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If you’re looking for Home Cleaning Services in Aiea then you’re at the right place, because we’ve listed some of the best Home Cleaning Services in Aiea. Checkout the list below, and do leave us a comment your thoughts on the service/business listed here.

Best Home Cleaning Services in Aiea

Maid in Oahu

Home Cleaning Services Maid in Oahu

Specialties: Maid in Oahu is the top rated residential and vacation rental house cleaning company in Honolulu, with dozens of 5 star reviews. Our award winning cleaning crews are committed to making your Oahu home shine. Book a cleaning in just 60 seconds online or by phone. Established in 2012. Maid in Oahu is a multi-award winning, top rated residential and vacation rental cleaning company that has been proudly serving Oahu for 7+ years. Our business is locally owned and operated. We are committed to delivering exceptional service every step of the way.

With a seamless 60-second booking process, easy flat rate pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Maid in Oahu is the easiest and most convenient way to book your house cleaning. We proudly service the entire island of Oahu.

Our vacation rental cleaning service is a one stop shop for all of your vacation rental needs. We clean, wash linens, stock supplies and everything in between. We also offer a never no show guarantee…you'll never have a missed cleaning!

Our Maid in Oahu ohana looks forward to working with you soon!

Star Rating 4.5
307A Kamani St
Ste 12, Honolulu, US, HI, 96813
Contact No. (808) 664-0036
Working Hours
  • Mon: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tue: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thu: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Fri: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sun: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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Maid in Oahu Honest Reviews

Amazing service! They did more than expected and left my house smelling good and sparkling!!!
Rating: 5
– Emily J.

We were looking for a company to complete a required "move out" clean on our townhome. Maya of Maid in Oahu took the time to explain their services and made the additional effort to help us as the date we needed the home serviced they were booked. Maya offered to connect with a team that was off for the day. Gratefully, they agreed to perform the clean.
On the day of service, Joy and team did an amazing job! We began with a pre-clean assessment of the property. Joy informed me she would be contacting me when they were almost completed to perform the post-clean assessment. Once again, they did an amazing job!

I would definitely recommend their services!
Rating: 5
– Waynette K.

I called Maid in Oahu to schedule a cleaning for a small studio bedroom and bathroom. The representative told me that she wasn't sure if a cleaner would be available on the date I requested so she said she would mark it down in their calendar and then get back to me to confirm if there was a cleaner available. I did not get a call back so I called back a few days later and was told the cleaning was not scheduled. The representative I spoke with (who I think was the same person I originally talked to) found a cleaner for the original date I requested and just changed the time.

Kaye, the cleaner showed up within her scheduled time frame and did a fantastic job. There was only one cleaner and she did not charge me extra for cleaning the blinds because the room was so small and there was no furniture or kitchen. She did a good job of wiping everything down. I would say it was worth the $208. Kaye was also very nice and asked me to check her work. It took her about 3 hours to clean the entire room and bathroom. I would use this service again.
Rating: 4
– Keilyn K.

Christy Tabije Mayuga & Kaye Mayuga of Maid in Oahu are excellent and always pleasant to chat with! They are on time every month and clean every corner of my home, including all the spiders. I never have to remind them of my expectations, they just know how to make things squeaky clean. I look forward to having them come every month and love coming home to a fresh lovely space including fluffed up pillows and beautifully made bed.

I wish they could come every day!

~April Viola 🙂
Rating: 5
– April V.

We have used Maid in Hawaii for a number of years now and they have kept our place very clean and staff is professional. Cindy was assigned to our place and continues to help us. Dealing with Maia in scheduling between our guest visits has been very easy. They also keep us informed when we need other services like carpet cleaning or other repairs and sends pictures of their findings. This has been a very good company to work with so far away.
Rating: 5
– Randy L.

Always do an excellent job. Always. Many times. Maya is the best. You won't be disappointed.
Rating: 5
– Rick B.

Let me paint the picture…it's a few days before we have to move out of the rental apartment and into our new home, which was just vacated by renters. We wanted to have the apartments professionally cleaned, especially before we went to the new place, but it was difficult to find cleaners on such short notice. Enter Maid in Oahu.

It was so easy and convenient to book cleaners on their site. They called to confirm services and dates. The cleaners arrived to the apartment on time and finished early. They let me know about 15 minutes before they finished to give me time to come to the place to inspect their work before they leave. If something wasn't up to standards, they would clean it again.

Service was good and reasonably priced. Highly recommend this business when you're looking for cleaners that are not just easy to schedule but will do a good job and finish in record time.
Rating: 5
– Taryn L.

Love Maid in Oahu! So impressed with their customer service and cleaners. I've used their services twice now and will continue to be a customer. Maya is excellent with her customer service while scheduling over the phone. And I am so thankful for Kaye and her hard work! She is so sweet and so kind, and takes care of your home like her own. I will continue to book with Kaye! 🙂 thank you Maid in Oahu!
Rating: 5
– Karen A.

This was my first time using Maid in Oahu and it will probably be my last. Everything went great in terms of getting a quote, setting up an appointment, and answering any of my questions. I was scheduling a cleaning crew to do a move in/move out cleaning on a rental property I own. The crew was to let themselves in via a lockbox, and it was my understanding that they would call when they were close to finished to do a walk through and make sure I was happy with their work. They were scheduled to arrive at 9 and I was told they would be there about 3 hours. I showed up at 11:40am (after receiving no phone call), and they were gone. I figured, "No problem, as long as the place is clean." I decided to do a walk through myself and found the kitchen counters and floors to still be dusty and a few spots in the bathroom neglected as well. I couldn't tell if the crew had even been in the unit because the tenants had always kept the place looking good. I just wanted the place to feel refreshed and to smell good when the new tenants moved in that afternoon. I called the company (a person picked up [always a plus]) and I asked her if anyone had actually been out to the property. She assured me that they had and that they just arrived early b/c it was a lockbox situation and that they had already left. I expressed my concerns about the job that they had done and she offered to call them back or to give me a discount on the service. Because I had tenants coming, I opted for the $80 discount, and I went ahead and touched up the spots that had been neglected.
After hanging up the phone, I went into the bathrooms and saw what I thought was toilet paper floating in one of the bowls. I tried to flush it, but the bowl just filled with water and then very slowly drained over the course of the next few minutes. I tried again. No luck. Holding my nose, I reached into the bowl and pulled out the floating mass, and it turns out it was a paper towel. Great. I text my tenants and asked if they had any issues with the toilet, and if they had flushed paper towels down the toilet. They assured me they hadn't. So I text back the woman at the company that I think one of the crew had flushed some paper towels down the toilet and now it's clogged. "Do you have a plumber on call to fix this?" No response. I decide to just go to City Mill and buy a plunger b/c I needed one anyway. Plunger doesn't solve the problem. [Side note: While I'm dealing with all of this the husband and child of one of the cleaners shows up at my door looking for his wife, who left at least an hour before.] I call the company and no one picks up. So I call a plumbing company that fortunately has someone in the neighborhood, he comes over and runs a line down the toilet, pulls up a few more paper towels (I took photos to prove it and shared with the company) and voila the toilet is working again. While he's there, my phone rings and the woman on the phone says, "Did you already call for a plumber?" "Yes, he's here fixing the toilet right now." "Ok, just send us the invoice and we'll take care of it." Cool. Plumber finishes the job ($100), the tenants move in, problem solved. I email her the invoice, and she writes me back and says, "We received the invoice. We will escalate the issue to the manager in charge and we will get back to you for resolution as soon as possible." Wait two days, and then I get an email back saying, "We have spoken with the cleaning team that serviced your property. We specifically spoke with the individual cleaner that cleaned this bathroom, our cleaner said she did not dispose of any paper towels down that toilet. It is our protocol to dispose of paper towels, and anything other than toilet paper, in the trash. They almost always pack their trash with them as well. It's our experience that significant clogs like this take time to develop. Furthermore, we have no knowledge of how the toilet was used prior to the cleaner's arrival. Given this, we cannot accept responsibility for this clog."

If you're going to use this company, get everything in writing, document everything, flush your toilets before they come over, make sure you record yourself flushing your toilets (don't forget the time stamp), and make sure you insist on being there to check their work before they leave. I don't enjoy having such an adversarial/litigious vibe with the companies I choose to support, so I won't be using them in the future. I understand that people are very picky about their cleaning issues, and I'm sure this company gets their unfair share of headaches from customers looking to take advantage of them and their services. I felt like I was operating in good faith and being honest about the issues they caused. We've agreed to disagree, but that's a pretty lame resolution from my perspective. If using a lockbox, remind them to spin the numbers before they go because they left my lockbox set on the open code, which makes me really glad I showed up when I did.
Rating: 2
– Greg P.

Company is very responsive and well organized. I hired them to do a move out cleaning of a small condo that I manage. The two women showed up on time, with all of their own tools and products and ideas an awesome job. I will not hesitate to use them again..
Rating: 5
– Sue A.

Contacted them 2 weeks ago and got a prompt response from a person in their office who went through exactly what was covered and what wasn't. Kaye came on Saturday 4-16-22 and was very professional. I didn't have everything quite moved out and she offered to reschedule early the next day for no additional charge. Kaye arrived right on time the next day and again was very professional and courteous. The quality of the cleaning was FANTASTIC! I couldn't believe she did it all by herself. Everything was perfect. Amazing job and amazing service. I can't recommend Kaye enough.
Rating: 5
– Ianne M.

I must say that my first experience with Maid in Oahu was great. For 4 hours I had my bedroom, bathroom, stove, fridge and patio cleaned. It costed me $300 but I gladly left more because the girls did their best with whatever assignments they had. Best part was the nice smell after the cleaning that is there several days after.
Rating: 5
– Cindy W.

Wow, totally impressed!!! I called Main in Oahu at the last minute to clean an apartment prior to a tenant move-in. They were able to accommodate on short notice. The person who answered the phone, Maya, should give lessons in customer service! She was friendly, professional, helpful and informative. The team, Armida and Elizabeth, did an excellent job of cleaning the apartment and payed attention to every detail. They were also very nice and efficient. I wholeheartedly recommend Maid in Oahu and will definitely use them again!
Rating: 5
– Cynthia F.

Zeny, Grace & Kevin were friendly and professional and overall, did a good job cleaning my apartment. There were a few areas that I had to point out during the walk-thru but they cleaned the areas nicely afterwards. They completed within the allotted timeframe. Oh, and the booking process was so easy and efficient! Maia responded quickly and clearly and was able to accommodate my schedule. I would definitely use Maid in Oahu again!
Rating: 4
– Maggie H.

I have a pretty big house so my monthly cost is a little pricey but the team that is sent to clean my house is very efficient. I'm always surprised how quickly they clean my house but when I do the final inspection walk through, I am very pleased with their performance.
Rating: 4
– Lori K.

Punctual. Completed tasks as listed for deep cleaning. Great job from beginning to end.

Their website made it easy to book an appointment as I needed a last minute cleaning and they came through. They were very responsive and kept me updated throughout pre-appointment. Very nice cleaning crew and job well done!
Rating: 5
– Yun Chi C.

Update: things that I appreciate about Maid in Oahu: 1) Cynthia is always on time. 2) Since she cleans our home regularly we know the work will be well done. 3) Knowing Cynthia will be coming makes it easier for my husband who has memory issues. 4) Appointments are scheduled for me. I don't have to call and try to find a date that will work for everyone involved. I couldn't be happier with the service!
Rating: 5
– Joann J.

I have nothing but positive things to report about Main in Oahu. Communication was excellent from scheduling to finish. Cynthia and Marivel were on time and did a great 'move out' cleaning. I highly recommend this business.
Rating: 5
– Michele S.

I hired them for a Move Out clean for a big 4-bed 2-bath house with an extra room and they were amazing! They sent 3 ladies who showed up early ready to clean and they were really sweet. The clean was expected to take 8 hours but the ladies finished in 5 hours! Super fast, efficient and they did a great job! I had no issues what so ever. Communication was also great. They sent many email reminders leading up to your appointment and even call you to make sure you know what you will be getting. This was my first time hiring Maid in Oahu and I would definitely hire them again! I will be recommending them to everyone I know 🙂
Rating: 5
– Maria C.

I had an amazing experience with Maid in Oahu and would not hesitate to recommend them highly. The cleaners went above and beyond to do a fantastic job. They were very hardworking cheerful and also sweet kind and respectful. At the beginning and the end they do walk through so you can be sure everything you asked for was accomplished.
Rating: 5
– Janet E.

Hawaii Cleaners 101

Home Cleaning Services Hawaii Cleaners 101

Specialties: We specialize in Move out cleanings, and offer full vacation rental cleaning, including AirBnb and short-term rental turnovers. Call now for a free estimate, and ask about our Kama'āina discount! Established in 2020. Hawaii Cleaners 101 is a professional cleaning team dedicated to providing only the highest quality service. Our trained staff use commercial cleaning equipment and our rates are second to none, making us the right choice for all your cleaning needs , in your home, office and business.

Star Rating 5
Honolulu, US, HI, 96801
Contact No. (808) 799-2194
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sat: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Hawaii Cleaners 101 Honest Reviews

I suddenly found out I had to move out of my rental unit of 9 years within a month. One of the conditions was I get the floors professionally cleaned. I searched yelp for cleaning companies and was able to get quotes for several companies.

Hawaii Cleaners 101 had the lowest quote and Dayane was able to answer any questions I had prior to the cleaning date. I was sent an invoice the night before the cleaning and paid it that evening.

The cleaners came on time and did an amazing job. I rough cleaned my house a few days prior to the clean in hopes the cleaners would do a final clean so I could pass my final inspection. For my move out clean, I requested refrigerator and oven cleaning in addition to floors, window and window sills, countertops, cabinets, sinks, and tub.

When I rough cleaned, my windows had residue from the dust and soapy water. After the clean, my jealousies were crystal clear!

My sink (stainless steel) and tub hardware were shining!!

Even my toilet paper was embossed with a fancy seal.

On top of that, amongst the craziness of moving, I forgot a change of clothes on the bathroom door. When I got home, the cleaners had gathered my clothes (and folded them!) and put them somewhere I wouldn't forget them. That was so thoughtful. They really went above and beyond my expectations.

Two cleaners came into my one bedroom, one bathroom 400 sq. ft. home and finished cleaning basically my whole place in under 3 hrs. That is amazing to me.

I felt so confident of the job they did that I turned my keys in that day!

I would highly recommend this company. I hope I don't have to move any time soon, but if I do, I'm so glad I know a company that would help make moving a lot less stressful.

Update: I will be getting my rental deposit back!!!
Rating: 5
– Tasha N.

Dayane is the manager for the company but should be the owner because she handles everything from answering the quotes to cleaning the accounts. She and her cleaning staff are not only very friendly and courteous, but they are absolutely fabulous at their jobs! I hired the company to come to my residence and clean while I had house guests staying with me. The first day they came, they cleaned above and beyond the scope and way within the window of time agreed on. I can't wait to have them return and clean again! Sorry other cleaning companies, but as long as Dayane is at Hawaii Cleaners 101, this is my company!
Rating: 5
– Chris P.

Dayane was the first to respond to my Yelp business inquiry and all her continued responses were prompt as well.

Her response time to do a deep cleaning at my 4 bdrm 2 bath house was excellent as I messaged on Saturday and she was able to accommodate my request as soon as possible that same Monday.

Her prices were affordable and very competitive.

All her hard work completed within 4 hours and as promised she focused on the areas I requested… Flooring, ceiling fans and inside windows.

As a bonus she also cleaned our oven and our toaster oven too! Yay!

I would hire her again for another deep cleaning in the future.

Mahalo, Dayane!
Rating: 5
– Tiks S.

Just wanted to give a review on Hawaii Cleaners 101's responsiveness. Unfortunately, we didn't need to use the service in the end as our rental agreement didn't require professional cleaning at move out like I initially thought we needed to.

However, they were quick in responding and asking follow up questions to provide a more accurate estimate.

Great customer service. Hopefully when we move to our forever home, we will have the opportunity to see your services in action.
Rating: 5
– Tammy M.

Had a tenant move out and they didn't even bother to clean. Quick response on Yelp for move out cleaning request, set appointment, and they showed up right on time. Did a quick walk though and she said no problem, it'll take 3 hours. 3 hours later everything was done. They did a great job, was very thorough, and I am very happy with their work. If you are a renter looking for move out cleaning service, this is it. This was money well spent out of their deposit. Thank you Dayane.
Rating: 5
– Craig M.

Dayane and coworker did a great job on our move out cleaning. They were the first to respond to my Yelp request and stayed in constant communication. Price was reasonable and they were professional throughout. Would use them again and would recommend to others.
Rating: 5
– Wahinelei L.

Thank you for responding quickly, first of all. I contacted at least 4 other companies and Hawai'i Cleaners 101 was the fastest to get in touch with. In addition, she was on time, and did a great job! Our home looks perfect for our new tenants!
Rating: 5
– Kris ..

Dayane was the first one to respond to my move-out cleaning quote & it was the cheapest. She responded to my questions/messages quickly. Also her team showed up on time & did really really good job on cleaning!! One day if we have to move, we'll definitely contact Dayane again. Thank you so much Dayane and her team for an awesome job! 🙂
Rating: 5
– Mizuki S.

Hawaii Cleaners 101 was absolutely great! I booked them to clean my apartment for a move out. The apartment was left completely spotless. They were both very professional and nice. The rates were also a lot cheaper than other companies around. I would definitely recommend them!
Rating: 5
– Becky L.

Dayane and her crew did an amazing job cleaning our duplex. They were prompt, thorough, kind, and efficient for a fair price! Our place looks beautiful and brand new! Can't ask for anything more. Will definitely hire their service again. Highly recommend.
Rating: 5
– Cheryl V.

Extremely affordable, punctual, thorough and friendly. I will use them again in the future.
Rating: 5
– Ray W.

Excellent job cleaning. Easy to work with and scheduling. No complaints at all. Would highly recommend.
Rating: 5
– John E.

Hawaii Cleaners 101 has been cleaning for my properties since last year. I have several properties and she's always been there for me whenever I needed. They've been awesome on move-out, move-in and even regular cleaning. Hawaii cleaners 101 is my go-to for cleaning.
Rating: 5
– Yumi H.

Did our move out cleaning, including oven and fridge cleaning. Very happy with the work, the house is nice and clean, and they were right on time.
Rating: 5
– Alex L.

Our property manager mentioned the apartment was "perfect," and we received our entire deposit back. Dayane provided us with quick responses and a great move-out cleaning service!
Rating: 5
– Lindlelyn T.

She was so nice and professional. She was on time and her teams job the job done and even did little things that weren't asked of her like arrange my cupboard neatly!
Rating: 5
– Jade H.

KR Services

Home Cleaning Services KR Services

Specialties: KR Services is a Full-Service Home and Office Cleaning Company.
We specialize in Weekly, Every Other Week and Monthly Maintenance Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, and AirBNB Rentals Cleaning. We also serve Realtors for Real Estate Cleaning prior to Open House and Cleaning to get ready for Open Houses.

We Clean Homes, Offices, Businesses and Vacation Rentals.
We offer Free Estimates. Call Us. Mahalo!

Star Rating 5
Waianae, US, HI, 96792
Contact No. (808) 227-8001
Working Hours
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours
Website Click here to visit

KR Services Honest Reviews

KR Services are very responsive. They were the first to respond to my request. They also provided pricing and were able to give a firm schedule date on our first contact.
The cleaners did an outstanding job, and were very thorough and completed all items on the checklist.
I highly recommend them.

Rating: 5
– Rudy C.

I hired KR services for move out cleaning. Thalia and her crew did a great job! Kapili was responsive and gave a reasonable quote! Was able to accomodate me earlier than my requested date bc I was able to move out all my things quickly.

They called before they came and were even a little early! They did a walk thru with me on what they could and could not do and quickly got to work! They completed the work in 4 hours. I have a 3 bdrm 2 full bathrm townhome. My old home is spotless! I am so grateful for KR services and their quality of work.
Im gonna ask Kapili to quote me on monthly cleaning at my new home!!

Rating: 5
– Lace H.

Highly recommend this company. The staff was punctual, professional, and personable. They did an excellent job. Completely exceeded my expectations.
Rating: 5
– Renee L.

We requested a quote on yelp and they replied very fast! Their quote included items that were separate charges from competitors, so it was an accurate quote. The house looks great! Everything is clean and ready for new tenants. We really appreciated their hard work. We will definitely seek them out in the future when we need cleaning services. Thank you so much!!!
Rating: 5
– Brandy H.

It was amazing working with KR Services. Kapili replied super-fast with a quote. As a Realtor I have different types of needs and punctuality is a must. Cleaning was amazing, punctuality is on time and consistent. I love working with them and I am slowly transitioning all my cleanings to KR Services.
Rating: 5
– Daniel L.

KR Services was simply amazing!

I was moving out of my military housing and needed to clean to make sure I can get out of there without having to pay additional fees. I decided to request quote from various companies at the last minute (within 48 hours of moving out) and KR Services was the first to get back to me with a time and date of when they can come out. It was late at night (2000-2200) and the owner was extremely responsive in getting back to my quote request.

When they showed up, the crew were professional and came prepared with everything they needed to clean my house. They took around 4 hours or so to clean my 1300 sq ft apartment, and they did an amazing job. After cleaning, they place looked even better than when I first moved in a few years ago. I could not have asked for a better job done, and the price was reasonable for the services provided.

I am amazed at their job, and if I'm back to Oahu again and need cleaning services, I will definitely call KR services again. I will highly recommend for any military families out there moving out of their house and trying to clear housing!!
Rating: 5
– Eric C.

If ur undecided, just hire this co. They helped me with a move out cleaning service. The place was so clean! They were polite, considerate, thorough and I really felt like they cared. Mahalo KR SERVICES for making our family's move less stressful!
Rating: 5
– Angela C.

Dano's Affordable Oahu Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Dano's Affordable Oahu Home Cleaning

Specialties: Aloha! Affordable Home and Office Cleaning. Call We are the professional and fast cleaning service team, we flip the dirty place to almost new. Established in 2022. Here at Dano's Cleaning Service We Value our Customers. We offer a variety of services including:

Carpet Cleaning

Maid Services

Fridge Cleaning

Non Toxic Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Recurring Home Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Interior Window Cleaning

One-time Home Cleaning

Pet Safe Cleaning

Virtual Consultations

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Star Rating 5
Honolulu, US, HI, 96817
Contact No. (808) 398-8678
Working Hours
  • Mon: Open 24 hours
  • Tue: Open 24 hours
  • Wed: Open 24 hours
  • Thu: Open 24 hours
  • Fri: Open 24 hours
  • Sat: Open 24 hours
  • Sun: Open 24 hours
Website Click here to visit

Dano's Affordable Oahu Home Cleaning Honest Reviews

I requested a quote through Yelp and Jjin responded within a couple of hours. He and his crew were available within 2 days and did an amazing job! My bathtub literally looked brand new and the entire unit was so clean! Communication was great and they were on time. I will happily give them a call again when I need help with a deep clean. Thanks again Dano's!
Rating: 5
– John L.

Jjin & his company are very kind and their cleaning service is stellar. They got back with me quickly and were able to service right away. I was really happy with their cleaning service. They paid attention to detail and not only cleaned my home but they also organized drawers and made the beds. They took their time in cleaning down to the very detail. I was beyond happy. They are awesome and very trust worthy people. I am very pleased and satisfied. They left my house spotless. Thank you Jjin & workers! They are very hardworking. I will be hiring them for future jobs! Amazing!!! Five stars!
Rating: 5
– Mylah C.

Dano's team came on time and was very professional and nice people to talk to!! They left the house looking brand new all over again!!! Price was very reasonable!! Dano's has exceed my expectations and will recommend to everyone who needs home cleaning services!! Thank you so much Dano's affordable home cleaning!!!
Rating: 5
– Tiana B.

Jjing and his team were amazing! Our tenant moved out and left the house very dirty. We had another tenant needing to move in the following day. With only one day notice Jjing and his team were able to deep clean the entire one bedroom and one bathroom apartment spotless. They went above and beyond washing additional curtains, dishes, and rugs.

I cannot recommend Dano's Affordable Oahu Home Cleaning more! They were quick to respond, on time, and did an amazing job cleaning our home even with such short notice.

Mahalo to Jjing an your team!
Rating: 5
– Janna F.

Very nice husband and wife team (J-Jin and his wife). Lower flat rate price quote (by $50) than any of the other cleaning companies and 40% less than the highest price quote. I would suggest a flat rate price quote instead of a per-hour price if you use any of the other cleaners to prevent from getting overcharged. I normally use Phoenix Cleaners for my move-out tenant's carpet cleaning but Dano's also does carpets (although I did not use them for this move-out cleaning). Cleaned a 1 br, 1 bath apartment at Hono Hale Towers that tenants left dirty and uncleaned. The unit was spotless when J-Jin and his wife finished. They did an exceptional job on the stovetop, oven, faucets, sinks, kitchen and bathroom drawers and cabinets, windows, window screens, lanai sliding glass doors, floors, toilet bowl, tub, etc. I would highly recommend them.
Rating: 5
– Bruce L.

The property messed up by the tenant, no one wants to come after I called 8 different cleaning company. Dano's team came to clean for this emergency!!! Super clean, and they are willing to work the night time! Very professional and nice people to talk to! Price super reasonable! I will recommend to everyone who need home cleaning service!!!
Rating: 5
– Eva D.

Jjin and his wife are amazing! Super responsive and reliable. I inquired with Dano's through Yelp and they were able to accommodate me. They took before and after photos to show me areas that I didn't even think needed to be cleaned. I will definitely be using them over and over again!
Rating: 5
– Tony L.

Did a great job, even came back when the landlord was nitpicking about things that were cleaner then when we moved in. Fast and friendly, and came out with just 1 day notice not even a full day notice. Everybody else tried to charge me almost double what they charged, this is definitely the way to go.
Rating: 5
– Jay W.

Dano's arrived early with friendly smiles, ready to get to work on my very dusty home. 🙂 This was the first time I've hired a professional cleaning service and it definitely won't be my last! I don't think there's a sprinkle of dust left in my home and my oven looks brand new! Dano's has exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to continue utilizing their services in the future! Thank you, Dano's Cleaning Company!
Rating: 5
– Tiffany C.

Excellence Carpet & Cleaning

Home Cleaning Services Excellence Carpet & Cleaning

Specialties: Excellence Carpet & Cleaning.
We offer affordable prices on carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, house keeping, vacation rental cleaning. Also offering water damage services and water extraction.
We make sure we will be there at the time of your appointment.

– Carpet Steam Cleaning

– Upholstery Cleaning

– Rug Cleaning

– Mattresses cleaning

– Water Extraction/Flood Extraction and more.

Text us at (808) 498-6767

Mahalo. Established in 2016. Family Business
excellence from our home to yours.

Star Rating 5
Honolulu, US, HI, 96813
Contact No. (808) 498-6767
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sat: 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed
Website Click here to visit

Excellence Carpet & Cleaning Honest Reviews

This is the best carpet cleaner we've ever had, and Cory made it so easy! Totally reliable and reasonably priced! We look like we have a brand new carpet'

Definitely worth a FIVE star rating for Excellence Carpet and Cleaning. Thanks
Rating: 5
– Carol F.

Corey was very quick to respond with a quote and availability. He was extremely prompt and very easy to work with.

Most importantly, his work was amazing. He left my fully carpeted apartment looking spotless and smelling fresh!
Rating: 5
– Elizabeth C.

Cory was awesome.
Inquired about getting some stains removed late in the night and he was able to come by the next day for an appointment.

Just by sending him the pics he was able to give me a honest appraisal.

He did what he said he could do and got 99% of my stains out. And these were remaining stains from getting my carpet shampooed and cleaned from a different company the day before. Carpet looked brand new. Fast and efficient! Highly recommend
Rating: 5
– Eco T.

Needed a living room carpet clean and I am absolutely thankful we found Cory! We have two dogs and our carpet was absolutely filthy. Our living room carpet now is so clean and smells great! Some stains weren't able to be completely cleaned out, and he apologized for that – but I don't blame him, I blame our dogs 🙂 thanks Cory! You have our business!
Rating: 5
– Karen A.

I really can't say enough good things about Cody and Excellence Carpet Cleaning. Our puppy had some stomach issues (gross) and we needed some spot cleaning done in a couple of rooms. Cody was quick to respond and give his opinion, and gave us a great idea of price. He came today, and the carpets have never looked better! I would highly recommend excellence, and would personally use them again anytime!
Rating: 5
– Adam E.

This review is regrettably almost 2 years late but better late then never. Corey's service was EXCELLENT! The cleaning was thorough and extremely effective.

I called him to do a cleaning after I hired a different company for a move out and the carpets looked like nothing was done. Dark soil in high traffic areas were still soiled. These were just dirt and dust, not stains. They then had the audacity to tell me I didn't know what I was talking about and since I was not a professional carpet cleaner myself.

I called Corey and he very quickly got everything out of the carpet and put then to shame. Thanks to photographs of before and after I was able to get a full refund and half hearted apology from the "other guys". I will not hesitate to use and refer Corey. His service and cleaning quality is the BEST.
Rating: 5
– Andrew L.

I made an appointment to clean my carpet as I was in the process of moving. Cory was very helpful and provided me with excellent customer service. He was running behind for my appointment but was sure to let me know ahead of time. Once he arrived, he cleaned my carpet rather quickly and my carpet looked so much cleaner!
Great service and thorough carpet cleaning, I'm a fan!

Rating: 5
– Nicole Y.

Highly recommended! Cory was the first company to respond to my quote request to clean my sofa. The price was fair, so I booked him. Communication and scheduling was easy through text messages. He arrived early to the appointment and did an amazing job!! I will definitely be using him yearly.
Rating: 5
– Christine C.

I needed some strain removal from my carpet and Corey was awesome. Answered my call right away and gave me a quote for 1 room. It was a little cheaper than another guy I tried.

Corey was in the area and asked if he could come early, so it worked out. I ended up having a second room that I thought I didn't need done, but once I cleared it out I could tell it could really use some strain removal. My big bed is in the middle of this tiny room but I offered him about %50 more and he was glad to take care of it.

Would definitely recommend Corey, good vibes and good value.
Rating: 5
– Brian P.

Corey was as advertised.

Early and very friendly.

Took extra care with shoe coverings.

Took about an hour and the carpets came out great. Have advice with how to keep carpets good for years to come.

Highly recommend.
Rating: 5
– Wes N.

We absolutely love excellence carpet and cleaning, Cory is fantastic. We have used him multiple times over the years in Ewa Beach but last year moved to Laie and didn't think he came out this far. We are moving yet again and needed furniture cleaned asap. Started getting quotes and he responded via yelp. Not only does he drive our this far, his prices still blew everybody else out of the water! He showed up next day and as usual, on time. He works fast but does a great job. We highly recommend Cory for carpet and upholstery cleaning. Thanks Cory!
Rating: 5
– Inna S.

We are super happy with Cory and his professionalism. Our office carpets look 100% better and he was able to get out stains that we didn't think would come out. He explained upfront how long he thought it would take to dry and we were surprised that it was ready for our team to return after the weekend. We will definitely call him back for our next cleaning and set him up on a regular basis. Mahalo Cory!
Rating: 5
– Karen L.

I was searching high and low for a carpet cleaning company for my move out clean. Most companies were giving me quotes that weren't in my budget. Some just didn't seem interested in new clients either. I stumbled across this company and they replied immediately.

Very professional and affordable carpet cleaning from Corey. Both the scheduler and Corey were responsive and straightforward. You tell them how many bedrooms/carpets and they'll give you a quote. They don't beat around the bush or waste your time. The quote was accurate and one of the lowest I found.

When Corey arrived, he did what he had to do in a timely manner. I have multiple pets and they get really messy sometimes. My carpets look immaculate. They look better than they did when I moved in.

I booked about a month in advance to make sure I had my desired day and time.

I chose this company because I could tell they were efficient and professional. I'm so happy a supported this growing, local business. They are perfect for move out cleans, very cost effective, honest and hardworking!

Much mahalo! I'm very satisfied and will
use your services again in the future!!

Rating: 5
– Julia C.

Met Cory the owner today for carpet cleaning. He was very helpful, very kind and professional! He explained all the things he used for carpet cleaning. We did hot steam cleaning, got rid of alot of dirt and grime, price was reasonable! I highly recommend!
Rating: 5
– Tara K.

Had a wonderful experience with Corey. Great communication and was able to work around my many stairs. Highly recommended!
Rating: 5
– Jam D.

Might as well add to the good reviews as this is how I found Corey. Terrific service and especially during this crazy covid times.
On time and did a fantastic job. We will use him again. Mahalo for making our store clean and fresh.

Rating: 5
– Kurt T.

In our area we have a huge red dirt problem & our dogs tend to track it all over the carpets. I contacted Corey to have some carpet cleaning done through YELP & he was quick and responsive! A date was set quickly, Corey showed up on time and was extremely professional. The job was done quickly but efficiently and our carpet looked great afterwards. We've tried another company prior and you can still visibly see that it was not clean. We will definitely be using Excellence again, great job!
Rating: 5
– Ngan S.

Corey did an amazing job!! All around great service at a decent price. Would definitely recommend! Mahalo Corey!!!
Rating: 5
– Jeanette C.

This is a 2 month late post but just wanted to write a review for Corey because his work is amazing. Hired him last minute due to his 5 star review and I wasn't disappointed. He is very professional and responsive. Had many questions for him and he responds with in the hour. His prices are very reasonable and he even came back to do a touch up with some stains that came through later. Not his fault my daughter spilled a-lot of things on our carpet and he ultimately was able to get it all out. By the next day, I moved out and got 100% deposit back. My landlord didn't suspected a thing. If you need some serious carpet cleaning, Corey is your guy! Highly Recommend. Book with him now.
Rating: 5
– Sherilynn S.

Cody I'm was super responsive and very friendly. He came in and assessed the problem and even made some slight adjustments to make everything look even. I will certainly use him in the future
Rating: 5
– Toby P.

Okihime Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Okihime Cleaning Services

Specialties: We are open and taking COVID-19 precautions. Let us sanitize your house! Call today for appointment.

We perform house cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, carpet cleaning, simple house repair work, furniture moving, and oversized garbage collection.

Our Japanese staff has been very popular with customers for their attentive and careful service.

For cleaning, we are particular about our choice of products and tools, and for deep cleaning we do it with service.
Our steam cleaning service is also very effective for removing bacteria and mold.
If you wish, we can also remove stains on furniture and carpets.
We use only organic and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

We offer free estimates.

Contracted clients will receive free carpet cleaning. Established in 2015.

Star Rating 4.5
92-1008 Nohi Pl C103, Kapolei, US, HI, 96707
Contact No. (808) 238-1288
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sat: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sun: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Okihime Cleaning Services Honest Reviews

People moved out of our house and left a mess of dust, dog fur, and nearly two years of barely cleaning the bedroom and bathroom.
Chris and Mai inspected the rooms and we received a quote soon after.
They arrived early and went straight to work.
Closet shelf was wiped; a tall plastic/vinyl shelf was hosed down; the a/c unit was carefully cleaned including each slot. A wall fan was also taken apart and cleaned. Baseboards, floors, jalousie windows, screens all cleaned.
Bathroom grout (bathroom is 2 years old) and bath tile floors look new again.
We plan to have Chris and Mai clean the rest of the house and use their services on a regular basis.
Their attention to detail is greatly appreciated.

Rating: 5
– Joann H.

Very flexible. Excellent service. Things are cleaner than when I first bought the place (I swear, haha). Charge by the hour. They are also fluent in Japanese.

The business is run by a local couple, Mai and Chris. They are so nice and you can tell they really work hard. They were working so diligently as I was trying to clear some stuff out of the condo and when I came back to pay. They did go 1 hour over quoted time, but I was expecting that it would be quite difficult to clean everything due to the freeway soot, so I am not complaining one bit. Everything was so clean, inside and out. From the refrigerator, to the windows, to the oven and toaster, I was so happy to have found such an excellent cleaning service. They did bring their son along, which I completely understand because childcare is not cheap!

They do seem to get busy towards the end of the month, so I would say to book earlier in the month. Their rates were comparable to the few others I requested quotes from, but I do appreciate that this is a real family-run, small business. You really support the community when hiring these type of businesses. I recommend this cleaning service especially if you need a deep cleaning, but I think it would be nice to have them clean my current apartment too, so that it feels brand new again!
Rating: 5
– Denton S.

Very friendly couple but would not recommend for cleaning. I would say they tried but the cleaning was not to my standards.
Rating: 2
– Jay S.

I was looking for a "move out/move in" cleaning service because I wanted to give my new place a deep clean before moving in. I requested a quote through Yelp and received a response within one day.
The hourly rate seemed reasonable so I responded to their message.
My condo unit is a 1 bd/1 bth (588 sq ft) and they estimated about 2-3 hours.
A cute family (husband and wife team) showed up around 9:15am. They brought their son who looked maybe 8 or 9 years of age. I didn't mind at all. Very well behaved kid.
Seeing as how it was going to take 3 hours I chose to leave and run errands while they cleaned. Just over 3 hours later they texted to let me know they were finishing up. I got back to an immaculate apartment! Everything had been dusted, swept, scrubbed, and cleaned: from the inside of the oven to the inside of the refrigerator, which was empty at the time.
Granted, the whole apartment was pretty much empty (cupboards and all) except for the couch, end tables, and bed. The apartment looked and smelled so clean.
Special shout out for getting the water mineral film off of the glass shower doors and tile! That must have been hard work! But it is very much appreciated.
Overall I am very happy with the service I received and would recommend this company to anyone.

Rating: 5
– Liz H.

Very professional, reliable, punctual and detailed service. Friendly and kind. Thank you so much for helping us clean when moving out of our rental, you guys did great. Mahalo
Rating: 5
– Cata V.

Amazing cleaning team that worked quickly and efficiently. Our previous tenant that left failed to schedule a move-out cleaning and left our great new tenants with a dirty apartment. I appreciate Chris coming in and helping us out. From day one, communication was excellent and response was quick. Our new tenants are very happy now.
Will definitely be using their services again!

Rating: 5
– Karen B.

So thankful for Chris and Mai…. They did a fantastic job with my in-laws home and I will use them again and hope to get them regularly to come. They are mindful, detailed and hard working
Rating: 5
– Tracey H.

Family ran business.
Chris was responsible with his time and I was able to feel that he tries his best to fit into the customer's need and clean houses.
Way more affordable compared to other cleaning firms that I had conversations with and I am satisfied! Thank you.

Rating: 5
– Janghun K.

TERRIBLE. I contacted several companies on July 6th about a cleaning for today. We are listing our home and needed a deep clean for several hours prior to realtor photos. Chris (of Okihime) quickly responded with a quote. He was personable and seemed reliable, especially with the great reviews. He said his team would be at the house between 8 and 8:30am this morning. We exchanged information and I gave detailed description of needs, address, etc. It is now 11am on the day of the cleaning and NO CLEANERS ARRIVED. They are not answering their phone, email, texts, facebook, yelp, nothing. We are now left with a dirty home and only two hours until professional photos are to be taken. Absolutely unacceptable and I am so very disappointed. *Please note that I have a full email chain to support the details and confirmation.
Rating: 1
– Melinda M.

They did a move out cleaning on my apartment. Scheduling was easy. Arrived on time. The husband and wife duo did a fantastic job with the cleaning. We had a specific request on what to clean but they went beyond that and cleaned additional items. Highly recommended.
Rating: 5
– Mohamed N.

Mae and Chris are extremely friendly and will adjust their cleaning to your needs. Very flexible and great with whatever needs cleaning. I do invite all people to get your residence cleaned by Okihime, they are awesome!!!
Rating: 5
– Larrin S.

Chris and Mai are amazing and have a lifelong loyal customer with us. after our first day, its as if we live in a Brand New Home.
great communicators
flexible with scheduling/rescheduling

i've used "5 star" yelp cleaners before but realize now they were more like 3/5 compared to chris&mai who are LEGIT 5/5.

the experience end to end was incredible. i initiated a message on yelp and received a response right away with a quote. we took to text messaging to set up our date.

they arrived on time with all the tools, equipment and supplies. we walked through the house in about 10 min- they asked thorough questions about what we want or need (here? there? yes/no) and made suggestions about places i literally didn't even know existed (dusting on TOP of kitchen cabinets?! what!). they got to work promptly and didn't even take one minute of a break… in 4 straight hours.

cash out was easy and quick, exactly to quote.

now, as the minutes go by, i notice corners sparkling, details i never noticed before in my home are shining. It gives me peace of mind as a mother to know my family has a safe, clean home to live and love in 🙂

Biggest mahalo and appreciation from us all, to chris and mai and the great work you do.

i can't recommend them enough. worth every penny.
Rating: 5
– Stacy P.

Fantastic! Responded quickly and was only company within a weeks notice willing to book me. I was happy just to have a cleaning service coming on short notice. They exceeded expectations. I've used other services throughout my time as a Realtor and Property Manager and they are among the best. They were very diligent and careful when cleaning and dusting glass, plants, etc and put everything back where it was. Wonderful job on white grout in the shower and removing hard water stains from all fixtures. When they finished they asked that I inspect everything and let them know how it went and if anything else needed retouched. It did not. Super professional and a pleasure to have in our home. I wholeheartedly recommend them!
Rating: 5
– Dave S.

I was looking for a cleaning company to clean my condo that I was moving out of. I'm very picky and shopped around. I finally decided on Okihime Cleaning to shampoo my carpet and clean my condo. Chris and Mai (husband and wife team) both came on time and did an excellent job at a very reasonable price. They have a lot of different chemicals and tools to do the job and they take pride in their work. My condo looked like new after they were done. I would highly recommend them for any home cleaning job.
Rating: 5
– Colin K.

Just one star because I've reached out, called, left messages via phone and Facebook and I get no response at all. I see they read my messages on Facebook yet never replied to my inquiries.

Wish I had the opportunity to see for myself the kind of impeccable service these good reviews are raving about.
Rating: 1
– Jo Ann G.

From the start the communication with booking and what I was looking for was extremely professional. They came on time, masked and did a walk through of the house so I could point out the exact places and areas that needed the most attention. The work was amazing, not only did they clean the baseboards, and a few wall areas (I have a large dog that likes to slobber and shake everywhere) they moved certain pieces of furniture to get the dust bunnies. The bathrooms, windows, and surfaces in the kitchen were all cleaned and wiped down. What really got my attention was that they dusted my roomba as well 🙂 It is a family owned business and they are all so nice and professional. Will definitely be booking again.
Rating: 5
– Geena C.

They were masked and ready to tackle our two homes in one set up. They did a great job on the bathrooms and floors (which was my main ask). I would hire them again but maybe suggest a bigger team if possible as we have a large home. Thanks!
Rating: 4
– Anna W.

Updating my review:
My reviews are 100% my honest opinion, take it or leave it. Others seemed to have an excellent experience, so maybe this was just an outlier.

Communication was spot on for the most part after we finally got in touch. I was able to get a quote and schedule a move-out cleaning, they were pretty accommodating.

They arrived on time… with keiki in tow. It wasn't a problem for us, but it may be for others.

They got to work right away. I felt like they did a good job, but not as thorough as I would have liked. That's also probably because I'm a Monica Gellar when it comes to cleanliness. They allowed me to walk through our unit to make sure it was to my satisfaction, and offered to come back to cover anything I was unsatisfied with. Some spots were missed that I ended cleaning myself after they left anyway because it was so manini. But things like missing the refrigerator completely (I did tell them I kept it clean for the most part, and wanted them to spot clean, but left a hard stain in there for them to cover since I didn't have better cleaning supplies as they have been packed) I had them come back for and the shampooing of the stairway (they forgot the attachment). I did send a link to our MLS listing… and there are stairs in the pictures… so there's that. They did remedy that.

When it came to payment, I was confused because they quoted me a price per hour, estimate of so many hours… The cleaning job took almost half the time which was great (but the total was the same). Here's where it gets tricky… I asked if carpet cleaning was included (I would post my quote thread here, but that's not necessary), and I was told it was… but the cleaning took half the time… and carpet cleaning was an additional cost outside of the hourly rate, which was not very clear during communication. Hence, having to pay the same price I was quoted even though it took almost half the time. I did not say as such because they are a small company, and they did a fairly good job, but stuff like that needs to be presented upfront.
Rating: 4
– Tiffany-Nicole C.

Disappointed with the move out cleaning. Windows were not cleaned, countertops were dusty, bathroom floors had drips all over. They cleaned it up once I pointed it out to them, but for the price they charge, I should not have had to do that.
Rating: 3
– Rebecca B.

Very professional with communication and timing. Chris came to do an estimate then we scheduled the cleaning. They did an awesome job cleaning. They are good, honest and trustworthy people that did great work. I would and did recommend them to my Realtor and colleagues.
Rating: 5
– A Y.

J Thurst Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning Services J Thurst Cleaning Service

Specialties: I’m a independent cleaning business owner. I travel anywhere on the island & provide my own cleaning supplies. I’m not about making fast cash, it’s how I make a person feel when I leave. I give my best every house I clean. I’m motivated and I thrive to do what I love to do & that’s making people happy after I’m done. Much mahalo & Have a beautiful day.

Jolene K Thurston

Star Rating 5
Kapolei, US, HI, 96707
Contact No. (808) 673-3833
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat: Closed
  • Sun: Closed

J Thurst Cleaning Service Honest Reviews

Aloha Jolene!

I just wanted to thank you and Shyla for your help this past week! I got into a little pickle with an old injury that prevented me from doing things I normally would be able to do myself. You even kept your word and came out to help me on Mother's Day as I had a strip and wax company scheduled the next day. The work you did on my floors was nothing short of phenomenal. My place is looking and smelling cute again and I couldn't be happier!

I would say to anyone out there having a hard time due to physical injury and even if you temporarily can't do things yourself. Don't be shame, ask for help and pay well for it. It's 100% worth it.

Thanks again mama!
Rating: 5
– Mk H.

Thankful they agreed to our clean out at the last minute when another cleaner tried to up their price. They squeezed us into their busy schedule at the end of the month and cleaned late into the night. Reasonable hourly prices and thankful for their help to clean our apartment 4 move out
Rating: 5
– Mary Lou D.

Where do I start first of all Jolene was very quick to respond & also communicated very well with what I wanted done with the house. She left my kitchen, bathroom, & living room spotless. & let me tell you it was such a mess it's embarrassing! But she took on the task judgement free & did her thing ! She lifted such a huge weight off my shoulders literally. I can't thank her enough. Her rates are unbeatable for the quality of service she provides. Look to her for all your cleaning needs.
Rating: 5
– Cj S.

If you are looking for a great resource to clean your house look no further than J Thurst Cleaning. I am so pleased by their service that we will be bringing them back monthly to clean our home. Reasonable prices, great cleaning and wonderful to work with. Repeat service is how businesses are measured and I will be a repeat customer! Highly recommend this service.
Rating: 5
– Trevor D.

Joleen responded and was easy to schedule. She was fabulous. Worked tirelessly for 2 1/2 hrs cleaning a filthy bathroom my son left when he moved out of our house. She left it spotless. I couldn't be happier and highly recommend her. Her prices are very reasonable as well. If you need a cleaning job and want a great worker – hire her!
Rating: 5
– Dottie S.

Pono Clean-Up Crew

Home Cleaning Services Pono Clean-Up Crew

Specialties: We at Pono Clean-Up Crew offer the highest quality cleaning services with affordable pricing. We also offer discounts to our Kupuna on O’ahu to ensure the best service possible. Call or message today for your free quote!! Established in 2020. Pono Clean-Up Crew got started in 2020.

Star Rating 5
Ewa Beach, US, HI, 96706
Contact No. (808) 518-1714
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed

Pono Clean-Up Crew Honest Reviews

AMAZING service from Precious and her team! They arrived promptly and got to work immediately. We were located in town and had three pets. The place looked much nicer than we found it.

Great communication with her clients and team. I am so happy I chose this company for our move-out clean. We found similar rates from other companies, but decided to choose this one in the end. They showed the most aloha, imo.

No shampoo/carpet cleaning at this time, but they were still able to tackle some things that I wasn't able to (ie: bathroom tub). I color my hair frequently and my dog also leaves deep dirt stains when we bathe him. They were able to take care of that.

Positive attitude, caring, humble and local!!! I rate them very highly and strongly recommend their services. I will definitely use them again. They're the perfect service to use if you're in a pinch or looking to maintain your home professionally on a regular basis.
Rating: 5
– Julia C.

Pono Clean-Up Crew was awesome for my move out clean. I loved the aloha they showed and left my apartment in top tier condition! They were professional, efficient & hard working! I highly recommend them for any cleaning needs and look forward to working with them in the future. Mahalo for your services!
Rating: 5
– Annie K.

Amazing job! I can't recommend them enough… hard working set of ladies! Everything ended up being super clean. Good communication, showed up on time, and super nice people.
Rating: 5
– Thai L.

I have nothing but good things to say about Pono Clean-Up Crew!

First off, when I sent my inquiry, Precious was so quick to respond, on top of her affordable prices. Booking Precious and her team was easy and they arrived right on time. I'm so happy they were able to squeeze me in on such notice (about 3-4 days) before I needed the cleaning done for moving out of my 865sqft 2bd2ba apartment.

Precious and her team used magic or something to clean my whole apartment! I wish I took a before picture of the stove top, because you know how we all have that *one* favorite burner? Obv the bottom right one? I tried everything to get the bumpy stuff off of the glass stove top, but nothing worked… until Precious worked her magic 🙂

If you need your apartment cleaned, or just any cleaning services, I highly recommend Pono Clean Up Crew! Kind, courteous, efficient, & affordable — what more can you ask for in a team?! 15/10 would recommend.
Rating: 5
– Victoria B.

Requested cleaning of apartment. The initial response was quick, saying they could do the work, but follow-up was very poor and I never got a quote that I requested. It's been a week. If they couldn't do the work, they should have said so in the beginning.
Rating: 2
– Charlyne N.

They are the best!!!
Precious is a wonderful friendly caring person. Her and her staff did such an amazing job….look at the picture comparisons 🙂

My boyfriend was only told 3 days before until he had to move out. Words can't express how grateful I am by Precious in her effort and care to come in on such short notice when they were fully booked. She and her staff literally MADE time to come in. It is obvious it was not just for the buisness but that she really really wanted to help us in our situation. We are so thankful for them!!

Also, they charged us soooooo little for all the hard work they did! I tried to figure out how to tip them so they get what they really deserve. If we were more financially better….I would have totally paid them double because that's what they are worth 🙂
Rating: 5
– Ekahi U.

Pono Clean Up Crew did a fantastic job on the move out cleaning. They were professional, thorough, and courteous. We had a minor mix up on arrival time but not a big deals these things happen. They were close by and got to us quickly.

Rates are very reasonable. We had no carpets as the entire unit has ceramic tile. The grout is very old and they got it as clean as it was going to get.

The tub was extremely clean too. It is an old tub and very stained. They did a fantastic job getting almost all of the stain and discoloration out.

I am very impressed and satisfied with the job they did for me. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them again.
Rating: 5
– Melody N.

Our rental required us to hire professional for move out cleaning and recommended a specific person, I'm SOOOOO HAPPY I got quotes. Of course when searching yelp I went to the most recommended and then clicked the button to send to 5 businesses that are similar. I did ask a few questions due to the lack of reviews, but she is a new business owner and I can commend her and her team for their work, integrity, and communication.

Precious was not only the first to respond, her prices were most reasonable and she was so accommodating. I scheduled almost three weeks in advance, she followed up with me 1 week prior, 2 days prior and the day before.

Her and her crew showed up on time, all wearing masks ready to go! I had a 2 bed/2 bath and everything top to bottom looked the same and when we moved in. The window sills, the toilets, tile shower, the oven, fridge and sink was even cleaner. There were two very odd places I was worried about, the first bathroom, the owners painted the toilet white, so I it caused weird streaks over time, and with a scrub brush and sponge I couldn't get it clean and this odd add on counter which was great extra counter space but painted white, so anything you placed on it stuck to it, both of them were super clean! Oh and she even folded the edge of the toilet paper into a triangle!

I left the key with her, check on the counter, left a cash tip and she even texted to make sure the tip was for her and her crew. #INTEGRITY She locked up, left the key where I requested and let me know as soon as she was done!

I'd recommend Pono Clean-Up Crew for anyone needing their home cleaned!
Rating: 5
– Ashly M.

The Best! Friendly, efficient, thorough, a bargain! It may take a little while to get a call-back. But absolutely worth it! You need to be truthful as to what service you need and what you expect, so they can give you a more accurate quote. I would have them back in my home without hesitation, if I needed their services again. Call for as estimate. They are more than fair. They are a bargain!
Rating: 5
– Evelyn S.

If you need your house cleaned…HIRE PONO CLEAN-UP CREW, ASAP! They definitely live up to their name with their top quality work!! The owner, Precious, was extremely sweet & professional every time we communicated via text or in person. Her & her mom did not cut corners at all! Everything was cleaned from ceiling fans, to window sills, to the sides of the washer and dryer. They even tried to pinpoint where a leak in the freezer was coming from. A few items we left in the house, they brought down and placed in one location. We appreciated the attention to detail and the extremely hard work they put into our cleaning service. Excellent work. I would and will recommend them to everyone I know!
Rating: 5
– Krislynn S.

Amazing service from start to finish. Precious showed up right on time, if not a few minutes early. She worked very hard and did a great job. Our home smelled fresh and clean and it sparkled!! Highly recommend this company. Bravo to owners like Precious who still live by good old fashion good work ethics and standards. How refreshing to see.
Rating: 5
– Amber K.

After a long year of doing everything at home during the pandemic, the house really needed some TLC. We've always cleaned our own house, but with me working all the time and with D's bad back that limits his mobility, we finally decided that it was time to see if someone could help us. Precious does an amazing job. She is very thorough — did the fans, sills, moulding, even under the stove! I can't recommend her enough. On top of that, her business name speaks the truth — she is very pono as well as easy going and professional. Thank you so much for helping us, Precious!
Rating: 5
– Laura D.

The owner did a great job with cleaning of a 1 bed/1 bath rental unit that I had. She was responsive and prices were affordable. 5-star quality work. Will definitely continue to reach out to her in the future.
Rating: 5
– Yun Chi C.

Excellent service. Went beyond the call of duty. Everything was so much cleaner than we expected. Will use again for sure!!!
Rating: 5
– Gregory K.

Precious drives all the way to Haleiwa to clean my grandma's house twice a month. She's an amazing person, very respectful and goes above and beyond. I highly recommend her services.
Rating: 5
– Joan A.

Precious, the owner, was one of the first people to respond to my estimate requests. She was very quick and kind to answer the various questions I had and even though I had to switch dates she was very accommodating. When the day arrived for our move out cleaning service, she and her crew showed up and got to work straight away. They left our home looking much better than when we first moved in. Would totally hire them again for general household cleaning in the future!
Rating: 5
– Mark G.

Precious and her team were great! Very professional, arrived on time, did not rush, completed everything on my list, and did an amazing job. My stairs were very dirty from the day of construction 3 years ago, daily use and dogs, but the Pono clean-up crew made them look brand new! The whole house from floors to screen windows were beautifully clean. Highly recommend! Thank you!!!
Rating: 5
– Chenoa M.

Precious is absolutely amazing! She's very flexible with scheduling and always does a wonderful job. I highly recommend Pono Clean-Up Crew to anyone looking for a cleaner.
Rating: 5
– Fel J.

Precious and her team is amazing! The price is great and her work is even better! I highly recommend her crew for cleaning!!!
Rating: 5
– Dennis M.

Precious and her crew were nothing short of FANTASTIC! They were on-time, hard-working, conscientious, and priced right. Even after they were done, Precious asked if there were any areas we wanted her to go over again. It is so hard to find honest and diligent cleaners/contractors but I have no reservation recommending Pono Cleanup Crew. Our 1400+ ft2, 3 bedroom 2 bath higher-end condo was immaculate by the time they were done.
Rating: 5
– M Y.

F&D Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services F&D Cleaning Services

Specialties: Hi my name is Dynaline P., I'm a professional house keeper, thrust worthy and dependable. I am thorough regarding the cleanliness of your home and do the necessary things that you wanted specifically regarding your needs. I have 7 years of experience in this kind of business and I'm willing to help you with the best that I can and provide you the quality of work your expecting to be done at a certain time. And I'm please to offer you my skill and ability to satisfy you the way you wanted specially your concerns regarding the way you wanted to be done Established in 2014. Ive been doing this cleaning business 7 years ago and have lots of clients all over oahu and im proud to say that i do take pride of my work and have experience in this cleaning business because i was a housekeeper at Turtle bay resort and been very thorough about the job that i do and most important is honesty and the satisfaction is the best ingredients to my clients.

Star Rating 5
Wahiawa, US, HI, 96786
Contact No. (808) 724-0525
Working Hours
  • Mon: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tue: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wed: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thu: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Fri: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sat: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sun: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

F&D Cleaning Services Honest Reviews

I can say with excitement & confidence I finally found AMAZING cleaners!!

I was looking to book a move out cleaning for our 2 bedroom & 2 bath home. Called early morning expecting to leave a message, & Dynaline answered before business hours. Talk about dedication & great customer service from the start! I was given a fair estimate & was able to book an appointment 10 days out.

On the day of cleaning Dynaline called when she and the cleaners were on their way. When they arrived she took the time to walk through the home with me & go over any special requests I had.

I got a call 30 minutes prior to the service being completed & went back to the house for a final walk through. REFRESHED, SHINY, back to BRAND NEW!! These ladies do not mess around when it comes to taking pride in their work! I pay very close attention to detail & have high expectations for the results I want in home cleanliness. Probably why it's taken me years to sift through cleaning companies to find this rare GEM!

Thank you Dynaline & all the sweet hard working ladies of F & D Cleaning Services! Already recommended to my family, & am now a loyal customer.
Rating: 5
– Jenna U.

I recently moved out of my apartment and needed to have the place professionally cleaned for my move out inspection. I was a bit nervous, especially since I hadn't done a good cleaning since March (being a full time student + working full time= not having a lot of energy to deep clean). I wasn't sure where to look, but I'm so glad I found F&D Cleaning Services. They got back to me quickly and they did a phenomenal job. I was blown away!
Rating: 5
– Cindy M.

Deeply appreciate and very satisfied with Dyna and her crew for the amazing job they have done to our bathroom. They arrived on time, went to work quickly, and were able to finish in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them if you are in need of deep cleaning. Also very affordable!!
Rating: 5
– Joanna P.

These lovely ladies cleaned my messy and dusty home and turned it from drab to fab in an hour and thirty minutes. She had six people working and I am more than pleased. I will definitely be using them again. I wish I had before and after picture to show off their wonderful work.
Rating: 5
– Jeana S.

My fiancé and I recently move into a townhouse and were super excited about moving day, that was until we had our walk through. The place was DIRTY! At first glance it looks okay, but when you actually stop to look, it was disgusting dirty.

Im pretty good at cleaning and keeping my house clean, but this job needed elite professionals. So to Yelp I went and that's how I found Dyna and her amazing wonder woman squad of top notch kick ass cleaners!

I initially sent a quote request via Yelp but something told me to call them and I'm so glad I did. I explained the layout of our place, how many rooms, bathrooms and answered all her questions so she could provide an estimate on her services. I expressed that we needed help ASAP and Dyna literally was like no worries, we can be there tomorrow afternoon. I was like OMG I couldn't believe it. Yes please!

Dyna and the Wonder Woman squad were on time and ready to rock with cleaning gear (and then some). She took the time to keep in contact with me while they cleaned to advise of what they were cleaning. She even texted me pictures of how bad somethings were. From deep cleaning the bathroom to wiping all the walls and ceiling of my townhouse, I was completely floored with their quality of work. There are no words to do justice of just how happy I am with their cleaning services and skills. I'm so happy that I called and am grateful for her amazing skills to turn that townhouse into a sparking gem. These ladies have MAGIC HANDS!

I have nothing but the highest praise to give Dyna and her crew!
Rating: 5
– Kristen F.

Contacted these folks for a deep cleaning for my elderly folks who can't do heavy cleaning anymore. The house neglected for over a year and Dyna and her crew had it sparking and smelling GREAT in 3 hours. The price was fair and we will definitely be using them for maintenance cleaning every month from now on. So grateful.
Rating: 5
– Tepairu Y.

I requested a quote for move-out cleaning service for my 3-bedroom house. The quote was a little high but they had some great reviews/rating so my wife and I went with them. F&D showed up with a 5-person crew! The crew spent almost 3 hours and then Dyna walked thru with me afterwards. I thought it was great but when my wife looked at the job she exclaimed "they even cleaned the window and door tracks!" Now THAT is attention to detail. Great job, courteous and professional. Recommend!
Rating: 5
– Barry S.

F&D was phenomenal. We hired them for a move-in clean. Dyna and her crew were amazing. Super hard working and diligent about cleaning every detail of the house. I highly recommend them and plan to hire them as a recurring cleaning service.
Rating: 5
– Eve A.

Dynaline and her team is so awesome!!
They clean my house twice a week for maintenance and do a great job every time. She also accommodates according to my needs also. They're detailed with cleaning and feels great EVERYTIME. I'm so glad I found her and definitely recommend Dynaline. She is a real hard worker!!

Rating: 5
– Marina M.

Contacted them for an estimate. They responded to me quickly and worked with my schedule to find a time to come out and clean. Brought a polite and fast team who cleaned the house very well. My house is pretty cluttered and small, but they worked around it and did a great job.
Rating: 5
– Steve C.

Fair pricing, does good work, and communicative. Used them for a move in / move out cleaning, I was happy with the work and would use them again.
Rating: 5
– Kyle M.

Ms. Pascua went over and beyond my expectations for my move-out cleaning service. F&D got the place looking immaculate; the place looks brand new. She is very responsive and professional. I highly recommend F&D Cleaning Services. Thank you Ms. Pascua!
Rating: 5
– Jonathan L.

F&D Cleaning did a FANTASTIC job with our move out cleaning!! Booking with Dyna was very easy, and her cleaning crew were professional and hard working. Most importantly, the house was spotless when they finished. I'm so glad I went with Dyna over a big chain service–she far exceeded my expectations!
Rating: 5
– Sally N.

Dyna was very quick to reply and give me a quote. She was also able to accommodate my last minute schedule change. Her team was very nice and professional. They did a very thorough cleaning. I definitely recommend them!
Rating: 5
– Dl M.

They are amazing they do everything I ask and they go above and beyond they are truly the best cleaning service I've ever used
Rating: 5
– Peij N.

I was looking for a new cleaning company for my home. The F&D crew of 5 were very thorough in cleaning and very quick! They cleaned every nook and cranny and surpassed my expectations…i would definitely again use them, to clean my home on a schedule!!!

Small thing, although they tried and due to traffic, since they come from the other side of the island, were they were a couple of hours late for the scheduled time. Not a biggie for me, because when they arrived they cleaned and cleaned and surpassed my expectations!!! Kudos to Dyna and her crew!!!
Rating: 5
– Marie M.

Absolutely wonderful service! I was in a pinch and needed a quick and quality cleaning service, F&D came through with fantastic work. She was great with communication and did a great job cleaning my home. Cannot recommend enough. If you need a high-quality cleaning, F&D is the way to go.
Rating: 5
– Jess A.

After being away from my Kailua home for almost 3 years, you can imagine it needed deep, deep cleaning. The F&D team responded promptly, arrived within 2 days of contact on a Sunday, and did a superb job on my house!! They cleaned windows, walls, baseboards, countertops, everything!! I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking for an excellent cleaning job and will definitely use them in the future
Rating: 5
– Mary R.

I am so very pleased with their service! They did such a good job, definitely worth the money. They're polite, fast and thorough.
Rating: 5
– Jenny M.

I highly recommend this company! The 4 ladies who came were friendly, fun and the hardest workers I've seen. We were super satisfied with the cleaning they did and the price was lower than other quotes I got.
Rating: 5
– Kyle N.

Mum At Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services Mum At Home Cleaning Services

Star Rating 4.5
Urban Honolulu, US, HI, 96814
Contact No. (808) 437-4071
Working Hours
  • Mon: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tue: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wed: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thu: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Fri: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sat: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sun: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Website Click here to visit

Mum At Home Cleaning Services Honest Reviews

I was really excited to finally splurge for a "deep cleaning" of my apartment after living there for 3 years. It took the crew of two young males over 5.5 hours to clean my 650 SF apartment. I was thinking that since over 5 hours had passed, I'd come back to a super clean apartment.

This "deep clean" was a shallower clean than my regular cleaning girl who does my whole place herself in an hour for $80. I took pictures minutes after they left. They didn't even wipe down the coffee table or coffee rings from the night stand. The only thing "extra" they did over a surface level clean is shampoo the carpets (which were still stained btw, the carpet just felt wet for a few hours). They didn't even wipe the surfaces of the appliances. They did not clean the grout lines in my bathroom. They didn't even empty the bathroom trash. They didn't even wipe the face of the trash can. I'm not sure WHAT they did over the course of five hours.

I was planning on making them my new recurring cleaning company if they did a good job, and they did not. I can clean my apartment better myself.
Rating: 2
– Shelly L.

Five stars for these hard-working cleaners! I priced around with six cleaning companies on Yelp and found they were the most reasonably priced. Furthermore, the owner answered my call on the first ring and followed up via text message for confirmation. Other companies never returned my voicemails.

They cleaned our 2 bed/2 bath (NO carpet) for $400 and gave us the $50 off for new customers. This was for our move out so we made sure all furniture was out. They gave us an invoice the night before and were 15 min early for their cleaning appointment.

The two cleaners buffed all our metal pieces (sink fixtures, the door handles), scrubbed the walls from any blemishes without leaving any scuff marks, cleaned the bathtubs, windows, & mirrors very well. The fridge, oven, and dishwasher were polished. Our island and counters were 100% smudge free. I'm sure I'm missing other details but the condo looked the best it's ever have and smelled wonderful. Will definitely use their services again- mahalo for the wonderful experience !
Rating: 5
– Cat C.

I needed a professional cleaner to get my condo ready for listing asap and Mum's responded instantly with a great free quote that was unbeatable by far (with first timer coupon included). Mum's really has to be the best quality bang for my buck in Honolulu. It was so reasonable that I decided to tip big due to such a detailed job! They even got rid of some major stains from my off-white carpet and made it look brand new! The 2 worker crew were very professional, prompt, flexible, highly detailed, and steady. I will definitely use them again! Thank you!!!
Rating: 5
– Rendall C.

Used to clean carpets upon move out. They were very prompt with communicating and they were on time!!! A plus! Thank you mums!
Rating: 5
– Tara C.

I really needed a carpet cleaner for unit that we were vacating. We were on a budget and needed someone ASAP. We contacted Mum at Home cleaning through Yelp. Kyaw, the owner, responded quickly and was able to give us an estimate and first time customer discount! Great customer service!
Rating: 5
– Jennifer A.

Reasonable price for such awesome service!! Attentive and responsive. I was moving out, my landlord was also very impressed at how clean the place was. I will definitely use their service again
Rating: 5
– Joanna J.

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