clean per hour?

On average it takes ONE person ONE hour to clean 2000 – 2500 square feet. If the medical facility has a high scope of work and a lot of sanitation is required, the square footage can drop even below 2000 square feet per hour to do the job properly.

How do you figure price per square foot for cleaning?

The Square Footage Method This method of pricing requires you to decide on a rate per square foot. For example, you may charge $0.10 per square foot. If the home you are cleaning is 2,000 square feet, then you would multiply 10 cents by 2,000. So a 2,000 square foot home is priced at $200.00.

How much does a maid cost in Arizona?

If you check thumbtack.com, they will show that standard cleaning services in Tucson, AZ of a house with two bedrooms, one bath, and an extra window cleaning service could cost you between $120 to $190. At the same time, deep cleaning is between $145 to $250.

How much is a maid in Houston?

Conclusion. Expect to pay $100 to $150 for regular weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 weeks or monthly Houston house cleaning services. Market demand, overhead and business model all have an impact on the price. What you should be realistic about is the size of your home and how often you would like cleaning.

How much do cleaning services cost in Houston?

You can expect Houston house cleaning services to cost $100-150 per week, bi-weekly or every third Saturday or day. There is an effect of all factors on the price, but you should try to be realistic with how much your home would require and how frequently the house should be cleaned.

What is housekeeping job description?

Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning and reporting any safety hazards to the homeowner or manager in charge. They must complete tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, emptying trash cans, dusting shelves, cleaning windows, and mopping floors. Some Housekeepers change linens, wash dishes, and do light ironing and laundry.

How much is a maid salary in Singapore?

According to FDW matching portal HelperChoice, the average maid salary in Singapore is $597.

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